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Anonymous ‘Hacktivist’ Shot In the Face by Israeli Sniper


A message was sent to us from Anonymous, reading as follows:

His name was Al-Tayyeb Mohamed Abu Shehadeh.
He was 22 years old.
He was a student at An-Najah University in Nablus.
He was a Anonymous.
He was NOT a terrorist.

In the video below, you see Tayyeb in the aftermath of being shot in the face by an IDF sniper. His crime? Protesting the State of Israel’s War on Gaza… and apparently wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

Tayyeb Abu Shehada was essentially assassinated, shot in the head in Huwwara, West Bank of Palestine near the city of Nablus on Friday. This came after both Israeli settlers and soldiers opened fire on demonstrators who were speaking out against the bombing in Gaza that is disproportionately targeting civilians.

Tayyeb was killed by a sniper, shot from a distance, not a threat to the soldier who shot him right beneath the eye. Was he a “terrorist” too? Only if protesting is now “terrorism.”

According to Red Crescent medic, Ahmed Owda, a female Israeli sniper shot Tayeb in the face. Her sergeant then congratulated her and clapped her on the shoulder. Ahmed subsequently attempted to reach Tayeb but was unable to do so because of Israeli fire. Tayeb was eventually taken to Rafidia hospital in Nablus, where he was declared clinically dead.

Watch the video below and SPREAD THE WORD! He deserves to have his story told!

(Article by M.B. David; photos and video from Maj H.)

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  1. drdias says:

    It seems that the cowardly Muslim terror Groups such as Hams, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad used subversion, deceit, outright lies, and disinformation to support their exaggerated erroneous claims of carnage and murder.

    They have been known to shoot, mortar, and rocket other Muslims as in Syria & Iraq, always blaming the opposition (other Muslims, Jews, or Christians) for their wanton murderous crimes. In Gaza for example up to fifty percent of their Mortar and rocket attacks fall on their fellow Palestinians homes, schools, and hospitals.

    These are not the acts of rational humane human beings.

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