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As Neo-Nazis Try to Take Over Town, One African American Resident Says He Won’t Budge


We recently reported on the Neo-Nazis take over North Dakota town in the U.S., which was answered by a large Native Americans and general Anti-Fascist Activists protest on Sunday. The Neo-Nazis were sent running by activists, while police turned out in riot gear, prepared to defend the Nazi newcomers to the death. No such imagined violence erupted though, as the antagonism of the white supremacists was answered with peaceful protest and sharp banners like “You’re in Indian Country”.

While assorted white supremacist groups have migrated to the small town of Leith, North Dakota in hopes of making it a “white’s only” haven, Bobby Harper (pictured above with his wife) continues to be the last African American resident and he refuses to give in to the bigots. He says he’s not leaving.

“They gotta do something very, very drastic to me to make it unsafe and uncomfortable for me. Right now, I don’t see it happening,” he said.

Watch the video below and SPREAD THE WORD; the national corporate media is once again turning a blind eye to important issues like this, by and large. Even when this story has been touched by mainstream media, it is in passing, not receiving the attention that it deserves. Hatred does not go away if we ignore it, it grows in the shadows.

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  1. DixieMay says:

    Absolutely no reason you should leave!! It’s your home and if they don’t like it they should move somewhere else. Hopefully outside of the United States of America because these people are NOT Americans. LOL! Maybe Canada will take the hate monger back? What? They DO want him? Oh…he has a warrant for his arrest for hate mongering in Canada? So they DO want him back! Deport his sorry butt!!

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