18-Year Old Shot 16 Times, Killed in Front of His Family

18-year-old Joseph Jennings is the latest person killed unnecessarily by police

18-year-old Joseph Jennings is the latest person killed unnecessarily by police

They called the police for help and got death instead.

On Saturday, police in Ottawa, Kansas received a call to go to Orscheln Farm to help subdue a possibly armed person. They ended up shooting and killing 18-year-old Joseph Jennings. The police are yet to confirm whether or not the teen was armed, but family members who were present at the shooting say that there was no gun.

Joseph Jennings was suffering from depression and anxiety, which led him to become suicidal. He was actually admitted to Ransom Memorial Hospital two days before his death after ingesting 60 pills. Coincidentally, the same two officers involved in the shooting were present when the teenager was taken to treat his overdose.

Three hours after leaving the hospital, Jennings walked into the Orscheln Farm and Home and announced that he was there on a suicide mission. His aunt, Brandy Smith, tried intervening after the police arrived when she noticed the scene escalating out of control. She tried explaining to the police that the teen was suicidal and just needed help. Her husband also tried, but was warned by the police to stop or he would be shot.

Brandy Smith believes the officers never planned on taking Jennings in. They had murder on their minds. “The cop yelled out, ‘bag him,’ and then three shots were fired [simultaneously] with the ‘bag’. I just don’t know how many shots were fired.”

Turns out it was 16.

The police are “investigating” the situation, but chances are that no one will even lose their job over the incident. Ottawa Police Chief Dennis Butler is already justifying the actions of his men, saying, “We were thankful that no officer was injured while protecting themselves from risk of great bodily harm.”

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