Another Man In Florida ‘Stood His Ground’, Chasing and Killing Youth In Hoodie


Another potential “Stand Your Ground” shooting recently occurred in Florida. An Orlando man shot and killed a 21-year-old who was allegedly running through (or from, depending on who you ask), his yard. But the young man had not stolen anything, nor broken in to anyone’s home. He was literally just running. He had not threatening anyone, but Claudius Smith nevertheless said that he was afraid that this running youth was a burglar.

That’s when he decided to stalk him, and shoot him. Is this starting to sound familiar?

Smith followed the young man over a fence into a neighboring apartment complex. When police arrived, they found 21-year-old Ricardo Sanes dead in the grass, surrounded by six .45-caliber shell casings.

In a confession documented in the Orlando Police Department report Smith said that he was afraid of his victim “because his pants were falling down”. This, Smith explained, must have meant that the “fleeing” young man was “armed.” The irony that Smith himself was armed, was apparently lost on the shooter.

As well, Smith explained that Sanes “had his hands in the pocket” of his hooded sweatshirt, another piece of attire that Smith said indicated the young man was up to no good.

While the similarities with the killing Trayvon Martin are obvious to most, where this case differs is that Smith has already been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Nevertheless, this is Florida, and a judge may still grant him “Stand Your Ground” immunity from prosecution. It’s happened before, and you had better believe it can happen again.

(Article by M.B. David; Shante Wooten; and Eli Khalil; image by PBSpot)

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  1. BLACK LOVE says:


    • B Alan Eisen says:

      Why was the kid in somebody else’s yard? Get serious. He got shot because he was doing something wrong. If you don’t raise your kids correctly, this may happen. I consider the home owner completely innocent. If the punk was where he was supposed to be this wouldn’t have happened. If your kids were not raised and remain feral they need to be treated like the feral animal they are. You should be charged for the termination’s cost also. Kids are like pets. Don’t have one if you aren’t willing to take the time and effort to raise it. Nuff said!

      • Micah Holmes says:

        @balan . . . you’re completely ignorant. This man had no idea what this kid was up too. If you run through my yard and I have no idea what you are up too, without any questioning or calling of the police can I give you 6 bullets? We have to stop being so simple minded. I seriously am engrossed by your lack of value for life. You are quite sad and I would look within and see what’s wrong. Furthermore, for this man to leave his own property and stalk and then kill this young man is crazy. He does not own the world! He cannot walk around and do whatever he pleases whenever he pleases!!! Wrong is wrong and its easy to blame the victim because he can’t tell his story.

        • Rey says:

          Exactly. anybody standing up for this clown is a bigot. yeah…even if you black. we got those too.

          • sgt tillman says:

            another dumb ass listen u can not shot some one from running through a back yard OK were your dam brain at life worth more then that come on would u real take the life of another for this bull then u are stupid he could just kick his ass, but no he wants a kill no different then these fools out here killing each other over stupid shit. u type people i thought be dead by know old age old thinking u bring down American no place for u here move on

          • Brian says:

            The guy who shot the kid followed him!!! That is one problem. The second problem is the guy had a gun. The third problem is that the guy who shot the kid was conviceted of 2nd degree murder previously!!!!!!! Hello…….Where the F does this guy get a gun?

          • KenO says:

            “anybody standing up for this clown is a bigot.”

            I’ve heard lots of stupid things, but that may well be the stupidest. And I don’t even support the idiot.

        • Jaye says:

          I agree Micah that was a stupid ass ignorant ass comment…who deserves to be filled with 6 bullets for running????

        • Chamoine says:

          WOW!!! What if that was your neighbors 10 year old son running from a PitBull or rottweiler…would you rather he just stand there and get eaten up by the dog. I guess he would’ve had a 50% chance of still being here huh? I would truly hate to be your neighbor in Pittsburgh PA…

        • Wanda says:


        • Ranville Thomas says:

          @Micah… Don’t give people like Balan the time of day they know who dumb they sound they are just trying to get a rise out well thinking people we know the deal next

        • Tiff says:

          Are you serious!? Since when does a child running across a yard mean they are up to no good!? & how does that play into how a child is sound very ignorant.. I guess I should go outside my house and shoot all the kids that run through my yard on a daily basis.. Maybe he was just taking a short cut!smh

        • Jay says:

          I agree Micah and well said!!!!!!

        • Nakisha says:

          I agree with you Micah What kills me is they all said they were afraid of the kid , so you follow him thats crazy! Why not just call the police! B Alan is very ignorant

        • Illinois woman says:

          My kids have cut through yards on their way home many times… I did it as a kid. Is it so unusual to run through a yard when you’re young? Is that suddenly a “suspicious” activity? Just because he dresses in a way this old man didn’t like… In the 60s we dressed in ways “old people didn’t like” and yes we cut through yards.. I might have been running at some point… Would it have been ok for someone to shoot me.. “stupid hippy kids.. should have been raised right” THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED HERE!!! just a few decades later.. No it’s not ok. He should go to jail for murder!!

        • Free2Speak says:

          I had been chased by a group kids wanting to fight when I was in high school. To get away from them I ran through a couple yards jumping fences.I was in fear of my life. So you would say I was a legitimate target for execution!! right?!! I hope no one shoots your kid dead just because they thought “maybe”, “possibly”, “potentially”, “no certainty” your kid “might have” been up to no good. Trespassing is NOT an offense that deserves the death penalty.

        • If the child was white I would have given him 12 slugs..

        • Maive says:

          That logic is flawed Sir Bigot. He didn’t shoot him in HIS yard. He shot him in someone else’s yard. He can’t even claim trespassing. I don’t even know why you bother to comment. It’s not like you Bigots have to justify killing us anyway.

      • Keeno says:

        Why does he have to be an animal? And he wasn’t doing anything wrong. The article clearly states he wasn’t armed and committed no crime. He was just … running. Granted, his appearance with the sagging jeans and hands in his pocket didn’t help the situation, but that doesn’t make him an animal. And why is it that Claudius Smith is STILL in jail, but Zimmerman wasn’t arrested until the press got ahold of his story?

        • Me says:

          because black is black. we are not afforded the benefits of justice. He deserves to be in jail, but white privilege does not work for sell out blacks, even though it works for Hispanics.

        • joe says:

          “And why is it that Claudius Smith is STILL in jail, but Zimmerman wasn’t arrested until the press got ahold of his story?”

          I believe because Zimmerman’s nose and head were busted up and he remained at the scene for police to arrive. Smith was in no way being attacked, shot someone in the back 6 times, and then fled the scene.

        • Ree says:

          Stop stereotyping because of his clothing. That has nothing to do with anything.

        • Bret says:

          The article doesn’t cover all of it. Kid was armed… but he was also shot in the back… so who knows. Kid was also in the guys backyard and jumped his fence into the neighboring apartment. The article was written for sensationalism like they all are these days. Hopefully justice is done… Either way… (IMHO) “Stand your ground” muddles the laws and needs to go away.

        • DJ Code Red says:

          Actually, Keeno, an animal would have likely not gotten killed for doing the same. In this case, Ricardo was not afforded the benefit of the doubt that a dog would get. I pray for our youth but we also need to be proactive in identifying these “risks” to them.

        • Kimm says:

          How do you run…with hands in your pocket…doesn’t even seem right…something here stinks bad!!

      • Keeno says:

        And where exactly was he “supposed” to be sir? He was 21 years old. Unless he was on house arrest, they young man had the right to be wherever he chose to be. Including running through the neighborhood.

        • Matt Trapanese says:

          Let’s take a step back – he did NOT have the right to be “wherever he chose to be” – certainly not on somebody’s private property.

          Having said that, this guy was way out of line, and I hope he’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s get a judge with some fcking moral value instead of another staunch republican.

        • Mae says:

          Running through a neighborhood, yes. But he, not anyone, has the right to be on someone else’s personal property.

          Not defending the mans actions, just clarifying that being on someone else’s land is NOT a right.

      • Renada Byrd says:

        Really? Your response was harsh and sad.

      • Stephon says:

        He kept going.. He didn’t stop on the owners yard so why is it his business to keep following the boy over fences and unloading 6 bullets in him and then say ” I stood my ground”? You’re apart of the problem and most importantly, a dumb ass. Keep your ignorance under wraps and quit life while you are at it

      • A concerned military mom says:

        excuse me but don’t you think chasing him over a fence and 3 yards plus an apartment complex is just a tad bit much to me over kill.I have two sons we live in the best neighborhood but i fear everyday that they don’t get profiled or targeted by gun happy fools! lots of kids cut threw our yard to get to school or park should we shoot them you tell me!

        • Rey says:

          don’t pay any mind to these fools on here talking that noise about he had every right to shoot. if this was any of my folks…somebody would have to be seen.

      • Supreme says:

        You statement makes no sense and makes you seem foolish.

      • STFU says:

        Man you have a lot of hate in your comment, especially towards a kid you know nothing about. To call him a “punk” tells a lot about your character. This is someone’s child, brother, cousin, friend. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!

        Maybe the kid was cutting through neighbors yards to get home quicker. Maybe he was getting chase by a bunch of bullies, You don’t know why he was running back there but the Proven Fact is that the kid was unarmed and he didn’t rob nor steal from anyone. He wasn’t doing nothing wrong!!! He didn’t deserved to be MURDERED!!

        This guy that shot him isn’t the police so what gives him the right to do what he did?, especially when the kid was “running away” from him which means, this coward shot the kid in the back. How the fuck was he fearful of his life then? If he was that fearful why the fuck was he chasing him? He got his description, call the Police and let them handle that. It’s their Job.

        This Coward felt like he had some sort of power because he had a gun on him, I don’t buy that BS about him saying the reason he shot this kid was because his “pants were sagged” so that’s what made him think he had a gun?…smh wow!! This fool also said that the kid had his hands in the pockets of his hoody. I don’t know about you but who actually runs/sprints with their hands in their pockets???????

        When I was a kid, I would cut through peoples yards and back yards to get home “safer” and not worry about the neighborhood bullies or just to get home quicker from school because I was tired of walking so far. Does that mean I deserved to get shot too? My family raised me well, I never been in trouble with the law and I’m successful in my career. So what your saying is fucking stupid. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but you just proved how much of a idiot you are. A young innocent life was taken away over something so senseless. I wonder if you would feel say the same way had it been one of your OWN family members…………..

        • Brian says:

          I used to cut through yards alone or with other kids numerous times and had people yell at me to get out of their yard or keep off the grass. No one ever pointed a gun at me or shot at me and I live in Florida. The guy who shot the running kid, teen, young man had been arrented previously for 2nd degree murder. How does this guy have a gun? Where did he get a gun from? Last I checked, he isn’t supposed to have a gun. You simply cannot chase someone down to shoot them, that disrgards the “stand your ground” bit since you’re not standing your ground any longer. It is utterly senseless.

        • Rosie says:

          I strongly agree with you , and the law is you can shot if anyone enters your property , he was not in his property. He didn’t even stop to look in anyones window , he was just running , this is bullshit if they dont see the facts. Its to clear that guy had no business, following and shooting!!

          • Tray says:

            “and the law is you can shot if anyone enters your property”.

            But isn’t even that a bit much? What if you were attempted to walk to that person’s front door and ring the bell? What if you were lost? I can understand someone being shot if they were caught breaking and entering, but just being on someone’s property shouldn’t be grounds for getting shot. The person should at least be given a chance to leave.

            But in any event none of that applies. The law says “Stand Your Ground”, which I believe in because I don’t think I should be legally obligated to allow someone to hurt me. The law is not “Hunt Down and Kill”. If you chase someone you forfeit any stand Your Ground consideration in my opinion. On the bright side the man was arrested and charged with murder. Let’s just hope this man’s actions are treated like exactly what they were; a crime.

        • Matt Trapanese says:

          Right on bro… I can’t stand idiotic statements like that trolling cvnt above made.

          Another senseless murder…

      • Corolla says:

        You don’t have proof that he did anything wrong. He was running. Why would you follow someone and shoot them down if they hadn’t done anything to you or your property?

        • Laura says:

          But the defendant doesn’t even claim that the boy had done something to him or his property specifically. You are assuming that people only act rationally and sanely, and that therefore there must have been a good reason for what the shooter did. Unfortunately, sane people do not always act sanely, and additionally not all people are sane. And last time I checked, we’re all innocent until proven guilty in this country. Which means none of us need proof that he didn’t do anything wrong. The defendant needs proof that he DID do something wrong.

        • John Doe says:

          You don’t know if he WAS doing something wrong either… I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who goes running in baggy pants falling off their ass and their hands in the pocket of their hoodie. Sounds suspicious to me, given that.. The guy should still go to jail because he doesn’t have the right to take his life in those circumstances.

          • straighttothepoint says:

            Anyone with a brain knows that this is beginning to be a pattern. so DAMN!! what if he had on a hoodie and baggy pants running through a yard! It doesn’t give any demon possessed bastard the right to put bullets in him! what if he was wearing khaki pants pulled up in his ass and a few shades lighter, would the outcome be the same?

      • Brittany says:

        So you’re saying if your child happened to run through someone’s yard, and they got shot not once but six times, that’s justifiable?
        I can’t wait until your shithead kids step in the wrong man’s grass.

        • Turner says:

          My yard is an easy place to cut through to reach a neighborhood playground. Is it annoying to have kids cutting through my yard? Yes, sometimes. If they started to make my grass into a worn down “trail” I would probably ask them to stop. Would I ever, ever, ever even think about KILLING them? Absolutely not. You are completely right – he better hope his kids never go into some other asshole’s lawn.

          To say, he has the right to shoot him just because he ran through his lawn means that someone else had the right to shoot the shooter for following him into someone else’s property! Did he think about that?

      • nome says:

        You sound foolish

      • Darius says:

        So let me guess…u were there?…just do us all a favor and run through this same guys yard with a hoodie and no belt…nice job buddy…lol

      • KIYA W says:

        b alen eisen (lower case intentional because no respect is given), do you happen to own a white coat and white hood because it sounds as though you do? To assume someone is “up to no good” because of the way they are dressed and to be present in an area that you perceive they shouldn’t be would suggest that you should be locked and loaded at all times. Anyone that doesn’t look like you must definitely pose an immediate threat?? To chase someone down and shoot them because you’re afraid of them is murder, plain and simple. The stand your ground law it’s often misused and this is a prime example!

      • tsp says:

        @B Alan Eisen,
        You are ridiculous. Children are children. They make mistakes and occasionally lack judgement. Science tells us that their frontal lobes are not fully developed until a least 21 years of age. They do not deserve to be killed for it. The child had not entered this mans home, nor was caught stealing, or harming another human. The last time I checked the penalty for trespasss, is not death. This, B Alan Eisen is not the wild wild west. Unless you live in stand your ground state. A barbaric law for barbaric small minded scared white men. If you are inside your secured home and feel that a threat is outside your home, the proper thing to do is call the police. Life is not worth less because it is a black or a brown life. The day some one shots your child dead for just walking some where, we will see if you post such a ridiculous and disgusting post. You are a subhuman.

        • JLS says:

          @tsp I was with you until your racist remark about small minded scared white men. Do some research before you make stupid remarks. The fact is that “Blacks” benefit more by the SYG law than “Whites”. Kid didn’t need to die white or black!!

          • Bianca Murphy says:

            JLS……Blacks do not benefit from the stand your ground law….perhaps in theory they should. But the facts are the utter opposite.

          • FashionMaven says:

            Actually that’s a lie.

            According to statistics on SYG laws, when the victim is black, 78% of SYG laws get the perpetrator set free. When the victim is white, only 56% of the perpetrators are set free.

            There is clearly a bias when the victim is black – i.e., the cases tend to try the victim rather than the shooter. And only about 20% are convicted for shooting the black victim.

            When the victim is white, their shooters are set free almost 50% of the time.

          • mr.r says:

            No you are wrong and tsp is right. Stand your ground is a law for racially paranoid, barbaric white men. It gives them a false sense of power. This is no different than Michael Dunn. Get it through your head simpleton.

          • DG says:

            To be racist you have to be in a position of power to oppress people. BLACK PEOPLE HAVEN’T BEEN IN A POSITION OF POWER IN A VERRRY LONG TIME. OBAMA doesn’t count because he is a puppet (Bless his heart)LOL. If someone has been harming you physically, mentally, economically, and spiritually all the time and all of a sudden when you decided to fight back and stand up for yourself, you’re wrong and racists? YES JLS!!! SMALL MINDED SCARED WHITE MEN and YOU fit in with them just fine sir! LOL

          • Lee says:

            @JLS How do you figure blacks benefit from SYG more than whites when there is a black woman sitting in jail for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband who was violating a restraining order and threatening her life & George Zimmerman is walking free? The disparity of the way this law has been used made it a black & white issue in Florida

          • Hammer says:

            I see you are trying to be objective, so please tell me how black people have benefited more from stand your ground than whites. You must have some statistical proof or something that reflects this information.

          • tistrue says:

            I’m not sure what planet you’re on, but the homicide rate has increased by nearly 300%, and is concentrated in white males who are not convicted because of “justifiable use” of the stand your ground law.

      • Rob says:

        So kids who cross yard should be killed? You’re crazy… So you’re saying anyone who commits any crime, because technically he was trespassing, should be killed? What about 18 year old college students who drink alcohol, should they be killed since they’re underage?

      • sgt tillman says:

        That’s the stupider answer I ever heard u need never to on jury just plan stupid.
        First of all it was only trespassing OK again trespassing OK DAM HOW STUPID GET for a life he’ll neighborhood dogs,cats,even birds trespass uh u see dumb ass
        This is straight up 1st any lawyer ,DA see this and don’t make a deal he should be put on DR

      • first why is the kid a “Punk” and where is it he was suppose to be? All you know is what you have read in the news so how can you pass such judgment about a child you don’t even know? Logic I think would at less make an intelligent person look at the whole picture, which is why is it that black kids are always the victim of these kinds of violent encounters? For the sake of an argument lets say he was running away from a situation in which he had intentions on breaking in a house. He was running away, from what I know and no evidence of him committing a crime was clear. So why would anyone chase anyone who is running away and shoot them down without clear evidence of a serious crime or threat, not even the cops should be shooting anyone who is running away unless the circumstances of that situation is clear or a weapon is involved and the person is running away with an obvious weapon in their on them which than make them a public threat. Than an only than can I see shooting them. No gun, no weapon and you are not law enforcement he was wrong.

      • Someone with more sense than you says:

        You are a complete idiot. Just because a young man runs through someone else’s yard does not justify that he is shot. The crime he committed, if any, was simple trespassing. The fact this grown man went after him and shot him on the mere fact of his appearance does not justify his actions. Explain to me how you can possibly see this as justifiable? The fact you even typed the response that you did and did not think twice about it prior to hitting the submit button, prove your ignorance. I think your mother should of terminated your life prior to giving birth to an ignorant punk as you. Nuff said!

      • Yogi says:

        So….running through someone else’s yard is enough reason to constitute you taking someone else’s life? Its crazy how little someone’s life means to people these days, depressing actually. You are more of a feral animal than anything. I knew plenty of Caucasian children that run through other peoples yards and yet its only the african american ones that get shot, and your proud of yourself? shame on you. You are the problem with America. Clearly your parents didn’t raise you correctly or you have some mental instability.

      • Rdmblkdude says:

        ^^^^Biggest idiot in the history of idiots. Equating running through someone’s yard to an offesnse worthy of death? GTFOH

      • Torey book says:

        It is people like you that make this world worse. Kids will be kids my daughter has several friends that live in our neighborhood and she runs threw there yard as they do mine it is possible maybe he was running from a friends house?

      • larry immons says:

        [Y]ou have lost your fucking mind. Why don’t you move to chitown with that thinking and see what happens to YOU!!!!

      • Lauren says:

        You have got to be kidding me right now.

        I understand not liking when someone walks across your yard. But that is in NO WAY a reason to kill them. What is your proposal, that every suburban kid that once cut through their neighbor’s yard to go to a friend’s house or go home should be shot because they are “feral” and weren’t raised right? If you’re that angry for whatever reason, pull the old man card and tell them to get off your lawn. You don’t KILL them. Your response shows me that you are the feral one with some obvious issues to work out, not the youth that was murdered.

        Shame on you.

      • tamia says:

        You are a very coldhearted person…someone lost they life over the fact of running through a yard whats the harm in that? Dumb ass

      • Yolie says:

        B. Alan Eisen,it is better to be thought a Fool than to write a Post comment and lose all doubt.

      • Sue says:

        Do you think that the appropriate punishment for trespassing is death?

      • Marie says:

        You sound really ignorant people like you keep the word racism alive. You have no idea what really happened you just took that person word for it. If it was the other way around I’m sure you will be quick to judge and blame the shooter only because he’s black you asshole. Black kids and White kids run thru yards all the time that have nothing to do with how the parents raise their kids, and in case you didn’t know children are nothing like pets I pray to god you don’t have any because it’s obvious how you are going to raise (your animals) to be racist pricks like YOU.

      • hunh? says:

        If you don’t raise your kids to not… run across other peoples’ yards then they are “feral” bad children who will end up getting shot one day?

        What the h*** is wrong with you?

      • shenese says:

        U are ignorant….

      • Alicia says:

        You have to be kidding me. You know what you do when you see someone in your yard? You yell at them and tell them to go home! Unless you are saying my mother should have shot the white kids I found hanging around in our backyard, messing with our stuff. Not even running through, I just looked out at saw them loitering. But you know what she did? She went out there, told them to get lost, and that was that. Sounds like you’re the ignorant and feral ass here. I can say ,with great certainty, that your parents didn’t raise you right because there is not an ounce of sense in your pin head.

      • J Bird says:

        Mr. Eisen….as usual someone like you defends. I wonder if it were your kid, would you feel the same way. I will humor you. What if the kid was up to “no good”?. The man followed him into someones elses yard and shot him in the back with 6 bullets, then claimed self defense. I thought self defense was if your life were in imminent danger. How is someone running away from you a threat? And why does it take 6 bullets to put him down? Reasonably explain that , and God I hope you don’t have kids…this world would be doomed.

      • Eve says:

        You’re clearly ignorant!

        • sgt tillman says:

          were do we in America keep coming up with these dam MF
          I always thought we were smart then that shit

      • Tiffany Sherese says:

        If the kid got shot while he was in the man’s yard then you might have a valid argument but as you have read the man followed him into an apartment complex before shooting him. Sanes probably was just taking a shortcut home for all we know. He didn’t bother the guy, didn’t talk to him or anything. He just assumed he was up to no good. I’m sure kids go through your yard every once in a while. Maybe to get a ball that they accidentally kicked in your yard or to get out of the road while a car passes (depending on if you have sidewalks or not) but you wouldn’t chase the kid down and shoot him/her would you? No, you wouldn’t. You can’t always assume that someone is just passing by but according to this man’s own personal confession he didn’t really have a reason to suspect that he was up to no good.

      • greg kerr says:

        lol you ignorant racist

      • Ccarter12 says:

        Has it ever crossed your mind that he, himself could have been running from someone or something? Jack ass!! I can not stand ignorant stereotypical people.

      • Daryl says:

        Are you kidding me..

        Your a disgusting piece of crap if you think shooting someone for cutting through your yard is justification.

      • Henry says:

        I agree, they were in someones yard so they should have been killed. We should start killing speeders jaywalkers etc. What’s wrong w/ you people?

      • roshall 1000 says:

        You are one ignorant ass son of a bit**, I know one dam thing I wouldn’t wait on the police to come arrest your racist funky lice carrying as* I would kill your whole dam family if you did something to a child of mine, black people better wake up and start killing shi* like you, I’m gonna get you before you get me.

      • lisa says:

        First off he was a grown man and secondly. I want you to remember the words u are saying cause I’m sure your kids are not angels and do things wrong. I know for sure if someone shot and killed for what someone thought they did wrong you are not going to be like if I raise your kids correctly this wouldn’t happen or want to hear if the punk was where he was suppose to be this would not of happen. At the end of the day. I don’t care if the person killed was black, white, hispanic or whatever no one should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. I do believe a person does have the protect themselves but just like other states that has the stand your ground law a person should use reasonable force but that’s after they called the police and the person has to be in their home during the time of the shooting not just they suspected.

      • Barbara Millender says:

        The devil is a liar! U sound silly and ready to burn in Hell for eternity. I pray mercy over you soul and those of your seeds.

      • tbone4 says:

        Who authorized this man to chase this young man down like a mad dog. How the hell is he fearing for his life when he’s the man that’s doing the chasing. How dare you talk about raising kids. How dare you compare kids to pets. I guess its a damn shame the kid is not white. You and people like you are disgrace to the human race.

      • Advice_more says:

        People are in my yard all the time, I sit in my living room all the time with my blinds half way open where I can see my whole front yard clearly and I see random cars pull in my drive way just to make a u-turn, kids playing in my yard, teenagers waking across my yard, adults walking across my yard, people knocking on my door trying to sell things or even knocking on my door and I have no clue what they want, which we were tought at a young age by our parents don’t answer the door if you don’t know who it is. Do that give me a right to shoot and kill every adult, teen, kid, toddler, baby that’s in my yard just because I don’t have a reason why they are there. Their are mentally challenge people in this world that wanders off from their home that can be lost in your yard , you never know, so if I am that concern I can pick up my phone and call the cops, that’s what they are for. What hurts me is these kids are getting followed by these adults and they are killing them for no reason, if you are suspecios simply call the police or simply ask.

      • Advice_more says:

        People are in my yard all the time, I sit in my living room all the time with my blinds half way open where I can see my whole front yard clearly and I see random cars pull in my drive way just to make a u-turn, kids playing in my yard, teenagers waking across my yard, adults walking across my yard, people knocking on my door trying to sell things or even knocking on my door and I have no clue what they want, which we were tought at a young age by our parents don’t answer the door if you don’t know who it is. Do that give me a right to kill who ever that’s in my yard just because I don’t have a reason why they are there. Their are mentally challenge people in this world that wanders off from their home that can be lost in your yard , you never know, so if I am that concern I can pick up my phone and call the police, that’s what they are for. What hurts me is these kids are getting followed by these adults and they are killing them for no reason, if you are suspecios simply call the police or simply ask.

      • Running thru YOUR yard says:

        B Alan, what’s your address so I can come run through your yard? Id like to see how tough you talk then…oh you have a gun, p*ssy? Let’s see who gets shot first then.

      • Mr Burnett says:

        ^^^ prime example as to why the u.s is the way it is because of this type of ignorance

      • jesse says:

        Your another ignorant racist!! Racism is still alive and well in America!!

      • big juicy says:

        it’s doesn’t matter how people raise their kids… once a child is old enough to ignore what you teach and tell them then there nothing you can do but hope and pray they choose the right path….. what about the kids that kill their families? they were raise right… but still they choose to do other wise…

      • WD says:

        That’s rich…I bet you are an attention whore


        Yeah, B Alan Eisen, you have said “NUFF!! You people are so damn ass backwards it is not only a shame, there is a SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS GOING ON (WITH YOU) AND THE OTHERS ON HERE WHO THINK THAT THIS POS was in the right!!! Comparing Kids to pets, they need to take the computer away from you quick and you need some soul searching – because if this is your attitude, then you will be the next idiot in jail killing someone WHY, because they walked passed you wrong……fuckin’ idiot….and I really think you know that you are one!

      • Brina J says:

        Your ignorance is amazing. Who are you?! Miss Cleo?! You, the shooter or anyone else hearing this story knows what that guy was up to.
        So I assume if you’ve ever ran anywhere in your life, you must have been up to no good!!? GET REAL!
        Kids are like pets?! Clearly you must have been an animal to your parents then right… You are a clown.

      • aaron says:

        Your an ignorant piece of shit that should be treated like the ignorant feral animal you are

      • Me says:

        Youre a fucking idiot. 100%

      • k patt says:

        B Alan are you serious???!!!??? you have a problem! and you should have yourself checked.

      • Bobbie Jo Justice says:

        yet i can remember running through many peoples yards in the 1960s and 1970s and no one shot us simply because we were running through peoples yards.

        charge that idiot with first degree murder, immediate painful and public execution, no trial and this nonsense will stop.

      • chellejen says:

        Growing up in the 80’s we often as children would take shortcuts to get our destination. But at no time were we ever in fear our lives! God’s word says that “men’s heart will fail them from fear” which is really sad because this man took someone’s life due to his own fear.

      • cecil carter says:

        Alan, you have NO proof that he was doing anything but running. I live next to a canal were kids are always walking through my yard if I were to go shoot a white kid because he’s wearing a black trench coat is that justified fear. you’re the typical racist idiot making claims. basically fuck you!!

      • Gods Child says:


      • Robert Bailey says:

        This is one of the most ignorant responses I have ever seen. This man chose to follow the individual to a neighboring apartment complex and unloaded six bullets into him. If you would have took time to read the full article instead of just reading what you wanted to get out of it.

      • C Rowley says:

        Your are the perfect example of why the world is the way it is, white folks in all history are the most ignorant,violant,hateful race that there is! It should have been your child and then your sorry behind would be preaching a whole new story!

      • tori says:

        Wow. you’re an idiot.

      • Jeffrey says:

        Really? OK the kid should not have been running in someone else’s yard but is that a death sentence? It’s not even against the law!

      • Sylveebee says:

        Are you kidding me? Did you just refer to children as pets and feral? I hope and pray the good Lord did not yet you reproduce. Kids cut through my yard all of the time- teenagers black and white. It is by NO means a green light to stalk them and shoot them! Yes I would prefer that they walk around and use the sidewalk- but again not a reason to execute someone. You are quite possibly the most ignorant person currently breathing on this planet.

      • Ed says:

        your a complete douche bag. he ran thru his yard…the guy didn’t shoot him in his yard..he stalked him and shot him that is not stand your ground..what if that young man was running from others who wish to do bodily harm only to get shot by some racist prick…i do agree with people needing to raise their children correctly but you do not know why that young man felt the need to run thru the guys yard but that is no reason to shot and kill anyone….

      • Luis says:

        Actually, no.

        Through my youth and teenage years I would cut through people’s yards all the time if I was in a hurry somewhere. I knew the person living there would be mad but what’s the harm? I was not doing anything wrong, I am simply passing through.

        It’s a juvenile thing to do, yes, and I would not do it any more. The guy was 21 but black youth have not exactly been given the same privileges of knowing when to grow out of doing juvenile things like other more privileged (mostly white) families. Again, no fault on this guy.

        What the shooter should have done was called the cops. Why the hell was he stalking the kid? This kind of vigilantism is getting out of hand, how many more victims will we see before the law is finally revoked?

      • NPM says:

        B Alan Eisen, you are an idiot and a shameful example of a human. It’s people like you that need to have their head examined and should not question how anyone else was raised, because you obviously were not raised to value human life. To say that because he was in someone else’s backyard he deserved to be shot is just plan foolish. Considering the guy followed him into another’s backyard, I guess that means he should have been shoot and killed by someone else too. Especially since he was the one with the gun and clearly posed the real threat.

      • critical says:

        I’m positive you have used a short cut when you were younger… asshole!!

      • nate says:

        you are fucking racist dumb ass. he was shot at homeowner property. stand your doesn’t hunting for youth, that what the police are paid for. the people of florida better exercising the 2nd amend right to bear arms.

      • erin says:

        YOU FUCKING STUPID AS HELL!!! And when Karma shows up on your doorstep…don’t ask “why me”. Remember your stupid ass post!

      • Max says:

        I noticed most of the responses are from people who have a hard time spelling some of the most simple words… but its automatically about race. Hell if someone runs through my yard in the middle of the night um yeah I would do same thing. Nobody even questions why he was going through backyards? Thats private property there are PUBLIC streets and walkways to run or walk but yeah I guess its cool to walk through peoples backyards I guess oh yeah and his prior convictions also….but nope doesn’t mean a thing apparently. Let the race card bullshit begin… again

      • Coming for B Alan Eisen says:

        B Alan Eisen You are really looking for arousal aren’t you?? B Alan Eisen you can’t be that cold and foolish to believe what you’ve written.

      • AnyOtherVoice says:

        Nuff said? Do you mean “too much”? I don’t understand why people like you feel compelled to come online and spread your senseless hate; please go slap yourself in the face with an education and then come back here before you can start corrupting the internet with this irritating ignorance!

        Do you think it’s funny? Is that why? Do you feel entertained and satisfied when people get angry at you for being such an asshole?

        If every person with a tongue and a brain like yours were given a gun, we’d have so many more brainless Claudius Smiths running around shooting up our cities. That’s not called democracy. That’s called anarchy.

      • B. says:

        You have to be kidding. This is the most racist bs I’ve ever heard. All of these animal references for African Americans is uncalled for. Running through a yard is not a crime, was it a fenced in yard? Or gated yard. And if he wasn’t waving a gun at the shooter he was not threatening. White kids commit all kinds of crimes, they are just usually covered up or given a pass because of white privilege. There are bad people of all races but in 2014 there are still idiots like yourself with these tired racist views but every dog has his day &one way or another you all will pay!

      • Fee Fee says:

        I guess “jogging” is completely OUT OF THE QUESTION! Hell, I’m POSITIVE no one in their right mind ever JOGS! WTH is WRONG with people nowadays?? Going out, trying to live a healthy lifestyle and JOGGING??? SMDH (insert sarcastic smirk)

      • Shennel/Pissed the hell off says:


      • Meghan Howle says:

        You was once a kid so you was a pet yourself . How you feel if you and your cousin was walking across the street how would you think your family would feel about you being gun down ? . So shutup and watch your mouth because when it happen to your family then you gone see how it really feel . !

      • Kimberly says:

        You are a racist idiot!!! & I don’t care what color your skin is.

      • Jen Johnson says:

        You’ve never set foot in someone else’s yard without permission? Never in life? Never played in woods you’re not sure who owns? Because I had a pretty wild, rambling childhood and never once did a neighbor, on seeing me, decide I was a threat to him/her and shoot me *6 times*. While I was *running in the opposite direction.*

        If your paranoia is such that someone crossing your yard gives you impetus to shoot them, you should seek professional psychological counseling and get that under control. Because that reaction is abnormal.

      • bern says:

        You are an absolute Idot

      • I agree with B Alan Eisen. Why was this young man in someone else’s garage? Also you do not know the state of mind that Claudius Smith aka the shooter was in! These are the things that can happen in today’s society when our children or kids do things that they should not have been doing. It is sad that many black youths are dying every year from cases similar to this. Parents please share these articles with your children! Let them know that these type things are going on in our world! Let them know that children are dying from pointless behaviors and being treating others poorly! It is sad but this is reality!

      • pissed says:

        You racist asshole. There is never a reason to take another human life just because he was in his yard. He could have simply said get off my lawn. What the fuck are you smoking. I hope your kids never cross through any ones yard.

      • Kate C. says:

        I really hope you haven’t or don’t reproduce. Punk, where do you get that he was a punk in this article? Children are like feral animals? This is 2014 not the 1800s, yes we know he shouldn’t have been in someone’s yard but hey it happens, I have teenage “punks”in my yard all the time I yell at them and go about my day I don’t shoot them!!!! But I would like to ask where it is that he is supposed to be?! I know that I was outside all the time in my 20s if the weather permitted. Your statements are beyond disgusting. Termination costs, you sir are a bigot and cruel! Would you say the same thing if he was a white 21 year old young man? I highly doubt it. If one feels this way it is better to keep ones thoughts to themselves!

      • Chipset says:

        Shut your ignorant ass up !

      • julia311 says:

        It wasn’t even the killers yard. I hope you are childless being the animal that you are. Nuff said.

      • Michelle says:

        You Stupid!…….You’re Ignorant! I believe EVERYONE in Florida is COMPLETELY FUCKED UP! Every black individual on this earth are NOT all bad, NOT Gangbanging nor are they up to NO GOOD! You IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUS, YOU’RE FUCKING PATHETIC…….

      • alton williams says:

        You fuckin asshole they need to get rid of people like you. What a DICK!!!

      • Aubert Modeste says:

        That’s not true,in the Dunne case the kids were in their car on a public road. So what is your story with this one. Remember you said if the kid was where he was suposed to be it would not have happened. It just shows how stupid some of you ignorant people are. Let that happen to any family of mine and the culprit gets away. I bet it will not ever happen again. That I promise you bassee-head.

      • Terrance says:

        U r a dumb ass mutha fucka for saying some stupid shit like that..

      • Anthony says:

        I tell you what’s going to happen and how everything escalates……oneday one of these fools are going to stalk the wrong kid and that kid is going to have an uzzi…….oops……..

      • mysaints says:

        racist much? listen, tracking through someones back yard, i would agree is not a good idea. none-the-less, shooting an unarmed teen who has actually left your property and poses no threat, is grounds for 1st degree murder. he chased this kid. he hunted him down. and you think the murderer should get a pass? you are just as twisted and sick as this p._o._s. i have kids run through my backyard because they felt it was a better shortcut, i chewed their a&&e& out. but not one solitary moment, i thought, let me chase these kids and murder them. kids do stupid things, its in their nature. but to murder someone over this nonsense, is about as stupid and immature as one can get. you are really sick!

      • jb says:

        I cannot shoot a pigeon that lands in my yard and poops on my patio furniture but if a kid steps on my lawn, it is ok to take his life? NICE!!!

      • Katie Nunley says:

        Wow what an idiot.
        I have children/teens run cut through my yard all the time to get to the next street over, they use it as a short cut. Perhaps he was going to the apartment complex, used a short cut and didnt want to piss anyone off by cutting through their yard, so he ran in hopes no one would see him cutting through.
        Stories and people like this are absolutely disgusting.

      • Mimi S says:

        Mr. Eisen, the dry cleaners called. They said your clan robe will be ready for pick-up at 5PM. They were able to get the teenage blood stains out, but will have to charge you extra.

      • Saveoursons says:

        The animal in this case was the man stalking this kid and killing him in cold blood. Maybe when we start arming our youth and using the stand your ground immunity for OUR benefit then maybe this law would change. Violence is not the answer but maybe if one or two of these so called concerned citizens start dying in the streets it will get the attention that this law deserves.

      • Wow i would have hated to be younger now. I cut through plenty of people yards for a short cut home i used to have to only worry about a dog being in the back yard. i had no idea people would think i might be breaking in there house running thruogh the yard instead of walking all the way around. guess i would have got killed for that now. What happened to wait and see what is going on first. He could have called the cops if it was that serious

      • raven sallis says:

        Come run yo a$$ thru my yard and see what happen you ignorant prick.

      • Revo313 says:

        FUCK OFF B Alan Eisen! the only thing that needs to be said is, YOU need to be shot and killed.

      • b alan is stupid says:

        u sound like a ignorant white person b alan. im not here to argue with u its just fuck u. ur racist n we know it. wish u the best though. little brain.

      • Mr Clark says:

        I pray for anyone near you running at right…

      • Balan Eisen wins most stupidest ignorant person of the year award. Move over Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Snookie and Zimmerman! You are saying it’s ok to shoot someone NOT in your yard but chase them down wherever they went on another property and shoot them. that is not your problem. maybe if it happened in YOUR yard and you shot him there, but to stalk and shoot him on another property is like me seeing someone just walking on the street with a hoodie and sagging pants at the corner store then runs across the street and i shoot him, or wait til he is in his own yard (which may be an apartment complex) and shot him there.

        Balan Eisen, you are a total dumb ass.

      • faith says:

        This is the bull crap I’m talking about. Some of these comments are downright ignorant. I would like to know why was he in the yard but the man had no business following him after that. He was found dead in a neighboring complex which means he was no longer in his yard. And do they feel good about killing someone. If u feared your life that much call the cops shoot in the leg I mean come on. I have never been so scared for being a ethnic person in my life. Cuz clearly u don’t have to be black ughhhhh.

      • ROBERT ADAMS says:

        from a man who lived in Fla stand your ground, was not put in place for people of color. it seem the only people benefiting in such a wild wild west law is whites. look how many blacks were killed in the past few weeks. this law sucks be cause of the instructions given to the jury. It totally persuades an innocent verdict because of the judges instructions according to the law. the law must be changed. this is a great public importance and anyone who supports this unfair law give me a good reason to why it shall remain. I’m no racist but racism is alive.

      • kill says:

        dude you should be found and shot i would pay someone for that

      • Jennifer says:

        Ignorance is the word. Why are you in someone else yard shooting someone who pants were hanging and look like they had a gun. If that’s the case shooting kids because their pants are hanging. I know adults woman & men who pants hang below their asses. What is going to happen is Black & Brown boys are not going to be shot at AND THEY DO NOT START SHOOTING BACK. IF JORDAN OR TRAVONE HAD GUNS WE WOULD NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION. I HAVE SIX GRANDSONS not part of the 1% and if this stand your ground law do not change. Shit will happen

      • Kareen says:

        B Alan,

        Let me start off saying that I actually feel sorry for you. You are obviously hurt and angry. I am also hurt and angry. My heart hurts because as a mother I have come to the conclusion that my due to the mocha colored skin of my children their lives are less valuable in the eyes of society. I’m angry because it seems that in AMERICA the life of a dog is more valuable than the life of a human being.

        You mentioned in your post that “kids are like pets”. No, kids are like “kids”. Obviously, you don’t have children because if you did, you would know that kids make silly mistakes like running in someone’s yard. And, like any good parent, you know that no matter how many times you may have taught them better, they still do silly stuff from time to time.

        So, you see B Alan, it is very possible that this young man was raised “correctly”. It is also possible that this young man made an innocent mistake. Its funny to me that you automatically ASSUMED that this young man was a “punk”. Had to be right? Perhaps, it is possible that this young man was a college student that was running through the yard to catch a bus because he was going to be late. Or, maybe his mother called and asked if he could run to pick up his little sister from the bus stop.

        The thing about assumptions is that you make an ASS out of yourself in the process, which you have demonstrated in your thoughtless post. Perhaps, you should walk across a railroad track with an approaching train and ASSUME it will stop in time!

        It is sickening to see that HATRED of this magnitude exists today. Then again, its BLACK history month and what a way to remind us of all that history is bound to be repeated if we don’t learn from it.

      • Crystal Wiggins says:

        This is the most ignorant statement I have seen. Apparently you were not raised properly because there is no way you can see what happened as justified. This man did not shot this young boy 1 time in his yard, but instead he chased him down “stalked” him and shot him 6 times. They way you are acting and calling them animals really shows a lot about your character and the type of person you are. I sure hope you never step foot in the wrong yard, but hey if you do and they kill you or someone in your family for doing the samething it is justified according to you!!!!!

      • Mike says:

        You is one stupid mf. How would you
        feel if that was your child?

      • G says:

        B Alan do you have children?

      • Trayvon Davis says:

        OK if your kid runs through my yard I’ll fucking kill him and ask questions later. Your use of the word “something” speaks volumes. What you are saying is that it does not matter what he was doing, it’s always justified to kill a young black man and the only time it MIGHT not be is if he’s lying face down on the concrete dressed in a suit saying yes sir masser sir Tobe be good nigger please don’t shoot, and his grammar better be pristine. It’s justified to put six 45 calibre bullets into a man whom you haven’t a slightest clue if or what he has even done wrong besides be black.

      • Sharon says:

        are you serious Alan!!! What does raising your kids right mean. If somebody is running though a yard it doesn’t make you up to no good. If this man was so afraid he should have called the police. The kid was running away. Maybe if it was your kid laying on the ground you would not sound so damn ignorant. It is open season on youth in Florida and it won’t change until black people start getting afraid and killing off white affluent children. Then you’ll see a change in the stand your ground bullshit. If the kid was over the fence he was no longer a threat to the gun toting thug.

      • Stanford Guillory says:

        We only have the accussed’s word that the kid ran through his yard. And he was shot in the parking lot of an apartment complex, a place he presumably had a place to be.

      • Michelle says:

        You have got to be one of THEE most ignorant individuals I have had the misfortune to encounter in quite some time. This young man was FOLLOWED OVER A FENCE INTO A NEIGHBORING APARTMENT COMPLEX. So based upon your twisted logic, any resident of the apartment complex was well within their rights to shoot Claudius Smith to death for being in someone else’s yard. Now, does this type of logic sound completely assinine to you as it did to everyone else when you said it?

      • Redbone says:

        I have kids running through my yard all the time…front, back, side to cut through to other side…you can’t be that stupid!

      • ambition says:

        Stfu! You sound very ignorant!!!! It dnt matter how you raise your child dumb fuck you need to kill yourself. ..frfr

      • Natalie says:

        Even if the young man had just burglarized a residence, he didn’t deserve to be shot and killed. He could have easily gone to jail for his crime (even though it has not been determined that he committed one in the first place), served his time and STILL be alive today. No one deserves death for crimes committed against property. More importantly, NO ONE DESERVES BEING SHOT TO DEATH FOR BEING BORN A BLACK MALE!!!!!

        • Tony Boies says:

          No one deserves to be shot to death for trespassing, either. You want to arrest me and put me in jail for trespassing, fine. Shoot me to death? My relatives will come blow you away.

      • Tony Boies says:

        You’ve got to be f**king kidding, right?

      • Lily Ericson says:

        This guy wasn’t defending his home, as he committed this murder in a neighboring complex. So Mr. Trigger climbed a fence (trespassing), saw a guy in a hoodie (couldn’t know if it was the same person as he took his eyes off of the “runner” to go to the other room & retrieve murder weapon), by his own admission he grabbed the hoodie & tried to pull him back to his house (abduction)& call police. Sanes resisted, then punched him in the mouth & TURNED TO WALK AWAY. He shot him in the back of the neck. They’re going to fry his monkey ass & it has nothing to do with his race. It’s all about that bullet in the back of Ricardo Sanes’ neck.

      • Black Revolutionary says:

        B Alan Eisen is obviously a pitifully dumb idiot. Pray for him, he also obviously doesn’t have kids. Ironic how he has no moral aptitude or common sense (either or) and he saying that someone else need to raise their kids better. Well according to how your portraying your hatred for teenagers running through someones yard–sounds like your father should have been shot and your mother should’ve swallowed you…ijs.

      • Wendy Melancon says:

        Sooo why do u think that he was doing something wrong.. Ignorant.. Sad that an African American Child Cannot Run, without being accused of something or shot..

      • Althea says:

        Have you ever cut through someone else’s yard B Alan? I’m pretty positive you have. Maybe they should’ve went open season on your —.

      • Areyouserious says:

        Firstly, he was 21. Secondly, I have had people sit in my side yard and the thought of killing them did not cross my mind for one second.
        It may be cliche’ to say, but people like you are part of the problem. Bloody simple-minded bigot.

      • A beast says:

        Excuse me and who are you to mame this assumption. I wonder if it were your child would you feel the same.

      • Bob B says:

        @Alan Eisen

        Maybe he was running away from a dangerous situation. Maybe he was being bullied by someone. Maybe he took a wrong turn and made a mistake. There are many reasons why you might go into someone’s backyard and not be a danger. If you see someone running though and exit, they are no danger to you. Going after someone with a gun and shooting them is murder, pure and simple. And if you would do the same thing, you are the criminal and should be in jail, not the kid.

      • mad black man says:

        I’m assuming you have to be a white person to say something so ignorant,sit your dumb as,,, down before someone find your address or you’re trailer you yee haw

        • Virginia Lockmuller says:

          ALL white people aren’t as ignorant as the person making that comment above! I happen to be a white person and am disgusted by Florida and their law.

      • Joi says:

        U are a ignorant bytch!!!!?

      • Joe Leavy says:

        B Alan LOL turds like you are why they make toilet paper.
        Don’t give this Hate monger the satifaction of responding.

        Solution to change Stand your ground Instantly.

        All Residents of Color in Florida should follow Florida Law and Open Carry Firearms for protection. Just as the law states. there have been multiple murders of innocent children.
        Your very existence for some like Grand Wizard B Alan Eisen is viewed as a threat.
        Therefore arm yourselves and learn to be proficient in weapons use. The majority of people are decent law abiding citizens that want to get along with their neighbors. When danger approaches ie; If a strange man approaches you and you feel threatened, STAND YOUR GROUND. I promise you Stand your Ground will be removed over night by executive order.
        I love peace. I love People, all people. I despise violence. But the law is the law and we need to follow the Law. let the chips fall where they may. Im just sayin

      • jfloyd says:

        he was so scared he stalked the kid instead of call police, i am so sick you people with your excuses for white people committing murder, if you are so scared you don’t follow the person you call the police. the boy was shot 6 times with 45 caliber, a bit of over kill.

      • Sharon says:

        Are you for real??? I guess you are white man who will kill a black/Hispanic man for no reason at all. So, I am running and I run across your yard, you assume I am doing something wrong and you shoot me. You are just as ignorant as Zimmerman, and these other white MF killing innocent boys. Go f*** yourself!

      • Paul Hartzer says:

        I live in the hood. Kids used to walk through my yard all the time, because it was a nice shortcut. I put a chain on my gate so it was no longer convenient. I didn’t shoot anyone.

        Kids no longer walk through my yard. Problem solved.

      • Robert says:

        You know you are a freaking idiot if you think that someone unarmed is a threat.
        Oh I’m sorry any black man possed a threat to you sorry excuse for a race as a matter of fact you’re not even a race. Its just another thing that white people have stolen throughout time. If there is anyone who should worry about someone stealling, raping and killing it should be black people. You all have been doing it since the beginning of time. The young man should have been the one in fear of his life because history has proved once again we as blacks are being chased down like animals hung and tagged. Yeah! You remember the Federal Nigger Hunting License! It still exist except its behind the walls of your so called Justice system. Fuck you and your stupid ass comment.

      • tistrue says:

        Big time trolling

      • Chaz says:

        You are an as_Hole, Calling a kid a punk and you don’t even know him. What you need to is to ask, who raised all these whites that are Killing Blacks and getting away with it. It take a punk to use a gun and hide behind a law that shouldn’t be a law. But this country is based on taking things from others. I’m a Master in karate and I’m now carrying and 3 clips. If someone like you come at me with a gun, well, lights out. You and people who think like you need to be on an island where you all look alike and see how long it would take before you all kill each other. And by the way, calling people animals, tell what female dog raised you.

      • bomb says:

        You full of junk. So we all have the right to shoot anyone one looking suspicious in our neighborhoods right. Do you have brains at all?

      • Abdi says:

        Ur stupid don’t call. Someone u don’t knw a punk u just proved ur self (rasicast )

      • Mista says:

        Your an idiot. That’s what’s wrong with this country now. No regard for life. No unarmed boy deserves to die for being in someone’s yard. Keep it up. You racist folk gone really have to stand your ground when we start a revolt on your ass for killing our children. Bitch ass f*ckers!

      • Mahogany says:

        That was no kid. He was 21 years old.

      • J I says:

        So, let me see if I understand this….. Jut being on this person’s property means he was doing something wrong? You must be kidding. Any chance he was cutting through to get somewhere? Or any other perfectly innocent reason? I am not saying there is or is not, because unlike you, I am going to wait and see what the story is before deciding guilt or innocence.

        Incidentally, you sound like a lot of recent Florida “jurors”

      • Patricia Stidham-Burns says:

        I hope you don’t have any children, any children living living near you or a gun! You’re thinking is what hurts our country. Aren’t you happy you’re a WHITE BOY!???
        You HORSES ASS!

      • denise says:

        Sometimes ppl just need to shut the fuck up. No u got to be a white bird. Tonight u may c someone in your yard..

      • xile58 says:

        ok white kids play and jump through my yard after school, there still breathing and all the bullet’s are still in my gun, so what are you saying shoot people because there doing something out of the ordinary. Chase them down also and shot them while there tired got the memo. or Maybe your child should feel the raft of an stupid person with a gun.

      • Virginia Lockmuller says:

        You, dear sir, are a blight on society. Someone needs to find you a home…safe and secure where you won’t ever see the light of day.

      • vanessa says:

        Lol he was running through the yard last I checked that’s not a good enough reason to kill someone. Call the police this isn’t an old western movie.

    • Cynthia Cox says:

      What burns my blood is when this happens to a black man its all over the news. Murder is murder. No matter what color u are. It should be recognized equally. Wheres all the attention for the poor white 19 year old sleeping in his car and shot in the head by a black man. This child had a mom and dad too. And he surly wasnt lurking in a neighborhood. He was minding his own business. SLEEPING. YOU DIDNT SEE ON THE NEWS ANOTHER BLACK MAN KILLS WHITE TEENAGER.

      • Henry says:

        All you need to do is read. Apparently you’re awfully selective in your reading material. If that’s what you’re pissed off about, they your priorities are in the wrong place.

      • Brina J says:

        You must read what you want to read because we hear it all the time.
        We don’t need to hear all about it because we know for sure the black man in going down for even thinking about harming anyone, but we have Stand Your Ground for white people. They are free to kill babies (hence Casey Anthony), kids (hence George Zimmerman) and other black adults like the story above and walk away like nothing has ever happened. So just go right ahead and keep killing our babies and our children’s fathers and using the Stand Your Ground law… You’ll just hear even more about whites killing us off.

      • todd says:

        It’s in the news because it seems that no one is being held accountable for these senseless murders being committed against these young black men and saying it’s standing your ground when there lives or no one else life was in danger. I’m not sure about the case that you are speaking about, but I am sure that the guy who committed that murder did not get off based on a stand your ground law.

      • rgl says:

        because when white people get killed (especially by black people), the police actually investigate it, the public doesn’t engage in ridiculous victim blaming, and charges are swiftly brought against the perpetrator. that’s not news.

      • todd says:

        It’s in the news because no one is being held accountable for the senseless murders being committed against these young black men and saying that they were standing there ground, especially when your life or no one else life was in danger. I’m not sure of the case that you are referring to, but I am sure that the guy who committed that murder was not pardoned from jail because of a stand your ground law. I don’t care what race of the victim is or the race of the person committing the murder. If you kill someone and it was not self defense, (meaning your life or someone else’s life was not in immediate danger)you should be convicted of murder.

      • Christina Thomas says:

        Blacks who kill poor Lilly cherub white teens will almost certainly go to jail. HOWEVER, when a white kills a black teen he is almost always given the benefit of the doubt and has a better chance of the jury liking him. THAT is the problem. In the criminal justice system your race class and past matter.

      • Shai says:

        Please stop it Ms. Cynthia. That’s a load of crap and you know it. If a caucasian person is killed, everyone stops what they are doing to find the killer. They make sure that justice is served. Why can’t African americans get the same justice? What happen to us all being created equally? We have the right to live! We have contributed to the growth and development of this country along with the other races and ethnicities in this country. No one should be able to get away with this. I wish that young African americans would try to stand their ground, but of course we all know what would happen then.

      • Mimi S says:

        Last time I spoke out on this, backing white folks, we all found out that the bitch killed her own baby. So do you want to revisit that case too?

      • ROBERT ADAMS says:


      • God.... bless these fools says:

        What burns my blood is people like you. Any murder is sad, no matter the race. Usually when a black person kills a white person he will be sentenced to life behind bars, that’s why they dont have to air it. White people get off using self defense. When is shooting an unarmed person whom you picked a fight with self defense. Racist, Assailed, and people like you are the reason it is made a big deal. No life is worthless God created us all for a reason, not for scary white peoples target practice.

      • Jennifer says:

        If this happened then the person who shot this kid should do big time in jail. For me Race plays no part. A life is a life.

      • Trayvon Davis says:

        Did a jury allow the black man to get away with the crime Cynthia Cox? Does the justice system and media collaborate to portray that white teenager as a thug who deserved to be killed? Are we hearing about the troubled background of the White teenager in an effort to rouse feelings of empathy for the black man who supposedly murdered him? Tell me a story where a black man got away with discharging a weapon in the air with less than a ten year sentence much less killing a white person and I might entertain the slight possibility that you are not a bigot.

      • Joe Leavy says:

        I agree with You Cynthia there have always been criminal minded people. Murder is Murder. This killing culture needs to change. That has nothing to do with this topic or the fact that these kinds of shootings are on the rise. We don’t hear when White teens Kill each other.
        Crime is crime and contrary to what you may believe, there are just as many white juvenile delinquents as other nationalities. What we are discussing is yet another grown man chasing down an unarmed youth and shooting him 6 times. or the Man in Texas last month that shot an 8 YEAR OLD child in the face. and yes the child happened to be brown skinned as if that matters. There is a problem with out of control youth in the inner cities killing each other over nothing. Inner city neighborhoods of all nationalities are in trouble with high crime and murder. But Grown Men chasing down kids and shooting them and claiming self defense is inexcusable and should be dealt with in a swift and final manor

      • Paul Hartzer says:

        Did the black man say he shot the teen because he was threatened?

        That’s the key here: It’s not the white people killing black people, it’s the claim of self-defense when the scenario doesn’t seem like a situation where there was an actual threat until the white person created one.

      • Tess says:

        I agree with you but the difference is that the black murderers are being convicted, as they should be. When the victim is black, black people have to protest just to get a charge. You’re right, Murder is murder and it’s wrong but the consequences should be the same.

    • Dale Fraley says:

      I can honestly say that the state I live in has a law that allows you to shoot anyone who trespasses on your property…However it must be done on your property, and a sign must be posted stating trespassers will be shot. I have at least 6 signs posted on my property and I dont care if your black, white, asian or mexican if your on my property and I didnt invite you, you will be shot….

    • Tays says:

      Start shooting back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DDD says:

      I see I am late at commenting on this. What I will say is that, in the future, do not reply to anyone who says the ignorant stuff B Alan said. I do not believe he really believes what he wrote. The only reasons he would write something so stupid is because he is racist or he is just the kind of person who says retarded stuff like that to get attention, or a combination of both. With that being said, if more and more black youths keep getting shot by white people and those white people keep getting off with anything less than murder, this trend will continue. There seems to be a lot of confusion of what ‘Stand your ground’ really means.

    • ROBERT ADAMS says:


  2. Tom Chaney says:

    If the courts let this guy off, we will need mass street action until Stand Your Ground is repealed!!!

  3. Steeves Volmar says:

    It seems that there’s an epidemic of gun-toting, racist white guys with guns shooting at unarmed minority youth. Why is that ? Interracial relationships are becoming common, white demographics are dropping globally and white male racism and paranoia are at an all-time high. The fact that the President of the USA and the Governor of Massachusetts are both Ivy League-educated black men also frighten a lot of these racist old white guys. The world is changing, and they’re being left behind. We as people of color need to unite and fight their bigotry.

    • someguy says:

      Claudius Smith is not a racist white guy, he is a 32 year old black guy lol

    • Jack Boone says:

      Do your own research before jumping to conclusions. This was not a white guy who shot him. Why dont you rally the troops now. Some people never figure it outs

    • Joe says:

      Claudius Smith… The guy who stalked and shot Ricardo Sanes is BLACK. Way to be a racist and just ASSUME he was white because he shot a black kid. You’re a racist dude.

    • David says:

      Have you even read other articles about this? Yes, this is murder and not “stand your ground”. Martin and Zimmerman were both stupid for how they each mishandled their sides of the encounter but that was also murder as far as I’m concerned. Both of these participants were black. Both carried concealed handguns. People like you create unfounded and unnecessary fear and then use it to point “paranoid racist” at any person who doesn’t walk near you in a parking lot after hearing all the media comments about revenge beating “the next white boy I see” that was so popular after Martin. You are, knowingly or not, perpetuating the hate with uninformed public commentary like this. You are changing the world, but you are trying to become the new racist, gun-toting old black guy putting down the uppity white punks from the new ghetto down the street from your law office. Do you think it wasn’t bigotry that made you automatically picture a white shooter like you assume whites automatically picture a black criminal in news stories? Think about it.

      • hunh? says:

        Trayvon Martin wasn’t stupid. Trayvon Martin was a scared child being stalked by an big man in a big SUV. People who continually say that Trayvon was in any way at fault reveal themselves as virulent racists trying to mask their bias with even-handedness, but we see straight through you.

      • hunh? says:

        Gee, maybe 500 years of white-on-black shootings, lynchings, beatings, rapings, etc. might be the reason why people automatically assume the shooter is white. That is not “racism.” That’s PTSD.

    • David says:

      So you believe racism is at an all time high? I guess when black people weren’t allowed to sit in the front, or drink from water fountains or go to the same establishments as white people was just child’s play. Get real.

    • marina says:

      the shooter is a black male

      • Law student says:

        Doesn’t really change anything. Black people can be racist towards their own as well. Doubt he would have shot if it was a white kid running through the yard. How often do you hear a story like that?

  4. jay pist says:

    This is not stand your ground. This is MURDER. Come on, the racism is so played out. Come with a new one already.

  5. divina6 says:

    Stand your ground worked for Zimmerman, but it didn’t work for Marissa Alexander, a black Florida woman who was arrested and given a 20 year prison sentence for firing warning shots at her husband who was attackeing her. Her attacker is still alive. Is this justice in America?

    • paparod3 says:

      Stand your ground didn’t work for Zimmerman and his defense attorneys would have been sued for malpractice if they even attempted that defense. Zimmerman didn’t defend on that basis because it is a losing argument. Alexander attempted to defend on stand you ground and was convicted because there are clear exceptions to that law, which the judge determined she fell into. Do I believe either case was prosecuted correctly? No. Do I believe either case saw justice served? No. But to law the problem on a law that was never used in a case where it would have failed is not advancing justice. The law has applicability and when applied in the narrow fashion it is written for, it serves it’s purpose. Imagine you are ACTUALLY being attacked by someone, regardless of race, who keeps coming at you and you are not in your home. The law tends to say, in some states, that you need to run away until it is no longer safe to keep running away. Doesn’t that seem more dangerous in some situations? This case won’t go forward on stand your ground, just like Zimmerman didn’t go forward on that law.

      • FashionMaven says:

        SYG is codified in the state’s self defense statutes. You don’t have to invoke SYG in order to get the benefit of it. Look at the instructions given to the jury in Zimmerman’s trial. The self defense instructions were codified with SYG.

    • Billy Bob says:

      Warning shots.. Right off the bat I can tell you that was her first offense. Soldiers fighting in a war zone are no longer authorized to fire off warning shots according to the current rules of engagement. Warning shots do not protect yourself, but only put others at harm. Had she shot to kill, she made have been able to use “stand your ground”.

    • Debs says:

      Zimmerman was getting pinned down and beaten, Aexandra wasn’t in immediate danger

  6. Kim says:

    I am not surprised that state is for idiots, sorry if that offends anybody that is not a idiot.

  7. Jennifer says:

    When will this ever stop? It is non-sense.

  8. Lashunda says:

    Wow. this is a shame. So terrible and surely unfair! I can’t wait to get more details.

  9. brenda says:

    stand your ground up their ass , what is stand your ground when u following someone ? how he going to feel intimidated by a short guy , with nothing in his hands.please he just see the case with the young boy that get kill Travon Martin and he know the man get away with murder , the whole world know he kill the young boy and the killer get away with it. what happening to America young boys cant walk in the streets without getting kill, and the sad part of it is that the killers get away with murder

    • brenda says:

      justice for Ricardo Sanes need to be done. please don’t let the killer walk the streets and walk away with murder like how they do to the young boy Travon Martin. young people have the rights to walk the streets , like anybody else.

  10. John Valley says:

    How can it be “stand your ground” if the shooter chased him?

  11. clmuseum says:

    To begin with George Z was getting his head slapped against the ground while this fellow was not.
    Martin was literally lurking in the bushes. This shooting victim was not.
    Doesnt say in your blog what type of neighborhood this occured in. J have lived in various different kinds if housing and neighborhoods. They are not all are sweet and welcoming.
    You are showing your bias here and comparing apples to oranges.

    • Jenny says:

      Trayvon tried to run home but Zimmerman chased him putting Trayvon in fear so he hid and believed he had lost Zimmerman when he came out only to find Zimmerman in front of him. Zimmerman had to have had the gun in his hand because there is no way he got it when Trayvon was sitting on him. Georgie forced Trayvon to stand his ground, only Trayvon lost and George lives to kill again………..yes he will. Those were mickey mouse injuries George had and you know it.

    • AnotharBrutha says:

      Dude, to end with, you’re wrong! Comparing apples, oranges, peaches or pears; their all fruit. Two dead youths; there both human. What the hell is bias about two Black adolescents gunned down? What is so righteous about “Stand Your Ground” law? Now there’s the bias.

  12. Sasha says:

    Amazing. So in a clear and unambiguous case of unjustified shooting, they arrest they guy.

    I think this puts a healthy perspective on the Zimmerman/Travon case, where the events were much more murky so they didn’t immediately arrest.

    Progressives utterly shamed themselves with their monomaniacal and irrational focus on that case.

  13. Québécoise says:

    So… basically, in Florida, the new interpretation is that you can stand your ground and shoot unarmed people because you’re afraid of them.

    All my thoughts go to the familly and friends of the victims…
    RIP young angels
    Ricado Sanes & Trayvon Martin

    You will greatly missed by your loved ones
    You shouldn’t have died this way, at that age

    Here in Montreal Quebec,
    I will never forget it nor forgive it

    • Jenny says:

      Don’t forget Jordan Davis 17 (unarmed) shot and killed by Michael Dunn who thought he saw a gun and fired 7 shots into a vehicle killing Jordan. The argument was over loud music. Michael Dunn left the scene and then left the county. Police found him through witness information. Michael Dunn is claiming SYG. Another Florida case.

      • Québécoise says:

        I can’t forget something that I didn’t know, tks for pointing this out …

        Do Americans really need to have guns… :'(

        The problem starts by the second amendment :(
        Also, the “stand your ground” is more like a “License to Kill” I am so sad about all these tragedies…

      • Walter rood says:

        The Dunn/Davis case should start in a week (February 3). It should be on Court TV too.

  14. Mrs Woods says:

    I dont understand how a person can claim a “stood his ground” defense if he had to chase another person over a fence. In my opinion if you chase someone, you are no longer a victim, you become the perpetrator.

  15. Roy Coleman says:

    They should rename this law The License to Kill Law!!

  16. Tracy says:

    The defendant in this case is black. Not that he’s justified, but everyone’s been talking like he’s white. Just FYI. Surely, now, this guy won’t get a break. Let’s see if any big names offer to represent him like O’Mara for GZ.

  17. Dashawn says:

    Man fuck the whole state of florida

  18. D Troy says:

    It is so unfortunate that this continues unabated. Perhaps other states will reconsider their stance on this sort of law, as more of these cases end up on their courts docket. Then again the same people who uphold and support these sorts of laws like the power of life and death in their hands. And will justify a use for it. No matter the outcome.

  19. David says:

    Steve Volmeer while I believe that this shooting was disgraceful and unwarranted, as a white man I can assure you that racism is no where near an “all time high”.

  20. Fran says:

    Let football recruits stop coming to University of Florida, Florida State or Miami because of stand your ground and see how quickly it gets repeal.

  21. gregory says:

    Remember its stand your ground that is in question, not name calling, it is clear that prejudice and bigotery still exist, a life is lost and now thats forgotten and name calling begins. What is wrong with america.??????

  22. anonymous says:

    I think this whole thing is bullshit. Its just giving white man a reason to kill young black men that are just living there life and trying to make something of there selves instead of be racial pro fielded

  23. gee lyyn says:

    The only way stand your ground in Florida would get repealed if blacks start using it more often. ..IT WOULD BE REPEALED for sure….

  24. Tyrone says:


    Law enforcement in America have been very successful in planting in the public heads. That black person plus crime equal black person!!! Whether black or white or other the public believe all black people are born to be criminal!!! I’m black I hate criminal!!!! Yes I said it! I could care less what race of criminals I hate criminals!!! I’m a law abiding black man as is my brother two sisters and mother! Matter of fact I worked in law enforcement most of my life! That why I hold “NO” responsibility to crimes committed by black people just because I’m black! AND NOR SHOULD ANY LAW ABIDING BLACK PERSON!!! I’m sick of hearing law abiding blacks that after hearing of black on black crime. State: We got to stop killing each other” or “ That why they treat “US” the way they do” or “ We got to be better” etc….THINK you did nothing wrong and that black criminal “DOES NOT” represent YOU” JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK!!! Also Bill Cosby “DOES NOT” speak for all black people nor does he know all black people!!!!

    How many times have you listen to the news report a crime committed and waited to find out WAS HE OR SHE BLACK? Understand the American media whether liberal or conservative is bias and racist and white controlled! The media knows your waiting and many times they play with your mind. The media has condition you (the public) that all crime is black involve! They do this by repeating black on black crime or identifying the black criminal! Tall skinny and or built BLACK” man!!! Rarely this is done to the white race!! After white John Wayne Gacy murdered and raped 33 plus white males. NEVER did you her white people state: We got to stop killing each other” or “ That why they treat “US” the way they do” or “ We got to be better” etc….

    Nor did the white control media mention white on white crime!! NO” we black people are the only race that has to hear their race describe like THAT! Black on black crime96% white on white crime 93%….This means “WE” all have problems in the human race!!! At current levels of incarceration because of America’s racist and bias court system newborn. Black males in this country have a greater than a 1 in 4 chance of going to prison during their lifetimes, while Hispanic males have a 1 in 6 chance, and white males have a 1 in 23 chance of serving time. Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.

    Still, the fact remains that whites commit more crimes on all levels — 54% vs. 45% for blacks, (even though blacks are 12.5% of the population) according to FBI arrest statistics. The numbers also vary widely depending on the crime, with blacks arrested for more murders and robberies (55% and 61% of these crimes, respectively) and whites committing more rapes and aggravated assaults (56% and 60%). Whites are less likely to be arrested for crime. Therefore their real criminal record cannot be recorded!!! The term crime does not, in modern times, have any simple and universally accepted definition, but one definition is that a crime, also called an offence or a criminal offence, is an act harmful not only to some individual, but also to the community or the state (a public wrong). Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law. What the media did was plan in the minds of the public CRIME EQUAL BLACK PEOPLE!!! BAD PEOPLE EQUAL BLACK PEOPLE and THEY ARE WRONG!!!!

  25. Tim says:

    Odd and sad when you see so many ignorant people misinformed, but still try and preach their hate. Zimmerman did not use “Stand your ground” as a defense. He used the fact that a man was on top of him trying to beat him to death. Look at the racists statements here where people automatically assumed it was a white person doing the shooting when in fact he was colored. Why hasn’t this been all over the news? Where is Mr. Sharpton’s outrage? Where is the NAACP? There seems to be no money made with their race baiting actions here. Sadly another young man has been killed. I hope the ensuing investigation will tell what truly happened. Just so you know, the mans suspicions were correct, the young man with his pants sagging showing his nasty rear end, was armed with a loaded handgun

    • rgl says:

      zimmerman TRIED to use ‘stand your ground’ and was denied, bud. furthermore, trayvon martin was 17 years old- that is not a ‘man’ but a ‘boy’- a child. additionally, you are taking at face value zimmerman’s account that trayvon martin was on top of him, which is ambiguous at best.

      people were outraged over the killing of trayvon martin *because no arrests were made and zimmerman was let walk*. there is no outrage in this case because the perpetrator was *arrested immediately* and *charged immediately* for what he did.

      your racism is not hidden here nearly as well as you think.

      p.s. this is america, it is not legal to shoot someone for having a gun on their person, especially if they are running away from you, facing away from you, not holding a gun. furthermore, claudius smith had NO IDEA that sanes had a gun- it is absolutely absurd to think that it’s okay to shoot someone because you think they might be armed, and the end doesn’t justify the means. would it be okay if i murdered you because i thought you might have a gun? could i then say, ‘sorry, my mistake!’ when you didn’t and everything would be fine?

    • God.... bless these fools says:

      He was a kid. Zimmerman initiated a fight and lost and he calls that self defense. Florida needs a mind your own business law. Black, white, Hispanic it doesn’t matter people need to learn the value of a persons life. God created man, not man so he shouldn’t take life. ..good day

    • Peter Beck says:

      Pease stop trying to take the race aspect out of Zimmerman’s case. His reaction, responses according to police, and his calls to 9-1-1 clearly indicate his racist bias. Stop down-playing it.

    • Sheila Wright says:

      They didn’t need them, they arrested the shooter, they didn’t take his word for it, he didn’t have days to be free, his @$$ went to jail when they got there. So there is no need for Jesse or Al and you people act as if you don’t understand why the black community got so upset.

  26. Charmane says:

    The fact of the matter is that this “Stand your Ground” law is nothing more than a joke! The law does more harm than good. As an African American female I understand the depth of why race will ALWAYS play a part in a case like this one. Trayvon Martin and Ricardo Sanes should not have died the way they did, point blank period.

    • Jeannie says:

      I agree they should not have died the way they did. That was not “stand your ground”. It was follow and shoot. There is a difference. The problem is judges not seeing that difference.
      If I or my children are under threat of our lives “stand your ground” should apply. If someone enters our home, it should apply. If someone threatens with weapon, it should apply.
      The issue is application of that law and kids ending up dead with out justification.

  27. Shannon says:

    See the problem is not with the Stand your Ground law, that law is in place to keep you protected from someone to hurt you. Which I think is a good thing. If I’m walking home and someone tries to grab me and rape me then I can protect myself but, without the law I would have to try to run away first. The problem is with people not minding their own damn business. In all these cases you have a kid or young person walking or running or playing their music too loud and someone coming in and trying to GUESS that something is being done wrong. If people would call the damn cops instead of trying to do the cops jobs then everyone would still be alive AND free.

  28. Kat says:

    While we’re at it why dont we just take out every child or person special needs with bolting behaviors or my disoriented elderly neighbor with alzheimers who attempted to get into our home in the middle of the night. If my father had run downstairs with a shotgun instead of a baseball bat his wife who was frantically driving down the block searching for her husband would have been widowed that night.

    I also witnessed a grown man use excessive force to assault a 7 year old girl with invisible disibilities while she was fully and professionally supervised and working with her therapist on socialization. He told the police the 50 lb little girl with autism got to close to him for his liking and he got off claiming self defense.

    Ignorant narcissists that lack impulse control are society’s greatest menace. Parenting/supervision has virtually nothing to do with random victims of crimes. These assaults take place in broad daylight in front of witnesses and parents.

    The people that commit these crimes are typically criminals and abusers with a long history that seek out vulnerable children.

  29. Leah says:

    The intention of “Stand Your Ground” simply means if you feel threatened you should not have to run away, but instead may stand your ground with deadly force. IN NO WAY DOES THAT JUSTIFY VIGILANTES! This man CHASED another man for no reason whatsoever! He was not threatened and therefore “Stand Your Ground” could not possibly apply here. The law is using this to instill fear in the hearts of citizens and honestly, to make people think guns are dangerous. GU s are not dangerous and these vigilantes need to be prosecuted for murder. Write to the judge overseeing this case and let him know that this man should not be granted immunity. He is a murderer. Pay atte tion to what elected officials DO and got for those who are not corrupt. We need to purge the idiots who think we ever intended for murderers to go free.

  30. Maya smithhh says:

    I used to run through people’s back yards to get home faster. Or through grass because as a kid that made sense. He did not know he had a gun so you can’t really use that because the boy had already been shot before they knew he carried a gun. The older man cannot claim defense on that. Because he chased him.

  31. Jeannie says:

    Being in someones yard does NOT mean they were doing something wrong. Where I live kids walk through everyones yard and fences were made for jumping. I think it shows how much we have devolved that you can think of following and shooting someone who you do not know has done a damn thing and think you are justified in shooting them. In my house is another story. You enter my home and all bets are off. Unless you are in fear of your life you do not pull a trigger on a person.

  32. yonnie32 says:

    OMG, why would he say after killing a child we should pay a termination cost for killing our kids they need to change that law

  33. Scott Bieser says:

    That idiot Smith has no more, and no less, understanding of what “Stand Your Ground” laws are about than the writers of this article. Stand Your Ground means that when you are under attack, and in reasonable fear for your life, you do not have a duty to retreat. It doesn’t mean you can go chasing after people to shoot them.

    Stand Your Ground also did not apply in the Zimmerman case, contrary to what the stupid cops said at first, because Zimmerman was on the ground, with Martin on top of him and beating the crap out of the smaller man, when Zimmerman shot him. Zimmerman didn’t have the ABILITY to retreat once Martin confronted him.

    • Henry says:

      It has nothing to do w/ being under attack. You just have to fear for your life/safety. If you’re able to read, Zimmerman confronted Martin and Martin “stood his ground”. Zimmerman is a wing nut, and so are you. You pick and choose what you want to believe.

      • Caladonia says:

        Zimmerman did not hit Martin, he was simply trying to talk to him. In both of these cases, why were they running? Hiding something? In this new case, it was completely wrong to just shoot someone. But there was a fight between Zimmerman and Martin. Zimmerman’s head was bleeding. If he hadn’t defended himself, he’d have been dead. No matter who started it, although I don’t think trying to find out what an underaged kid is doing out at night. Even if you were to get yourself into a fight, and you had the means to save yourself, you’d do to the same exact thing.

      • Rob Rashad says:

        Zimmerman was NOT covered by the Stand Your Ground law. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!

    • sheri williams says:

      Zimmerman was in the safety of his vehicle…he was in no danger. The 911 operator told him to remain in his vehicle where he was uhh….safe. He has no reason to exit his vehicle to confront the young man bcuz he was already….safe. Stand your ground did not apply in his case either. If in fact he ended up on the ground getting the crap beaten out of him its bcuz he exited the safety of his vehicle to escalate the situation. George Zimmerman murderer and in the end he will get what he is due.

  34. CeCe Jordan says:

    It’s amazing how kids of other races dress exactly the same way as described but they are never classified as threats, targeted and/or killed…ijs

  35. Tonya says:

    The problems aren’t that people feel the way they do, the problems are our reaction to their ignorance. Giving that person comment after comment only make them happy. Ignore, and don’t reply. It can’t grow if we don’t feed it. To the family of the young man killed, we will all pray for you. A yard is just a yard. Yes when you purchase a home, it’s yours but birds, dogs, cats, people tend to cross them for different reasons. It has nothing to do ith being raised wrong. Growing up, it was more about being lazy taking a short cut. There would be no chicken in the world if we gunned down each one that has crossed someone’s yard. Even that person making the rude comments has done it too. Chasing a pet or a ball. So stop it already. The young man didn’t get shot in the yard, whatever the threat could’ve been was over, he was no longer in the yard, what makes it wrong is that he was shot as the man apparently crossed into someone else yard to kill him. Would it have been okay for that owner to come out and gun him down? We live in trying times, stay prayed up people because with these types of laws…. Stand your ground, we’re all prey. Don’t dignify that persons ignorance with a reply. Pray for justice and peace. We can’t change Devils…..but God will

  36. Tiyauna says:

    all I have to say is please dont allow this article be the first one that u read before putting ur in ur opinion. a lot more happened that night than what this particular article is stating.
    clearly the shooting had nothing to do with race unless Mr smith was prejudice against his own race because he is in fact a black man. i absolutely do not condone smiths behavior however I can understand why he was afraid for his family.. a grown man in baggy clothing is running in the yards of a neighborhood that he doesnt live in !? come on now. he was up to no good. & it was later confirmed that the boy WAS ARMED !

  37. Johnny Eatit says:

    Stop believing the media people they’re just trying to stir you up again if this is real…. then I’m in favor of the kid on this one. However once again I’m sure they’ll give us half the facts and try to take your guns. Wake up people you’re being fooled again

  38. Troy says:

    OK LOOK.what was he doing in another persons yard is correct. BUT the shooter was not in danger and even more he left the safety of his home and followed what he thought was a threat THAT DOES NOT SAY IM AFRAID. u cant follow a threat and stand
    your ground. Hanging pants and hoodie does not say threat. BUT as a black man my advice for my people with this “kill u for no reason law” is PULL UP YOUR PANTS, DONT WEAR HOODIES EVEN IF YOUR FREEZING, STAY AWAY FROM TROUBLE , STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE ELDERLY & WHITE FOLKS SO THAT YOU WONT BE A VICTIM OF “HE SCARED ME” cause it seems like being young and black means scary AND MORE IMPORTANTLY SMILE AT EVERYONE U MEET. That should ease the tension. This syg law is flawed. Lots of people get off with murder. Including drug dealing thugs HOW. Oh but florida is shaped like a gun

  39. loel says:

    If he was already convicted of murder the wtf he have a gun convicted felons can not own a gun….

  40. Hector says:

    Tell your kids if the ball goes over the fence look for help.

  41. K. Edwards says:

    Yesterday this guy walked up my stairs, and proceeded to open my door. After questioning him after a few seconds, he had the wrong house. I did not shoot him even though he startled me and my dogs as we were walking out. I directed him to the right door, locked my doors… and proceeded on my way.

    These people have GOT to be kidding me with the “standing my ground” bullshit.

  42. KENDY SIMON says:

    It’s all fun and games until it’s one of your kids getting shot at for no reason….Some of the shit you dumb fucks say just gets under my skin

  43. DeQuincy says:

    First off why are you black and still living in florida. Florida is the new Misssissippi. Second if you gonna live in that raciest state why dont you own a gun? May he rest in peace and may god bless this young man’s soul. I wish the state of florida would burn to the ground. That state’s racist whites people are getting out of hand. Black people in florida should keep a gun on them for protection at all times. I dont care if you taking out the trash, black people YOU NEED TO KEEP A GUN ON YOU!!!!

  44. daproduca410 says:

    Forgive me for what im about to say. If it was one of my kids, the would have to sentenceme to 1,000,000 years under prison. I have 0 tolerance for gun toting rascist, black or white. I know alot of black rascist as well as whites. Being a black man growingup in the hood, theres always these ryoes of situations that happen. I can recall plenty of times that ive been approached by black and white racist. Racism has no color. Giving the racist world that we live in today, id feel some type of way if im minding my own buisness and im suddenly approached by some racist(blk or wht) and stereotyped because im young and black or im wearing clothes that you racist may have deemed a criminals swag, id feel some tyoe of way and id instantly become confrontational to my oppressor. What trayvon did was what any other blk youth wouldve done stand his ground. And because gz thought that he could just take tray on in a 1 on 1 and got his ass whooped he felt like he had to justidy that ass whooping by getting up and shooting tray. Or maybe it was never a fight to begin with. Gz might have gotten his ass whooped prior to the tray incident for being a rascist and use that as an excuse to try and redeem himself by picking on a much younger vulnerable blk man and shoot him for nothing. The dead cant talk. How do we know that thats not what happened. Oh I forgot the white rascist controlled media said so. Smdh! And as far as the 21 yr old at hand. The black bitch that chased and shot that boy was probably a uncle tom ass black hating ass nigga. And I use the word nigga to explain any human being no matter the race that commits acts of violence that is senseless and unjustified. Remember whites came up with that term. The same ones who have done and still do the same things that they insist black folks do. I can here him now, got dammit nagger running threw my fucking yard, ima do the world a favor and kill that dam nagger, he’s probably armed and has a pocket full of drugs high on weed and xstacy. Wrong dumb as. He was just an innocent kid passing threw and was chased down and killed for no reason. Dude probably thought that the white racist system would back him. Noooo you fucking dick head. There happy you did it because you just killed two birds with one stone. He is dead and you are to when they sentence you to life in prison or maybe worst . Prison is not made for his kind. He is fresh kipper to those guys in prison and there going to eat him up like a hook up lmao! And as for the white kid who was shoot in his car maybe he deserved it maybe not. But what I do know is that black folk(not the oriole cookies) dont kill for no reason at all. It had to have been a beef, a robbery, or something of that nature. But to just walk up and shoot an innocent person is something we do not do.

  45. a says:

    I hope this guy ends up in jail, not to be let out. Stand your ground is not about chasing someone because you think they are suspicious. If you fear for your life why in the world would you follow behind someone. Obviously you’re not too fearful if you’re following someone you’re so fearful of. Stand your is about not retreating if you are faced with a situation in which you fear for your life. Someone running through your yard is hardly a case for that. Now if he would’ve busted down the man’s front door it would be a different story. This guy seems to be a trigger happy gun nut with no sense. It gives the stand your ground law a haze to it when people go looking for trouble then claim it’s stand your ground. The kid was of no threat to him. He gives responsible gun owners a bad name. And yet another young man has lost his life.

  46. The1thatllgivi2ya says:

    Who cares…this shit is happening all over the place..motherfuckers needa quit acting like its a racist thing and like its only in FL.
    Everybody is going to die in some sort of way. Its life,get fucken used to it.

  47. Demario Goodson says:

    Yea you are right it is a black guy but it still shouldn’t matter death is death killing is killing everyone commenting on this should learn that we sit here and go back and fourth at one another about race when we should be coming together as a Nation its a shame cause it really seems like we all are a bunch of kids fussing over nothing its death we all will meet it one day who knows maybe u will meet death the same way.

  48. Orla ndo says:

    I would just like to say I live in Orlando, I don’t care who you are, you do not have the right to kill people children cause you don’t like the way they look, or dress, what kind of mess is that. Ok lets see what if dum AZZ ( you know who you are)child was shot because they were taking a short cut, that does not give that child the right to be chased and shot dead. I really don’t know what the jurors on these trials are thinking. What is it was your child. what if your child got shot dead, just because the person who didn’t it was bored that day. As far as GZ evil, and always playing victim. And now that want us to pay for his defense, but he is selling paintings, and get money from wet backs but they want us to pay for him…..BUllShit!!!! Florida is a red wing state, and beware blacks are not wanted…….just saying

  49. Kecia says:

    For those of you who feel this was justified, what if it was your loved one? This young man didn’t deserve to die for running! What if it were kids playing a game? I used to run all over my neighborhood playing with my friends when I was younger; I guess that’s not allowed anymore because they might get shot. It’s much safer for kids to stay inside and play video games. We are all in trouble if we tolerate this type of behavior.

  50. Michael says:

    I live near a high school. Just about every afternoon, a few kids walk through my yard on their way home. Granted, I have a large yard, but, still, I see them walking through the yard at least three times a week. And sometimes they run through my yard, especially if the weather is bad. Until I read this article, however, it did not occur to me to follow and shoot them. They’re just kids on their way home. What the hell is wrong with America? What the hell is wrong with Florida? Good God.

  51. Start Shooting Back says:

    Since none of these cases are being met with justice in the court system, it’s time for some street justice. Strap up and start shooting back at these racist fucks. Apparently they’re fighting a war that we aren’t prepared for. So let’s get prepared, strap up and start bustin’ back at these fools. Fuck the dumb shit.

  52. vgilliam300 says:


  53. vgilliam300 says:


  54. Isaiah says:

    I blame the law this stupid law has taken over, people are doing what they want to because of it you are giving dumb people with guns the right to kill,maybe you will wake up when it happens to your family member,God is not pleased with this I pray for us all.

  55. Gorgie says:

    Saving state income tax ain’t worth it!…doesn’t matter if you are black or white, just stop killing people.

  56. wade says:

    Well, here comes the twist. So you say the shooter is a black man in the state of Florida. The stand your ground law does not apply to him. You know he about to get life, if not death. Now this should be interesting.

  57. So it’s ok to run a man down and shoot him because he ran through his yard? SMH!!

  58. seriously says:

    First of all you gotta love Ignorance at its best for the ppl that make ignorant remarks just to start the racism and hate. Get a life.

    Secondly, I love Florida but their state officials need to get their crap together and control of their people. The stands your ground law is becoming a joke.

  59. mike garrett says:

    It is the reason I keep my butt out of florida. I could be jogging and died because I’m black.

  60. SB says:

    Since he was chasing his “threat”, he clearly wasn’t standing his ground. He was the attacker and the murderer.

  61. oto says:

    When I was a kid we use to run through peoples yards all the time. Why? shortcuts. Nobody even thought much about it. My how things have changed.

  62. Lou Roe says:

    Ignorant white haters only do well Standing Their Ground when empowered by a pointed loaded gun.

  63. Anthony says:

    I tell you what…….this is how things will evolve and adjust……one day one of these fools are going to stalk the wrong kid……that kid will be told by his black or hispanic father to protect himself….so the kid will have an uzzi………oops

  64. Carole says:

    After looking up the details in this story and seeing that the man that shot the 21 year old and is claiming Stand Your Ground was charged immediately is black, and if he thinks he is going to get off like GZ he is mistaking, LOL. So their wont be the same outcome as this case some of the other similar ones because those men were able to walk away from the scene and not be charged immediately.

  65. Mark says:

    Why is a convicted felon carrying a gun anyways? He obviously didn’t obtain it legally because a back ground check would have thrown a red flag for him not to be able to buy the gun in the first place.

  66. charles says:

    It has come back to where white folks has come up with an legal way to kill African American then put an all white jurors up to their faith the killing part guess what color the judge is going to be sounds like like the 1800 hundreds don’t it

  67. just me says:

    I think with those who are not black getting tans and black people come in all shades light to dark y shoo an unarmed kid yell let your dog out make noise don’t Chase them down and shoot them what if your kid ran through a yard this could be you going to lay him to rest and six shots one in the air would ssuffice

  68. Justice says:

    I think the family’s need to start suing the law makers in Florida for allowing the law they created to murder our young black children. I guarantee when the pockets start being hit, that law ‘stand your ground’ will be abolished, changed, revamped and these murders will be held accountable

  69. sheri williams says:

    Reporter Holly Hunter said it best….If the situation were reversed…If black men were the ones standing their ground and going around killing young white males because the feared for their safety the stand your ground law would be repealed so fast your head would spin!!

  70. D. Rob says:

    Guess what everybody, for all of you claiming race, the shooter in this case, was black too. It’s a new spin on stand your ground now… I still think he (the shooter) was wrong

  71. Jo says:

    When kids run through your yard you yell at them “hey get the hell out my yard” or “get off my grass” like my grandfather use to do. You don’t shoot them. If we reserved the right to shoot kids cutting through yards then half of my neighborhood kids would be dead.

  72. Free2Speak says:

    FACT!! A person in fear of their life, does NOT leave the confines of their secure home….. then chase the very person they are in FEAR OF!! And follow that person who terrifies them through multiple yards and a complex to then shoot someone in the back. A SCARED PERSON, …calls the police and stays in their SAFE HOME. THIS MAN IS A MURDERER PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  73. Meka says:

    Just because someone is running doesn’t mean they are doing something wrong. If a person feels wrongdoing might have taken place, why not call the police? Everyone is trying to do police work but don’t know what they are doing…killing someone that’s harming you or robbing you it’s understandable but to kill someone who is minding their own business that’s just a cold hearted murderer.

  74. A1701 says:

    Fucking stupid lax gun laws in a fucking stupid ‘stand your fucking ground’ state.

    It’s just an excuse to use kids as target practice – nothing else.

    And if you’re a cunt with a badge it gets even better!

    Ban the fucking guns – nothing else for it – or risk getting shot by a fucking idiot every day for the rest of your life.

    Land of the Free? is it fuck!

  75. tiredandfedup says:

    Regardless of race, color or creed a human life is a human life….a few things stand out for me here…he was running with sagging pants and he had his hands in his hoody jacket…can you please try running and your pants falling down with your hands in your jacket…this is one of the most ridiculous defense excuses I have ever heard…if his pants was falling down would’nt it be natural to have your hands holding the pants whilst running? Furthermore, is Claudius Smith a ninja that he is running behind Sanes undetected? What is wrong with mankind???

    We are celebrating Black History Month….the word History means past but it seems like we have not learnt a damn thing all these years and our ancestors went through all these hardships for NAUGHT…its time to wake up people(black, white, asian…whoever you are) stop entrapping yourselves to mental slavery

  76. keith says:

    It is no longer standing your ground when you chase or follow someone and gun them down, these type of actions will only cause a greater reaction in our communities and inspire our youth to loose confidence in Government if nothing is done to resolve these issues, no matter if he was in the wrong or not it still doesn’t give that man the right to gun him down, if the kid was still on his property that’s one thing but to follow and shoot him, that is MURDER, and if he don’t pay for it now he will later.

  77. Dawn says:

    You say ” the shooter could still get away with it, after all this is Florida and it’s happened before”. Really? Trayvon Martin is a different story. This kid was just running, back toward the man! Trayvon WENT HOME and came back out to confront George Zimmerman. Trayvon wouldn’t have been shot had he kept his ass at home in the house instead of thinking he was Billy bad ass! When you put yourself in a position where you’re threatening and jumping someone else, people have the right to defend themselves, no matter what the way is!! That’s the law!

  78. David says:

    Another nutcase like Zimmerman, which is just going to give the disciplined responsible trained firearms owners more of a bad rep with the public. *sighs*

  79. Angel says:

    This is ridiculous! Come on out Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson! Come make this as a big racist ordeal so yall can stir up some more crap in the United States! Let me say this for ALL racist people white, black, mexican, chinese, or whatever you may be, there are mixed kids EVERYWHERE and you see it more and more everyday! People let it go! It’s 2014!!!! My child is mixed and I could give a dam what ANYONE has to say about it! God is the only one who Judgment matters! People can judge you all day long but what will that do to you?? Nothing other than show you that they feel so bad about their selves that they have to talk about someone else to make them feel better.

  80. marion moore says:

    People are going to have to look at the big picture.. this is not by chance the shootings and the mere lack of justice for young black men. There is an agenda to start a race war for reason’s of political agenda (gun laws) as well as diversion from the elite and there Luciferion NWO agenda. And yes Obama id part of this machine as well. Wake up black america it’s bigger than what we know.

  81. gia lolabrigida says:

    well,it all sad,dont seem like too many people getting killed because of this stand your ground law,but black people.maybe this law was put into effect to benefit whites,because if a black person were to try and use this law to defend themselves if they shot and killed a white person,it would be null and void,and if not that,they will get them for some other stupid ass reason to convict them and put them behind bars.this law is complete bullshit,and needs to be done away with.because all this law does is protect white people when they have done wrong,want to cry chicken and blame someone else.this bull has been going on for centuries

  82. gia lolabrigida says:

    and to the person who called the shooter colored,this is the 21st century,blacks are not colored,like whites are not need to get out of that jim crow mentality

  83. Tari says:

    Kids shortcut thru and chase each other thru my yard all the time. When I see unknown kids in my yard, I don’t automatically assume that they are up to no good. If they linger a bit too long, I may look out of the window or turn on the lights to let them know that I am watching and they move on without incident.

  84. Will H says:

    I am blown by the response from commenter, B Alan. Why is a young person being referred to as, “feral”? Feral is a term most associated with cats that have not been spayed or neutered. Much can be inferred about this man’s general outlook on the young people.

  85. Daniel says:

    don’t come trespassing through my yard. Id do the same

  86. Ken says:

    The message is clear; STAY THE HELL OUT OF FLORIDA.!!!!!!!!

  87. Peter Beck says:

    Stand your ground when your life is in danger; not when someone is running in the opposite direction without even so much as having laid a finger on you or your loved ones. What the hell is wrong with these people. And he was already previously convicted of second-degree murder? How is he a free man to begin with? This is crazy.

    • David Evans says:

      It is Florida. A land without logic. I’m never going back there and spending a dime on those dim wits. Even when they aren’t straight up racist, the people are “color-coded”, meaning they believe in racism and let the police and others in authority do their dirt without question.
      They changed the jury instructions because of “stand your ground”, but the way they did it makes no sense. Now, if someone tries to murder you and you fight back, the police aren’t allowed to arrest them for killing you, you have to kill the other person or die trying. You are now legally required to just lay there and get shot or stabbed until dead or the police pretend they can’t figure out what happened. They are a bunch of idiots down there.

  88. EyeforanEye says:

    I bet if black people start randomly shooting white kids because they feel threaten or are afraid this crap would end real quick!

  89. jake says:

    I dont care what color you are. This law is stupid and for the state to pass such a law is only telling us how smart the people we’re voting for in putting in office. For any law that allow someone to put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation and kill someone that is unarmed need to be abolish. How many life’s must we loose before we get it right.

  90. Darryl says:

    Phuck that….if you shoot someone on your property maybe the stand your ground counts…if you follow and stalk someone and shoot and kill them it’s murder…..plain and simple…how the phuck do you stand your ground in an apartment complex away from your home…that’s fraggle naggle bullshit

  91. Ana says:

    Wow is this what this nation is now? Shoot and kill first ask questions later. Its sick

  92. tistrue says:

    The race issue isnt “black on white” at all the race issue is:
    1. If there is a young black individual they must be up to no good, I must feel uncomfortable and therefore that young person dealt with/shot.
    2. The people who shoot these young black people have different experiences after the incident: black individuals are charged and arrested, while white (yes, many Hispanics are considered white too, discussing in their culture) perpetrators aren’t immediately dealt with and receive more sympathy for “some reason.”
    THAT’S the race issue. There is inequality in the kids that are being shot and why, as well as the major difference in what happens to the individual who shoot them based on their race. And by race, I mean the color of their skin.

    • Clifford Prough says:

      Part of the reason for that is the number of crimes committed by young black males. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s right, but facts are facts.

      • LJ Harris says:

        Cliff, you must be white. The comments you are making has no merits. A black child was killed after going home from the store. A man took it upon himself to follow him and have a comfortatio to kill him. Another child was killed cause he had his music to loud. If he killed all four of them. He would got off. Now you have a black man running and another guy taken upon himself to follow and gun him down. How could comment when you don’t understand what it is to be black. Especially young and black. To say it’s a fact that young black males commits numbers of crime that only white girls get kidnapped. Our media only show you what you need to see. Same place (Florida) a woman was getting abuse by her husband, she shoot a warning shot, not hit him, but a warning shot and she might get 60 years. Another one who stood his ground and shot his attacker in the leg. He got 20 years. You don’t understand, you have no concept of being black.. especially young and black.

      • wiseoldsnail says:

        you’ve joined the club of intentionally ignorant people : who think that prison statistics tell the story about crime . prison statistics only tell the story about enforcement and convictions and sentencing … which happens way less against white perpetrators of crime, from main street to wall street

  93. ShowTime says:

    After reading some of these comments has it ever occurred that this young man could have been jogging. I see people jogging all the time in the streets, yards, grass, etc with a Hoodie on. Should we shoot and kill them…

  94. james says:

    This goes out to everybody in that suck-ass state of Florida,,, if anything was to happen to my son down there finishing up school, i promise u that person’s famile will meet a horriable fate,,, i cant believe that state is still letting people get away with shit like that! well not with me,,, u mess with mine then im gonna mess with yours. PEROID!

  95. akeel1701 (@akeel1701) says:

    Here’s an idea….what about introducing some kind of gun-control in your country – maybe some kind of licensing system, with background (and sanity) checks and the possibility of getting your right to a gun revoked if you are an idiot, especially in a lawless state like Floridastan…. why do you guys think?

    • David Evans says:

      Hey, that’s a good idea. But that means crazy people will not be able to get their hands on guns and shoot random people. How does make gun lovers happy? If the guns don’t get shot, they become sad and we can’t have sad guns in America. Get your priorities straight! Happy guns are more important than people. And so are bullets. Just ask the GOP.

  96. Doaks says:

    Helps to know where your kids are up to…absent parents.

  97. Daniel Cervello says:

    IDK the full story but why would anyone go for a run in another mans back yard in the middle of the night? That fact alone makes the normal person feel like someone is up to no good. I will admit he shouldn’t have followed the guy into another yard he should have called the police and his neighbor to warn them. When people feel like theres or someone they knows life might be on the line people will do what it takes to ensure their safty regardless of weather the suspect is black or white. If i woke up and found a man in my back yard in the wee hours of the morning i would grab my gun to…not saying id shoot him but id confront the person on my property black or white. Id rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6 its easy for all of us to criticize right and wrong when it wasn’t us in the situation. Just be happy you didnt wake up to and find yourself in a situation that is similer.

  98. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    The story never said the young man was running in this man’s back yard! It said in his yard!! Did I miss something?

  99. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    If you felt so threaten, why would you leave your yard and chase a man down? Why not just call the police? Who runs toward a threat?

  100. heteroxalstalker says:

    A law that allows somebody to use deadly force even when there is no imminent threat to his life can not be constitutional.

    • Tim Boyer says:

      Actually it is legal. Not in all states but most of them. Other then the second amendment if someone was prowling at your hose you can kill others are that the person has to physically break into your home. This guy is screwed for shooting in the back, he followed this kid off of his property which shows intent. The Zimmerman case was within the law that’s why he was acquitted.

      • heteroxalstalker says:

        TENNESSEE v. GARNER, 471
        U.S. 1 (1985)

        U.S. 1



        No. 83-1035.

        Argued October 30, 1984

        Decided March 27, 1985

        A Tennessee statute provides that if, after a police officer has given notice of an intent to arrest
        a criminal suspect, the suspect flees or forcibly resists, “the officer
        may use all the necessary means to effect the arrest.” Acting under the
        authority of this statute, a Memphis police officer shot and killed
        appellee-respondent Garner’s son as, after being told to halt, the son
        fled over a fence at night in the backyard of a house he was suspected
        of burglarizing. The officer used deadly force despite being “reasonably
        sure” the suspect was unarmed and thinking that he was 17 or 18 years
        old and of slight build. The father subsequently brought an action in
        Federal District Court, seeking damages under 42 U.S.C. 1983 for
        asserted violations of his son’s constitutional rights. The District
        Court held that the statute and the officer’s actions were
        constitutional. The Court of Appeals reversed.


        The Tennessee statute is unconstitutional insofar as it
        authorizes the use of deadly force against, as in this case, an
        apparently unarmed, nondangerous fleeing suspect; such force may not be
        used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable
        cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death
        or serious physical injury to the officer or others. Pp. 7-22.

        U.S. 1, 2]

      • Aaron says:

        Most normal places only allow you to use deadly force to protect yourself or others, not property. Stealing or damaging property does not allow for a death penalty in any state that I am aware of.

  101. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    My point exactly!! Stupid people!!

  102. Clifford Prough says:

    Stand your ground does not apply here and the authors of this article knows that. He chased a kid down and shot him, that’s murder, and he will be judged appropriately. It occurs to me the authors of the article are trying to gin up outrage over the stand your ground law because they don’t like it. They also ask the question “is this starting to sound familiar”, referring to the Martin/Zimmerman case, stand your ground didn’t apply there either. It was self defense and Zimmerman didn’t shoot until Martin started bouncing his head off the ground. They never tried to use stand your ground, so why are the authors saying this? I think it shows an anti gun, or anti self defense bias. You decide.

  103. Clifford Prough says:

    Soldiers, cops, firefighters, EMS… should think a little harder before opening your mouth.

  104. Peter says:

    So run over the yards instead of on the sidewalk or street? That’s just stupidity or asking for trouble.

  105. Clifford Prough says:

    Zimmerman didn’t shoot anyone in the back 6 times either.

  106. Tim Boyer says:

    Well if the hood rats would stay off land that doesn’t belong to them instead walking around at night in someones yard, these things wouldn’t happen. If these kids were properly raised, there wouldn’t be another kid killed.

  107. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    He wasn’t walking around on this man’s yard, he jogged through it!!

  108. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    I love how you people put labels on someone you know nothing about!! I could put a label on you right now!!

  109. annieside says:

    Let me get this straight now….in order to live to adulthood in America black youth cannot wear hoodies, pants that are hanging down, put hands in pockets or run for any reason. Oh wait, they cannot conceal ice tea or skittles from plain view. Am I missing anything?

    • wiseoldsnail says:

      cannot ask ‘what did i do, officer?’ … cannot reach for id when asked for it … cannot talk on cell phone in public, or it will be ‘mistaken’ for a gun …

      i’m thinking my comment will be blocked for having a link . go to wiseoldsnail dott com whisper of spirit

  110. James Wood says:

    Now that you have dug through your racism enough to admit that, now show where anything says middle of the night. Are you so old that you are in bed at 3:45 pm? Or has your white hood slipped down over your eyes so far as to block out the sun by then?

  111. Black Dynamite says:

    Does standing, running after and jumping over all mean the same thing? I’m having a hard time grasping this reptilian language we speak.

    • Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

      That’s because your reptilian brain can’t comprehend!! Yes I said you people!! That’s the way you people address us!! How does it feel? The young man was jogging, running, moving on understand ? Some people think they are smart, but they are really dumba???

      • RussBurlingame says:

        Not to speak for Black Dynamite, but I assumed that s/he was joking about the meaning of “standing your ground” when it involves pursuit of someone who is no immediate danger to you.

    • Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

      Try to keep up instead of trolling!!! The you people was aimed at Tim!! Lol!!!

  112. Nabil Al-Murabit says:

    What to do about Florida? I would suggest that the Blacks armed themselves and stand their own ground. What’s the saying? Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6

  113. Zhushika says:

    Freakin’ nuts.

  114. Aaron says:

    Based on his description of what happened, he is obviously an idiot. How can someone that chases someone that is posing absolutely no threat to anyone, and shoots him be a responsible citizen? Just more ammunition for those wanting to take away guns. Wise up people of quit complaining about those of us that think you don’t need to have access to something that you cannot responsibly control.

  115. BrooklynGal says:

    We might as well just fast forward to the acquittal. It’s way too easy to find a white man in Florida to serve on the jury who understands the unreasonable fear of black men….even a black man being pursued by a white man ‘in fear’.

  116. Michael Edwards says:

    Lets see where this case goes??

  117. BentDemocrat says:

    Really? Isn’t what you are describing exactly what George Zimmerman did?

    You honestly do not know what you are talking about.

  118. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    Yes I believe he will go to prison for sure and he should!! You fear for your safety but chase a man down and shoot him 6 times!! Really!!!

  119. Shirley Henry Jenkins says:

    I also knew he was black!!

  120. picnicfun says:

    Arrest him for murder.

  121. Guest says:

    People, the shooter/killer actually climbed a fence to shoot the young man AND 6 fired shell casings were laying nearby Ricardo, the victim. What part of SYG law supports this??!! This stinks like the GZ murder case. You can literally follow or head towards the location of an alleged threat (whom is not in your home or on your property), kill the ‘alleged threat’, then claim some form of self-defense? Really!!?

  122. BigSweezer says:

    People, the shooter/killer actually climbed a fence to shoot the young
    man AND 6 fired shell casings were discovered laying nearby Ricardo, the victim.
    What part of SYG law supports this??!! This stinks of the GZ murder
    case. You can literally follow or head towards the location of an
    ‘alleged threat’ (whom is not in your home or on your property) while leaving the safety of your location, engage and kill the
    ‘alleged threat’, then claim some form of self-defense? Really!!?

  123. BigSweezer says:

    Different… really? Did you overlook the part when GZ left the safety of his truck AFTER calling police? If someone left their vehicle and killed your child, you would say that your child was at fault for starting the fight (shooter’s alibi) that led to his/her death before you would blame the shooter for leaving their vehicle in the first place, right?

  124. BigSweezer says:

    This is the wisest response to the “Blacks kill more than whites” rhetoric. I copied this to my computer and shared on FB. Thank you for sharing your intellect.

  125. amen amin says:

    This the typical behavior of White Evil. Kill first then tell your side of the story later.The dead cannot defend itself.

  126. charmaine says:

    OMG!! all young black men or men of any race for that matter,who wear hoodies or saggy pants are not criminals..when did it become ok to kill someone because of a trend..Why are ppl so scared of the way a person dresses?

  127. Lucidz says:

    “The Oceans run red with the blood white people spill”

    Nope, no hyperbole there.

  128. Richard Gearon says:

    This reduction of a very complex issue to “Stand Your Ground” is illogical, racist and flat-out legally wrong. In most cases, people intentionally misstate the law to further their own racist agendas. From George Zimmerman, to the moron who shot into the car full of people in the gas station, to the instant case, Stand Your Ground has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether or not the use of a firearm was justified, but SYG is a convenient catch-phrase and rallying point for racists who don’t want people to be able to defend themselves from vicious criminals who just happen to be black.

  129. Logic_Bomb says:

    Why is this still a law? Hasn’t it been shown that it does nothing, but empowers idiots and p@#$y to shoot people? You give a scared man a gun, what do you think will happen?

  130. wiseoldsnail says:

    every murderer, especially cops and wannabe cops, claim ‘fear’ as their excuse for murdering . martin wasn’t fleeing … he was standing his ground against an armed thug attacker named zimmerman

  131. wiseoldsnail says:

    facts : both shooters followed and murdered kids, then claimed ‘fearful’ … cowards and murderers

  132. Ron Davis says:

    Judging by the picture, I wouldn’t want that mutt running through my yard.

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