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Big News For Bees! Oregon to Ban Pesticides After Latest Bee Die Off


According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), the state is temporarily restricting the use of 18 pesticides containing dinotefuran while it investigates the death of thousands of bees near Portland this month. Dinotefuran is a neonicontinoid, a class of pesticides that have been linked to honeybee die-offs.

In a report entitled “In the wake of large bee kills, ODA takes steps in an abundance of caution,” we find that the ODA restricts use of certain dinotefuran pesticides. They are restricting the use of 18 pesticide products containing the active ingredient dinotefuran while it continues the investigation of a large kill of bumblebees in Wilsonville and Hillsboro this month. By adopting a temporary rule, ODA is taking action, in an abundance of caution, to avoid the potential of similar large bee kills this summer due to specific pesticide applications.

“I have directed the agency to take this step in an effort to minimize any potential for additional incidents involving bee deaths connected to pesticide products with this active ingredient until such time as our investigation is completed and we have more information,” says ODA Director Katy Coba. “Conclusions from the investigation will help us and our partners evaluate whether additional steps need to be considered.”

The ODA restriction focuses on ornamental, turf, and agricultural pesticide products that are used by both professional applicators and homeowners. Products with the active ingredient dinotefuran registered in Oregon for other uses, such as flea and tick control on pets or home ant and roach control, are not affected by the restriction. ODA’s concern is focused on those uses that may impact pollinators.

By statute, ODA has legal authority to establish limitations and procedures deemed necessary and proper for the protection of bees and other pollinating insects. The temporary rule, which goes into effect immediately, will be enforced for 180 days, by which time ODA is expected to complete its pesticide use investigations of the Wilsonville and Hillsboro incidents. Those investigations will determine if the pesticide applications were in violation of state and federal pesticide regulations, and will assist ODA in addressing any potential future actions.

ODA’s Pesticide Program has established a website with more information on the dinotefuran restriction, including a list of specific products affected as well as instructions for those who may have purchased these products. Go to the Oregon government website.

Here’s a list of consumer products that contain neonicontinoids via Beyond Toxics. For more on honeybees and neonics and local efforts to save the bees go to Beyond Toxics’s website.


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  1. deanna munson says:

    so,what about the herbicides being ritually abused here??! i watch bees drop dead all week from apartment complexes ,buisinesses,and the city and waterbureau spraying herbicides every week.why is this not being included?where do i get a hold of these idiots.the city wide praying for “cosmetic” purposes has gone on long enough.i dont need a flipping federally funded laboratory to see the direct effect of these weekly sprayings killing off bees of all kinds.the smartgrid and cell towers are to blame as well.before the smartgrid came here billions of bats and frogs thrived here,along with otters,crawfish in the creek, nesting ducks,hundreds of varieties of there are a few crows and a few ground squirells,thats it.the smartgrid came and everything died and disappeared and at the same time everybody started spraying the crap out of everything every single week.guess the telecom industry takes precedence over the bees now since they now rival the money of big oil and big pharma combined,and monsanto’s making billions of of these bee killing herbicides they got our sell out gov and epa to label “green” for them like they did with the “sustainable””green” smartmeters and cfl lightbulbs .is there no one with a functional brain left on this planet???and we wont even get into the crap we are supposed to pretend isnt being dumped in our skies,blocking 23% of all sunlight here and saturating the soils with electrically conducive metals .LEVEL OUR GOVERNMENT,AND ALL THE “ABC” AGENCIES THAT COME WITH THEM

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