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Anonymous “Hacktivists” Release #OpCompass Video On Syria


Anonymous has recently released what it terms “A Message to the people and governments” on Syria and the recent buzz about U.S. military intervention. The video, referring to #OpCompass, is a reference to a realignment of the “moral compass” of the nations of the world, and also of specific individuals claiming a quietist position on Syria speaks for Anonymous as a whole. The video is broken into three main parts, as follows:

Part 1: The video describes its purpose as to clarify that no one group, video, person or the like can claim to speak for all of Anonymous, specifically with regards to the view that “we do not care whether chemical attacks were carried out by Assad” or anyone else, that we should not be involved in Syria. If one wants to believe this, or propagate that view, that is fine, but they should not speak as though this is the monolithic position of Anonymous as single group. “Anonymous is not about what one group wants, or the need of just [a] few individuals. We are freedom fighters who gave our lives for the cause of seeking justice in which ever way possible. We fight for all humanity, not for a country or just one nation. So correct your moral compass or stop pretending that you are one of us.”

Part 2: “United States, we would like to correct your compass and redirect your fight to the UN.” This message thus said that the Unite States should direct it’s new-found desire to respond to Assad’s legacy of brutality, through the international community, and not unilaterally, through U.S. military intervention. The United Nations too, the video explains, should not merely be a forum for empty words and threats, but a body which will sincerely and legitimately investigate human rights abuses, and follow up on those investigations.

Part 3: Chemical weapons were used, the video explains, but the Assad regime’s claims are dubious for several reasons, according to the video. This basic argument of the video is that the story from the regime would have required mass abductions on the behalf.

But far from supporting U.S. military intervention, the message calls for further investigation, not advocating a specific military response. See the whole video below.

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