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ANOTHER Trayvon Martin Shot Dead In Florida: Why isn’t the shooting of 17 year old Jordan Davis headline news?

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African American, 17, and shot dead in Florida, by a Caucasian concealed carry permit holder. But why Isn’t Jordan Davis getting the attention that the Travyon Martin shooting has? In case you haven’t heard, this story begins last November, African American youth Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old Jacksonville resident, was shot dead after Michael Dunn, 46, shot repeatedly into the SUV Davis was riding in after an argument about the volume of hip hop music that was being played.

According to Dunn’s girlfriend, Rhonda Rouer, Dunn had three rum and cokes at a wedding reception. On the drive back to the hotel they were residing at, they made a pit stop at the convenience store where the shooting occurred. At the Gate Station, Rouer said Dunn told her that he hated “thug music.” Rouer then went inside the store to make purchases and heard several gunshots while she was still within the building.

Upon returning and seeing Dunn put his gun back into the glove compartment, Rouer asked why he had shot at the car playing music and Dunn claimed that he feared for his life and that “they threatened to kill me.” The couple drove back to their hotel, and claim they did not realize anyone had died until the story appeared on the news the next day.

Dunn is being charged with first-degree murder, as well as three counts of attempted murder. Rouer described Dunn as “easy-going” but passionate about politics. The latest news on the case concerns the decision of Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper removing herself from presiding over the case. She is the second judge to leave, after the first judge, Suzanne Bass, was asked to step down in order to ensure a fair trial. Judge Russell Healey is now the third judge to be appointed to the case. The state will not be paying for Dunn’s defense fees.

Without solid evidence from both sides and one surveillance video that only shows the story from the inside of the convenience store it’s more or less the same story all over again as the Zimmerman case: an African American teenager is shot dead by a Caucasian armed with a firearm in Florida. In both cases, the tragic dispute that perhaps could have been avoided. Yet, the Jacksonville trial of Michael Dunn and Jordan Davis is not receiving the same amount of media attention or criticism as the George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin case. Why?

Do the airwaves, newspapers and Twitter feeds have enough room for the prominence of one type of vaguely race-charged crime? Whatever the reason, there is no one to blame but the national media for more or less skipping this one over. While it’s true that there was an element of outrage with the Zimmerman case, because there was no initial arrest, it is also true that the notion that Zimmerman would not be arrested was more of the impression that the media itself was leaving us with than what was going on behind the scenes. Now that the trial has been in effect, we find that the police were in fact very skeptical of Zimmerman from the start and were actively investigating him, but trying to compile more evidence before the arrest. This was due to the legal ambiguity since Zimmerman seemed to know the right things to say, being close friends with police officers who had undoubtedly advised him on what to say if he was in such a situation. The delay in arrest is probably the reason for the difference in treatment by the media, but nevertheless, the media seems to sense more traction with with Zimmerman-Martin case, and has thus overlooked this important story, aside from local reports.


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38 Comments on "ANOTHER Trayvon Martin Shot Dead In Florida: Why isn’t the shooting of 17 year old Jordan Davis headline news?"

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  1. Charles says:

    Our concern was Z was getting off without even being charged this was a miscarriage of justice and we could not stand for that.
    Though Jordan’s death is tragic as well at least he got picked up and charged we will follow the outcome of this trail as well.

  2. Teresa says:

    From my understanding the parents of Trayvon pursued justice for their son.

  3. armond says:

    lmao! atleast this lunatic got picked up and will be tried for murder! Zimmerman Damn near s kated free

  4. Mycalah says:

    Yeah what everyone else is saying bc I heard about this case a lot when it happened but the difference is the fact that is this case they did arrest this guy pretty much from the beginning.

  5. Kim says:

    This case may not be getting as much of an uproar as Trayvon at this time. When this first happened, it was on the lips of many and the guy turned himself in and placed in custody and charged. In Trayvon’s case, Zimmerman hasn’t been tried and they are clearly not trying to give any justice to TM’s family for this senseless murder that did not have to occur.

    • Sarah says:

      He did not turn himself in. After hearing about the death on the news, they left the hotel and went home. His reasoning was “he didn’t want to be arrested in foreign territory.” He was arrested at his home after witnesses provided his license plate. He also had ample enough time to speak with his lawyer, than a shotgun appeared. Sadly, its the same prosecutor that was used in Treyvon’s case.

  6. Rob says:

    This one won’t get the attention because Mr. Dunn doesn’t have a chance of getting off. So there won’t be the racial injustice the media loves to promote. A house divided can not stand.

  7. S.Wagner says:

    This story is not getting the same attention because they people affected didn’t start a movement.. Trayvon’s parents started rally’s & speaking out so that people would become aware of the situation… had they not done that Trayvon wouldn’t have gotten that attention either.

  8. Tremane says:

    It is not “more or less the same story all over again as the Zimmerman case: an African American teenager is shot dead by a Caucasian armed with a firearm in Florida” because Zimmerman is not Caucasian.

    • 7Star says:

      Yes and no. Zimmerman is German, has a German name, German-American father, and a Hispanic mother. As the embrace by White America of Zimmerman has shown, he’s as accepted as Ricky Ricardo. For all intents and purposes, he is Caucasian in relation to Trayvon Martin in the same way that the Nubian historian Al-Jahiz refers to pale Arabs as “white people.”

      • Ben says:

        He’s caucasian because the media has portrayed him so, and people find comfort in their feelings that all white people are racist by considering him white. In any other situation he would be considered Hispanic. If I saw him on the street, I would assume he was from Mexico or Central America.

    • Fred Truck says:

      In the United States, “Hispanic” is technically not a race, but sort of an add-on. Zimmerman is officially both Caucasian and Hispanic.

  9. says:

    The reason Trayvon Martin’s case got publicity is because his parents fought to be recognized. There’s no doubt that many children lives are lost on the daily basis, just because they are not publicized in the media doesn’t make them any less important. Trayvon’s parents rallied and protested and complained until something was done about the murder of their son.

  10. Kai says:

    “But WAIT!” said the GOVERNMENT (who is responsible for many times more outright murder than ANYONE, and get VOTED in) “Aren’t you angry? Look at this man we brought to the camera. He is VERY angry. Shouldn’t you be like him?”

    And because the people were not stupid, and would not stand around getting insulted by murderous theives, they walked away from the Government and the man Government brought. So the goverment had to have employees work two shifts pretending to be angry on Twitter.

    The End the way it should have been in the Zimmerman case..

    Where as the guy in this article DESERVES browbeating.

    But get played and only care at really weird times…whatever.

  11. Kevin says:

    This is not getting attention because I don’t believe any judge will let this guy go. Besides he was arrested and charged immediately. It took a long while to get Zimmerman charged.

  12. Smithy says:

    There’s a simple reason this story has not been widely reported–there’s no opportunity to pit different groups against each other.

    In the Zimmerman case, half the country automatically sided with Martin because they believe that blacks are perpetual victims. The rational half of the country analyzed the evidence and could see that Zimmerman’s use of deadly force was his only option to defend his own life. The tension between the two sides made for great news.

    In this case, the self-defense claim does not appear to have any merit. If this story ever does get any attention, half the country will still assume the victim was murdered because of his race, regardless of facts. The rational half will analyze the facts, which at this time seem to confirm that one man murdered another man (race and age are not relevant to whether it was a murder or not). Both sides will agree, but for different reasons.

    Without the tension, it’s not interesting enough for the media to talk about.

  13. king great says:

    Everyone jumped on the trayvon murder case because of the celebrity supporters.. If it wasnt for that the case would have been swept under the rug like countless other have. Life is precious regardless of ones color and/or creed. Due diligence and justice for all.

    • Tina says:

      What celebrity supporters? I jumped on the case because Trayvon was and is innocent. Z started that mess. He followed Trayvon. He was out hunting and He preyed on Trayvon. He chose to get out of the car and run up to Trayvon, how do u fear for your life when you are the aggressor with a gun? He killed an innocent child and has zero remorse. Karmas a bitch. He will get his. A gun shop in Fl offered him a free gun to protect himself since they wont release it. A Federal investigation is being conducted. Red, white, blue, i bleed just like you! CAN WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

  14. Marian Marcus says:

    I agree that the media/hollywood is to blame for the way every situation is handled. The media is biased and portrays blacks (especially young black males in a negative light). This causes ignorant uneducated Caucasian people to believe everything that they hear and see. Now I have to ask a question, So only African American males listen to rap music? If this young man was white; would he have been murdered by this racist. This is where our focus should be; we need to ban together and fight against the way media/Hollywood portrays African Americans.

  15. Atomsk15 says:

    Its Florida. Its 100% legal to kill children and black people there.

  16. MicheleA says:

    The case is not getting the same attention because Michael Baisden is no longer on the air. He was the catalyst behind the exposure of the Trayvon Martin case. Sad

  17. Chuck Finley says:

    There is no way this guy will get away with it.
    Some joker did the same thing in Texas and now is spending 50 years in prison.
    If he gets away with it, then the family could kill him and claim self defense.

  18. Angel says:

    Wow your predictions are so accurate! (tongue lodged so deeply in cheek it looks like I’ve been stuffing an entire loaf of bread in my mouth) lol

  19. Angel says:

    Wait, wasn’t Baisden the weird looking muscle guy on some info-mercial??

  20. Angel says:

    Quite the valid point. Also we need to address the way a majority of Africa is portrayed as well. Perhaps the roots of that misportrayal lie in racism as well, hey?

  21. Angel says:

    Wow you’re so wrong it’s downright incredible!

  22. Angel says:

    Reminder: take your medicine, Kai.

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