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ANOTHER Jailed African American In Florida Is Told ‘Stand Your Ground’ Doesn’t Apply To Him


Almost unbelievably, another story is breaking on a national level about an African American in the state of Florida who is the victim of the racist “Stand Your Ground” laws. Just like Marissa Alexander, Michael Giles stood his ground against an unprovoked attacker, and today this military veteran is behind bars, sentenced to 25 years in prison!

Michael Giles’ mother writes the following, in his petition, which you are all encouraged to sign…

Three years ago my son Michael was attacked outside of a club in Tallahassee, FL. His attacker admitted in open court that he attacked Michael with no provocation.

Michael’s attacker admitted he was angry that someone had interrupted his dance, and wanted to hurt the next person he saw. That next person standing to the side, not partaking in the violence, was Michael. His attacker was not fighting alone, state witnesses testified that there were between 30-40 people involved in the brawl. The state’s own witnesses also testified that the aggressor instigated several other fights that night, and was acting erratically and violently. His attacker’s own friend testified she was worried the aggressor would kill or seriously injure someone. In comparison, state witnesses testified that Michael, was calmly standing to the side, and did nothing to provoke the attack.

My husband and I are proud military veterans, with a combined 40 years of service, and we were proud when our son also chose to serve his country. Michael completed a tour in Iraq and Kuwait and was looking forward to furthering his career in the military, but now all of that has changed. We believe that we have raised a good man. He had no prior criminal offenses, no history of violence, and was a outstanding father and Airman. So we do not understand how the state of Florida could sentence him to a mandatory 25 years for defending himself.

Michael has been trained to analyze threats and believed at that moment he needed to defend himself. He realized that his attacker and his attacker’s friends had the upper-hand in numbers and he could have been seriously injured or killed. In his desperate attempt to gain the opportunity to get to his feet and flee, he fired his legally registered weapon and accidentally struck, but did not seriously injure, his attacker in the leg. Despite overwhelming evidence from state witnesses that Michael was attacked first without provocation, and the fact that he did not continue firing, and removed himself from the immediate area as soon as he could. Michael was not offered a plea from the state. He was thus charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon causing bodily harm & sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison. His Judge stated “Frankly, I think the 25-year mandatory is overly harsh based on the facts of this case, but that’s what the law requires I do and I intend to follow the law.” The officer who prepared Michael’s sentencing recommendation, recommended Michael be given probation due to her investigation. She felt that Michael would be an ideal candidate for probation, thus saving tax payers money. The state rejected her professional recommendation and pushed for the 25 years.

Michael is a good man, he is honest, he is hard working and through all of this he is our rock and confidence we need to keep fighting. He is afraid that he will miss his children grow up.

Our family just does not understand how a man who proudly fought for his country, and spent 6 years proudly serving as a U.S Airman, could lose the right to live his life for defending himself. The fact is, Michael was attacked, and he was afraid the group fighting would kill him. He fired his legally registered weapon to gain the opportunity to run, from somewhere he had the legal right to be. His attacker not only attacked him but he admitted to attacking others that night.

This sentence has destroyed our family and we hope you will sign this petition to ask Governor Rick Scott and the Clemency Board to commute the sentence of Michael Giles.

Get the word out! Sign the petition, and let Governor Rick Scott of Florida know that Michael Giles MUST be set free.
Michael was an upstanding Airman, and dedicated father, who believed he was in the right to defend himself.
Governor Scott, are you suggesting that everyone but African Americans have the right to “Stand Their Ground” in the state of Florida? If so, we request that you just come out and say it. Sign it into law so that African Americans know where we stand.
Furthermore, we DEMAND that the Florida Clemency Board to waive the stipulation of Giles serving one-half of a minimum mandatory sentence and be immediately consider before the Clemency Board.
(Article by Shante Wooten)

127 Comments on "ANOTHER Jailed African American In Florida Is Told ‘Stand Your Ground’ Doesn’t Apply To Him"

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  1. JBaul says:

    I am signing the petition.

  2. Rhalik Tafari says:

    This is an outrage a goss miscarriage of justice the Florida stand your ground law was put in place to give whites the rights to kill blacks and get away with it simple

    • Ry Rodriguez says:

      How conveniently you forget, Zimmerman was Hispanic.

      So before you lump all white people into being a bunch of remorseless black people killers, I’d advise that you think a little before you post.

      I will, however, say that this incident is a bastardization of justice, and needs to be corrected.

    • Absolutely correct! This is total madness! Free that man!!

    • Mitt Romney's Advocate says:

      Your comment is ignorant – White people are NOW the Minority you IDIOT! We have a Black President if you have not noticed and the Senate is controlled by Minorities. You are NOW responsible for your own destiny and can not blame white people.

      • dennis wilson says:

        spoken like a true racist. I believe Malcolm said the same thing about John F. Kennedy, about the roosters coming home to roost. That tragic day that the government killed the president, because he wanted to bring the soldiers home from vietnam. You could be right, but I don’t think so there are alot of people who act like their with obama, then stab him in the back.

      • NoID says:

        I guess ignorance begets ignorance… Having a black president does not mean anything… a statement like that will lead one to hypothesize that you believe that somehow the race of a president and the demographics of congress accurately reflect the racial background of our entire country. So are blacks the new majority??? Come on man do better. WHITES ARE NOT considered a minority group in the USA. Any kid can tell you that… if you don’t believe me just ask one.

        I wish these comment sections had an IDIOT bypass so I don’t have to read ridiculous comments such as yours. Do some type of research before you post again questioning someone else’s intelligence.

      • Asante says:

        Yeah you right Devil, yawl are only 1% of the global population, but your hostile, foreign Caucasians brothers and sisters still control everything thru corruption, lies, murder! But in another 50 to 80 years you all will be extinct!

  3. Kimberly Diggs says:

    This is absolutely ANOTHER miscarriage of JUSTICE!!!!

  4. Regina Alexander says:

    F-Florida, they should all burn in Hell, meaning the Judge, and The Law.

  5. Tina Bush says:

    Stand your ground is racist and has to go.

  6. Kim says:

    If protecting oneself from impeding violence with a legal weapon doesnot qualify for stand your ground, I don’t know what does. This was a very unfair sentence. Different rules for different folks is what I see. Set this serviceman free.

  7. Dm says:

    Florida…land of the lost.

  8. Rosa Quinones says:

    We have to stand together and change the Florida Law……Fight for justice!!!!!

  9. Tonia Carter says:

    Please pardon this young man. He was defendng himself

  10. Sean Hall says:

    Sadly this is apparently another display of the tremendous injustice that we as african americas face in today’s society. It’s sad and needs to be addressed aggressively and quickly. I pray that God frees and blesses this man and his family!

  11. Billie jean says:

    This is a clear disgrace to the judicial system …. Let him out to live his life

  12. Arian A Johnson says:

    If he wasn’t black the Judge would have made his own ruling instead of making the ex use of what the law is. Look my brother’s and sisters, it is starting. Slowly but surely people are losing their civil rights, starting with persons from an ethnic background. Treyvon dead with NO consequences, can’t vote in NC, next we will see hangings and “niggas” in the field again.

  13. Nino Sutton says:

    You can’t set a man free who has broken the “LAW”. Our laws, though sometimes unfair, are in place to prevent chaos in society.

    I suggest efforts in changing the “Stand Your Ground Laws” so that good, innocent, productive citizens of society are not charge with a crime when defending themselves and loved ones with non lethal force and then jailed.

    • Olivia says:

      GZ was set free for the crime he committed, so what do you mean he can’t be set free?
      Racism is still alive and going today tomorrow and in the future, one thing for sure you are right we have to make change on all laws that are a set-up for people of color and poor people.

    • Jesse says:

      What law did he break he was defending himself

    • Asante says:

      Ha, foreigners can’t make laws in other peoples land, this our land, land of the first people on the planet, the Moors and this land is called Amexem, not the U.S. not AMERICA, Amexem!

  14. m1 says:

    Once again this just proves that the act of self defense isn’t suppossed to be for Black people. Now what color was his attacker.

  15. De Sean Chambers says:

    Please let’s find a way to get rid of the Stand Your Ground Law!

  16. Timothy says:

    This is blatant racism and laws that are designed to protect should be for all people regardless of the color of their skin. I don’t know of any country that enacts laws to prosecute people who protect themselves. This has to stop. You cannot truly expect for honest and decent citizens who have the ability to defend themselves and their families not to. Florida really needs to take a very close look at their laws and make them fair for everyone. This is totally RIDICULOUS!!

  17. Jim says:

    While I do not know the whole story in this it sounds like this man did nothing wrong and should be something all Americans can get behind and work to right. However sites like this that attempt to make everything racial do nothing but cause animosity between people and hurt the ability of those people who would be on board to help in a situation like this. I guess making things racial gets attention.

    • Monique says:

      Jim it is what it is… I was always told if it quack like a duck then it’s a duck.. How can the stand your ground law go for one person that evidence clearly pointed out guilty and not for this young man.. It’s wrong.. Racism is strong every where you go.. Blacks are guilty from the minute they are born and you know it… This young man deserve to be set free and all charges should be thrown out just like they did GZ for the stand your Ground Law…. This young man really did stand his ground he was protecting hisself and as a service member you are trained to pick up on threats and when you are in danger protect yourself by any means necessary.. And that’s what he did..

  18. This is something to protest and march over. Let’s get this young man out of jail and home.

  19. De'Les Green-Morris says:

    If there was ever a time Florida should re-examine this ridiculously subjective law, it’s now. There are too many examples of situations where some individuals are being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and others are skating by on technicalities.

  20. Dragontech64 says:

    Stand Your Ground and Mandatory Sentencing are just tools to keep the For-Profit prisons full, and the gun makers rich.

  21. John says:

    I thought all u guys wanted that law removed.

  22. Linda M. Leake says:

    Shame I will not be going nowhere near Florida it’s a DEVIL’S DEN” this is all wrong I hope & pray this will end & this young man did nothing but defend himself, I wonder if the tables were turn would this law apply to the white man?

  23. aleda midgarden says:

    Get that man out of jail This is unjust.

  24. rob says:

    So basically what the judge is saying is if he killed his attacker and stayed there he would not be in jail. Someone explain this to me so it makes sense.

  25. Goz says:

    wait, did this guy plead guilty? it’s hard to believe that if he plead not guilty he could be convicted and sentenced so harshly.

  26. David Paschall says:

    It seems ridiculous to me, to ask the same idiots that allowed this , to correct this.

  27. Ed Anderson U.S.N. retired says:

    So, what would the judge have said if Mr. Giles had been seriously injured or killed? We’re supposed to take a beating and not protect ourselves? Florida…thank God I have no plans on going there. It can SINK as far as I’m concerned. Hope that judge has to STAND HIS GROUND some day and pay dearly for it!

  28. J V L I V S says:

    Biggest crock of horse(crap) yet! I can see why now some entertainers will NOT perform in Florida until they release that BS law!

  29. Shawn says:

    Once again, proving in FL, that if you want Stand Your Ground to work for you, you are going to have to out right kill your attacker, not wound them or scare them. Not witness, free to roam the earth. (Not being black may help a bit too).

  30. This is disgusting. That judge ought to be removed from the bench and disbarred if indeed that is what the judge said.

    Our thoughts are with you, Michael.

    Take care and hang in there, everyone.

    Your friend,


    Warren G. Richards
    Kayenta, Mesa, and Tucson AZ

  31. Sharon Veronica Petner says:

    I am beginning to think that people in the state of Florida are out of their minds and I am seriously questioning whether I will ever visit SeaWorld or Disney again. A man (Zimmerman) shoots and kills a boy and is found innocent, and a man (Giles) injures someone by shooting them in the leg and gets 25 years–what is wrong with this picture. One was provoked and attacked and defended themselves (Giles) and the other did not like a child walking in “his” neighborhood and chose to kill him. I am THANKFUL that I do not live in the state of Florida where this craziness occurs. Given the facts of this case, Michael Giles should be released.

  32. james brewer says:

    This is so troubling. Terrible

  33. La Moore says:

    I feel all African Americans should boycott the state of Florida, as the laws there are not fair / for everyone. This airman must be set free he did nothing wrong!

  34. Roberta says:

    The President should step in and reverse his conviction. Wtf did the judge have to be there to witness what witnesses said they saw? Im very disappointed.

  35. Gunluvr says:

    Stand your ground is not racist, it’s a fair and relatively objective law that gives people who shoot an attacker the benefit of the doubt, but extenuating circumstances and an opposing story of a surviving attacker have to be considered.

  36. Red says:

    Wow.. Florida insist on making sure African Americans know how racist the laws have been written. At what point will things change over there… I mean what has to happen for humans to be treated as equals…

  37. Bob says:

    Nice to know that “he did not continue firing, and removed himself from the immediate area as soon as he could,” but that doesn’t even matter! According to Stand Your Ground he is allowed to keep firing at his attacker. He doesn’t have to use reasonable force. He doesn’t have to back away. He has the right (theoretically) under these damned white supremacist laws to stand his ground and shoot his attacker to death.

  38. Aneel says:

    This is going on far too long in the country of America. Now we see someone who is trained to protect himself once he believe his life is at risk is put behind bars for defending himself because he believed with all his heart that his life was and according to a lot of witnesses was at risk. The law of that country they called for the Free is only for those who are born white. It need to stop. A white man can’t attack and cause so many problem in one night because someone cut in his dance yet he isn’t the one doing 25 years. I am sure if it was Michael who got upset and cause such havoc because someone interrupted his dance he would have been changed nevertheless..ITS A SAD COUNTRY WHERE LAW IS CONCERN IN REGARDS TO BLACKS AND WHITE.

  39. gram says:

    how do i sign the petition????

  40. Larry Denman says:

    This is just another example of the injustice that exist in the Florida justice system. The family of this young man needs to contact the Department of Justice and request an investigation into this trial and sentencing.

  41. Tashia says:

    I went to school with Michael and I graduated with his brother Cory….. The SAHS family from Korea is 100% behind you. I need someone to contact me ASAP then the SAHS population can help rally and petition. Please contact me at with a telephone number then we can help Michael the best we can. We love ya mike!!!! Giles family you are in our prayers….

  42. Ian says:

    Petition? What a JOKE! Florida’s situation is far past petitioning. You need to organize yourself and march/shut down/labour stoppage/make a none violent statement….over and over and over until your voices are heard. This could happen to anyone. Why wait until it happens again.

  43. Matt says:

    I don’t have a problem with “stand your ground” law what I do have a problem with is how it is applied, in this case it should have been applied to this young man who is a hero and has served our country with honor. How did he get convicted? A racist all white jury that’s how. (and I’m white by the way…ashamed of my own race)
    As a Floridian I am deeply horrified of our state government’s judicial system. It has to change and NOW!

  44. Jack Holley says:

    This is all thanks to Travyon’s mom and her stupid campaign. I can’t believe his lawyer knew what he was doing. Time for an appeal of the stand your ground verdict. At the least self defense. The procuter was probably that stupid lady from Jacksonville.

  45. Terry says:

    First BLACK PEOPLE, please understand DO NOT PURCHASE AND CONCEAL CARRY A GUN IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO KILL AT THE TIME OF ITS NEED!!! You may as well beat your attacker w/ a stick or the gun for that matter if you are going to allow them to live. Second, STAND YOUR GROUND law only works if you are in fear for your life AND you can’t get away AND your attacker is DEAD.

  46. gee says:

    seems that Florida is a bad place to live – they have really weird legal system, not fair or reasonable at all, just my opinion in light of what I keep reading

  47. caroleann0215 says:

    I went to high school with Michael when we were in South Korea. Everyone that knew him, knew of him, saw him in the halls knew that he is NOT a dangerous person.

    I’m so disappointed in the Florida justice system for putting someone like him behind bars for protecting himself.

  48. Kenneth L. Gray says:

    This is wrong! What constitutes standing your ground?

  49. Michelle Moores says:

    As always The so called American Justice System only caters for white people. This man’s mother asks why her so n got 25 years for defending himself. HE GOT 25 YEARS BECAUSE HE IS BLACK HUNNI!!!!”
    When The so called American Justice System shows itself to be racist over and over to the world, it makes me ashamed to be white and I am only ever ashamed when I see what America does.
    I would hate to have been born in America. I would be constantly ashamed of my country. It doesn’t surprise me anymore, I mean they did exocute a black 14 year old boy in the electric chair. SAY NO MORE!!”!!

  50. Angela Monger says:

    Petition signed.

  51. Rozelyn says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! I am so tired of this…..

  52. Lemar Brown says:

    This just shows stand your ground, isn’t meant to protect African americans. Only whites when they kill blks. This justice system is racist & always will be.

  53. scott suber says:

    These sentencing guidelines are gross and the application of them by the powers that be equally sickening. The misappropriation of sentence is outright neglect to the true purpose of our legal system, which is justice. Any american that upholds these guidelines should be ashamed of themselves as americans and furthermore as humanbeings. America is built on the fundament of change, especially precedential change in law. When we accept that wrong is ok because its law, especially as a judge to accept that ideology…what left at that point ?

  54. Terrence Murray says:

    The problem with Florida is that it is actually two different states. From Orlando to Jax and Tallahassee is South Georgia with all the hatred, bigotry, religious intolerance and racism present in all the other Southern states. If this had happened in Miami or even Tampa he would most probably go free.

  55. New Exodus says:

    In a democratic and civil society there is something called a SOCIAL Contract that exists between every government and its citizens. Where a government does not uphold and indeed breaches that contract, the people have the right, and even a duty to remove that government…by any means deemed necessary. If you are unable to effect this change then the “negro” population need to start seeking “Political Asylum” in countries that see their plight and worth. I believe that when the American economy feels the loss of a large percentage of its labor force and consumer market, it will be forced to examine its social policies and racial imbalances.

  56. shaunessy long says:

    Wow..just wow. If you’re going to be racist towards African Americans at-least do that towards the ones that don’t do anything in life . but one who wants to serve out country and protect you ? really?..the judicial system doesn’t even have respect for AA-Military …

  57. Deborah Taylor says:

    So sad…

  58. D'Shaun says:

    Anyone catch the fact this man is a trained killer carrying a GUN to a night club. Whether you justify carrying a gun to defend yourself or not, the point is that serious trouble is more likely to find you if you carry a gun than if you don’t.

    As a military man, this person has learnt to identify dangerous situations and more importantly how to bug out when necessary. 2 tours of duty make this man anything other than stupid. Could he have found a better way to get out of a bad situation than to shoot his fire arm? Quite probably, yes.

    As a father myself, I find it amazing that this man did not consider his children when he stepped out with a gun.

    There is very little element of surprise in this case, this is not a split decision, there is too much time available for calculation and consideration.

    Do I agree 25 years is too much – absolutely yes!

    Do I agree that an aspect of the decision may have been biased by this person’s colour, possibly yes.

    Do I think this guy is guilty, absolutely yes.


    • Rocko says:

      last time I checked, stupidity wasn’t a crime, is he guilty in your book because he carried the gun or fired it? it’s unclear from your analysis. Assuming (but never under the law right?) He was “stupid” for possessing a firearm “legally” might I add, is that his crime? What exactly is his crime, because he was trained so well he should have fled when the law provided him an alternative but punishes him for using it, and effectively might I add, at least no parent in this case is burying any children. If you’re gonna blame the man and say he is guilty, your whole assessment and conclusion CANNOT be based on well HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SMARTER!!!!! call a spade a spade, Its a bad law to start with but its worse when its used to affect only one side of the isle

    • RONALD REEVES says:

      That is bad. Glad I dont live in that st. What about self defence. Been a Cop 44 yrs. They would be trying me for murder I guess.

    • kream says:

      Are you serious, first of all trouble will find you no matter who you are, you can’t tell when your going to be in a bad situation but you should be prepared for the worse.

      The question you need to ask yourself is what would have been the out come if he wasn’t armed and his rights as an american upheld, He might have been beaten like a dog or killed.

  59. James purvis says:

    Florida is a racist town When black man try to use staying your ground laws It doesn’t work for him but let George Zimmerman use it and he gets off Scott free Now what kind of justice and the quality is that.

  60. Wouldhe says:

    I don’t know where it is lawful in any state that you can bring a weapon into a club. If he had a CCW he should of known he wasn’t allowed by law to bring a weapon into an establishment that serves alcohol. Sounds like there is more to the story.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      It is legal to bring a weapon into a place that serves alcohol in Florida as long as that is not the primary or singular purpose of the establishment. If it is a dance club, an argument could be made either way, and it is not explicitly prohibited in Florida. A bar yes. Chili’s no.

  61. Fred Douglass' Ghost says:

    “For a white man to defend his friend unto blood is praiseworthy, but for a black man to do precisely the same thing is crime.” Frederick Douglass, 1854.

    I guess that applies for self-defense, too.

  62. james says:

    This is crazy and once again this is why people say that the justice system is broken and its not for black people

    • Locksley says:

      News flash! The American justice system was never intended to protect Blacks! It was intended to protect Whites, and the “stand your ground” law was specifically intended to protect whites from prosecution when they murder minorities. Enough said.

  63. Adriane says:

    Hey Florida, if stand your ground doesn’t apply, what about self-defense? Don’t we still have the right to defend our own lives?

    • Hugger883 says:

      We certainly should have the right to defend ourselves.

      (6) Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. 1981).
      “…a government and its agencies are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen…” -Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 1981)

  64. mike w says:

    thats why i say for a black man that serve this country in the service are crazy.u can go fight and kill for these m/f .but u come back u are still a black person with know rights..this is just a peoples..

  65. Hugger883 says:

    This is the man I want by my side should I find myself in a similar situation. The man who raped and murdered my friends 16 yo daughter got 10 years less in prison than this fine citizen. There is something very wrong with our legal system. Mandatory sentences is a prime example.

  66. Shawn says:

    If Giles was white and the attacker black, they’d give him a medal and a parade.

    Florida is the only state I support seceding from the Union.

  67. Quinn says:

    It is not the laws that are racist, it’s SOME OF the people convicting, judging and prosocuting that are. The “Stand Your Ground” is so a person can defend themselves where ever they are, be it public or private property. There are states like California where if you are attacked, your first duty is to run away, you may only defend yourself if you are persued and then restrained or trapped.

    Also, George Zimmerman did not use the “Stand Your Ground” Law in his defense. Even if he did, it would not have applied to him. His defense team used the standard “self defense” arguement.

    What happened to Mr. Giles is a disgusting misuse of the legal system and he deserves to be freed. I pray for him and his family.

  68. Jean Hamann says:

    Please have the parents get in touch with the “innocence Project” they get a lot of people out of prison. Best of Luck to them. This is a terrible injustice.

  69. Daniel Johnson says:

    The prosecutor who pursued this case should be charged with obstruction of justice for deliberately misapplying a law in a way that he must have known was invalid, unless he is utterly incompetent, since the obviousness of the misapplication is such that anybody reading the laws in question can see that it was not intended to apply to situations like this, and only a semi-literate idiot with no education could read it differently. It is also likely that the prosecutor is somehow finanacially benefitting from private prisons or some other private enterprise that profits from incarcerating people, since that has been shown to be the main reason for prosecutors misusing laws with mandatory minimums.

  70. PR says:

    This is so typical of southern justice. White goes free…black goes to rpsion. The south is full of ignnorant white rascist a-holes Especially their politicans.

  71. Lc says:

    Simply put. He should have just blown his head off he probably would hav gotten a lesser sentence. This shit is ridiculous!!!

  72. Locksley says:

    As I said before, these so-called “stand your ground” laws in these racist southern states were not designed to protect African-Americans. They were designed to give those racist whites cover to continue lynching minorities, a hold over from slavery. These laws should be repealed because they have no place in civilized society!

  73. Cookie Monster says:

    As a Retired Marine,Vietnam Vet and highly decorated Ret.32 LEO;if the facts are as stated I am appalled.The existence of double standards is alive and people must unite to stop this.Based on other notority cases which had questionable outcomes the DCJS must look hard at this case and do something to change the sentencing of these cases .

  74. A Concerned Patriot says:

    Him choosing not to leave the Fluid and volatile situation prior to him getting assaulted was a instigation, a challenge as it where.

  75. C says:

    Who’s to say he wasn’t trying to leave the volatile situation ‘whole’? Did you not read the numbers were 30 – 40 to 1? No way is ‘getting assaulted’ an instigation. Let’s please review the facts and challenge ourselves to fight for this patriots life. And challenge ourselves to utilize this law in fairness until it is revoked.

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