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American Gang Members Are Fighting In Syria?


This video was sent to us by a Muslim reader who is very concerned about Syria. While they are completely opposed to the brutal regime of the Assad dynasty, some elements fighting against it are raising concern amongst many Muslims like him as well. Initially it was presented that these two American gang members were fighting against the Assad regime. But now it has been revealed that both are pro-Assad fighters. What are they doing in Syria?

The rebels in Syria are of many different types. Some are Sunni, some are even Shi`a. Some are from Syria, while others are from abroad. But now it seems that there is at least a small element of one side or the other that have come to Syria from West Coast gangs. It was unclear which side these individuals are fighting on. We are conducting an in-depth investigation with the help of readers in California who know the men in this video.

These two young men made this cell phone video to send word back to their gang set in the United States. But if they are fighting in Syria, what led them to this, and is their presence their an anomaly or part of some broader effort?

It is essential to note that the original video poster – though not the individual who submitted this to Political Blind Spot – has a pro-regime slant. The content of the video speaks for it itself.

Watch the video and weight in with your thoughts.

(Article by M.B. David; image via YouTube)

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