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9/11 – When the U.S. Helped Overthrow the Elected Chilean Government

On 9/11, forty years ago today, the world’s first democratically-elected Marxist President, Salvador Allende of Chile, was overthrown and killed in a coup d’état that was a watershed event of both the Cold War and the history of Chile. The year was 1973, and the conservative-dominated Chilean Congress backed the military overthrow along with the help and support of the United States.

Military planes bombed the presidential palace with as tanks opened fire following Allende’s rejection of the demand that he resign. (Sound a little like Egypt anyone?)

According to Peter Kornbluh of the Chile Documentation Project, in the article “CIA Acknowledges Ties to Pinochet’s Repression: Report to Congress Reveals U.S. Accountability in Chile”, National Security Archives reveal that the United States played a role in the coup by funding the conservative opposition. Furthermore, the U.S. directed the Central Intelligence Agency to sabotage campaigns and encourage the coup. Furthermore, they supported replacement of a military junta led by ArmyCommander-in-Chief Augusto Pinochet against the Allende government.

But just remember, whoever they are, wherever they are, if they don’t like the United States, it is only because “they hate us for our freedom.”

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