Baltimore: The Day After

Cleaning up after the looting

Cleaning up after the looting


Tuesday, April 28, 2015, began as a day of relative calm in Baltimore. It was the day after the  riots occurred. The city is under a state of emergency.

Hundreds of National Guard members starting arriving on the streets at dawn. They were expected to be joined by thousands of policemen from other cities to help maintain order. State troopers in riot gear were lined up across two intersections where rioting had occurred. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said Monday about the protestors: “They just outnumbered and outflanked us.”

Rioting mostly ended during the night. Residents and businessmen began the task of cleaning up. Some people were out as early as the 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM curfew permitted, gathering at the site of the CVS pharmacy to cleanup the looted and burned-out building. Others were cleaning the litter and rubbish from the street. Many of the residents carried brooms that had been donated by the local Home Depot.

Tonya Graham was caught on camera slapping her hoodie-wearing son and pulling him out of the streets Monday as the rioting spread. The Police Commissioner called her a model citizen. “I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids,” he said.

Peaceful protestors tried to curtail the behavior of aggressive protestors. Adult black males formed a line between the line of policemen and the crowd of protestors in an attempt to both maintain a distance between the two and to promote calmness among the protestors. Rev. Jamal Bryant said he would open his church for teens with no place to go due to schools being closed. He also promised to train people on how to protest without destroying the city.

Several fires were left burning. As firefighters extinguished the fires they were accompanied by policemen to ensure they could do their work in relative safety. There was  an incident in which a masked protester cut the hose being used by firemen  to put water on the fire.

More than 200 arrests were made. Twenty policemen were injured, six seriously;  all are recovering. Over 100 vehicles and 15 buildings were torched. Twice postponed, the Baltimore Orioles – Chicago White Sox baseball game will be played on Wednesday but closed to the public.

Governor Hogan visited injured policemen and damaged neighborhoods. He said the city was under control, adding, “We’re not going to have a repeat of last night. It’s not going to happen tonight.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch condemned the senseless acts of violence and said  the  federal  investigation into the tragic death of Freddie Gray would continue. It was the death of Gray while in police custody that triggered the riots.

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