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Bank CEO Assassinated In Parking Garage


Around 7 am, yesterday, on April 7th, the CEO of a major financial institution became the next in a series of bankers and stock executives to be found dead. This time, there was no doubt as to whether the death was a suicide or not. The other deaths, which we have reported on over the past few months, have been ruled suicides, in spite of their sometimes bizarre details (like being shot in the head repeatedly with a nail gun).

This time, however, the CEO of Bank Frick & Co. AG, Juergen Frick, has clearly been murdered. The cause of death was via a gunshot wound, and the place of the execution was in the underground parking garage of a bank in the city of Balzers, Liechtenstein.

The killer has dubbed himself “The Robinhood of Liechtenstein.”

A manhunt is underway right now, in the quiet, tiny, wealthy country of Liechtenstein. The nation is, in fact, the wealthiest and smallest German speaking country in all of Europe.

Police have said their suspect is named Juergen Hermann. Hermann can apparently be seen shooting the CEO 3 times on security camera footage.

He then allegedly ditched his passport, driver’s license, and related notes, in the nearby Rhine River.

Hermann’s website blamed “the Liechtenstein Government and country financial market authority” for having “illegally destroyed my investment company Hermann Finance and its funds, depriving me of my livelihood.”

Little else is know beyond this. But what is clear now is that at least one of the 13 dead international banking heavyweights was deliberately killed.

Stay tuned…

(Article by M.B. David)

10 Comments on "Bank CEO Assassinated In Parking Garage"

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  1. Dominique Storni says:

    While I honor this guys initiative, most bank executives are just the puppets. He should have aimed higher in the food chain.

  2. Thraceguy says:

    Will be interesting to follow, as have been the suicides in America. Regulate banks!!!

    • adsicks says:

      I wish they would regulate banks in the US. Banks are completely unregulated. There should be a central authority to control the interest rates, set the reserve ratios, and act as a lender of last resort at least. Right now any old Joe can set up a bank and help people with their investments and this has to be stopped!!!!

  3. richardarcher says:

    This was apparently a former 1% on still 1% crime. Can’t agree with the assassination though. Killing is the easier way out compared to extended prison terms in some place other than a country club prison.

  4. Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd says:

    What do you call 21 banksters dead in eight months? A damn good start.

    • waltinseattle says:

      thos obvious one, with personal note does not jibe with others. no link to libor fixing scandal or other bankster inverstgations, but a good smokescreen around those others.

  5. wiseoldsnail says:

    this is only the beginning . if the courts of the world won’t deliver justice for the ongoing robberies by bankers, the people will take justice . same applies to violent police …

  6. Sandra Hajek says:

    Maybe it will make the bankers think twice about what they did and I hope they live in fear of the vigilante carrying out the justice that should have been done by our governments!

  7. rjcadls says:

    Yikes … 7 comments and not a single person says that murder is wrong?

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