Bill to Ban Certain Tattoos, Body Piercings Passes Senate


The Arkansas Senate passed a bill to ban tattoos, piercings and other similar body modifications which it characterizes as “non-traditional,” recently.

Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain View, Arkansas sponsored the bill entitled “An Act To Limit Body Art Procedures”. She says that body modifications should be limited to “traditional” tattoos and piercings. Her proposal was to essentially ban scarification procedures and dermal implants, as well as certain tattoos which remain yet to be defined as by the vague language of the bill she sponsored.

Almost unbelievably, this bill passed by a 26-4 vote. Following this, the bill was sent to the House, where it took on even more vague language. See the link above for the bill as it was eventually “compromised” on in the House. The scarification ban from the Senate version was removed, while considerable ambiguous language remained. The House “compromise” bans dermal implants unless performed by a doctor. This essentially, and in practice, outlaws the body modification. As well, the bill’s vague, undefined language – even in the edited, House version – while editing out some of the original language on tattoos, fails to define a number of important issues raised by the Senate version, including what they mean by “cosmetic” tattoos as opposed to “non-cosmetic” tattoos.

If the government dictating what you can and can’t do with your body bothers you, SPREAD THE WORD!

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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  1. Jennifer Lewis says:

    If this bill is passed through then you are taking away are freedom of speech. These arts of our own bodies is our own freedom of speech as well as our bodies not everyone else. These such things show off our personalities and our creativity. I did not know that these such things would once not be allowed by the law. You try running out all the tattoo and piercing artists that are around the world and you will have a riot on your hands. There are way too many people that like this things because it expresses them as a person. It will be wrong to ban tattoos and piercings.

    • MitchellNEw says:

      Jennifer as much as I would agree with you, sometimes theres things about you that need to be kept personal, theres a bit of a Contradiction to this which is why i don’t agree with it, it contradicts with freedom of expression but it also causes “disturbances of the peace.”
      I have been turned down by so many jobs just because i wore only one earing…
      There has to be a balance and the government is trying to maintain that, Least we have gay marriage, least we have a lot of other freedoms!!! Don’t forget about those!
      Yes there are people who should just fuck off if they don’t like something but theres also there are boundaries in open society where everyone needs to respect each other… on the other hand don’t be so completely blind and arrogant, the bill only passed for certain procedures (NOT ALL TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS.)

      There are plenty of other ways people can express themselves other than “deformation” of the natural body… From my guess your a liberal, well I’m a moderate! Liberals are like little children demanding to have everything and be spoiled rotten and be free with everything and then it smacks them all in the face, Conservatives are super obedient children who are highly ignorant and only go one way or no way.
      While like I a moderate, seeks to have a balance, we cant always have what we want and our parents have to say no sometimes! the government is our parent and we are the children, if it gives us everything we want Chaos will rise and Riots WILL break out, where as if the government was too strict like conservative we’d end up like Iran.

      A good parent is a parent that says no sometimes and yes other times, bad parents are parents who say no all the time and yes all the time.

      Plus what makes you think we even deserve freedom if all we do as a country is complain, complain, complain whine scream and cry because we don’t get what we want?!?!
      I would smack my child upside the head and say “get over it! No is no!” if they did that to me.

      Jennifer in a country like ours there has to be Boundaries and freedoms, but first before we complain we need to look at the pros and cons of what we already have and become humble for what we got! and if the government become a completely NO parent then maybe theres a reason why!…. maybe cause we are being too spoiled.

      • Ben J says:

        What is “moderate” about telling someone what they can do to their own body, you buffoon?

        • hahaah right! If we need to be told to stop because the way we choose to look “will cause riots to break out?”, I think whoever is causing the riots needs to chill. lol If you can’t handle seeing the body mod that’s already all around you, then you need to think about that for a minute.

        • Michael says:

          Well, I ONCE was a republican. Now I am libertarian. The government is NOT my”parent” it us my employee! I am a retired Master Body Piercer that performed over 10,000 body piercings, plus many other! body mods” such as dermal implants, dermal punches, scarifications, and brandings. I am also a retired RN with 30 years experience with 25 of those years in the OR, so I know sterility, sterile technique, etc. which I used in my piercing studio. You sound like a far right conservative in your statements, to me. This law is infringing on peoples freedom of expression. In fact, its trampling ALL over it. It’s in direct violation of the Constitution!

          • kayla says:

            Thank you! I appreciate the gesture of trying to look out for us so we can live happy lives and be safe, but I will do what I want when I want to my own body! I have the right to decidehow I look and will be responsible for ddealing with the reaction of others. Our choices have consequences, but that doesn’t mean the government is allowed to block me from the choice. I pay them far too much in taxes, my personal rights need to be preserved

          • Cash says:

            Thabk you sir, the goverment is not my parent, or our parents, one thing liberal or conservative(i am conservative)that we can agree on, is that the goverment serves US, not the other way around, so far ive gotten out of this so called moderate, is that we should have lees rights, and serve the goverment like children. BULLSHITT.

          • Danny says:

            Hey easy there please on the Conservatives, would ya folks? I am a pretty hardcore constitutional conservative (Note NOT a republican!!!) who has both tattoos AND piercings. I think you’re really referring to the RINOs and the Neo Cons (aka the ‘right’ wing of Progressivism). Believe it or not, most true Conservatives hold the Constitution as our deepest anchor. And that Constitution of ours declares our right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This law OBVIOUSLY impedes that and in my opinion (and that of MANY, MANY like me) is a pretty direct violation of your/our RIGHTS. And you’re right, the government are our EMPLOYEES and had better start acting like it! I for one plan to devote a significant portion of my day tomorrow morning calling each and every one of our State Buffoons and remind them of the fact. I suggest and hope you all do the same!!! Peace..

          • Randy says:

            I am old. My politics are pragmatic. I have seen enough infected tatoos and body piercings to know that they should be done by someone who knows what they are doing, just like abortions. Abortions used to all be done in a back alley and many women were scarred and some died. Outlawing tatoos could have similar results.

          • c says:

            when I worked at a hospital, we were REQUIRED to cover any visible tattoo larger than a quarter. Guess who’s got two thumbs and never got to wear short sleeved shirts to work? THIS GUY. As a private company though, the hospital had the right to do that. Did it trample my right to free speech, no. Do my tattoos make finding work difficult, yes. I often ask myself if having neat looking pictures scrawled permanently on my body was worth it. I don’t understand why people have objections to tattoos myself, I think they look pretty cool, if done tastefully. I do draw a line though, myself, on what is considered decent. Once you start tatting up your face, fingers, neck, and every other square inch of your body, the words FELON and CONVICT come to mind. Might not be the intended response that the person with the tattoo necessarily wants, but it is what everyone thinks. Do I think its right for the government to ban these sorts of things, no. It should be common sense, along with many other things the government feels they need to step in and save ourselves from. I cant stand that way of thinking. The government assumes there is no more common sense left in the American people. Sadly,we have given them good reason to. And don’t complain that the government is trying to control our lives. Who put them into office in the first place? And whenever there’s a national outcry over something dangerous harming people, what happens, everyone screams BAN IT! This whole thing is stupid, but there has to be a majority rule here. we have a representative government, which is supposed to represent what the majority of people would want them to decide. Not too sure most people would care too much about this one way or another, but it does go against our basic freedoms. If I want to walk down the street wearing a pink tu tu and a beer hat singing the star spangled banner while pissing on the American flag, I have that right. Now is it obscene, yes. As such, I would have the common decency to not do that. Same applies here. People dont have common decency like we used to, by and large. They like to be “in your face” and edgy, “look at me I’ve got a giant penis tattoo on my face, and you HAVE to look at it” To me that’s the same as walking down the street screaming f-you to everyone while flipping them the bird. There’s a line there where it begins to trample on the rights of others to peacefully go about their day without being bothered by someone elses obscene gobbledygook. So, if it comes down to it, who’s rights take precedent, the one that wants to be “in your face” or the one that’s just minding their own business?

          • Danny's Wrong says:

            Danny you’re wrong. “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” isn’t in the Constitution… Its in the first sentence of the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence which is a HUUUUGE difference, especially coming from some one who “holds the Constitution as his deepest anchor.” I stopped reading after that… If you want to be taken seriously get your facts right.

          • David says:

            Any invasive procedure should be regulated. While you may follow proper infection control protocols, many others would not. Every other “implanted device” out there requires a doctorate level degree. That one thing should be no different. Scarification however should be freely allowed.

          • jay dismal says:

            Really? You’re gonna talk about boundaries? Tattoos and body art modifications are personal choices, that have nothing to do with how society or the world around you views them. I think a good boundary would be to make a law that makes it illegal to carry a gun in a public place, like a restaurant or a bar. What I really love is how you call yourself a moderate, and then go on to explain how liberals are like little kids who want everything and are spoiled rotten, but that you, as a moderate, want balance. That’s a pretty aarrogant statement to make on your part. And the idea that ANYTHING I do to my body has anything to do with you or how you feel about it is ridiculous! If you don’t like how I look, don’t look at me. You have a head and a neck that turns so you don’t have to look at what’s right in front of you. You also have eyelids that open and close. If there is an art exhibit at your local museum that contains nude drawings and sculptures, and it offends you, do you take it upon yourself to scold the artist like you are their mother, telling them what is okay and what isn’t, according to how YOU FEEL ABOUT IT? Do you pass a law making the “art” you don’t like illegal to draw or paint or sculpt? NO, YOU GO TO A DIFFERENT MUSEUM.
            The fact is that my freedom of speech, is also my freedom of expression. And I cannot be discriminated against based on religion, or color, or creed, or faith, or lack thereof, or sexual orientation. And if my art is on my body, who do you think you are to have ANY say about it? Could you prevent me from getting a gender reassignment surgery? What if the religion I belong to has peircings and tattoos as part of it’s history or culture? And what exactly is the difference between “traditional” and “non-traditional” tattoo art?

            So are you automatically a good parent because you say yes sometimes and no other times, even though the time you said yes was to let your kids bring their guns to school and the time you said no was to letting them draw on themselves? Sounds to me like your priorities are skewed, and you want credit for having a level headed approach to things, even though the actual things you do after the approach are retarded and irreprehensible. But sure, I’ll give you credit for being a “good parent”

            So you say you used to be a republican, which is obvious by your stance here, but to say you are now a moderate libertarian? You arent a moderate. You are a conservative, you think you are holier than everyone else, and that the country should follow the way you think. You believe that others should be forced into living the way you want them to live, while still clinging to the idea that you somehow want less government and less regulation, but only as it relates to making money. You absolutely believe, on the other side of this, that people shouldn’t be able to do drugs, shouldn’t be able to express themselves freely if it offends you, shouldn’t be able to get abortions if they want or need them, shouldn’t be able to get a hold of contraceptions. You want what you want, and you want those that don’t see it your way to just have to deal with it. You would seek to

          • Justin says:

            Thank you Michael, I have been a professional body piercer for 10 years and former paramedic in MI. I agree completely with everything you said. Medically speaking implants require sutures and do not show, there for a dermal is not a implant, rather a single point piercing that does break the surface of the skin to enable the changing of the top. I feel like they need to do a little more research before passing a bill that infringes on our rights as human beings.

          • Joe says:

            Well said.

          • Bubba says:

            Dermal punches or BIOPSY PUNCHES as they’re correctly called are not a type of mod you idiot. They are the beginning process of a dermal implant. You talk to much for your own good, I can see right through you.

        • Linda Futch says:

          Since when do e a adults need “parents” ie: The Government to make laws to tell people to do what they want with their own bodies. I don’t have tattoo, my choice. A lot of my friends do, their choice. If a person is worried about future jobs and want them, put them where they won’t be a factor in employment. Whoever this so called moderate is, is not what my being a moderate is. People have the right to do what they want with themselves and no amount of government rules will change that. You would have thought that prohibition and making drugs illegal and other things would have proved them wrong by now “YOU CAN’T GOVERN MORALITY AND PERSONAL EXPRESSION”

      • Mat says:

        I’m glad you’re so trusting that everything the government does is the right thing for everyone, because that means you’re obedient enough not to hit children.

        • MitchellNEw says:

          not everything the government does is right “parents aren’t perfect”
          An i do believe that if a child deserves it it needs a beating to be put back in their place and shown if they do something bad, something bad will happen. i dont believe in punching or physically abusing them, spanking or slaps in the back of the head can make a good difference on how a child acts in society.

          • Danny says:

            The government ISN’T our “parents”. Seriously????

          • Josh says:

            Nope no no no and no. the government isn’t and will never be our “parents”. ever since the founding it was never supposed to be our “parents”. the government is meant to be for the people. that means they’re employees not parents. i only have two parents and they are ones who birthed me and raised me.

          • Scott says:

            You do realise that hitting children in the back of the head, even with a slap, can cause significant cranial injury, right? You need serious help.
            Please, PLEASE, do society a favour and keep your ignorant, unbalanced opinions to yourself. And stop slapping children in the head.

          • Sabrina says:

            The government is not what you think. America is an oligarchy now. That means the rich have power. If you don’t believe me, I point to the fact that lobbyists exist. Lobbyists give leaders money for campaigns, and thus the leaders must pay back the lobbyists by doing them favors. That is far from a parenting nature. Libertarian is the way to go. This is my body. It does no harm to anyone else when I decide to get a tattoo or piercing. Why not ban breast implants on women? They are just as erroneous and distracting. Yet no one seems to complain if it fits the western standard of beauty. There are cultures all across the world that tattoo and pierce. America is supposed to be a melting pot. We left Europe so we could be free from persecution, to have freedoms. Yet you say that government, the “parent” should be somehow educating us? this is exactly why we kicked England out during the Revolution.

          • Sabrina says:

            You should move to Russia. You would love it there. I’m sorry, America should not be supporting your point of view.

          • robert says:

            Slaps in the back of the head? What kind of stupid are you? You dont ever hit a kid in the head.

          • robert says:

            And I thought “the government is our parents” was the dumbest thing I would read today and then you said we should slap kids in the back of the head.

          • Martin WhiteWolf says:

            MitchellNEw, the goverment is the child and the people. you, Mat and everyone else posting on here are the parents. the goverment wouldnt be there if it wasnt for us…

      • Sarah says:

        Your reply made absolutely NO sense coming from an American. “At least we still have SOME rights! Stop complaining!” Are you kidding? Laws are not to be passes based on a politician’s own opinions you FOOL, they are based on what helps uphold the flipping constitution. It is NOT the job of the government to parent you, and this is parenting a citizen. Whether or not it is in my best interests, it is NOT the government’s job to determine what’s in my best interests. If you offer them that option, you offer them your right to govern yourself. I have almost never read ignorance such as this.

        • Eric says:

          Sarah you actually have it a little backwards because Our founding fathers made it so that we wouldn’t be the children and government the parents they made it so that we would be the parents and they the children but I can understand why you would think in the opposite it is because you grew up being told that is just the way things are.

          • Eric says:

            ….I replied to the wrong one gosh darn it I need to read everything more carefully next time -_-

          • MitchellNEw says:

            well it happened either way, they people do have the right to tell the government what they want, but it is the governments decision whether or not it is needed or not or if it is important, the citizens of a country should not be parents to those who they want to rely on, thats why i view the government as a parental figure rather than a childish one, because we (the citizens) are being taken care of by the government, they give us what they want and in turn we have to help them too, which is why when we get out of hand they get forceful (if they ever have) and if we listen they will give us what we want. we cant be spoiled other wise we become punished, and we cant be too obedient otherwise theres no freedom.

        • Jodi says:

          Hi5, pat on the back, booty slap…whatever floats your boat. Sarah, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!

        • Christopher Pirtle says:

          Yes! you are completely correct that the government is not anyone’s “parent.” Have you ever heard of a metaphor?
          Mitchell… I like the way you think.
          And, I am guessing no one who has posted has ever served in the military? There are regulations put in place to limit these things! (For the purpose of presenting a more professional military presence).
          If ignorance is your accusation for these level-headed Americans… you ought to read, and re-read what they are saying.
          There is no excuse for ignorance! From what I can see, people who are thoughtful (not ignorant) are the ones who who do not fight tooth and nail against a government that is doing its best with the cards it has been dealt (through the past several centuries) – ANOTHER METAPHOR.
          People who are TRULY ignorant accuse others of things they know almost nothing about.
          What do you really know about the constitution of the United States? What is it’s intended, and original purpose?
          By all means… continue to complain! It’s what makes the world go round’. And gives people like me the opportunity to be thankful for what I have.
          Remember… you could have been born in another place, in another culture, with completely different rules – regulations that would consider your words an abomination, and ultimately kill you for what you have said.
          You should be thankful, too: for your freedom of speech and freedom of expression (hence your ability, and RIGHT to say anything and everything you want and not have your life, home, and possessions taken from you).

          • MitchellNEw says:

            I’m confused… you said you like the way i think, you like what I said? because most people don’t!

            Well if you actually agree with me then your probably the 3rd person in the military I actually like!
            Ignorance is stupidity, have no knowledge or recognition of something or have no desire or care about it that is ignorance… a true abomination, the government can only do so much! and we have placed our hands in them to take care of us and so many people hate it that they do take care of us, they allow us to buy food, to have jobs to be vaccinated during a major breakout, then give us water and electricity, they give us insurance so we can be better prepared for when the worst comes.
            it is our ignorance and stupidity that leaves us forgetting the freedoms we have and it leaves us making big mistakes, we the people make the mistakes! the government only gives us what we want and we hate it because what we want isn’t what we need!

          • Dave says:

            Spoken like a tr00 jarhead. You’re thankful for having people tell what you can and should do? And you call yourself american?

          • josh says:

            and its our freedom of speech and ability to keep the government in check that are the ONLY reason why we ARENT in one of those countries you mentioned. military or NOT. if you let the government govern your personal body, thats not freedom. freakin ignorance!

          • Cisco says:

            Well, I guess we all know now “Who “The baby daddy is” lol

          • Trina says:

            You contradicted yourself with that last line. Reducing freedom of expression is exactly what this bill is doing. Just because it is on your body and not speech doesn’t make it any less of a right of personal expression.

          • Lady says:

            Military here! And having a discussion on the banning of tattoos vs the military is a little silly, considering. Anyways, every branch has different rules on tattoos. During a couple years in the early 2000’s the Army’s tattoo policy alone changed several times, that is why you see some soldiers that have tattoos all the way to their hands etc. Some branches like the Navy are stricter about visible tattoos than others (their rules have changed in the last 9 months, too.) Again, an employer be it the government or a private business has the right to determine acceptable appearance for it’s employees. The government does not have a right, however, to regulate how a private citizen chooses to look. This law doesn’t really even matter, it’s not enforceable. You can not allow Arkansas tattoo parlors to do dermals etc. but you can’t regulate someone moving from out of state with them or traveling out of state to get them. Things like tattoos are permanent and the law won’t be able to force someone to remove a tattoo. Get real.

          • Melissa says:

            You said in a later post that we should be happy to be here in this country because the government provides us with insurance electricity and water??? Really??? Do YOU get all that stuff for free, because if you do, then you are more special than the rest of us. We pay for all those things and their “health” insurance is horribly expensive! We pay a ton of money in taxes, etc. and still have to pay for all that, so they most definitely should not have the right to “parent” us or tell people what they can do unless its hurting someone else. When we “parent” our children, its because we nurture and take care of them. Once we make them pay their own rent and bills, we give up the right to “parent” them.

        • MitchellNEw says:

          do you know what Influence is my darling? It is “The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself” – Dictionary.
          We the people of America Influence one another to make certain decision, we also Influence the government based off the things that we as citizens do in the country, thus they become influenced to make certain decisions based off an opinion that some people give to them, along with that comes with personal taste and like-ability to a certain topic. When someone asks for a new law there government has a choice to either ignore it or think about it some more (based off personal decision and influence)

          Just as children who do good things and behave influence their parents to give them a reward or gift, if the government was created to govern the people then that is how it is going to be! Government only has one meaning and that mean is to govern something… don’t like being Governed or “parented”? then figure out a solution to a new way people can be free without chaos ensuing.

          • Christopher Pirtle says:

            Yes, I did appreciate what you said. And, i like your perspective. It was very annoying to read over and over again the words of people who are clearly misunderstanding this “bill” – and probably the same people who are unrelentingly forcing the prospect of gay marriage on our Christian nation! (founded on Christian principles) – All the while defending their position with a few words from the Constitution: “Freedom of speech.”
            It is ironic, really – that the government people criticize, is the same government that will BE THERE when chaos ensues – whether by destructive acts of nature, or acts of terrorism.
            I would strongly encourage these people to GET OUT OF THE UNITED STATES and see the rest of the world.

            You are more free than you think…

          • Christopher Pirtle says:

            And as far as the tattoos and piercings… It is pretty amazing to see what technology has allowed us to do with our bodies.
            I will admit: I am ignorant as to the purposes behind this bill, but I can imagine they are not doing these things for the purpose of violating anyone’s freedom!
            If anything, it is to protect us from ourselves.
            Why is there no debate over whether or not crystal meth (one of many examples) is good for the body? Doesn’t it help the drug addict to feel better – if even for a short time?
            Isn’t it my UNALIENABLE RIGHT to do with my body what I want.
            Is the government VIOLATING MY FREEDOM by preventing me (as much as they can) from destroying my body?
            The United States government is truly… “by the people, for the people.”
            You can argue as much as you want… but what is the government composed of? PEOPLE, with families…friends…people they love and care about.

            I would also encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it, to watch the movie “Philadelphia,” with Tom Hanks.
            The thing about allowing people to live in whatever way they desire is that: there are many, many consequences to our actions, and choice of lifestyle. And the unique thing about a consequence is that it is almost never immediately affecting the individual. Allow these things to continue (as we undoubtedly are) and there will be consequences down the road – not only for the individual but for our culture as a whole.

            The common phrase is: “you can’t judge a book by its’ cover.”

            Look at the “cover” in these personal expressions of uniqueness*

            Now… what is left to discover in a person?

            Good question, right?

          • Jeremy says:

            Haha this is such a misinformed, ignorant, and “childish” post. most of you have no idea what your talking about. you are all opinionated and none of you are forming logical responses based on fact. United states government leans towards a democratic form not authoritarian as you are describing in your parent metaphor, its not the governments right to determine what is best for the people, that almost by definition is authoritarian. Plus everyone needs to stop worrying according to the post its only passed Arkansas legislation and not even completely,the odds of it passing at a federal level are slim. plus half the time these posts are full of shit anyway.

          • Daniel_Snow says:

            You sound like one of those people that wanted to be a preacher but didn’t want to be devoted to God, so instead writes nonsensical and idiotic rants.

          • Jesus is my Fish Stick says:

            Good Law, I’ve had enough of these Heathen’s in God’s Country. Jesus didn’t wear Gauges, he wore a suit and tie and parted his hair to the right. Judas probably wore a prince Albert too! Gross

          • Really? says:

            You seem to have missed the entire point of the government. It was never intended to be a parental figure, giving out punishments and rewards to unruly children. Our government was meant to be the tool used by the people to make changes in their country. How can you be okay, as a grown adult, (I’m assuming) that anyone else has the right to tell you what you can and cannot look like. Theocracies tend to do that alot, however, our nation is not and never was based on a religion. Unless you have no problem with the government telling you what you should weigh, how you should cut your hair, when you can wear certain clothes, you should be completely against this. It’s easy to forget what your rights actually are when they slowly chip away at them. People has full body tattoos in the 1800’s, why should it be an issue now?

          • Daniel says:

            Hmm.. I think I see what you and Christopher Pirtle are saying about this – it is certainly not a terrible idea to have a government that considers its self a parental figure, regulating its children in order to mold them in its image. I think that was tried before by England – they had a great father figure in fact? The US however (though its father had given it a different name at the time, the Colonies I think?) disagreed with that approach and threw a tantrum. Something about ‘life, liberty, etc’ (no, not in the Constitution, but in the ‘tantrum’ document that was put together prior to that). And then we did follow up with as many things as we could (Constitution, Bill of Rights) to make sure that we did not replace one father figure for another. We put in two branches of government we vote on regularly, and did a lot of things along the lines of ‘for the people’ and ‘by the people’ – specifically because in this country people seemed to want a government that answered to them. And absolutely there are laws, we need them. As I recall, one of the greatest quotes on those laws was ‘your rights stop where my nose begins’.

            In other words, if you kneel and pray in the park, or walk around shouting about finding Jesus, you have that right regardless of how the people around you may be offended by this. If you want to carry a firearm around, making everyone very nervous (especially if you are at the same time shouting that they are sinful creatures that should be culled), you do have that right. If you choose to wear clothing that offends me, or some symbol like a republican pin, you Still have that right. And if you choose to get a tattoo of the name of your dearly departed mother, or scarification in keeping with your mauri roots (that’s a tribe that performs it in a ritualistic setting – you may have not heard of them since they weren’t from england or even white, but I won’t assume), or get a little subdermal just because you think it is sexy… you still have that right. Here. Because this country Had a parental figure, then we had a really Big revolution, and got rid of it.

            Oh, by the way? I Have been outside of the United States. And absolutely true, this country has sooo many more rights than most other places. You know what? That is a good thing, not a reason to start chipping away at them, whistling a jaunty tune of ‘we are great, we are great, we are so rich we can light our cash on fire, so learneded we can burn our books, so free we can put on chains and get rid of whatever religion doesn’t match our particular sect. Like those catholics, have you seen what they wear compared to us good God-fearing protestants?’

            And speaking of parental figures, have you noticed how our ‘parental figures’ haven’t been going to work lately? And they are yelling at us because of our clothing choices while they let the house crumble around us, have trouble figuring out rent, and are just generally always fighting with each other? I’m kind of thinking that either they are lashing out at us, are trying (badly) to distract us, they have quietly gone insane (along with those who are cheerfully following in their wake), or they should have better stuff to do with their time than passing these laws. Or were things getting too boring for you?

          • Sabrina says:

            The government in America was created to uphold the rights of the citizens, hence why we elect our officials, not to “parent” with any source of modesty. I am sorry, but you are not a moderate. Totalitarian, maybe. A moderate meets in the middle, appreciating both views, with a sense of rationale. There is nothing moderate about you.

        • Sabrina K says:


          • Michael says:

            I notice that some keep referring to The United States of America as a “Christian Nation, founded on Christian principals”. You need to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence. NOWHERE is it stated that America is a “Christian Nation”!
            And i quote: “The constitution shall make no reference to a Divine being, Christian or otherwise, and the First Amendment explicitly forbid the establishment of any official Church, or Creed.” Most of the Founding Fathers were Deists. Some were Christian to some degree or another.
            ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Freedom of Religion.
            I am Catholic, by the way. I DO NOT want to live under a theocracy, as so many of the Far Right desire. Look at countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, amongst others, that are theocracies, and BAN the practice of any other religion but Islam. You can be EXECUTED for practicing another religion in those countries, and you are jailed at every whim of the government if you don’t practice the state religion. You are not even allowed to bring Christian items such as The Bible, crosses, etc into those countries.
            Seems to me that certain folks here desire a theocracy in America, and WANT our government, our employees, to tell the what they can, and cannot do to self express, and that gives them everything they need, and withholds everything the government deems they don’t need. Wake up, you people that believe that the government is our “parent”, and we are the children. Do some self education, and READ about democracy, government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”, where your taxes go (golden parachutes for Congress, and staff. The President. As well as others. Voting themselves raises, more perks, etc.) wasteful programs, projects, illegal wars, etc.
            This bill in Arkansas is NOT the will of the people, but the whim and will of a lawmaker without consulting the constituency, as so very many other laws are made.
            Kowtow to the government. I, for one, WILL NOT!

        • Andrew says:

          Agreed, having some rights is just as bad as having no rights. this is the part where they keep chipping away at what we have till we have nothing and everything becomes oppressive. Might as well ban emotion as well because that causes us to make bad decisions. And another thing im tired of hearing is how people say, you voted them in. the point is when the only canidates we are given all suck are are slaves to agendas that favor one type of people, we all lose.

      • Mike says:

        You, sir, are a twit. A tattoo or piercing will not “disturb the peace”. If that is the case, the next step should be the government telling us what clothes we can legally wear, how we are legally allowed to style our hair, what color of cars we are legally allowed to drive, what colors we are legally allowed to pain our houses, or on that same line, what colors woman can paint their fingers and toenails.

        If you were declined a job, I doubt your 1 ear ring was it. Most jobs would hire you,and then ask you not to wear it while on the clock.

        This is completely unreasonable, and that is coming from someone (me) with no tattoos, 1 body piercing, no outlandish hairstyles, who wears jeans a a t-shirt 95% of the time.

        If you promote this bill, than there is something seriously wrong with you.

        Also of note, I personally am opposed to lip and nose piercings. I don’t like them, I find them to be disgusting. However, it isn’t MY place to tell others that they can can have them. Our government isn’t our parents… It’s our police. It is meant to enforce the important rules that keep us SAFE, not to keep us sedated and controlled. It is a tool of the American people, not the other way around.

        • Dee says:

          Well, there are already laws which tell you what color you can paint your house, if you can have a fence, shed or any modification to your own property. That’s why my father is dead. He fought them so hard it finally caused him to have a massive fatal heart attack the same day he lost in court as to whether or not he could have a chain link fence and a wood shed, in a neighborhood that had NO “convenants” when he bought his home. There are several communities around where I live that have laws requiring you to wear your pants at the waist. So anyone who thinks we are living in a “free” country, guess again. We do not live free.

          • Kris says:

            Those aren’t laws. Those are rules set by a POA and home owners have the right to join and vote. Same principle applies though. As citizens we have the right to stand up to lawmakers that overstep the boundaries.

          • MitchellNEw says:

            Ever heard of the word Proper?

          • Andrew says:

            again, dont move into a gated community. I know i wouldnt live in a place with such opressive rules. And as for this MitchellNew guy, once again your an idiot. Proper is in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty. Its an opinion.

        • Amanda says:

          Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I have multiple tattoos and have my ears gauged. I am actually going to college to become a math professor. NOT ONCE have my tattoos or anything hindered my career. People judge me based on my credentials, not my appearance. I am free to dress and look as I please outside of work. NO ONE should ever be able to tell me otherwise. The government is not my parent. I am a perfectly successful hard working adult and future educator. I have every right to dress as I please and do what I wish with my body. If you don’t like it, don’t look at me. Tattoos aren’t some new taboo that has come about recently. It originated years ago among tribes as mark of wars you had survived. It was a mark of pride, not a mark of shame. It blows me away that this bill was passed and anyone that does not agree needs to make their voice heard to these politicians so this does not become a sweeping movement elsewhere.

          • Blake says:

            Amanda, you have not been denied a degree, but when you find yourself looking for a job,you may be disappointed.

          • Daniel says:

            Please feel free to ignore Blake. I have been a college professor in a conservative state, moved on to another very successful jobs when I got tired of that (after many years). I’ve had three piercings, now down to one (tongue) just due to personal choice. No job ever turned me down based on that, no student ever refused to pay attention in class. You are a good teacher (or employee) based on your resume and your skills, any job that is looking for your appearance (other than maybe stripper) is probably not coming from a company you would want to work with. Let them get the people who fall in line, let those people cheerfully work under constant monitoring of their lives, and move on with your actual career.

            As a side-note, if you got turned down for a job? Get your skills up, then apply somewhere else. But yea, don’t apply for an ultra-uptight conservative company, your skills are better suited to somewhere else (even if you have no outward distinguishing characteristics of creativity)

        • Cisco says:

          @Mike Here here well said…Touché

      • Sarah C says:

        “the government is our parent and we are the children”

        Sorry, but that is not the way it works. We have rights meant to be upheld until they infringe on someone else’s rights. And no, your ‘right’ to have a closed mind is not included. AS long as the practice isn’t hurting anyone else, you should be able to do whatever you want. People kill themselves trying to get non-essential cosmetic surgery and somehow that is still legal. Open your mind a little, the U.S. is not supposed to be a nanny state.

      • Katherine says:

        I’m going to disagree with you ALL THE TIME! You are one of those people. The government our parent?! Are you f**king kidding me?! Not a chance sir. We have the right to express ourselves in anyway we so choose. THAT is and will be our RIGHT! People like you who are wanting a “balance” please just stick to yourselves. “We are just perfect children who just take what our “parents” tell us and that’s that” Are you insane?! Now a days it’s very very common to see people in the WORK PLACE to have tattoos and piercings because that’s the next generation. So you not getting hired well it was either bad luck on your part or they just didn’t like you and that’s the truth.
        You sicken me with the whole government is our parent load of crap! Get over yourself and get over the fact that the government doesn’t give two shits about your health and well being. If you think that then you are truly blinded. “If our government turns into a completely NO parent then maybe it’s for a reason.” NEVER! I don’t care. WE THE PEOPLE make the government and if it goes against our rights and freedoms then the government needs to go. They are making more noise about tattoos and piercings when they need to get NObama out of office. Instead the “parents” are blinded us with this petty shit so we don’t see what they are doing behind our backs. So before you say “our parents” again….. Just please. Just stop talking. If I want a damn piercing or a damn tattoo… MY GOD! I’m an American and I can do so! You can call me spoiled and it’s fine. I just know my RIGHTS and FREEDOMS my fore fathers set for me and my brothers and sisters and you sir sure are showing YOUR rights and freedoms by telling this poor guy to shut up and sit down cause the “government will take care of us” WRONG! Make noise and make a sense cause WE THE PEOPLE make to government and we should have the right to vote and say no as well. Like any good child. You must learn to tell your “parents” no when they are just being unfair. Rebel is perfectly natural for “children” to do. You sir, get over yourself.

      • body modification is a disturbance of the peace???? REALLY??? *facepalm*

      • rhapsody says:

        The government is not meant to act as a parent! The government is supposed to act as the voice of the majority! Even a “republic” such as ours is supposed to have representatives who speak on behalf of OUR wants and needs while still being in compliance of both the constitution and our bill of rights. This specifically violates our right to free speech. Body modifications in no way affect anyone else’s life so even in our modern ‘Schenck v US’ america it is FULLY within our rights to modify ourselves!

        • MitchellNEw says:

          im sorry but the President* acts as a voice for the majority to speak to the Government, if you were a catholic mother (I don’t support gay marriage but i am Gay just so you know!) but if a catholic mother was walking with her children and say a man that had a whole bunch of bumps and “mods” all over him don’t you think your kids would get a little freaked out? its called respecting the public, certain thing are meant to stay personal, until society can learn to respect all things certain people (ignorant people) will always find something to not like and cause an equal amount of disrespect… a gay married couple shows disrespect in a Christian community, thus the Christians show disrespect too…. its a taunt!

          • Max Supernova says:

            “I don’t support gay marriage but i am Gay just so you know!”

            Self-loathing types are so sad.

            “a gay married couple shows disrespect in a Christian community”

            Bite me. This is the stupidest thing you’ve said yet.

            You’re not terribly bright, are you? Now go back under your bridge and leave the discussion to the adults.

          • Cisco says:

            Hahahaha “This is hilarious you people crack me up!!!” Sorry, but I happen to be bored as hell just sitting here waiting on a settlement check so I can start my road trip and live life! Thank you guys for the entertainment. (No offense to no one I just love your discussions and come backs) Keep it up.. Peace!

          • Cheyenne says:

            Actually children are a lot more accepting naturally of people. They aren’t born hateful or judgmental. Likewise if a parent chooses to raise their child to think how another person lives is wrong and disgusting than that is how that child will think. If you teach your child to hate, they will grow up to hate. It is in no way shape or form constitutional for anyone to be told what they can do to their body. My body is not a government’s property. I am a living breathing being. I am not an object.

            In reference to idea that a “Christian” is allowed to show disrespect to a gay couple: What about the Christians that show disrespect to other religions? Maybe you forgot but this country has no national religion. There is no argument about it. Have your religion, that’s great, but don’t shove it down someone’s throat.

            In the end, this bill isn’t about protecting anyone. It is a group of people making a personal choice for 2.949 million Arkansas citizens. Because ink on my skin will not kill you. It is in no way dangerous. If you choose to find them gross or unappealing, so be it. No one is making you get a tattoo or a piercing. And no one should be banning me from getting one.

            p.s. there are many “proper” and “moderate” companies who do hire those with body modifications. You’d be surprised at how some people try this concept of not stereotyping or generalizing a group of people. Crazy.

          • Lyns says:

            Um, Christians did NOT invent marriage, you imbecile. You are a disgrace to your entire community (and to humanity in general). Pagans were marrying long before Christianity even existed. Christians do not own marriage. Therefore, they should not dictate the laws regarding marriage.

            And to the person who said “At least we still have some rights”…I am depressed that I share a planet with you. If you had your arms removed by some psychopath would you be saying “well, gee, look on the bright side! At LEAST he didn’t take my eyeballs!” When the government is taking your freedoms away one by one, standing by and letting it happen (and crediting them for the things they HAVEN’T taken away -yet-) is not going to get us anywhere good.
            I have been approached by numerous people (even many old people) and told “Even though I don’t like tattoos, yours are the prettiest I’ve ever seen!” And I appreciate the compliments. But even if my tattoos weren’t pretty or tasteful, it wouldn’t be some random old bat’s place to tell me whether I should or shouldn’t have them. I personally think a lot of the things people choose to get put on their bodies aren’t attractive, in the same way that I think some haircuts and clothing styles are stupid. But would I EVER say that people should not be allowed to wear something that I find unattractive just because I might have to cross paths with them at the grocery store at some point? Um, no, that would be ridiculous. How about we just ban fat and ugly people based on the chance that their appearance might be offensive to someone? If you don’t want to have a chance to run into anyone whose appearance is unpleasant to you, then don’t be around people. Don’t want to look at my tattoos or black clothing? Well, maybe I don’t want to look at your dumb boy band shirt or your ugly face. Don’t want to hire someone because they have tattoos? Fine, don’t hire them. It’s your loss if the person is actually a good employee, and a truly intelligent business will appreciate them. I understand that some jobs have dress codes and uniforms, and sure, employees may have to agree to dress in code during their work hours if they wish to remain employed at that business. But ALL of us should have the right to look however we want during our free time. Ugh. Please remind me why I still live in this country.

          • really now... says:

            @MitchellNEw You are probably one of the most ignorant people on this site. You seem to know very little about our government. It was made the way it was to act as a representation of the whole of America, and has become something it was not. They were never supposed to “parent” us. They were supposed to reflect OUR will. Just as a quick (and watered down) lesson here: The executive branch (the one that contain law enforcement and the president) are considered the enforcers of our law (NOT THE VOICE). The judicial branch (judges and courts in general) interpret the laws in place in accordance with the bill of rights and the constitution. The legislative (senate and house) are considered the VOICES OF THE PUBLIC as they are elected by the people to make decisions on their behalf. In the case of this bill, they are not acting on the public’s behalf as there are more people today experimenting with body modification. This bill was an act that was more personally motivated by whoever wrote and submitted it than it was will of public.

            Please before you spout off how you know so much do at least a little research to back up your words.

          • Storm says:

            Mitchell… If you want a government that is a “parent” to you then leave our country. Our government is there to serve us! we hired them to do a job… represent the citizens. It is our duty to speak out against potential laws that outright go agaisnt our constitution and Bill of Rights. The government does not have the right to take away our personal freedom of expression… I personally hope that at some level the people will cause an outcry against this potential law because IMO the whole idea of being told what we can do to our own bodies by a governing agency sickens me. It’s my body… let me decorate or not decorate it as I see fit.

          • Really? says:

            So since people with dermal implants might freak out a kid we should outlaw them? When I was a kid I saw a man who had lost his arm and that freaked me out. Yes it probably wasn’t his choice but regardless, I was affected none the less. So should we tell people who look different that they should just stay at home and not go out in public for fear that they may freak out a child who doesn’t understand? No we should teach our children to understand that there are different body types and ways that people choose to address and express themselves, otherwise we will just raise a nation of intolerant people who criticize and crucify those that look different. Do I particularly like dermal implants? No but it is not my choice to stop someone else from getting them. By saying they are a public disturbance just because they look abnormal is like saying any abnormality is a public disturbance but it is only so because people are not taught to be tolerant. We fear what we don’t understand. And while I respect the rights of people to have their religion, they better return that right and stay out of my damn business. If I were gay and wanted to marry a girl then why shouldn’t I be allowed to because some people are offended by it? I’m offended by their ignorance and non accepting nature but you don’t see me trying to make their religion illegal. Look at it this way, what if everything were reversed and we lived in a culture where having a piercing was more accepted than not, would you want to government to force you to get one because you looked “indecent” without one? No you would want them to politely fuck off an not tell you what you can and can’t do with your body.

      • Dylan Crank says:

        Screaming crying babies? You are seriously blinded by whoever pulled the wool over your eyes kiddo! People have DIED and put THEIR lives in jeopardy for OUR freedom of speech and this bill is absolutely infringing upon that! As an American how are you not outraged? Before you know it, the Govt. will be telling you you can’t comment on things like this on the internet, and will you be fine with that? Please, open your mind and shut your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • HENRY says:


          • Daniel says:

            An intelligent question, great, I can help with that. The way it makes a sound is via the vibration of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, as air is moved from the lungs and through the vibration before coming out the lips. It sounds fine. How else can you talk, if someone Is having trouble understanding you or you developed a lisp? Well, there is american sign-language, you can type, you can paint… humanity has actually come out with a range of communication tools since we first started (though perhaps they were a bit passed your time). One of those communication tools for example was self-decoration. It ranged from clothing options (and the choice of which things to leave uncovered in order to attract a mate or display potency) to body-modifications (starting from scarification, piercings, and brands to more advanced things such as tattoos). Today we practice all of these things that our common ancestors came up with, in safe and sterile environments, as a way of communicating our connection to them.

            Thank you for the questions Henry, did you have any others?

      • Eric says:


        What a ridiculous diatribe.

      • Rick says:

        “[T]here are boundaries in open society where everyone needs to respect each other.” So I shouldn’t get a certain tattoo because my next-door neighbor might get offended? Seriously, are you out of your mind? How is what I decide to do with my body anyone else’s business? On the flip side, how is the government telling me what I can do aesthetically with my own body a showing of respect? That being said, the government is most certainly NOT our parents: They are elected officials who represent us, and their duty is not to determine what we can and cannot do according to some lame societal (or fashion) views, none of which have absolutely any consequence on anyone but the individual. If I choose to “deform” my own body, that is my choice, not yours or the governments. Allow me to have a glance at your wardrobe sometime and I’ll see if there is anything we can throw out because some asshole might be offended by a shirt or a pair of socks. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? So does this bill. Freedom of speech is not just for those who complain the loudest.

      • Lindsay B says:

        The issue with our country today is the mindset that you possess. Freedom does not come free, however that is what our country was founded on. FREEDOM, and absolutely founded on the bill of rights… FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This bill absolutely goes against our bill of rights, and do you not think that our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they heard about this insanity?
        People make other people’s business their own way too often. You talk about how much we complain as a country, but this bill is for people who likely are complaining about the choices of others that literally affects other people in no way, shape or form. The things that people do to their OWN bodies affects NOBODY but themselves. Period. Taking away our right to alter our bodies how we want completely steals our rights away from us as a country, and nobody in their right mind should support this.
        This is a gateway bill into the ways of the government controlling us more and more as each new law passes. I am not okay with this and the American people should not stand for this either.

      • jessethebuilder says:

        That is the weakest and most wishy washy thing I have ever read. Get a spine, and quit thinking the timid control freak in you is a good quality. It’s puke.

      • Some Guy says:

        “well I’m a moderate!” No, you’re just kind of stupid. It’s not the government’s job to be your parent, that’s your parents job. The government’s job is to protect people from external harm within reason, but body modification certainly doesn’t fall into that category. And how the hell do they qualify as “disturbing the peace”? Are they uncomfortable for some people to look at? Sure, but so are burn victims, so we might as well make that a criminal offense while we’re at it. As a sane adult, the government really has no responsibility to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else (and offending someone’s sensibilities certainly doesn’t count). If I get my whole face tattooed and then can’t get a job because of it, well that’s my problem, not yours, not the government’s.

        • MitchellNEw says:

          what do you thing Government means? “the form or system of rule by which a state, community, etc., is governed: monarchical government; episcopal government.”
          We are ruled!
          but we also have the choice to change how we are ruled!
          The government Governs us as a Parent Governs their child.
          Gover-ment its is a form of control and responsibility over something!

          I am going to govern you means i am going to watch over you and take care of you and you will listen! thats how the Roman empire worked!

          • Dave says:

            Do you have an idea of how and why a State it’s formed?

          • Michelle says:

            And the Roman Empire had it all right, huh? That’s why they are still THRIVING now? Dumb@ss! Come on! I don’t need the government to take care of me! That’s for the liberal sloth’s who would rather suck the government teet than get a real job! You sir OFFEND me – so shall we make a law against YOU? Sounds fair to me…

          • Eire says:

            I’m a liberal, a pretty left of center liberal and I do NOT “suck the government teat” as you put it. I work and have worked since I was 14. Generalizing is a bad, bad thing. Please keep in mind here that this bill was written by conservative and not a liberal.You know, those in favor of “small government.” Apparently, they mean small enough to fit in our homes. Most of us liberals can indeed find out asses without government assistance.

          • Dani says:

            I can’t even be bothered to take your argument seriously. This is mostly because you can’t form a sentence with proper punctuation.. It is secondly because you are clearly some kind of brain-dead robot who needs someone else to think for them.

          • Gretchen says:

            Thank you, Eire. Furthermore, when I was living in Indiana for graduate school all of the locals that I met that were popping out babies like rabbits and “living off the government teat” were white republicans. I’m not sure how liberals were coined as welfare children, considering this example the cited fact that most welfare recipients are whites from red states…

      • JamesMac says:

        “the government is our parent and we are the children,”

        ummm…THIS is super wrong and I feel sorry for you and fear for our country if this is the way most people are thinking.

        • andrew says:

          i was having an argument with one of my peers about Canada switching to a fine, instead of having marijuana criminalized.
          he was basically cheering because there would be no more charges on marijuana possession, yet they could give you a fine.
          if its not bad enough to be illegal, why would you get a fine for having it? the only reason is because the public is so docile that they cant recognize this type of behavior. the government is acting like a sexually frustrated adolescent that wants sex, and when the public says no, they just slip the tip in, only far enough for you to barely notice.

          • Bill says:

            Actually you have this wrong. The Canadian Police Chief’s Assoc. has suggested that instead of the current rules which require criminal charges unless the user has a medical possession license, there should be a lesser penalty (still criminal) which wouldn’t tie up so many resources (cops in court, judges, etc) which could be a fine. The assoc. specifically rejects decriminalisation.

      • Duke French says:

        Excuse me its my body no one not even the goverment can tell me what I can do with my body,if I want to tat it completely or pierce the FK out of it. The goverment can protect the many but can’t to shit to the individual,like seat belt laws or helmet laws,they can make them but I do not have to abide by them so yes they can make these laws but as individuals we FK not have to follow them…..

        • AkumetsuKun says:

          Actually, you *are* required to obey seatbelt and helmet laws. Way to torpedo your argument with a terrible analogy.

          Those laws are in place to minimize damage to your person in the event of an accident. They are the laws of the land and on the books. This is why they are, if not observed, punishable offences under the law resulting in fines or incarceration (in the case of multiple offences) in a court of law. Of course, the flip side to this is that it helps remove the stupid from the gene pool in shorter order.

          As to the issue at hand, what troubles me are two things; that this bill even passed the “WTF Sniff Test” at at all before enduring any kind of vote, and secondly, how alarming it is that there are so many people willing to trade off their hard won rights to feel more comfortable about what they will and will not see in in society.

          Just remember; a government will happily remove any freedoms or rights you aren’t using (or appreciating) at the moment, thank you very much, but once taken and gone, they’re damned near impossible to regain.

      • Ali says:

        I stopped reading after you said ” but it also causes “disturbances of the peace.””. Really ? How? What a load of bs. Just as idiotic as this bill. It wouldn’t make any disturbance if people didn’t bother with others lifes so much. How does someone having a piercing or a tat you may not get offecting your life? In no way does it. It does because you allow it and make it a issue. If people just let others life there life as who they are. We would be better off as a society.

      • Rob Britt says:

        that is the craziest comment I’ve read for a while. “Liberals are ______. conservatives are_______. While I am reasonable and don’t mind reasonable government regulations. I like other people deciding for me.” basically… wow. realize that depending on who is doing the defining you aree lumped in with one end or the other. Don’t generalize. Allow people to be individuals. tats don’t equal spoiled. (also nice indicating you would “smack a child upside the head”) barbaric and self righteous.

        • MitchellNEw says:

          how would you like it if your child was screaming at you demanding you do something and stomping their feet? I would discipline them and wack them upside the head to and tell them to knock it off and that no is no! I would not tolerate my child doing that, acting barbaric and childish and like they deserve something!

          • Shawn says:

            That’s what parents are supposed to do. Guide their children to become responsible, productive people who can rely on themselves. Last time I checked, the words “United States Government” appeared nowhere on my birth certificate. They are not the parents of the masses.

          • Really? says:

            That’s funny because you seem to be describing the people who chose to bring up this bill. They are insolent little children who are offended by the choices of others that they have no power to change so they go to the government to try and change it for them because they think they deserve to have a say over what someone else does with their body. And you’re right, the government should be smacking them upside the head and saying no.

          • robert says:

            Please stop recommending that we just slap our children. You are a tool and a shill.

      • lissa says:

        Umm …I think the reason youre alright with this and a lot of others arnt is that some of us percieve ourselves not as children, but as adults. From an adult perspective, it is outrageous and offensive that a governing body would dictate what one is allowed to do with ones body.I am not a child. Not a wilful child. Not a obedient child. Not a spoiled child. Not a frightened child. I am an adult and I expect to be able to make my own decsions as such: especially in areas that do not impact anyone other than myself. I find it frightening that there are other adults running around out there, percieving themselves as children, deferring responsibility for thier own choices onto authority figures, and hoping that goverment mommies will also take the freedoms and choices of the other adults around them away. Really?

        • Bill says:

          Even worse are the people, politicians and citizens, who feel that they have a right to be busybodies and pass laws about personal style and are. And of course, just as bad are those idiots who are willing to support those evil, probably fundamentalist Christian people.

          • Cisco says:

            Whoa! @Bill”And of course, just as bad are those idiots who are willing to support those evil, probably fundamentalist Christian people.” Is this a shot at Christians, God’s children?

          • Ed Schriner says:

            Just to let you know that Christians are not evil. Some may have compromised their beliefs on the gay issue, but I have never been one to judge based upon what a person looks like. Before you go lumping people all in one, think about what you are saying because some Christians would never judge based on the outside but what is in a person’s heart.

      • chris j. says:

        u r an idiot!!!

        • Bill says:

          1. Don’t forget the key adjective that I used; Fundamentalist. I’ve yet to meet one in any religion that isn’t evil to the extent of wanting to penalize ALL who have different beliefs.

          2. Want to lay odds that every single one who voted for the bill is not amChristian fundamentalist? Surveys have shown that Arkansas is a state with a majority of such; a defining principle of such people is their cherry-picking verses in the Bible, especially from Leviticus, which has them proving that they do NOT follow Jesus’ commandments from the New Testament.
          3. Most Christians believe in the Golden Rule. Not so for any fundamentalist I’ve ever met; they have been busybodies, usually wanting to enact laws against everything they disapprove of, such as tattoos, dancing, non-religious music, etc.

          If you’re a fundamentalist, you would have a hard time convincing me that you aren’t evil; if you’re a Christian, there shouldn’t be an issue.

      • Heywood says:

        Wow… Are all moderates uneducated morons?

      • eJazzy says:

        can we ban black people and asian people and all other colored people as well?

        I like the colors on my skin… but it would only seem fair.??? if I can’t color mine then they shouldnt be able to have color before me

        I would like to cosmetically color these lawmakers faces with my sperm.

        • MitchellNEw says:

          you the thing about body mods is that they aren’t natural! the color of your skin is! because you modify your body does mean your a different race! Michael Jackson (res in peace) Was still African American Genetically but chose to modify his body to be white and like “other people” he was born and raised around a different time where being black was bad and thats hugely effective on a child!

          • UKRuss says:

            So body mods should be banned because they are not natural. The next step will therefore be to ban hair dye, tooth whitener, contact lenses… because none of those are natural. Maybe we ought to ban clothes while we’re at it – we’re not born with those either.

          • This IsRidiculous says:

            So we should ban piercings, tattoo’s, and body modifications because they aren’t natural? In that case, lets ban hair dye, make-up, teeth whitener, braces, contact lenses, reconstructive surgery, or, really, surgery in general. And what would be the punishment for getting a body modification? would you be punished for having one before the law was passed? How would they be able to tell? If you would be punished for previous modifications, what about the prisoners of war who had numbers tattooed on them by their captors? Where do we draw the line? When we do we stop letting them take away our rights?
            Also, you are an idiot. Michael Jackson didn’t bleach his skin to ‘be like other people’. He bleached his skin because he had a skin condition and decided to make his entire body white instead of having blotches of white from the condition.

          • anonymous says:

            Why would you bring up “Michael Jackson” in this matter. He didn’t do any skin modding what so ever, he has Vitiligo. I am pretty sure you know what that means.

      • Vail says:

        I’m sorry but the government is NOT out parents. I’m a die-hard right wing conservative who has served in combat with the United States Army, the government is not my mother nor my father. While I don’t agree, that people should mark their bodies the way they do sometimes, it doesn’t make it illegal. The government has absolutely no right to put a limit on our “pursuit of happiness” provided it does not cause harm to our neighbors or ourselves.

        As for a disturbance of the peace, that would mean that sporting events that result in loud collective cheers would need to be banned as well because they disrupt the peace of surrounding neighborhoods. If you are the representation of the moderate world, then we are in trouble because the moderate world is the one who is supposed to have good innovative ideas not just “obey their government” like the right wing conservatives as you claim they did. You’re contradict yourself in your own invalid argument. Also if you weren’t aware, Wayne Gretzky for the win.

        Your voice disturbs my peace,therefore I respectfully ask that your kill yourself.

        • I am ME, You are Not says:

          I laughed so hard at the PS. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face while I read that despicable excuse to ‘balance’ society

        • I am ME, You are Not says:

          And I thank you deeply for your service to our country. I am glad you made it home.

        • Daniel says:

          Vail, thank you for so much both for serving, and for bringing a wonderful take from the right. I have no idea how the right and left stopped agreeing that they were a part of the same body, but you bring hope that they still are – because as far as I can tell ‘right’ and ‘left’ are economic stances, which should be fine to argue about over a beer. But both believe in american freedom from government interference (economic ideals not withstanding) even if they happen to care about different specifics where they don’t want to be interfered with. Enforced morality (such as body piercings, whom you can and can’t kiss, what you can do in the privacy of your home, what you can believe and express) got glued along economic party-lines and it is throwing everything out of whack. We need more people like you (on both sides) speaking up and bringing things back to normal.

      • Simon says:

        Jesus man, it’s only body art we’re talking about here. It’s not like the poor girl was defending abortion.

        And fuck the argument of “…been turned down by so many jobs”, most people who have tattoos and piercings realize they might be jeopardizing their chances at getting certain jobs. They either don’t care OR do something about it. None of my business, fucker.

        • Patrick says:

          It should be your business.

          We as a society have to pay, through taxes, for those who cannot be employed due to the “freedom” of being able to “decorate” their bodies in any way they see fit.

          Who is the responsible party that should be burdened with this?

          • MitchellNEw says:

            I love you! the more freedom the hight he taxes, there has to be a balance!

            Responsible and smart people want jobs! Stupid ignorant people don’t! someone with tattoos might want a Good job or two after getting Prego or becoming a father!

          • MightyElderGoth says:

            I have never been on the public dole since I started working, at age 12, on my paper route. How dare you try to generalize the entire population of modified Americans as a single, homogenous body of losers? I’m a biker, a parent, an executive, a rebel, a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, a hospital volunteer, and an individual. In my motorcycle club, I have friends who are bricklayers, grocery clerks, military officers, doctors, lawyers, and judges. I hope by all I hold holy that some day you will have your life saved by a doctor with full tattooed sleeves (I know several) and you will have to thank that person.

          • Daniel says:

            We also have to pay for people who cannot be employed because our educational system is stripped of finances and trailing behind the rest of the civilized world. If you are concerned about our economy, here’s an idea: lets deal with that 300lb gorilla in the living-room instead of the small squirrel that you seem terrified of? Because you know what? I make a Very decent living with my piercings, so do many people I know.

            Oh, I have an idea! Let us pretend that my share of tax money is spent taking care of those who can’t get jobs because of body-mods (I am fine with that) and your tax money is taking care of the non body-mod people who are having trouble finding work… so you deal with yours and I’ll deal with mine – I can just continue helping them get hired (because they have the skills and usually just need a reference letter, and because they are usually part of a tight-knit community that takes care of its own). I’ll even personally hire a few of mine. Yours.. well, good luck with that. Deal?

          • This IsRidiculous says:

            Except that those people CAN get a job. One of my coworkers has multiple facial piercings, a new hair colour every week, and many visible tattoos. She is making $34/hour, and isn’t asked to cover her tattoos or remove her piercings. I don’t understand why everyone thinks they can’t get jobs.

      • David says:

        MitchellNew – I am also a moderate and it means that I look at both sides of the issue and to be quite hones I think you are a freaking moron. What does a tattoo, which might or might not be offensive to you, have to do with the economy? Not a damned thing. Does this banned tattoo damage your life? No, it doesn’t so get out of other people’s lives. Sheesh what kind of stupid rock did you crawl out from under?

        • MitchellNEw says:

          Moderate (kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense.) Thats true Moderate! thats the type of Moderate I am!

          If someone who is a new parent and wants a good job to raise their child Tattoos and Body mods are going to get in the way and aren’t going to give you a solid good impression to the person your asking to hire you!

          Thats where insurance comes in meaning people have to pay more taxes! so if you think it doesn’t effect anyone thing again! it effects their wallets and other people trying to raise their children.

          • claudia cheatom says:

            You are kidding right???? I am a nurse and a mother of 4 children all successful members of society and i also have tattoos and piercings all of which i can cover if i so chose….i was hired with my nose ring in and my tattoos showing right out of school because they valued my work ethic and talents as a nurse not that i had piercings….your and other people like yours judgement and stereo typing keeps talented people with modifications from finding work and that is that! also, there was a statement made that i can express myself in other, safer, better ways ….oh really so when i decide tomorrow to come to work with purple hair because i find it is a purple hair day that will be fine right no riots or screaming kids???? Kids are thought to be judgmental and prejudiced against people just as you teach hate and racism and i am sorry but the government is not my parent and will never be my grandmother did a fine job of raising me thank you very much!
            My ability to safe your life or hold your hand when you are at your best or you worst…to listen no matter what i think about what you say…to give you strength when you most need it by just being there has not a damn thing to do with my piercings or tattoos….i am not even going to comment on the gay marriage issue my GRANDMOTHER thought me not to say anything if i can not do it in a nice way…..

          • MightyElderGoth says:

            Please, for the love of all, tell me that you do not believe this crap you are spewing. Tell me you are just trolling. I have only one tattoo, which is an amalgamation of all those I got previously. When you get enough of them, they tend to grow together, thus reducing their numbers. I have a wonderful wife, who only has a few small tattoos, that I have been married to for 22 years. I also have two children; one doing very well in college, and the other managing a restaurant. I have the world’s most beautiful granddaughter, who happens to be able to read and write at age two.

            I have no trouble getting a job. My skill set is in such demand I turn down two to three new positions per week. If the requestor is interesting enough, I’ll go to the interview in jeans and a tee shirt. I make a good living and have a great life.

            Were it not so, then it would be me who would have to live with the choices I have made. You would not have to do so. Just as I do not have to live with the consequences of you choosing to be a small-minded asshole. Do not presume to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body and the way I choose to express my individuality, you sheep.

            If you don’t like the way I look, that’s on you. I would dearly love for you to explain why some body modifications are bad, and others aren’t. Living in a somewhat warmer area, summers become an interesting panorama of all types of humanity. I have never, in my life, been walking along the sidewalk and have someone wreck his or her car looking at my tattoos. I have, however, seen several accidents caused by idiots unable to tear their gazes away from the extremely large, mostly unfettered breasts that go bouncing along the avenues, either real or implanted. So, if you believe that you and your “enlightened” types think that you know better than anyone else about how the country should be run, I challenge you to run for office. Any office will do, as long as you keep the same rhetoric. You won’t make the primaries, and probably won’t survive the parking lot.

          • robert says:

            What? Someone not getting a job affects my insurance? What if they own their own business? Would they then be allowed to get a tattoo? I think you were slapped in the head too many times.

            MitchellNEw is a troll.

      • CreepyFatOldBaldGuy says:

        Did anyone think that ‘MitchellNEw’ is just trolling all of you?

        Seems to have done an excellent job of it.

        My hat is off to you sir, but you are a male…

        Your trolling is above and beyond the normal types of trolls that I’ve seen, you are definitely in the ‘ProTroll’ category.

        Live Long and continue trolling…

      • Richard says:

        Having a tattoo or piercing doesn’t violate the rights of others. Just because you don’t like not doesn’t mean it violates your rights. Also, citing the fact that we have “gay marriage and other rights” as a reason to take away other rights is ridiculous. Show some consistency in what you believe at least tard nugget.

      • Dallas says:

        its the ‘slippery slope’ agreement. if w say this is not acceptable then whats next. I get the point of some not wanting to hire some because of tats or piercings, but its your choice, that’s why you have to be 18 to get them. do you want the government to tell us what books to read (they try) what shows to watch, what music to listen to? because that’s where it goes telling us how or what r who can have what. we have the choice to live our lives. its our body our art do you want them telling you what art to hang in your home? probably not

      • YEEEAH says:

        Yes because “chaos and riots” will definitely break out if I get a small piece of metal implanted in my dimples.
        We’re not asking for the freedom to buy nuclear weapons here…

      • Herrejon says:

        Yes, Why do we deserve freedom when all we do is complain, complain, complain, like whether or not people have tattoo’s or piercings? Or whether or not we eat GMO? Or are being poisoned by the very shots that are supposed to prevent us dying from some disease? Yes complain complain complain.. Oh wait thats what your doing.. LOL oh man I love idiots without people like you the village would be comedy free? hahah Here is a Good Reason Why we deserve it. Because OUR CONSTITUTION says we HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE FREE WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTRUSION TELLING PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN AND CANT DO WITH THEIR BODIES IS BEYOND THEIR BOUNDERIES. I HAVE NO TATTOO’S STILL I WOULD NOT LIMIT OR STOP ANYONE FROM GETTING NOE NOT MY BODY NOT MY PLACE. NOW IF IT WAS THEIR CHILD? DIFFERENT STORY. THE CHILD IS NOT OF AGE TO CONSENT TILL THEY ARE 18 I HAVE A SON ABOUT TO TURN 18 HE WANTS ONE BUT NOT TILL HE IS OLD ENOUGH TO DO IT HIMSELF. Simply put his life NOT MINE his decision.

      • YEEEAH says:

        Yes because “chaos and riots” will definitely break out if I get a small piece of metal implanted in my dimples.
        We’re not asking for the freedom to buy nuclear weapons here…
        Complete waste of government time and tax money…

      • Ed Schriner says:

        Who in the hell do people think they are trying to dictate what is okay and all? I am not one for scarification, implants, or any extreme piercings, but I have met a few that have plus tattoos and they are just like you and I. I think people need to quit judging on what is on the outside and start looking within people to see what kind of people they are like! I have but one comment for Senator Missy Irvin and whoever is with her on that bill and that is, “GO TO HELL!!!” We don’t need judgmental twits telling people what they can and can’t put on or into their bodies!

      • bubba says:

        if a job turns you down then thats your problem to take it up with said company. but what people do in their free time is up to them. i myself have several piercings that my job does not allow, simply take them out at work and put them back in when you get off the clock. now if they wont hire you only because they don’t like what you have and can come up with no other reason then there might be legal action to be taken

      • Mary Kennard says:

        You would hit your child in the head? Nice parenting. When they start taking away freedom, where does it stop?

      • john says:

        I’m not going to write as much as you.
        1- I despise tattoos.
        2. freedom is worthless if it only applies to things you approve of.
        3. As for your comments- get bent. Government is our parent? You have to be either trolling or retarded.

      • Ilya says:

        Are you serious? The government as a parent? You are not a moderate. I don’t need my government to parent me or limit my freedoms. Your childlike metaphor are a poor justification for the government overstepping the boundaries. I think you need to grow up. would you like the gov’t to set a bed time for you also, so you don’t stay out too late before work?

      • Trrr says:

        You are a whack job. This was the most disturbing thing I have read in a long time. The government is our parent? You are seriously kidding. This is satire. Otherwise you should be hospitalized for mental illness.

      • Megan says:

        I’m not a child and the government is not my mother. I have tattoos and piercings and a great paying, respectable job. I had dermal a “implants” that weren’t noticeable unless I pulled my hair up to show them off.
        This is ridiculous and to ever sa, “oh but gay marriage is okay so you can take away another one of my rights,” is the most backward thing I’ve ever heard.

        • Mason says:

          Megan, I just wanted to say thank you. I was waiting for someone to say something. I need too have piercings and tattoos which my job allows. The fact that they are taking away this freedom is pretty ridiculous. I personally hate politics but this is getting out of hand.we need to stop letting this happen to the people of the U.S.A. (who by the way are said to be free) My having tattoos does not mean that I’m going to start a huge commotion by walking out of my house. There is nothing wrong morally or ethically to modify your body. The choice should be up to you and you alone. Just my thought. Bye now.

      • Brett says:

        The fuck? The government is not our “parent” and has no right to act as such. You sound like a brainwashed little urchin.

      • Lady says:

        First of all, the goverment is not our parent. Have you read the doi?

        the people control the government not the government control the people.

        Why can no one remember that. These fucked individules are trying to control society when they just need to accept how things are now.

      • fester0318 says:

        You are a special kind of retard aren’t you! “The government is our parent”? You and everyone else can kiss my ass…. its my body and if I want to be covered in tattoos and piercings then who the hell do you think you are to tell me I can’t. People lime you are the real problem with this country. And while I’m out getting my next tattoo, I’m sure i will also be picking out my next gun and grabbing more ammo to make sure I can defend myself from “parent goverment” and the rest of you kool-aid drinking, right infinfringing slugs!

      • heavilymodified says:

        sounds like you need to go back to middle school and learn what freedom really is…if you think freedom is being spoiled maybe you should remove yourself to a more conservative country. also, your over generalizations of liberals is disgusting, you are not a moderate you are most certainly a conservative based on the way you talk about “deformation” who died and named you king to determine what is deformation or not. you really made yourself sound like a food and i hope you are feeling like such.

      • Joe Mama says:

        MitchellNEw, you’re missing the point. Yes, businesses can hire whoever they want, and they can base their hiring decisions on anything they see fit, so long as it doesn’t discriminate against race, gender, etc. I find tattoos disgusting, and if I owned a business, I’d not hire a tattooed freak, either. That’s a lot different, however, than the government telling you what you can and can’t do with your body. First it’s allowing tattoos or piercings they don’t like, then what’s next? We can’t legislate things simply on the basis of whether we like it or not.

      • Dennis C says:

        You’re full of shit, dumbass. In case you forgot, people in this country are free to express themselves how they see fit! As far as this ban goes, the governmennt should be ashamed of itself. You should be ashamed of yourself for basically spitting on the constitution. Good job making yoouself look like an idiot!

      • Striker says:

        wow! maybe you are the one that needs to keep some things to yourself and leave Jennifer alone! Her point was something I agree with 100%. Your point I agree with about 20%

      • chase says:

        What kind of “Moderate” are you? The Government has no right to try and regulate what “I” choose to do with “MY” own body. Who the F*** are they to think they have some kind of right to tell me what I choose to do? The Government needs to learn its place, and that is not where they are invading peoples personal lives. The Government exists only to regulate, not control people. This kind of bill brings disunity and turmoil for citizens that choose a different lifestyle. Arkansas is basically saying they reserve the right to judge you and tell you what you can and can not do. They are over-stepping their boundaries and they need to be shut down!

      • Jo says:

        Okay I think your not getting it. Its no one else choice, except your own to do what you want to yourself. If no one likes it they can screw off. This has nothing to do with parent hood, or raising children. This is about taking away freedom to do what you want to yourself. Its wrong, and believe me, if they even pass this bill NO one who loves tattoo’s will listen to it, and there will be one hell of a fight before its said and done. I have 3 tattoos. . . Im getting more, and I will get what ever I want on my own body. CAUSE its MY BODY! The government will have no here say, there say on what I do to myself and how I want to do it. Yes thats right… It is actually taking freedom of speech away.

      • jo says:

        You have no idea what you are even talking about here. Sorry but if is taking away freedom of speech. There is no way in hell this bill will pass without a fight. And even if it does, no one will listen. Its another stupid idiotic fucking bill some random person comes up with because they are ignorant to things around them, and have nothing better to do then be a f*cking A*hole trying to prove something and act like in their own head, they are the hero, when really they are being st*pid as f*ck. Don’t tell me you actually think freedom of speech has nothing to do with your body? Cause it does. ITS YOUR BODY! YOUR RIGHTS TO FREEDOM IS – ONES SELF – NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! Im from Canada and damn if this bill will mean anything to me. I have 3 tattoos and Im not gunna let some stuck up nosey spoiled ignorant person tell me what I can and can not do to my own body. ORDER IN THE COURT!!! HELLO! WAKE UP! Its allllll propaganda and population control. People need to start standing up for themselves more. There are more people then government, and more people, means more over throw. Stop listening to everything you are told, and think for yourselves.

      • Jon M says:

        Excuse me sir, but I do believe go fuck yourself.

      • Ron J says:

        While you may be right in saying that some things should stay personal, it’s not the governments right to say what that is. It’s our right to govern ourselves as we see fit and let the consequences follow. If that means we might not get the job we want, that’s our own fault for making the choice. But it’s not the government’s decision to make.

      • Jamark says:

        Downs it hurt to have your head that far up your rear end?

      • Doug Stamper says:

        Dear “moderate” that was the dumbest ,irresponsible,and Down right Dangerous Bullshit thought spewed onto cyberspace ive seen in awhile….Freedom is freedom, not “well atleast we have other ways to STILL express ourselves.” your right we still do have other ways to express ourselves still..atleast for right now until they take those away too cause you thought it was ok to give up this and that until you painted yourself into a corner and there wasnt anything left …then what ?The government IS NOT our parents is OUR GOVERNMENT…knowing ppl like you are out there in this country scares me more than the government infringeing on my “rights” ever will. SMH

      • Sean Barry says:

        Unless my body modifications are literally jumping out and scratching you, than you should have no say in where or where they arent acceptable. Looking on the bright side doesn’t excuse how wrong this is. If you don’t like the way something looks, look the other way

      • Phil says:

        Sorry to have to inform you Mitchellnew but the Government is not supposed to be our parents as they work for the people. Yes I am a conservative and believe in smaller government and fewer regulations. It is not for the government to run our daily lives.

      • Kearstanf says:

        Children get told no because it’s for their own good. Who in the plu purple hell is an adult to tell other adults they can’t do something just because they don’t like the way it looks? You’re “moderate” attitude seems to stem from brain-washed “it does what it’s told” ideals. I’m a grown woman. I don’t need big brother telling me what I can and cannot do with my body. This is just another way for them to invade person lives and conform people into sheep.

      • Sean says:

        You don’t have the right to not be offended. People need to stop making laws to prohibit stuff because something offends them. Way to go fascists! You sure hate freedom don’t you?

      • Gilmer Smith says:

        You are a clown. I am an adult and I have parents. The government is a parasite and they do not run my life. Get out of my life and stay out. A tattoo is not going to hurt YOU… idiot…

      • Matt says:

        you are a fucking moron…. really… anhero already cause you are a waste of oxygen, i hope you have no children, cause your genes do not need to be passed on.

      • The Kid who just made you feel like shit says:

        I just think youre being a stupid cunt honestly in my opinion…is that good enough freedom of speech, or does that pass the boundaries too…?

      • Kel says:

        So…you think they government should be able to tell us what we do with our own bodies?? Well if you think we shouldn’t be altering the human body I guess you’re out there opposing cosmetic surgery? Hair cuts? Dying of ones hair? All of those alter the human body.
        And the government is NOT my parent. They aren’t paying to raise me…in fact I’m paying them in the form of taxes every year. So that whole we nee to be told no sometimes line…total bullshit. You don’t like body modification…don’t do it. But don’t you dare try to tell me what I can and cannot do to my own body.

      • Max Supernova says:

        “Jennifer in a country like ours there has to be Boundaries and freedoms, but first before we complain we need to look at the pros and cons of what we already have and become humble for what we got! and if the government become a completely NO parent then maybe theres a reason why!…. maybe cause we are being too spoiled.”

        Or maybe it’s because the government doesn’t know what its legal limits are.

        Your seemingly unconditional deference to government is petrifying. Your smug superiority about that deference is infuriating.

        • Scarlet says:

          Agreed, his entire post is disturbing in many ways. The fact that he feels it is OK for government to take ANY of our constitutional rights away… blinding to my eyes to read. What the hell do you think our founding fathers fought so hard to uphold? Be grateful for what we do have?? So you say…..You are willing to sacrifice one right for another…if it suits you?? Get with reality buddy. No Americans should have to sacrifice ANY rights..what…so…ever !!! Government has NO right to tell anyone what they can and cannot do with their bodies, our bodies are the property of ourselves and only ourselves. It’s sheeple like you that are aiding in bringing this country down..and disgracing our history.

      • Alex says:

        Most of the people who get body mods are old enough to know what they’re doing and don’t need their parents to tell them what to or not do. How can, for eg, MY tattoo ”disturbance your peace”? If it’s like this, then they should ban people for being fat or too skinny.

      • taylor says:

        although well written every bit of your reply mitchellnew is completely opinionated . see you may feel that people are deforming themselves but to the people who go through theses mods it is a change they want. it is a modification not a deformation. everyday people get plastic surgery and get hair cuts both of theses are body mods as well maybe its not as strange and interesting as some other mods.however if the government is trying to ban even one type of body mod that only shows that all body mods and self expression can be in danger.where you say that you believe that people should be told no sometimes i agree, however not with body mods. this is my body and if i want a mod or a piercing im going to do it no one can tell me not to or tell me what i have to get done because it is my choice, just like it is your choice to wear one earing and get a haircut whenever you want. on the note of getting jobs with mods, just because it was hard for you doesnt make it hard for others there are jobs out there as long as your willing to work no matter how weird you look. everyday people who look different without mods have trouble getting jobs as well. my whole problem with this bill is the fact that im damn near positive we have a lot more important things to worry about in our country like our debt for instance.

      • leina says:

        We are not children we are adults, what a person does to their body be it tattoos or piercing is their business and has no affect on me what so ever. That being said why does anyone have the right to control what you do to your body? Let people be unique, not turn them into sheep.

      • Buck Snortt says:

        You sir are quite a jackwagon

      • teresa says:

        the government may be your parent but they are not mine… BY THE PEOPLE .. FOR THE PEOPLE.. OF THE PEOPLE…the government should back out of it and let the idiots selectively eliminate themselves…lol

      • FreeAmerican says:

        Mitchell, you’re a communist. In the America I remember, I have the right to do whatever I want with my body and you have the right to be a jerk and hate it. Period.
        You do NOT have the right to smack your child upside the head.
        The government is NOT our parent.
        We do have the right to complain.
        You’re a moron incapable of forming a complete sentence, much less a complete idea.
        I can only assume you we’re educated in Americas crumbling public school system sometime after the nineties.
        You’ve not gone to college.
        You have no idea what the founding laws of this country were.

      • AngelAmore says:

        Mirchellnew…. That may be that society needs to have certain boundaries yes… But just as we fought for a separation of church and state, the government has nothing whatsoever to do with societal laws. PERIOD.

      • MoralDK says:

        Get out of my country, traitor!

      • Saggi says:

        Sorry, I’m a conservative, and as much as I’ve seen some piercings,etc., I didn’t think appropriate, I believe this infringes on a person’s constitutional rights. I’m sure someone will take it all the way to the supreme court if necessary.

      • Eire says:

        When you have to start pointing out that “at least we have….” this freedom or that freedom, something is horribly wrong. It’s not about the freedoms we still do have, it’s about the freedoms they try to limit. Lest you forget, while you’re counting the freedoms you still enjoy, there’s someone out there who is probably planning to take away a few of them as well.

        Also, please kindly point me in the direction of any riot that was caused by body modifications in the United States. I’d be very interested in reading up on that subject as I fear it is much like a Unicorn, existent only in the mind.

      • vknqueen says:

        wrong wrong wrong…the government is not a parent…it is not their place to dictate what one may or may not do with ones body. Just like safe abortion…you may not want one but outlawing them doesn’t mean that they cease, it just means that women die having back alley abortions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one is free to shove their opinion down other peoples throats…

      • Luke says:

        The fact that you think and/or refer to the relationship between the government and its people like a parent and its children its just ridiculous. The point of democracy is that the people ultimately have the ability to control the government. If you want a parent and child relationship with your government you’re probably better off with communism or a dictatorship.

      • thegoose79 says:

        fist of all, “you’re” an idiot. When you are trying to say that somebody is something, you use “you’re” or even “you are”. “Your” is a possessive, as in, “your logic is retardedly flawed”. Second, I would be willing to guess the majority of the support for this bill comes from conservative lawmakers. The fact that these lawmakers want the government to control what we can and can’t put on our bodies is possible the most hypocritical B.S. I have recently heard, as conservatives by definition want less government interference in their lives.

      • Vance Hanna says:

        I am a Moderate as well, and your WAY off base. If it does not Harm ANYONE ELSE, and does not make you a Risk to harm anyone else, such as drugs or drinking and driving, the government has NO RIGHT telling ANYONE what they can and can not do with their own body.

        I have 69 tattoos. Not a one of them has made me a threat to harm anyone else. Its my body its my business. NO ONE ELSE’S.

      • Vance Hanna says:

        Oh and for the record, my 69 tattoos have never caused “disturbances of the peace.” Really where did you come up with that crap.

      • Michelle says:

        The government is NOT our parents and we are not their child… They WORK for US! Holy hell – did you even consider what you were saying? The government has no right to tell ANYONE what they can tattoo or pierce or modify on their own bodies! EMPLOYERS have the right to have a dress code which may or may not allow visible tattoos, peircings or other modifications and that is their right – not the government. NO LAW should be passed. Some representative decides it is offensive and puts out a bill to make it become law? I don’t think so!

      • Bret Vovk says:

        I just have to chime in here and say that both of you sound stupid. It’s not your argument. It’s that your words are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

      • Al says:

        Don’t believe they want what’s best for you. There are elites that believe they know how all should live

      • Patrick says:

        The government is NOT my parent. Nor is it my religion. The government exists to protect the interests and safety of individuals as a collective, a group.

      • hooligan says:

        If you don’t like it don’t look at it. Done.

      • Lexi says:

        Are you sure you were not tuned down for “many jobs” b/c of your horrible grammar? And why is it that to have “other freedoms” we should sacrifice the ones we have now. Last I checked this is my body, and I, and only I have the right to do with it as I please. Next it will be outlawed to be fat or to skinny. Americans keep giving up rights and freedom b/c they are scared or just b/c something offends their delicate sensibilities. Behaving like a spoiled brat is not how I teach my children to get something they want. Why as adults is it okay? The government has NO right to “balance” anything but foreign affairs. And they are doing a piss poor job of that as it is. They need to keep their nose out of my and every other Americans personal affairs. You offend me. Should you be outlawed?

      • Squishins says:

        You’re an idiot.

      • Brandon Marks says:

        the the government is not my parent, my parents are, if I want to get a tattoo im Gonna get one dammit

      • Hadtospeakup says:

        MitchellNew, your a complete idiot. Referring to the American people as children and the government as our “parents”, is completely ridiculous just for the simple fact that we the people created the Constitution to stop idiots like yourself from justifying taking away our freedoms.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

        Read the Constitution and then get back to me.

      • Jasmine says:

        You are an idiot.

      • Steffy says:

        So what you’re saying is that it’s ok for the government to tell you what to do with YOUR body? Seriously? I don’t give a S*** how many other freedoms we have. They keep trying to take them away and taking away a person’s choice for something as simple as a tattoo on their body is just one step closer to them controlling all of what and who we are. Just because some people don’t like tattoos doesn’t mean they should have the ability to tell others that aren’t minors in their legal care they can’t get one. People wearing crosses offends me. However, I don’t tell them they can’t wear them. People who use satanic symbols, you know, the real ones not the symbols people mistake as being satanic offend me as well. I see those as tattoos on people all the time. I don’t tell them they can’t have them or to cover up. It’s not my place. It isn’t the place of the government to tell them that either.

        As far as the complaining. It is our duty to protect our freedoms from the government and corporations taking them away. As citizens of this country that is our responsibility. To say people are just complaining instead of paying attention to the content of the complaints or the actual situation is shallow at best, ignorant at worst.

        I suggest you read about the subcultures in this country and their struggles for equal rights. There are quite a few, not least of which is the LGBTQ community which btw, they don’t have legal marriage everywhere yet, so they don’t have that freedom. And we all deserve freedom, all of us as humans regardless of country, religion, etc. all deserve freedom. If you don’t believe that, then I would have to say there is more wrong to you than meets the eye.

      • michael says:

        the government is not our parent, that metaphor is wrong in so many ways. and regardless of whether or not there are other ways to express ourselves, freedom of speech lets us decide how we do so. whether my tattoos are “traditional” or not doesn’t matter, they’re mine, they have meaning to me and telling me I can’t have them does indeed violate my 1st amendment rights.

      • Bobbie says:

        Sir, the government is NOT our parents. And yes, we whine and complain about getting freedom. How do you think we even got in this country in the first place? Because our fore-fathers whined and complained about freedoms, and when that didn’t work, they left! They found a new place to live and made rules so that we would be able to have certain freedoms. In other countries, if the public doesn’t like a law, they protest! Call it whining and complaining if you must, but if you ask me, we don’t do enough of it. That is the reason that Americans fear their government instead of the other way around as it should be! We are not spoiled. We are insisting on the equal rights we were promised when this country came to be. No one is trying to force tattoos and body modifications on anyone. If someone has a tough time getting a job because of some choices they made, then so be it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be free to make those choices.

      • Anon says:

        Can’t really think of anything to say to this except I’m really glad you’re not in charge…fuckin’ prick.

      • Troy says:

        Freedom means freedom. Even tho we are limited to a certain kind of freedom, it’s still not something states should be able to do. I agree with no face tattoos and tattoos on the arms or say tattoos of naked women or anything vulgar because it will hinder us to getting jobs. This shouldn’t be a debate on if we’re socially accepted or not because piercings and tattoos. Who cares if we have them or not.

        You know when you start taking away everyone’s freedom they will start getting angry and of course whine about it. And taking too much away and people will start not obeying the stupid laws they keep putting up. You can’t do that to people soon we’re all going to live in cages and be monitored 24/7

      • Tom says:

        “Disturbances of the peace”

        It’s not the person with the tattoo or piercing’s fault that another person is shocked/offended/whatever at their body art.

        “I have been turned down by so many jobs just because i wore only one earing…”

        Then don’t wear one next time? The same as a person with a tattoo covering it up or a person with a piercing removing it? They make the decisions with their body at their own peril. And for every job that is willing to turn you down over an earring, there are plenty more that don’t give two shits. Not the government’s job to decide for us what we can and can’t do like this.

        “Least we have gay marriage, least we have a lot of other freedoms!!! Don’t forget about those!”

        Just because we have some freedoms doesn’t mean we should be fine with not having others. Especially when the freedom being denied is as inconsequential as a “cosmetic”, “non-traditional” tattoo.

        “Yes there are people who should just fuck off if they don’t like something but theres also there are boundaries in open society where everyone needs to respect each other…”

        Exactly. Respect my right to put a piercing wherever I want, or get whatever kind of piercing I want.

        “on the other hand don’t be so completely blind and arrogant, the bill only passed for certain procedures (NOT ALL TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS.)”

        We know. We also know that the language in the bill is so vague that we actually DON’T know exactly what kinds of piercings and tattoos are illegal yet. And it should go without saying that “At least we’re KIND of free” is bullshit.

        “There are plenty of other ways people can express themselves other than “deformation” of the natural body… ”

        Please, define “deformation”.

        “From my guess your a liberal, well I’m a moderate! Liberals are like little children demanding to have everything and be spoiled rotten and be free with everything and then it smacks them all in the face, Conservatives are super obedient children who are highly ignorant and only go one way or no way.
        While like I a moderate, seeks to have a balance, we cant always have what we want and our parents have to say no sometimes! the government is our parent and we are the children, if it gives us everything we want Chaos will rise and Riots WILL break out, where as if the government was too strict like conservative we’d end up like Iran.”

        First, fucking please. Keep your “liberals are this, conservatives are that” bullshit out of the discussion. It has nothing to do with this.

        Second, yes, I’m positive riots will break out and chaos will rein if I’m allowed to get an implant in the shape of an NES controller installed at the base of my neck. The HORROR. Slippery slope, my friends!

        “A good parent is a parent that says no sometimes and yes other times, bad parents are parents who say no all the time and yes all the time.”

        An awful parent is one who flips a coin to decide when they say yes or no to something. Sort of like Arkansas is doing!

        “Plus what makes you think we even deserve freedom if all we do as a country is complain, complain, complain whine scream and cry because we don’t get what we want?!?!
        I would smack my child upside the head and say “get over it! No is no!” if they did that to me.”

        ‘You’re not allowed to get a harmless body implant.’

        ‘Why not? It’s not hurting anyone and it’s completely sa-‘

        ‘GET OVER IT! NO IS NO!’

        That’s completely flawless and I see no problem with punishing someone for rightfully complaining when a pointless restriction is enacted.

        “Jennifer in a country like ours there has to be Boundaries and freedoms, but first before we complain we need to look at the pros and cons of what we already have and become humble for what we got! and if the government become a completely NO parent then maybe theres a reason why!…. maybe cause we are being too spoiled.”

        I need you to leave this discussion. And this country.

      • michael holmes says:

        partial freedom is not freedom at all

      • Gob says:

        The government is our parents? We tell the government what we want it to do and if they don’t do it, they get voted out. MithellNEw, you either are the worst analogy maker ever, or you don’t have a clue what the government is.

        Making laws that no one wants to follow or that blatantly fly in the face of human rights is never going to be something that will be okay for long here. That’s why we left England.

      • Aislinn says:

        The government is NOT my parent. I am an adult and have the maturity and reason to make my own choices as to what I do with MY body. This violates my freedom of speech, period, end of story.

      • Scarlet says:

        I think you better reread what you just wrote and recognize that you have a very skewed sense of reality !!! This is one battle that no matter what garbage you spew on top of the garbage you already spewed…you won’t win! Your justifications of the government telling people what body adornments and modifications they want to make from upstanding legal business’s is…pardon my sh*t ! The government is NOT peoples parent….the government is OUR employee’s ! They work FOR the people…remember? wow…all I can say is wow !

      • Ambyr says:

        The government is not my parent. Maybe you are so stupid and child-like that you need the government to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body but the rest of us with an ounce of common sense do not!I am a moderate-liberal but I know there needs to be people on both ends of the spectrum for any rational compromise to occur. Do you want a cookie for being a moderate who is too weak to take any real stance. This country is becoming a real life “1984/Brave New World” and we are letting it happen little by little. Of course there must be some limitations but those are better focused on issues that impact the whole society, not trivial matters such as personal body modification. I wonder if these old, rich, White, male senators would support a ban on breast implants and penis enlargements, after all, those are unnatural as well!

      • Sheri H says:

        Using that “parental” analogy… those who find various tattoos and body piercings a risk for causing “disturbances of the peace” and talk the government into making them unlawful is a little the child who whines about a sibling making a face at them. My response was always, “well, quit staring at them and you won’t know it!” Ok, granted, some of the body modifications are hard not to notice, but if that person wants to go through whatever level of pain is required, and subsequent effects, to express themselves, let them! Laws may pass to support the banning, but it won’t stop it from happening… so who is the one in trouble? The artist who did performed the procedure? Good luck getting us to squeal. Or the person who now has their own individual look? And what would the punishment be? A fine? Forced removal? Having the offensive art carved off my body? And how many times can I be punished for same tat? Are the cops now gonna stop me to question when and where I got the tat/piercing done? Was it in-state/country or not?
        Just seems a big to do over something that would be pretty hard to enforce. All because some people don’t like others to be unique.
        Oh but it did say “traditional” (by definiton something that is longstanding within a society) tattoos and piercings, so as long as they are old military tats and earrings only we are good to go. Oh but wait, some societies have practiced body modification for hundreds of years, and for some, it is even religious. So the law would have to have some pretty detailed wording there. Or is this the first step to letting the government decide who can have what Rights based on sex, age, race, religion, gender, nationality?

      • Scarlet says:

        Something tells me you have not worked in the real world, or your “government parent” dropped you on your head as a child. To be discriminated on for an earring? Hey…Pppssttt…there are laws in place that prohibit companies from discriminating against your physical appearance. Look into it lmao ! Most absurd post I think I have ever read…in my life ! oohhhaaavvaayyy. So with such laws in place, why do you feel we need another law that discriminates THAT law? Crap…lets just keep on writing more laws that overwrite every other law….seems reasonable ey? Get educated ! Take a freaking Macroeconomics class in college and learn a little lol You Keynesian!

      • Amy Etkind says:

        Now, telling liberals what your “moderate” view of us is won’t score you any points. Neither will agreeing that people don’t have the right to do with their own bodies as they see fit. That’s a neo-con belief, applied mainly to women and racial and religious minorities. Every time a female legislator in a state trying to put extreme limits on women’s access to reproductive health (YES, INCLUDING ABORTION), puts forth an amendment saying that men must have psych counseling,m prostate screening, a note from their doctor AND their wife saying that they’re suffering ED before getting viagra, the cons and the alleged moderates pitch a FIT. Pots and kettles. And don’t try to call yourself a moderate when you’re a neo-con. We can see through it.

      • Jerry Garcia says:

        If no one speaks up nothing gets done. Bringing up legitimate reasons does not compare to you abusing your child because he/she wouldn’t eat their veggies. You are really a special kind of stupid.

      • Tim G says:

        Before you write something so unbelievably dense, can you please learn how to spell and use at least somewhat decent grammar? I can barely understand what you wrote.

      • JooJoo says:

        If you got turned down because of one ear-ring… you were never qualified for the job in the first place and certainly didn’t leave the employers interview with a good impression.. that’s on you.

      • Starshadow says:

        Government isn’t a “parent.” Government is a collective doing what the individual cannot for the common welfare of the people who ELECT it. (And can fire it, when need be.)

        ADULTS who are full CITIZENS do not need a “parent” to tell them what to do. There are laws that are for the common good–don’t steal, pay your lawful taxes for upkeep, don’t have sex in the middle of the road, etc.–that a citizen needs to follow in order to live in a community of their peers–but they do not need a “parent” to tell them what to do, what to wear, how to decorate or mutilate or brand or otherwise modify their own bodies.

        Employers, OTOH, can lawfully refuse to hire people who won’t wear a uniform or whose body modification can distract from their collective image. That’s their right. They aren’t parents either.

        And if you’re “smacking your child upside the head” that’s called assault, and is bad parenting. If you think you need a parent, you shouldn’t be one.

      • Laurel says:

        Another ‘traditional’ bill from the people all about ‘freedom.’ Are they going to waste time arresting people? How is this going to be enforced? How much will it cost to enforce? Are those who already have ‘non traditional’ work done going to be grandfathered? How about making not finishing high-school illegal instead? Next will pink hair dye become illegal? It is another silly bill and I hope Missy Irvin realizes that she is going to be known only for this silly bill.

      • Sar says:

        Mitchell, you clearly have no idea how our government works. This is a Constitutional Republic. A republic is a form of government in which affairs of state are a “public matter”, not the private concern of the rulers. Meaning, this isn’t all about the representatives and what they want. The were elected to represent us (hence their name) and this law is far from that. The six purposes of government are to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty. This law does not fit any of those and even breaks the first amendment. Just because they think something is a good idea does not mean it needs to become a law. And the whole “parent/child” analogy you mentioned is so far off, I don’t know where you even got that. If anything, WE are the parents, as the government is OF the people. It’s not up to the government to “slap us around” when they feel we aren’t acting right. That is messed up that you think that. “be happy with the freedoms we have”. SERIOUSLY? Are you still in 3rd grade? You seem like the type who would say that phrase even after they take away the first amendment and second amendment and so on. The point is to fight for freedoms, which is clearly not what you care to do. You would still be a British subject if our Forefathers had not fought for freedom. You might be willing to lay down in the fetal position and be the government’s bitch but not all of us are, and I am willing to fight to the death to make sure my daughter lives in a free country. This country is hardly free anymore. Time to do what the Declaration says. Here’s a refresher in case you don’t remember. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”. ABOLISH. Also, another thing in there you might want to take note of is the phrase “DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED”. The government is supposed to be NOTHING without the people, and it is turning into a dictatorship. You need to do some reading, you have a lot to learn about our government. I don’t care what you call yourself politically, you are way off and need some reading if you are going to continue having conversations like these.

      • Tamara says:

        You sir sound like a liberal. Arguing and bickering. You are contradicting your own argue here. You say people can’t always have what they want, and where you agree with the Senator trying to pass this, doesn’t mean you can have what you want or agree with. Practice what you preach.
        Also, being a person of 5 tattoos (more to come), a monroe, ears peirced (gauge 6), and a belly button ring; think this bill is ridiculous. Because some (probably christians) think that body modifications are bad, doesn’t mean we all do. We have to get along in this world and if someone is jumping down our throats trying to tell us we can’t get tattoos and we can’t get piercings doesn’t mean that person should get their way.
        My tattoos are a story of my life and the things I love. Why take that pleasure away from me? Getting to express the things i love, You might as well kill me if you want to take that away. My piercings are how i like my body. Why not just cut my arm off. Cause I like that on my body too.
        And I can not believe that you really compared the government to being a parent. This government is a DEMOCRACY, in case you forgot. Should I look the definition up for you as well? In my life, my parents didn’t run a democracy house hold. They ran a dictatorship and what they said goes. Maybe in your life you got a say in what your parents did with your up bringng. But let me tell you it’s not like that everywhere else. So rethink what you say sir. You make little to no sense!

      • kevin says:

        MitchellNEw, your a piece of shit. what kinda meds you on? tattoos are a disturbance to the piece? tattoos existed in the earliest cultures or civilization has ever had. Im a professional tattoo artist, and ive tattooed many united stated military personel, from all branches, police, lawyers, judges, doctors, etc. IF they can have tattoos and respectable careers, its no excuse for you not getting hired at mcdonalds.
        the government has no right to govern us on that level. and alot of the reasons you dont get hired, for tattoos is from fundamentalist christian ideology that influenced our culture, but those concepts are quickly dieing out and the world is alot less conservative.
        policy is to protect and represent the people, not control them.

      • Jarrid says:

        How exactly are we being solid for spending our hard earned money on things we like/want. This country was founded on the idea of freedom to express yourself. The thing is, the government is not our parent. We are not their children. If someone wants to disfigure them self, well they have that right. We are adults, we can do what we want. Yes, I would like to see some of these modification gone, but who am I to say that they can’t have them? As long as they get it with their money, they have the right to use it how they please. Don’t you dare try to be like, “oh so why not make drugs and prostitution legal??” Well those things are illegal for your safety, to keep you from getting yourself killed or stuck with something that will actually destroy your life. But tattoos and piercings are safe to get. The only problem is people like you who are the ones who outspokenly have a problem with it. Sorry to say this, but you have no right to tell someone that they can not have something because it makes YOU uncomfortable. You are not what you say you are, just the fact that you would try to deny someone the right to do something because you have a problem with it is the thing that is actually immoral.
        We are not spoils for getting something we find attractive, getting what you want for free or crying about it tell you get it is spoiled. Look up the definition, know what your talking about before you complain about something.

      • James says:

        Are you high? Seriously? You actually believe that crap that you’re freely spewing all over this page? You don’t deserve to be an American, and frankly it’s people like you who let the government have as much control as they do, and allow them to abuse it as much as they do. Cry to big brother whenever something you don’t agree with offends you, be a pussy and not take care of your own problems, no, cry and cry until you’ve empowered a tyrant and have destroyed everything we live for, and others die to protect. You don’t like tattoo’s or piercings? Don’t look at them, get over yourself, these are not choices for you to make for someone, it is their body, you have no right at all to tell anyone what to do with it. Live your life, Quit trying to live others for them. That has got to be most ignorant thing I have seen, period. And as a parent, I will say that My son is more than welcome to do what he sees fit, after a certain point, it doesn’t matter how many rules you set in place, kids will break them, This is when you, as a parent, should be standing there with them supporting them in any decision that they make. Quit letting the government prove just how big of a piece of shit parent you are by letting them do your parenting for you. Grow a sack, take charge of your life, because frankly, by what you’ve just posted, you seem to have a lot bigger issues than if someone has tat’s or piercings, to deal with. What a joke.

      • CW says:

        Since when is it the job of the government to make laws about how you can look?

      • Shelley Brown says:

        This is possibly THE most ignorant description of our governments role in the lives of the people, that I have ever read.
        The government of the United States of America is NOT in any way , shape ,or form a parent to the citizens. This government is elected by the people to serve the people by representing the wants, needs, and directives of the people…NOT to dictate , moralize, or mandate our freedom of expression, freedom of choice, or any other private and personal decision that we might make which does not cause harm to another person. Its idiotic babbling like yours, that makes people think they have no voice and no choice about what the government does. YOU are a sheep, and you breed more sheep by trying to spew drivel like this publicly… Stop it.

      • Miranda says:

        Okay. So. Mitchell. I’m assuming that what you are saying is not a joke because it wasn’t that funny. And you’re definitely not trolling because none of what you said was even the slightest bit clever.

        So. With that said. I’m going to voice what most people who just read your comment probably want to say, but are just too much in awe of your idiocy that they just killed their computer. And also to the people who might be too easily swayed into wanting to be pathetically submissive to their government. Because SURPRISE! Not all of us want to be.

        1.) It is not anyone else’s decision whether or not someone wants to keep something private about themselves other than their OWN. That is like telling a happily employed stripper that he/she can’t tell everyone what he/she does for a living – solely because it “weirds” people out or something. It is unethically degrading and entirely not for you to decide. And disturbance of the peace? What if someone was really disfigured and repulsively ugly? Or if someone smelled really bad? Are they also not allowed their human rights to walk around like the rest of us? Who are you or is anyone to tell another about their freedoms? Which brings me to my next point…
        2.) “AT LEAST” we have gay marriage?! Homosexuality has happened since the dawn of life. Other species do it, and we’ve always done it. That should have been gotten over AGES AGO. So point invalid. And I have a dermal piercing. It would be illegal for me to be there if this passes.
        3.) It’s obvious by your disregard for other viewpoints and political standpoints, that you have a very small window of acceptance. So let me put this clearly. Our government has been lying to the public for a very long time. And at this point it’s not about fighting our government. It’s about waking people up that still keep the system running by blinding themselves through the rat race and never standing up to capitalist crimes. Because if some of the people want to participate, it traps the rest of us who don’t fucking agree. And how would your life would be affected if this DIDN’T pass? Not at all.
        4.) Our government our PARENT? Holy shit. That comment in itself is scary. No… just.. no. Our government is supposed to be comprised of THE PEOPLE. And if you think any one in this society wants to look at you like a child, you are dead wrong. Take care of yourself and stop preaching that some safety net government that you lay down for can do anything with our rights just because they let us do “some things”… that type of ignorance hinders us all.
        5.) Yes, a country like ours does need a government like this. But most people don’t even agree with our government and how our country is ran so just running with the same regulations and rules, and letting them tell us “No is no!” like they own us, is not gonna fly. You think we’re too spoiled, and that we’re lucky they “give” us some freedoms like it was theirs to begin with? No. Freedom is no ones to take. Freedom is a constant action and lifestyle. Not something someone gives you.

        So you can go ahead and let the government do what they want to you, but don’t be influencing the rest of us or people you might have an influence on that we are owned by the government. WE own the government.

      • tuhneeuh says:

        dont assume liberals and conservatives are just one way or another. Although they may be known to be a certain way dont generalize them. Im a liberal but I can respect a conservative’s point of view. Be a good political sport.

      • Shawn says:

        You dont have freedom’s you have minor privileges at best. stop joking yourself, giving up any of your freedom is stupid no matter how silly it may seem.

        People worry about others way to much, are they hurting anyone? no. or they causing crime? no. therefor they have the right to do as they please, it’s their body NOT yours. Who does anyone think they are telling another person what they can and cannot do with their bodies? NO ONE has that right.

        Brainwashed Sheeple.

      • jon says:

        You’re a real dick. Must be republician, wanting to control other peoples bodies. That and from the South, as I’m looking at something next to this page that says, “Tennessee Church Describes Sexual Abuse, as Horseplay Gone Wrong” are they for real.

      • Thorn says:

        There is a major problem with MitchellNEw -‘s comment. As HUMAN beings not all of us are children. Not all of us feel that the government are our parents. The government does not tell me what to do and how to do it. I as an adult as a human being with her own sound body and mind can make up my own mind as to what is right and wrong for myself. Yes we have Gay Marriage, however that has nothing to do with this point or idea. However I do understand your contrast to that idea.
        Now if the government gives us what we want many of us would be healthier, (Due to free health care which by the way is NOT socialism) Some of us would be married,Many would be debt free from college, we would have freedom of Religon, and we would have Better gun laws. What makes people riot in the streets is when people do not have the fundimental right to do what they need to do,they are unable to have what they really need, want or are unable to express themselves outright. (Google Riots and you will see examples.)
        Now this problem isn’t about “Children and what they need or want ect.” it is about Censorship plain and simple. Someone got a stick up her tail about tattoos and body modifications and decided the best way to handle it is to create a law banning the practice. Thus cutting into a form,and extremely OLD form of expression. (according to the Catholic Bibles tattoos were being used by people before and during the biblical times).
        Maybe the government should take a closer look at following more closely the constitution and what it represents versus going against it and censoring the people.

      • Scott says:

        You MitchellNEw are an idiot!
        What we do with our own body’s has nothing to do with politics, & it does not hurt anyone.
        You say we need to respect each other? Well how about respecting peoples right to be themselves & not be so narrow minded & get offended by what other people do to themselves because of your brainwashed contidioning. Goverments do not actually care about people, we are all just dollar signs in their eyes. Freedom is only a state of mind. Wake up!

      • Vidar says:

        We aren’t children, and the state aren’t our parents.

        And if you told your children no, just for the sake of telling them no, without giving then any reasons, you’d be a pretty lousy parent.

      • FalconTypo says:

        This is crossing the line on “boundaries.” If there is one thing a person is entitled to in this world, it is one’s own body. NO government entity has a right to tell a person what he/she can do with it (which is also why, for example, prostitution should be legal).

      • The Truth says:

        Having boundaries is the ABSENCE of freedom. You are trying to walk the middle road, And its making you look like a pompous ass. No one on gods green earth should dictate what you do with your own body. Scarification, Dermals, Tattoos, Piercings don’t need a bill, They need to be left the fuck alone. Shit If you want to surgically attach a lobster claw do you dick, then Have at it man. Your body, Your life. I am sick and fucking tired of America trying to fucking micromanage everything it doesn’t like. And I’m tired of people like you who actually eat the steaming nuggets of shit your armchair gods feed you. And who the fuck are you to tell someone there is “Alternate” ways of expressing themselves? They have made their decision how to OBVIOUSLY. And how dare you say “what makes you think we deserve freedom?” Are you actually fucking kidding me? How about the hundreds upon thousands of people who died for the idea, And are dying RIGHT NOW for it. Do us all a favor, Take your Uneducated, Government Spoon-Fed, Ignorant fucking self, Off the Internet, And Stay the fuck off it! Prick!

      • James Wall says:

        Preventing a person from expressing themselves (via Tattoos and/or body piercings)is a Violation of “Free Speech”!

        Since the words “Traditional Tattoo” were used, my question is:

        WHO determines what “Traditional” means?!

        Sure-As-Hell can’t be a “Christian” thing, since The Bible FORBIDS ALL Body Alterations AND Branding.-

        IF I have a (butterfly)tattoo on my butt cheek, where very few people will see it anyway, What’s the “Legal Procedure” for determining IF I’ve broken the law??!!

        PLUS: What’s the “punishment” for having a “Non-Traditional” tattoo on my body?! –

        Also: IF I have More than ONE “Non-Traditional” tattoo on my body, will I be incarcerated just for the basic concept of having a “Non-Traditional” Tattoo OR…

        Will I be fined and incarcerated per EACH Tattoo?!

        And then there is this:

        What’s the “Reward” for turning in someone who has a “Non-Traditional” tattoo on their body?!…

        You know like the police do…There’s the Anonymous Tip-Line where One can call and “Turn In A (Drug) Pusher”, so Who do I call in case I happen to see someone sporting a “Non-Traditional” tattoo?!

        PLUS: Since I’m a Pagan, I do Not subscribe to the “Traditional” notion of worshiping just one god…

        So, IF I see someone sporting a “Crucifix” tattoo, on their arm, Can I call the cops and have that person arrested because the Crucifix “offends” me?!

        I mean…THAT’s What this BS bill is about, Correct?!

        Someone saw another person with a tattoo that “offended” them, so they decided to make it illegal to have a “Non-Traditional” Tattoo…

        In other words, IF a person gets a tattoo that …”I”…like, then You’re okay!!…

        BUT…IF You get a tattoo that …”I”… do NOT like, then I’m going to call the cops on You, and have You arrested for “breaking the law”.-

        Makes “Perfect” sense to me:

        As long as YOU do what I want, and like, then You will be okay.-

        But IF You decide to do something that I do NOT like, NOR I approve of, then You’re going to jail.-


        Makes “PERFECT SENSE” To Me!!!

      • Oline Wright says:

        Ummm no the government is not our parent nor should it be.
        If you have been turned down on a job for only one earring then that was the free choice of yours and the potential employer.
        Now I am a bit moderate on this in that I feel that a person should not be able to get say a penis tattooed on their body and leave it uncovered in public places. Yes there are some really awful tattoos and yes those who get them will likely pay the price of low or no employment However they should not be receiving aid from the government if they have made themselves unemployable due to the process of expressing themselves.

      • Thorn Skarthborg says:

        WHOA, MitchellNEw! I have seen some sheepish post before, but holy Ben Affleck as Batman!!

        Are you kidding dude or are you literally that in need of a nanny? You say your a moderate, dude? WOW! This is why my motto is… Liberals want to be your momma, and conservatives want to be your daddy.. You know what Libertarians want to be?

        They just want to treat you like a fuckin Adult!!


      • jeff says:

        if the government were a parent, social services would take the children into protection. scares me. man ruling over man. a system that has failed all throughout history. can’t say I have faith in any political views from any side. it is ALL garbage. there will be no true order or peace unless the world wakes up as one. only the illusion of control. steps and steps closer to being right at your front door. world SECURITY. government will fail the world.

      • Amanda says:

        All that needs to be said is that if you don’t like the way it looks then DON’T LOOK AT ME. The only reason why you agree with the government on this is because they haven’t taken away something that you like, yet! I bet you would have a different opinion then and you would be the one complaining whining and screaming cause you can’t get what you want. There are much bigger things in this country and world to worry about before caring about what other people do to their own bodies. I don’t like seeing ghetto hood rats dancing around in the middle of the streets or on bus stops but they aren’t banning that. Or what about gold or platinum grills, or fat people wear spandex. These are all things that look ridiculous or absurd among hundreds of other things but no one is banning any of this. Instead I simply just ignore them and go about my own life which I suggest you do your self.

      • Caleb says:

        The government is not our “parent” and does not gives us freedom. Silly goose.

        In fact, the government is more so like that annoying sibling who follows you around and interferes with your life because they don’t have one. A political career is the sad story of a person who lacks the ability to create value, so they decide to stifle growth and peer into matters that do not concern them.

      • Brittany says:

        Your an idiot. And you are a liberal trying to justify something. Moderate my ass.

      • Dawn says:

        Are you familiar with the term “projection”, used in a psychological sense? This is projection, and transference. It is not yours, mine, nor anyone’s else right to decide what any other person does with their own body. The only exception to that rule,IMO, is the parent of a child under 18.m And, of course we cannot physically impose our will on, or remove freedom of choice and consent from another person. But we have no right to say what’s right or wrong for anyone else. Right and wrong is relative.
        We will best service our children and society by teaching them to respect their own personal moral compass, to not impose it on others, or rely on others to tell them what it is. If our children are confident in their own truth and will, they will not be phased by the choices of others. They will stand strong in integrity. They will not fear the choices of others, therefore they will not hate. this is how we begin to create peace.

        However, based upon your remarks throughout this thread, it is clear peace is not your concern. Divide and conquer! Who cares the cost, as long as you prove you’re right!? right?

      • Taylor says:

        Mitchell. I understand what you’re saying when it comes to us not being able to have everything we want because it would create chaos. This is true. HOWEVER, of all the things they could prevent people from doing, why choose to ban certain types of modifications that people do to their bodies? How does that save people? How is that even an important topic in Washington?? Unless of course there is some underground terrorist group that uses such modifications as a representation. But even such a notion were true, if a group with them does something wrong, it doesn’t mean everyone with them will. OR. Are these modifications somehow harming others or themselves? I’m not talking about those who get them done in basements. They’re just asking for infection. If the answer to both of these scenarios is No, then I see no reason why our government is wasting its time on tattoos and piercings. Don’t they have more important issues to worry about?? I’m pretty sure they do. This just tells me that they’re looking for anything else to work on because they don’t want to actually do anything important for our country or the world.
        You, by the way, are looking at this all wrong. You obviously are a parent and as such, think of everything in relation to that relationship between you and your child/children. That isn’t how the country operates. Not all of America’s citizens are children. We are old enough to understand our rights and what is good for us and what is bad for us. A grown man isn’t going to change his mind about a tattoo he wants just because his mother or father said no. It’s one thing to set laws and boundaries for things that cause harm. It’s another to ban a way that people express themselves. If you want to do it in other ways, that’s great. Good for you. But we are not you. We like the ink and the metal and it makes us feel great about ourselves. We may not get everything we want, but the government can’t have everything it wants either. If they have an issue with the way we express who we are, then they need to “get over it” because “no is no”. We won’t change who we are to make you happy.

      • Layne says:

        Are you kidding me? “Boundaries”?! Why the hell should there be boundaries to what people want to do with their OWN bodies.

      • Robert says:

        This bill is an obvious attempt to forward the current administration’s extreme socialist agenda. It is just another example of the Obama administration wiping their ass with our constitutional rights. Freedom of speech and expression is one of the fundamental rights that are SUPPOSED to be guaranteed to us by the first ten ATRICLES OF THE CONSTITUTION. The Obama administration and those state administrations that follow him, are trampling our right in an attempt to make this generation the first communist administration in American history. This bill will ultimately be decided in superior court, most likely by the Supreme Court. However I’ve said it before and I will say it again there is a line in the Declaration of Independence that this administration is quick to forget and it’s about time they were reminded of it – “When a long train of abuses and usurpations invariably lead the same object under ABSOLUTE DESPOTISM, it is the peoples right indeed it is their DUTY to throw off such government and seek out new guards for their future security”. I am a retired Marine who has fought on four different continents to defend the Constitution of the United States, and I for one would rather DIE than just cow down and SUBMIT!!!!!

      • imadime says:

        ummm … WTF??!?

      • Emmie says:

        You do realize that once they start banning one thing, other things, like tattoos, could very well be next. It’s called personal responsibility. If you get passed up for a job because you have piercings/tattoos, body modification, it’s on you because YOU choose to do it. I’m not saying its right, personally I think its crap to be judged by your appearance. My point its, once government gets involved, we’re talking about Big Brother even more than he already exists. We are talking about a socialist government and not democracy.

      • wiseoldsnail says:

        the government is not our parents, and has no right to limit our freedoms this way . there is such a thing as the constitution … maybe you haven’t heard of it …

      • Ken2 says:

        While I agree with much of what you say as an analogy; the government is not our parent. They work for us and are supposed to represent the will of the people. Not pass arbitrary laws for their own aggrandizement.

        Don’t like what they’re doing? Write, call and let your voices be heard. VOTE!

        Some of this legislation is due to some of the types of procedures being performed by otherwise non-medically trained or credentialed people. The risk for infection is high and can kill. For that reason alone is the reason for regulating piecing a and implants.

        I agree with the freedom of speech issues, but share concern regarding implants.
        Other states have had laws like these for many years.

        In Georgia, one has to have a medical degree to do acupuncture or pierce ears. Anything that breaks the skin is considered surgery.

        Here in California free reign to do whatever you want is the law of the land — so far. There have been rumblings it may change. Mostly due to people having no boundaries and get themselves in trouble medically. Then guess who pays for it?

        No judgment here, just be careful what you do. It could be with you for life, or due to staff infection, cost you your life.

        Peace out.


      • HBoswell says:

        I concur, MitchellNEw!!!

      • Kevin says:

        Your comment is literally one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Someone called you a “buffoon”…. I think that’s being way too nice.

      • khaya says:

        The government is here to serve the people and to do nothing else they should provide infrastructure and services in return for taxes beside that they should have absolutely no say in what people do in their own personal lives or with their bodies unless it affects someone else greatly such as violent crimes and other such things which are a direct threat to other people, beside that the government should have no say in what people do,say,think governments and other such control systems always start out saying that theyre here to serve the people but people get so used to them that they start abusing their powers and they know no one will do anything about it because everyone is made to believe that without a government they can’t survive thats why governments encourage people to be followers and not leaders,Americas government now has surveillance drones which is a direct invasion of privacy and abuse of power. The mere fact that governments even have secrets on its own is bad enough the fact that people are now ruled by governments and not vice versa should ring a bell of suspicion in ones head, the fact that you think that a nation as a whole is being too spoiled by the governments shows that you don’t get it governments were put in power by the people to serve the people.

      • Louie says:

        The government is not a parent! There is so much wrong with everything you said I don’t even know where to begin. People like you are why we are in the mess we are in. You can go fuck yourself.

      • Todd says:

        Moderate is a person who can’t make up their mind about what side they are on.

      • Brad says:

        Bullshit. This is a Democracy. We are supposed to have freedoms, not limitations of what we can “wear”. If u are ok w this bullshit then go to China or some other Communist nation. This would be literally IMPOSSIBLE to enforce. What are they gna do, skin ppl that get certain tattoos? It will fail even if passed because common sense will shoot it down. Better get ur guns ready because they continue to try and strip away our rights as citizens of the United States. If this garbage passes then so to will future bills condemning our everyday lives.

      • Matt says:

        Im not a child and the government is not my parent and has no right to decide what i do with my body. I’m also a moderate. I don’t understand why people would want to do some of the more extreme body modifications but who am I to tell them what to do with their own body. You come off as an idiot. You are just as bad as any conservative. If you don’t like it then it should be illegal. I think people wearing golf cloths look ridiculous. If I was in a position of power should I ban golf cloths because I don’t like them. People with body modifications at worse cause people to stare at them. That not a public disturbance.

      • Kris says:

        Let me guess Mitchell, you have no tattoos? The government does NOT need to be telling us what we can and cannot do with out own bodies. America is supposed to be the “Land of the Free” and freedom means having the right to make bad choices and then deal with the consequences of those choices. The bureaucrats are punishing professional parlors and American freedoms instead of dealing with real issues with real solutions (Like the homeless, the national debt, education, or those one in seven Americans who are on food stamps). There are many threats that are far more dangerous than someone else’s body art. Having body art does not make you dangerous or shady and has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on your character.

      • Borg says:

        Mitchell – the government is NOT the parent of the people of the US. We are adults, capable of making our own decisions about our bodies. This bill has NO place in congress and it only leads us in the direction of people LIKE YOU being complacent with being told what they can and cannot do by their government. It will not end with body modifications. We need to fight Congress and remind them that they WORK FOR us – they are not our “parent” guiding us to be the sort of people THEY think we should be. As far as not getting a job because of tattoos and piercings, that is a decision that is also on the shoulders of the person doing it. Want a job in a restaurant or grocery store? Then plan ahead and don’t get tattoos. It is becoming more and more acceptable for people to have tattoos and I almost feel like more people have them than don’t. That’s a good thing! Doctors and lawyers have tattoos and they just wear a suit over them. There is NO reason to put a ban on body modifications. And Congress has NO place in deciding such matters for us.

        And this country was BUILT on people whining and crying when they don’t get what they want, and they have historically GOTTEN what they want. The right to vote. The right to be in the same bathroom as a person of a different color. The right to go to school or university. The right to marry, even. Our VOICE (what you call whining and crying) is OUR TOOL to tell the government what WE want, not what IT wants.

        And you are completely wrong about chaos and riots breaking – they will break out BECAUSE the government won’t listen to us and give us our freedom of expression, one of the ideals that makes this country as awesome as it is. If this bill passes, what’s next? Can’t wear certain clothing? Can’t shave your head? Next thing you know women will be forced to cover their bodies from head to ankle and the conservative nation you are so afraid of will be a reality.

      • Ali nichols says:

        I’m sorry are you suggesting that this is ok because were children? That we have to be told no sometimes? You my friend are the ignorant one…you’re rant made no sense no mater how much you wanted it to..disturbance of peaces? What a joke if my dermal implant or tattoo that contains the f word several times offend you or disturbs your peace..that’s your issue and I would not stand for anyone telling me what to do with my body..never have and certainly never will

      • Graham says:

        Your argument is the DEFINITION of what a Liberal is. Conservatism is about LESS government. The government is NOT a parental body. It is a servent to protect peoples rights as given in the constitution. Theres something to be said about medical procedures being done properly, but no one can tell another what to do with their bodies. This is the work of idiots who want a Nanny State. Aka Liberals (doesnt matter if they call themselves republican. This isnt conservative).

        • judy g t h says:

          Graham. Your statement is possibly one of the silliset, most backward things I’ve read today. Conservatism, here in the U.S., is not about less government, it is about convincing the electorate to reform the government into a Theocracy. An ultra conservative Theocracy at that. You should start by looking up the definitions of the word conservative. Note that there is more than one definition. At that point you need to realize that most ultra conservative Christians in the U.S. believe that this country is a Christian country, and other religions that practice here are mearly tolerated. I find your use of the word servent, in reference to the elected people who work for us in our government to be offensive in the extreme. They are employed by us, and as employees, are payed to perform their jobs. They do not serve us. They work for us. There is a movement afoot here, to strip women, in particular, of their rights to a variety of things, such as control of their reproductive rights, equal pay with men for the same type of jobs, equal pay raises and promotions on a par with men. You, by now, are wondering where the word liberal comes into the discussion. For one thing the word liberal has nothing to do with the stripping of rights of women to equal pay, raises equal to a mans raise and promotion consideration on the same level as a male employee. You won’t find liberals getting their tails in a knot about women having control of their reproductive rights and what is best for them. As far as the issue about tattoos and body piercings is concerned, it is something that has been and MUST still remain a personal freedom to choose issue. It is really not such a hard thing to understand, after all, it is mearly a freedom of expression, which we liberals, both male and female, don’t find such a hard issue to understand. However, you conservative Christian, anti-womens rights and anti-freedom of expression, controlling assholes don’t have a prayer of a chance to comprehend. The best thing for you all to work towards, is trying to understand that there are more good people in the world than you conservative types.

      • Math says:

        Ask yourself WHY the government cares what body modifications you have and SHOULD it care what body modifications you have?

        The short answer is NO! The government is not your parent, and its not their job to tell you what you can and cant do, unless it puts others at risk.

        Unless you want to live in a Fascist States of America, where they are ironically afraid of social-programs, but want to ban bod-mods and spy on you.

      • Fuck the government. Who compares them to a parent? Freedom was an idea once held as a right cherished by the American people. Men and Women have bled to maintain it. Allowing the government to restrict or impose rules that might take away from someone’s pursuit of happiness is an absolute travesty. Who are you to and who does anyone think they are to tell someone what to do with their body. It’s a right that I don’t feel they have the authority to limit. BTW if your going to label yourself, I wouldn’t call myself a “moderate”…. What you should label yourself as is a spineless pussy. I’d much rather speak my mind with conviction than hide behind some refi couloirs label that essentially means you can’t be an individual

      • Dagmar says:

        Well, your parents you can’t choose. The government is elected by the people and should not interfere with anyones personal preferences, may it be tattoos, amputation, implantation and so on. Don’t they have better things to do!!

      • rabbit says:

        MitchellNEw, you are a piss poor American and need to take a good look at your values if you’re living by ‘least we have’and compare our government and citizens to parents and children.

      • Christopher says:

        Mitchell anyone who says the government is their parent and needs to say no sometimes really needs to read the bill of rights again. The government should never interfere with the rights of the individual as long as those actions to not directly effect the rights of others. If a person wants to deform their body or scare there body then how is that any business of the government. The law would more than likely be held unconstitutional by a Court of law, but the current set of Legislatures seem intent on finding the line and then pushing it just so they know exactly where the line is drawn on such issues.

      • James says:

        Wow.. Michelle were you brainwashed from birth or just given a lobotomy or something?? – “the government are our parent and we are their children” – um, NO! Our parents are our parents.. And a parents job is purely to give their children guidance until they themselves are adults, not rule them with an iron fist; that’s called abuse.. The comment about you whacking your child around the head also makes me query what ok of parent you are? You need to get real..

      • Andrew says:

        your an idiot. this is yet another unimportant law. I have one tatoo, i dont care if people are going to cover their body with ink or run metal rods thru it. ones body is their own. no one has any right to tell someone what they should do with it. the gov’t is not there to tell us how to live our lives.

      • ausie says:

        just go back under the rock you crawled out of, or better yet, end it now. No one needs your pissy attitude

      • UncleSpike says:

        You have seriously, got to be kidding me. The government is our parent? Apparently someone did not pay enough attention in history class. The government has absolutely no right to determine which tattoos are “acceptable” and which are not. It is not the job of the government to tell me how I should dress in the morning, what kind of cereal I’m allowed to eat, which coffee I can drink, how I should cut my hair, etc. etc. You claim you are a moderate, yet you really have no idea what that really means. And your comment about “what makes us think we even deserve freedom”? How about hundreds of thousands of service men and women who have given their lives throughout history. This is America, land of the free in case you have forgotten. It’s actually people like you who think the government has the right to do things like this that are the problem. At least we have gay marriage? That should have never even been an issue. How is it the governments right to determine who can and cannot get married? Do us all a favor, take some night classes and go relearn US History. Until then, don’t make anymore comments about the US Government and what they should be allowed to do.

      • Mike says:

        All I have to say is that the government should stop worrying about limiting freedoms and start worrying about saving our economy. Just saying, there are way toooooooooooooooo many issues with our country right now that these fuck ups in Congress need to worry about more than limiting freedoms. Just saying, the government should pretty much fuck off when it comes to what you can do to your body.

      • MrB says:

        The second you started dismissing others because they fall into the ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ categories; you also lost your whole point.
        You’re a moderate apparently, one of balance. Who are you to label yourself as such when you judge and label others?
        Yet another person who thinks they have it all worked out. That’s hardly being balanced is it.

      • Baron Von Crumplebottom says:

        Remember when body tattoos and piercings bankrupted the country and start pointless wars? Seriously why do we let the mots corrupt people in the country play morality police and spend tax dollars on inane bills like this?

      • Rob says:

        @ “Disturbance of the peace,” … don’t look!

      • Hooligan says:

        I am sorry, but what I tattoo on MY body is not your choice.

        Be it a giant dildo on my forehead or a swastika on my neck.

        IT’S MY CHOICE.

        Not yours.

        Your entire argument loses on that principle alone.

      • Arran says:

        I complete disagree with you, this article does not even affect me because i live in the UK But its the message that it brings that disturbs me. firstly i believe that everyone should have the right to do what they like with there own bodies, regardless to other peoples opinions. To me the over message is “be like everyone else and dont be too different”.Your right are being taken away and I believe everyone who is affected or believes that this is wrong should message, e-mail and call the appropriate people to express your opinion.

      • Court says:

        it’s not your business what people do with their bodies. Let people express themselves however they want, it’s not like they care about what you think about their tattoos and piercings anyways.

      • Jeff says:

        I can’t think of anything more personal than their own bodies. This is ridiculous, and I’m an old fart with not one tattoo.

      • ccsongbird51 says:

        MitchellNew…..really? There has to be balance? Since when whether I get a tattoo or not effects any government balance? Get a grip man! I am not a fan of seeing somebody’s body all covered with tattoos; however it’s their body and who are they hurting? If you don’t like it, don’t look! Same with piercings….I am no fan of piercings, but again it’s not my decision to decide what someone else does to their body, nor should it be the government. If people don’t start standing up for our freedoms, soon we will most definitely be living our entire lives dictated by the government, and nobody wants that! Standing up for our right to make our own decisions (within the boundries of acceptable laws), is not whining or complaining. If you want to sit like a lump on the log while your basic freedoms are being taken away, you do that, but I will not!

      • justin says:

        The government is NOT our parent!

      • drakkattak says:

        MitchellNEw -What the fuck is wrong with you dude? You’re the problem these kinds of laws exist! Move on clown….giving up a little here and there and eventually you got nothing left. Wake up, don’t drink the kool aid! Big Brother has spiked your glass….sigh.

      • Dan says:

        Your comment is ridiculous. You’re not a moderate in the least. You sound like a facsist.

      • DrNickTT says:

        You know what’s great about freedom? I’m free to call you an idiot.

      • Andrew says:

        Shut the fuck up. People died for us to decide what to do with our own bodies. You are a disgrace to America.

      • Sam I Am says:

        yes, there should be boundaries…a lot of people will never hold a job because of their body art, and that makes you part of the problem, not the solution..please do this in modesty so the tax payers will not have to support you…

      • clint says:

        Mitch, that has got to be one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. The government is not your parent. It’s not mine. I don’t know about you but I am beholden to NO MAN. A person should and can do whatever they want to their own body regardless of what anyone else in society thinks about it. I’m a libertarian btw.

      • wilder125 says:

        You do know that tattoos aren’t limited to the democrat side of things, don’t you? Tattooed people have voted against Barack in both elections. It’s not limited to one party.

      • John Dame says:

        We are not iggnorant, and Not, the government can NOT decide what we do to our bodys, they did NOT birth us, we are individuals, and as much as its hard to say that you are on both sides, you saying that certain things are better being kept to ourselves, you are wrong. You are sayiong that we all have to be the same, changing style in clothing is the EXACT same thing. just because we want our body a certain way does NOT give you a right to say we shouldnt. its the same as implants ((breasts)) or reconstructive surgery, so should that not be allowed either? I look this way, do this for a living, and feed my family. The government does not do this for me, they screw us. thats all they do.

      • JohnnyG says:

        The government is no ones PARENT… the government works for us.. it (supposedly) is our employee… if we give up a little freedom, then they just keep coming back for a little more here, then a little more there, and before long the “sheeple’ have no freedoms at all.. pay attention it’s happening right now!!

      • mechgogo says:

        It’s simple. It’s our bodies. That means it’s OUR BUSINESS what we do to it. Don’t like it? Don’t get it done

      • Mark says:

        At the end if it all no matter what anyone says, we are all individual people with our own purposes in life and our own lives and now one should have the right to tell us what we can or cannot do. I am a Christian and I believe government sometimes gets their place confused with Gods. As a human being my body belongs to me and what is done to my body is my business and no one elses.

      • kermit says:

        Sounds like the Government needs to be a Moderate then… as you call it. I think they need to drop this,, and if they don’t like it.. don’t look!!

      • Macy says:

        Mitchell, you’re an idiot. The government has no right to tell me I cannot do something to my body that LITERALLY AFFECTS NO ONE ELSE. I’m a conservative libertarian, I STRONGLY disagree with this bill.

      • rory says:

        There is no contradiction. Freedom of expression is protected under the rights of the 1st amendment. “Disturbing the Peace” is not an amended law/crime.

      • MKelly says:

        It doesn’t matter whether or not there are plenty of ways to express yourself the government has no place in regulating how you choose to do so. We are not children, we are people that have rights, as long as the expression of my right does not infringe on anyone else’s rights there is no need for regulation. How about we regulate the cooperate “people” from forcing middle class tax payers to subsidize their companies by bridging the gap between the poverty wages they provide to their workers and a living wage, while they use that flagrant money to suffocate small business owners and buy pieces of legislation to pass cooperate tax loopholes so they can further their tax dodging practices and the pockets at the top can make millions before you tell me what I can and cant do to my body.

      • Terek says:

        WTF???? The government is our parent??? They most certainly are not! The people ARE the government; the only reason officials are in office is because WE gave them their legitimacy. I’ve never heard a more ridiculous comparison.

      • Ayla says:

        This is bullshit. The government is NOT the parent.
        The people are supposed to control our own government.
        Ever heard of: “for the people, by the people”? You twit.

        The government has NO right to control our own bodies no matter the extreme. This is communism. If the government became a complete “no” government, it’s because it’s corrupt. Moderate my ass.

      • Nichole says:

        This country was founded on our freedoms. If they start changing the rights that we have, which were given to us by the founding fathers who fought to give us those rights, what is there going to be to separate us from the other countries? Is there soon going to be a dress code for men and women, because they don’t feel what some wear is deemed “proper”? It states in the Constitution that we the people have the right to stand up when we feel as though the government is being unjust.

      • Ken says:

        The balance you speak of should be a personal decision, not a government decree.

        As for the law…. if the concern is that some body modifications are essentially medical procedures and should only be performed by a doctor, I understand. I don’t necessarily agree, but I understand the intention. But if it’s just a roundabout scheme to legislate conservative values, to hell with it.

      • CaboWabo says:

        You are an idiot if you believe that. I BET YOU LOVE SPEWING MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OUT OF YOUR MOUTH” Haven’t you ever heard of the first amendment you buffoon? It includes the freedom of expression!!! If you dont believe in constitutional rights then get out of this country and move to a more communist country especially if you believe the gov’t is our parents and we are the children. FUCK THAT thinking.The first words in the constitution are “We The People” Not “I am your daddy, and I own you cause your are my children, you will do what I say, cause this is my country.”

        • Edward Schriner says:

          Frankly, anybody who considers the government as “our parents” must be a super huge Obama kiss-ass who enjoys getting their knees skinned up and lips brown! The day I consider the government as my parents is the day that I start believing also that we can have a Senate that can get along for once in Washington! It’ll never happen, folks, so might as well kiss that idea adios!
          Back in the 1700’s, the colonists had to rise up against the British because they felt like they had no rights and so they began a series of covert operations (not like “Call of Duty”) like The Boston Tea Party & also began the Sugar and Stamp Acts (forgive my paraphrasing) as well as started fighting for their rights as free people. In 1859, a man named John Brown attempted to amass arms for a slave insurrection and attacked the federal armory and arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. Why? Because he believed that his fellow man, although black, should be free as well. I remind people of this because we now face a new threat to our freedom and his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

      • historicprops says:

        Mitchellnew, I consider a bit scary that you view the government as our parent, and us, as its children. The government is our servant, our paid employee, and it is bound to obey us. WE are its employer. WE are in charge. A law like this can only be justified if those proposing this law can demonstrate that 1)the tattoos and piercings they want banned, pose a significant problem in society, 2)that such a ban is Constitutional (a tough one to prove), 3)that the law is enforceable (what if I go to another state, get a banned piercing, and return?) and 4)that the law is consistent with the will of the majority of voting-age adults in the state. It would be almost impossible for anyone to prove any of those points.

      • Justin says:

        My goodness… I sincerely hope, for your own good, that one day you realize just how ridiculous what you just said, is.

        The government should not be like parents to us “child” civilians, they should be exactly what government was created for, a governing body made up of elected officials to speak for and represent all of us civilians. They should not ever make decisions FOR us.

        Let me indulge you in your delusional idea though… let’s say the government was like a parent.. they shouldn’t be a parent that creates rules based on moral OPINIONS, they should only inform us of what dangers there are, protect us from those dangers as best they can, help us with programs that benefit us as a society BUT never ever have a say in what we can and cannot do with ourselves (our bodies, minds, lives, whatever). I think everyone should be held accountable for their own actions and if a persons activities injures someone else or destroys their property, that offender should be punished, but anything that does not directly affect others such as body modifications, should not ever be regulated. That’s like saying people can’t listen to a certain type of music, or eat a certain type of food, or have a certain favorite color all because YOU or whoever just doesn’t like it…which of course is just a bigoted opinion.

        Please lady, think about just how insane your outlook is. Open up your mind a little bit, think FAR FARRRR outside the world of ridiculous politics.. Think only as an intellectual human being, on earth with other intellectual human beings… no politics or religion… and you’ll see the ignorance you are exhibiting. Hopefully.

      • Castielle says:

        Unfortunately for your argument, government officials are NOT our parents. They are our employees. This law is not only infringing on peoples freedom of expression, it’s in direct violation of the Constitution.

      • James says:

        This is so laughable to me. It’s completely obvious that these types of bills are a last ditch effort by the baby boomers to maintain control over the coming of the young voting population which will outnumber them by 2016.

        I’m almost positive that this also has something to do with keeping of records and photo tagging and recognition of faces in pics. We wouldn’t anyone modifying themselves enough to drop off the grid, now would we? haha

        Face it, older generation.. There will be a day when having tattoos out in the open, on the hands and the neck and such will be really just as normal as everything else.. EVEN in the job and career world.

      • pyrodice says:

        “what makes you think we even deserve freedom ”
        aaand, fuck that.
        Rights aren’t negotiable. If you think you can negotiate with someone to ensure they’re “allowed” to do a certain thing, check yourself and make sure you’re thinking of a privilege.
        Do you own your body?
        Can’t think of anyone else who has a higher claim on it.
        Do as you will to it.
        Next they’ll be banning kidney donations…

      • Fademan says:

        I am a conservative. And I am here to tell you…you are an idiot. The Government is NOT our Parent. The PEOPLE are the parents of the Government!

        Where we are being too spoiled is in letting the Government do whatever it wants, regardless of what the Constitution and the will of The People say! The only ones complaining all the time are the baby-boomers, who took every handout they could from the Greatest Generation. Avoided Service to Country by going to get Liberal Farts Degrees on mommy and daddy’s dime. And complain that they are OWED everything.

        Take off your ass-hat, Mitchel.

      • ink4blood says:

        You are not a moderate, you are a completely brainwashed scumsucking fascist moron who believes or justifies everything you are told. Freedom of expression is NOT something to be compromised on, EVER, period. As for suggesting that tattoos and piercings or other body modification cause a breach of the peace, this is simply and flagrantly untrue. If you decide that my tattoos or piercings offend you, you have the right to say so and I have the right to ignore you. the only person in this instance who causes a breach of peace is YOU. to suggest otherwise is akin to the phrase “she asked to get raped”. The mere fact that you equate yourself as being a “child” and that the government should be viewed as a loving “parent” shows that you have fully embraced the fascist ideology you defend (badly). this is exactly the way ALL fascist governments have ever risen to power government is NOT a parent of the people, it is and should behave as the INSTRUMENT of the people. It has NO right to infringe upon the lifestyle choices of its citizens unless said choices place other citizens in CASUAL or IMMEDIATE danger of loss of property, liberty or injury. And quite frankly, we DO have the right to insist we do what we wish with our bodies, privacy and individual freedoms because the blood of our families is sacrificed to sustain them. Also the manner in which you describe the remedy for your perceived transgressors (“a smack upside the head”) proves you are incapable of thinking for yourself, as you resort to the last defence of the weak. i hope you do not have children, as all this method does teach is that if your kid asks a question, they can expect a beating, and your weakness will spread to your offspring. in short you are a reprehensible vile loathsome creature and if this was 50 years ago i bet you’d be marching alngside the kkk to preserve segregation and racial purity, coz y’know, theres gotta b boundaries for all this freedom to reside in.

      • patriot says:

        You sound like a communist. YOU and people like you shouldnt be here. Rationalizing why you agree with taking away our constitutional rights. It sucks,but i feel if ppl like you killed yourselves this country would be better off,not that you should that would be wrong.

      • momlibertarian says:

        You are so not right!!!! The Government is not our Parent!!! We the people are the Parent; By voting as a whole!!!! And as 1 of the Parent of this great nation, I should have a say. I’m a Tattoo art and a mom and as a mom I talk to my kids about why and why not. That’s what really parents do. They don’t make the Government be the parent!!!!

      • zodiac says:

        what is so moderate about characterizing people to the left and right of you as caricatured fools? You’re embarrassing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to modify your own body and the government certainly has no place in doing it.

      • Ari says:

        Actually, the government is not my parent, it is my servant and protector. … as so stated in our constitution. This decision neither serves, nor protects me. If ot wasn’t a long, extraneous process to become a licensed tattoo or piercing artist, I may be more apt to agreeing with thwm… however, it requires a number of hours and procedures to earn your license, and ot is something that we as artists take pride in and put our heart and souls into. No, I don’t adore every tattoo I give… but it’s not my body, so it’s not my choice. And we don’t have gay marriage, only a select few have given that right. Not only that, but why are my servants involving themselves in my personal affairs? Next they’re going to tell me I can’t have sex in certain positions because it’s offensive to them… get out of our bedrooms and back in the streets where you belong. My y body is mine, and what enters it, stains it, is worn on it, or removed from it is MY choice and mine alone.

      • Tom Laney says:

        Government is decidedly not a parent and citizens are not children. Government is the servant of the people, not the other way around.

        Individuals have inalienable rights that a proper government must respect. It does not get to decide whether individuals “deserve freedom;” individuals have freedom by right. If a government doesn’t respect and uphold these rights, it is a tyrant.

        What is a “moderate” position between rights-respecting and right-violating – between freedom and slavery? It means that you advocate SOME slavery and SOME right violations. But this is like coming out for moderation between food and poison.

      • Angela says:

        Amen, I pay the government. They are my employee and if I, like the free citizen that I am, can choose to disagree. Then I, and others like myself, can vote to change the people in office and gets laws repealed.

        That’s actually how the government works. I’m not sure where all this child/parent talk comes from, but it’s people who think like that, that are the reason politics is so screwed up right now:

        Everyone arguing with everyone, neither one making any sense at all. The so-called middle ground is, for the lack of a better phrase, the “f*ck it group.” They are just tired of hearing about it and will justify their “patriotism” with whatever nonsense blind faith they follow. (In this persons comment, it appears to be faith in structure and rules.)

        What we’ve got as a result is a bunch of extremists on both sides, and it’s all b*llsh*t.

        Look, I’ve got dermal piercings and many tattoos. I’m a Sales Director for an International company. So I don’t understand where this narrow minded view of body modification is coming from, but it’s ridiculous and outdated.

        So if you don’t like it, change the law.

      • Rylee says:

        What part of the constitution do you not understand? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the foundation of what our forefathers constructed in this country. The government has no right to tell people how to decorate their own body. Don’t you think they invaded enough of our life already? As far as your point on some people becoming offended at some of the artwork on other people’s bodies that is totally ridiculous. You know what offends me? People who get offended over things that are none of their business but hey it’s a free country, at least for now.

      • Paradox says:

        When it comes to our bodies the government has NO RIGHT to tell us what we can and cannot do. Boundaries? That’s up to us to decide. If I want to cut off my left pinky who are you or anyone else to tell me I can’t or that I’m wrong in wanting to do so? This is MY body. As long as I don’t hurt anyone else I can do whatever I want with MY body. Just because someone doesn’t like a certain thing like branding or implants doesn’t mean they can impose their personal opinions on anyone else. Too spoiled? Why don’t you go to a country like oh say, Korea where you can’t even dress the way you want. Fuck outta here. This is America and we should be free to express ourselves via our bodies however WE WISH.

      • Josh says:

        Bull!^ I have no tattoos or piercings, but this is such a gross abuse of government power! If you want to ink yourself up, Fine! (get someone good). If you want to put holes & jewelry somewhere no one else has it, GREAT! No one should have any say in this except the individual involved. Maybe these assholes should work on a real problem, because there are plenty!

      • Sway Darling says:

        “the government is our parent and we are the children, if it gives us everything we want Chaos will rise and Riots WILL break out, where as if the government was too strict like conservative we’d end up like Iran.”
        I absolutely cannot believe you made that leap!!
        Watch out! Body Art will lead to RIOTS!!

      • ken c says:

        So you are basically saying that we should be thankful for the freedoms that we do have, and not gripe about the ones that the government takes away? And your parenting analogy is way off, we don’t need a nanny state nor do we need more fools running around stating that the gov is only taking away a little bit of our freedom, so we should just be “humble” and take it like a champ.

      • Juliana says:

        A parent/child analogy? Really? I’m 36 years old. Living in a country that’s suppose to be run by…Oh right, we, the people; not a patronizing, condescending parent.

      • KH says:

        You are a sheep. The government is not my parent they are MY employee as they work for ME!

      • Travis says:

        It doesn’t matter what kind of body modification it is outlawing, the fact is that it goes against everything our country is about! Our country is about freedom not restriction of freedom, If you want that there are plenty of other countries you could go to, I hear Iran is nice this time of year! Once you start down that road it is only a matter of time before the government tells you exactly how to live your life, when to go to bed, when to get up, what you can eat, what you can do, ect….. By the way are there not more important legislation that can be done? I bet Arkansas doesn’t have 0% unemployment! This kind of legislation is what is distracting from the important stuff that needs to be done!

      • Nick says:

        I think you are confused about what the word ‘Moderate’ means. Because it clearly is not you. Maybe you’re ‘Moderate’ compared to the super-ultra-conservative populace of the rest of Arkansas? But in reality, you are still very clearly VERY Conservative(see also your reference to hitting your kid just because they talked back)

        This falls so squarely under the purview of ‘freedom of expression’ that I don’t even know how a state could consider taking it seriously. If this bill somehow passes, it will just end up straight in the Supreme Court, where they will rapidly overturn it, and the rest of the country will just have another laugh at Arkansas’ expense.

      • Lauren says:

        What the hell? The government is our parents now? Mitchel you have a very interesting outlook on this. This is my body and no one will tell me what I can pierce and tattoo on it. If I can’t get a job because of the way I look then that is my fault and my responsibility, because it is my body!

      • Doctor Jim says:

        I am a conservative, and this kind of crap makes me want to puke! Do what you want, just don’t expect me to pay for it! If someone wants to tattoo themselves or modify their body, that is on them and the government has NO business telling them otherwise!

      • J says:

        It doesn’t matter if it causes riots or if the person is just offended because they just don’t like tattoos. It doesn’t matter. The fact is its our rights as Americans. The only place in the world that you are free. This is another chipping away of our freedom. It wasn’t created so we could do what we want as long as it fit within acceptable standards decided by certain people. That my dear, is a dictatorship. Not America. Which is why it is wrong. You don’t have to like it. That’s the point. Its each persons freedom to decided what to do with their own bodies. Freedom of speech is the same way. You can’t just outlaw anything that is offensive or detrimental to a certain person who decides what is or isn’t appropriate. No matter how much any one might not like hearing it. And the reason we are free is to protect us from someone not looking out for our benefit, getting in control of us and using, abusing, and controlling us for their own personal selfish gains. Without genuine regard for the people.(a dictatorship) Wich is why you can’t alter our freedom in one aspect like with tatoos and without leading to an inevitable infringement on other rights like freedom of speech. You have the right to do what ever you want with your body. No matter how stupid or offensive you, I, or anyone else thinks it is. And FYI: people make decisions for themselves. Yes it will cost people jobs and stuff. Those are called consequences. And anyone who can make the decision to get a tatooo can figure that out. Its not up to you or anyone else to be their parent and decide for them to protect them from the consequences of their actions. (ie. job loss, riots, ect.)

      • Faith P. says:

        Haha so whens the bill to ban fast food cause obesity bothers a lot of people too? OH WAIT LOL America makes way too much damn money on fast food, unlike tattoo shops that generally are family or personally owned and keep $ local. See guys, shouldn’t be surprising, its the same equation its always been.

      • grey says:

        Are you seriously suggesting we are children that need a ‘mommy and daddy’ government to make all our choices for us? Well mommy and daddy are down with breast implants, but if we want a dermal (a *TINY* bit of metal under the surface of your skin that you can cap with tiny gems or metal shapes smaller than the majority of earrings) then we’d best go to the doctor for ‘surgery’ or else we’re in for a big spanking and maybe a time out. Sorry, I don’t need a government to control every aspect of my life; I can tie my own shoes, thanks.

      • KEvin says:

        At least we have all these other freedoms…really?

      • Kathy says:

        Really!?! Saying “no” to your child. The only reason a parent would have to say no, is because they have to sign a form for their child who’s under 18 and can’t get a tattoo or piercing without that signature in a licensed shop. If you didn’t get a job because of a normal earring, and you can prove that was the reason, that’s discrimination! If you didn’t get the job for other reasons, you’re making the earring the excuse. OR, maybe you should have made an adult decision that this interview wasn’t the right one to wear an earring. A tattoo is not a “disturbance” unless YOU make it that way, by being rude & making a scene in public to/about the person that has the tattoo that YOU don’t like. I’m sure there are things that they don’t like about your look either, but they don’t say anything. The person starting this whole bill is a mommy/grandma that got mad about something in their life and is now going to take it out on the rest. Do you NOT understand what this will do with regard to tattooing that is done by a licensed shop & artist?! This bill would open up the business to every wanna-be out there out of their basement, garage & kitchen. No sterilization of equipment, re-use of needles, re-use of ink….can you say Infection & Hepatitis?!!!! The bottom line, if you don’t want a Tattoo or certain piercing, DON’T get it. But if others do, that is their choice for their body. Now you can make as A$$ out of yourself and embarrass your friends & family while pointing this out in public when you don’t like what you see, just remember they most likely don’t like what you’re wearing either, but their keeping it to themselves. Oh, if you have a daughter, I hope she doesn’t have her ears pierced, as that’s a body modification! Yes I can have my opinion on this subject as I have tattoos & ears pierced and they were MY choice NOT yours to make for me!

      • Alex Lobo says:

        you are so full of shit i can smell it coming out your ears. It is not your business, Or mine, what people do with their bodies. This was passes in a state that is allowed to think that christianity has ANY play in deciding what people can and can’t do. Legislature like this is passes by bigoted racist bible thumping asshole who need to be put on a barge and set out to sea so that the rest of us can live in peace. ANYONE who is thinks that tattoos are “Disturbing the Peace” Is a Hack, I think that your stupidity and complacency is a detriment to not only the forward motion of this country but the evolution of human thought.

        So basically what I’m saying is Go fucking screw and get the fuck away from my rights.

      • Mae says:

        “Deformation of the natural body”? Are you serious?

        I’m 23 years old, and moderately tattooed. I’ve worked as a laborer, an office professional, a waitress, an entertainer, a model and now am a successful business owner. My boyfriend is HEAVILY tattooed and works for a private security company doing everything from armored car guard to personal escort of major figures. And to top it off, we raise a 5 year old little girl

        You mean to tell me because we are tattooed and pierced,we are disturbing the peace? That the tattoos that I have in honor of my deceased grandfather; in honor of my god; and in representation of my father, brother and best friend are to be a privilege set by the government? I don’t think so. You couldn’t be more wrong.

        Yes, certain things SHOULD be kept personal: like beliefs that infringe on the rights of others. Pro/Against Gay marriage, racism, sexism…these are all things that people should keep to themselves: these things ARE disturbances of the peace. THESE types of thoughts and actions interfere with the lives and well being of others. But my love for art and family does not.

      • Ryan G says:

        The government is not, nor shall it ever be, the people’s parents.. and what exactly do you mean by “.. what makes you think we even deserve freedom if all we do as a country is complain..”? For you to state that, as a country, the citizens of the U.S. don’t have the right to voice themselves or hold our elected officials accountable absolutely desecrates the memory of all the men and women who have died to uphold our intended freedoms and god given rights granted to us of the very foundation and principles the country was founded upon.

        Why should the people be content or happy with mediocrity or the dismal performance and lack of accountability of a government that is failing its people miserably? There are no boundaries to freedom. The word itself is defined as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint”. What someone does with themselves is their choice, their prerogative, and their business. If a certain company or organization does not permit an individual an opportunity of employment due to policy, then that’s the companies right. On an individual level, if you don’t like what you see when you look at someone who has done what they want to their body, it is your right to look another direction.

        Lastly, you think “chaos will rise” and “riots will break out” if the government gives us what we want? What exactly do you suppose would happen when they attempt to take everything away? It’s simple logic. Some are equipped with it and others are not. It’s submissive sheep like you that allow the government to creep closer and closer to communism by the hands of tyrants.

      • Sick Girl says:

        MitchellNEw, I am a 40 year professional with tattoos, and dermal piercings. I do not need nor want the government to tell me what I can and can not do to my body, it is my body, and if having tattoo’s or dermal piercings could cause a riot in the streets that is pretty freaking sad. What if the government told you that your hair and eye color is offensive to others and may cause a riot, how would you feel? Will we as a society all wear the same color clothing, same hair color, eye and skin color that way no one will be offended or shocked… I think not. States pass laws to determine the appropriate age of when we can get tattoos or piercings. They also require health code inspections, and rules and regulations for a business to perform these services. Now some butt munch wants to say that you can not do what you want to your body, ridiculous. Did you know that some cultures do scarification as a right of passage? Now they are infringing on the religious and cultural practices of others …ACLU where are you.
        Will the state create a fund for all these artists and piercers to be retrained in another field so they will not suffer financially …. Yah I didn’t think so.

        “we need to look at the pros and cons of what we already have and become humble for what we got! and if the government become a completely NO parent then maybe theres a reason why!…. maybe cause we are being too spoiled.” …..really if anyone is spoiled it is the “parent” who is supposed to be working for us. Were you not aware that recently when the government was broke that they wanted to stop providing money to the seniors and our military so they could continue with their lavish lifestyle. Do you know how much an elected offical makes and when their term is up they continue to be paid. I think you need to re-evaluate who is spoiled.

      • Markus says:

        There should be no limit on tattoos like this, MitchNew. Regulating people’s bodies by limiting the time of “modifications” they can get is wrong. It’s not the government’s body. If someone wants to get scarification, let them. They’re adults and they can make that choice themselves. The government has no place telling them they can’t. I’m glad I don’t live in AR, my upper body is mostly tattooed. I also work in television, so I guess I get away with it. But I fail to understand how my tattoos are “disturbing the peace” as it were. It’s on my arm, back, chest, leg, whatever… not yours, not anyone else’s. May as well start telling people what kind of haircuts are appropriate and not to get mohawks, or dye your hair bright blue, etc. Hell, while we’re at it, why don’t we ban certain types of clothing styles? I mean, why bother expressing yourself when the government knows better for it?

        This law in Arkansas can eat it. This country is so backwards it hurts.

      • Jill says:

        First of all the government is NOT our parent. We are the government. This was the most long winded piece of nonsense I’ve ever read next to the bill on tattoos.

      • Belinda says:

        Dermal implants are far from “a disturbance of the peace”

        No one forces people to look at them and they are not hurting anyone.

      • Nick says:

        Freedom of speech, expression, religion, etc. is a constitutional right. You mentioned something about disturbing the peace; well that has absolutely nothing to do with the constitution. You obviously need to look over your rights as a citizen. How can you possibly compare the government to a parent. That is the kind of mentality that loses all freedoms in a country. It’s “we the people” not “we the government”. It is our civic duty to protest,complain and create unrest when we feel as though even the smallest civil liberties are being taken away. In my personal opinion, the people of our country are completely blind, uneducated, and entitled. Viewing the government as a “parent” gives you a mentality that they are responsible for you, they are supposed to give you money, food, housing, etc. Well this is definitely not their purpose! The only thing that I will agree with that makes the government like a parent is that the citizens of this country are willing to do what they are told, for no good reason, and in return expect to be spoiled like a child.

        Also, I don’t quite understand why tattoos and piercings “disturb the peace” anyway. Just because you find the way someone looks as offensive doesn’t mean that everyone else does. The only tattoos that I see any rationale for restricting are the racist, sexually provocative, or sexist tattoos. Not to mention, the people that get tattoos and piercings are usually aware of the loss of job opportunities, so I really don’t see that as being something that government can stick their overbearingly long nose in.
        I can’t believe that so many people can sit idly by, watching our rights being systematically stripped from us.

      • Your a freakin idiot, and ridiculously stunted in your thought process, your type are the reason why this country is so screwed up in the first place, your afraid to stand up obviously!

      • commonfuckingsense says:

        I’m sorry but you’re just wrong here. This is outright un-constitutional. The ACLU will probably file a lawsuit for injunctive relief.

        This bill will never make it to the point of actually being enforced.

        Arkansas ranks as one of the poorest, most obese and most illiterate states in the union. They have way bigger issues to worry about than shit like this.

      • commonfuckingsense says:

        I thought Arkansas conservatives hated big government? If this isn’t the nanny state, I don’t know what is.

        This is why the conservative movement is complete bullshit. They are against big government except for when it’s convenient! Right now, they want to leverage the power of the government to fight more of the social wars they’ve been fighting for decades now.

        It’s really just a bunch of grumpy old white people that can’t stand how fast the world is changing around them. This is why they lose national elections.

      • liberty says:

        My body is my body. If I want to tattoo it or pierce it in whatever way I see fit so be it. No one should tell me I can’t. They can say I shouldn’t, but never can’t. I am who I am and do what I see fit and proper. That’s how my parents raised me. To be ME, and to not let anyone stand in the way of expressing myself no matter what. I love my tattoo. It was a great way for me to express my love for my grandfather and how I should be happy with where I’m at in life. Art whether on a fabric canvas or a human one is a way to express ourselves on another level. It’s like taking the Mona Lisa around with you. You just don’t have to carry it IN your arms but ON them. Never say we can’t express ourselves in any way unless it harms others. Tattoos do not harm anyone.

      • Sharee says:

        I think you should come down off your condescending soapbox and have a seat. Apply some of that moderation to your horribly opinionated replies.

      • Vincent says:

        This is not a place for government intrusion. I’ve seen some pretty bad tattoos. But as much as I’ve wondered why, and thought that those people MUST be stupid for getting that done to their body. it is THEIR body. If we allow our government to step into what we put on our body. what’s next? Don’t get me wrong. Again. There are some things I’ve wondered about in the past. But the United States was founded for freedoms. And as long as your freedoms, and pursuit of YOUR happiness does not DIRECTLY interfere with someone elses. You should be allowed to get whatever stupid shit you want, done to your body. if you believe the government should have that much control, you obviously have never read the constitution.

      • caroline says:

        ???? conservative government doesn’t mean a government that is strict? do you know anything about the political spectrum? conservatives aim to LIMIT the federal government, less government involvement, fewer regulations, more powers granted to the state so that the federal government doesn’t get out of hand. The strictness you may think you know what you’re talking about is more referring to a strict interpretation of the constitution, which LIMITS the powers of the government. Liberals often want more power to the federal government, thinking the only way we can be happy/get what we want is if the government does it for us. This issue though isn’t even one i would consider being a mindset of either conservatives OR liberals in general. I’m conservative myself but i couldn’t see a situation where these body modifications would disturb the peace or infringe on anyone’s rights/security, which i’m sure plenty of liberals agree with as well

      • Christopher says:

        Mitchellnew, The difference between you’re and your is important. After reading your post I cant tell if English is your second language or is this the best sentence structure you can manage?

      • Zankapfel66 says:

        You’re a moderate inwhat way? The state, absent some underlying cause, has NO NEED to limit the freedoms of its citizens. If I wanted to tatoo “fart on Jesus” across my forehead, it is not the state’s business if I do so. Would it offend people? You bet. But there is not Constitutional right to NOT be offended.

      • JM says:

        I am an adult. I do not need a “parent” telling me what to do with my body or my forms of expression. Don’t like my tattoos? Tough!

      • Jessie says:

        I don’t know what a moderate even is but it sounds more like you are a sheep…the government is NOT my parent and they should have no control over what we do to our own bodies…as long as it is not hurting anyone else or their rights then why should it be illegal? There is no good reason! This is not being spoiled…we are supposed to be a FREE country and they are taking away people’s rights to THEIR OWN BODIES! There is no excuse for that in my opinion…our bodies should be our own and nobody else should have any control over them!

      • PeopleAintDumb;) says:

        Lol. This was a hilarious post, provided it’s satire. “what makes you think we deserve freedom” ha! Specific freedoms are not privileges to be given or taken away, they are inherent rights that as a society we have agreed to acknowledge, uphold, and protect and in this country they get their power from the constitution and how our courts decide to interpret the laws, amendments, and also the perceived intentions that exist between the amendments (sort of a read between the lines – like privacy).

        “government is our parent” Ha! Our government is the head of our national defense, our legislatures, and those with the power to enforce the law. It is comprised of representatives. Men and women we elect (well, and also lots and lots of hired employees mostly with organizations like the NSA and EPA – technically they’re unconstitutional, no? We never elected them nor gave them permission to make or enforce laws. Huh?). The government did not give birth to me nor ever to this country. Our government is simply a system set in place for the people by the people.

        “If it gives us everything we want CHAOS will rise and RIOTS will break out” HA! I’ve seen ‘riots’ which were quick lived though destructive start because people were GIVEN alcohol and excuses. I will not say the youth in country always behaves well especially in mobs (Boston and Hunting Beach) but these are nothing compared to the riots that I’ve only read about that took place because people were DENIED something (Watts Riots because African and Latino populations were segregated in communities, unable to buy property or run for office, and were abused by a now militant police force. this lasted for 4 days – the 92 Riots – yeah, yeah, still LA, I know. I know this history is all – because of continued police brutality towards African Americans and the acquittal of the 4 white police officers who were video taped beating Rodney King. This lasted for 6 days)

        Also, it’s infuriating to make statements as facts when they are not backed up with empirical evidence. i.e. People were not meant to fly or we’d have wings! The world is round!

        So, yeah, hilarious piece here. Now my personal opinion? Leave people be and give them the respect you want in return. A public disturbance is only a bad thing if it puts people in danger. Like yelling fire in a crowded theater. Otherwise, get over it. Honestly, I recommend personally putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, especially if they involve other cultures or ways of living. It’s the best way to grow (up).

      • Mark E. says:

        I do understand what your saying about good parents and bad parents. My mother told me yes and no for a lot of stuff I asked for, BUT the one thing she never said yes or no on is my body. I have both my ears pierced and tattoos. When I asked her about my body decisions she always said ” It is your body, I have no say.” That doesn’t make her a bad mother. Do you think it does? Just because her opinion was that I would look how I wanted to?

      • jz says:

        If this bill is passed it represents a constitutional 1st amendment violation. I’m hoping the ACLU or other organization files a brief to overturn it.

      • anonymous says:

        Jen is not being blind or arrogant just cause she is making a statement on her opinion on the matter. Before you go on and on, on this huge story about past and present. Think before you post and about how you say things. Having tattoos or pierces doesn’t hurt anyone .. except that person that is getting them done. Why should we have to sacrifice some of our freedoms just cause they don’t agree with them? You’re right on the part that life isn’t fare and thats how it’s always going to be. And its not forgetting about what “Freedoms” we have, its about what freedoms they are taking away from us that “We” already had. Before you know it this country is going to be a Socialism Country. There is also no defining the word “Freedom” cause freedom is what we wan’t, cause we are free to do whatever we wan’t.

      • leanne says:

        Who are you to tell anyone what needs to be kept personal?

      • Green Christian Mama says:

        We should be happy that our Freedom of Expression is only a “little” bit tread upon, for no good reason, b/c they have not opposed some states allowing same-sex marriage? What on earth…?! Our government should at least TRY to do the right thing ALL the time… two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • H Graham says:

        Horseshit!!!! let people worry about themselves. You have no right to tell them what to put on their bodies! Boundaries and freedoms,my foot. If they don’t get hired thats their own problem.

      • Ivan says:

        Sure, we definitely need boundaries; however, what you can or cannot do to your own body is NOT the type of boundary we need as a society. (as long as it does not pose a health risk). I do not like tattoos, piercings or any type of body modification (which is why I have none) but that does not give me the right to tell others they should not get any of those procedures. As long as we keep voting for politicians that waste their time (and our money) in this type of legislation instead of focusing on solving the EPIC issues we are facing as a nation (e.g. Education, health care, etc) we will continue on the path to self destruction.

      • LisaM says:

        The government is NOT my “parent” and I think you need to cultivate. a better understanding of what “moderate” means. Proper grammar and punctuation are helpful too.

      • rjwalker says:

        I’m an old guy, and I don’t really get ‘traditional’ tattoos, much less ‘non-traditional’ tattoos and piercings and ‘body modifications’ and stuff like that.

        But just because I don’t ‘get it’ doesn’t mean either that I disapprove or feel that I can tell others what to do – how to express themselves.

        Those practices mainly make me curious about the person.

        Over the years, from that curiosity, I’ve asked people with that sort of thing why they do it. Usually the answer is either “to express myself*” or “to commemorate X, Y or Z in my life.”

        Personally, I think one current political group expresses non-traditional ideas to which I have grave objections.

        But I would never support a law seeking to bar their right to express themselves.

        = = = =
        * BTW, in the 60s my friends and I all grew our hair really long and wore the same kinds of clothes to show our individuality. I look back and laugh at my then self and my idea of individuality

      • Carl Swanson says:

        since when is the government meant to be our parent?

      • brent says:

        really so were it stop ?whos to decide what tatts we can have or cant have?or piercings?thats not moderate thats ignorant.whats next cant wear a beard certain way. i dont personally like all the face piercings but im not the one wearing them so dont bother me.their right to do it. the goverment not trying to maintain balance just another move for control .

      • Jane says:

        My God – the government is not my parent. What a terrifying analogy that is.

      • xenubarb says:

        “From my guess your a liberal, well I’m a moderate…”

        Yeah, I can tell by your punctuation. “Your a liberal.” Yay, another semi-literate with an opinion!

        You seem to be trying to justify this governmental control of the lives of its citizens. You don’t like my horn implants? Don’t get them. Don’t look at them. If I want horns or tiger stripes, that’s my biz, not government’s.

        You are leaning heavily on the “might offend others” button without realizing how very deeply and intrinsically offensive it is to try to tell me what I can do with my own body.

        Do you realize how deeply offensive your attitude is? No? Didn’t think so. And it’s “you’re.”

        You’re welcome.

      • Christopher says:

        Did you just imply that State Government is analogous to a parental figure?

        I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just jump to the end: Your understanding of the relationship between government and the people needs serious revision.

      • went says:

        You’re a norm. Doesn’t mean we all want to be a norm.

      • Leanne says:

        Boundaries, sure. How about boundaries on hate speech? I could agree with those; hate speech (albeit indirectly) does cause actual harm to people other than the one choosing to indulge in it. Government imposed boundaries on tatoos, though? Seems rather petty.

        I mean seriously, we liberals get accused of wanting a ‘nanny state’ so often but here we’ve got government literally taking over what should be a parent’s job.

      • Leslie says:

        Well, since the Republican party has been trying to regulate women’s vaginas, this doesn’t surprise me at all. However since it affects MEN, you will hear an uproar.

      • silver says:

        “I would smack my child upside the head and say “get over it! No is no!” if they did that to me.”

        Did I really hear the above. You would slap your child? You do know that qualifies as child abuse.

        You definitely need to get some balance in your life. You should be taking some parenting classes. There is never a good reason to slap a child.

        As far as piercings and tattoes. I have two holes in each ear and I have two tats. Btw, I am a 65 year old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Before retiring, I worked as a social worker and taught parenting classes.

        Get some help!

      • Leelee says:

        Parent. Did you seriously use the word “parent” in reference to free adults.

      • Michelle Simmons says:

        MitchellNEw, you are wrong. No government should have the right to tell a person what they can and can’t do with their body. This is no different than the republicans forcing women to have instruments jammed up their vagina before getting an abortion or not allowing them to get an abortion after being raped or if their life is in danger.

        If a person wants to tattoo, pierce and modify every part of their body then they should be allowed to do so. They will probably not get a job working in a suit and tie corporation, but that’s the consequence of their choice. Besides, most, if not all, people who would get tattoos, piercings and modify every part of their body usually don’t want a job in a suit and tie corporation.

        The government needs to stay away from MY body and out of my bedroom!

      • Melissa says:

        that’s a stupid argument. what’s next? just imagine they want to ban you from wearing certain colors? or driving a car with a certain design? it’s not about being spoiled. you are not a moderate in any way shape or form. you want to give government the power over personal appearance, that is your opinion. it doesn’t make you moderate. it makes you agree to subordinate any of your personal preferences to the whims of government. as for the we have gay marriage, be happy with that! statement – how is that relevant? that’s like telling someone who is black, hey slavery’s over, any discrimination you suffer now doesn’t mean so much. what you call “deformation” others call beautification. if you don’t like it, look away. we do not need to “be humble for what we got”. we need to be able to be ourselves. you are infringing upon people’s rights to do just that – what you see as ugly, well i see that as the ugly part of you.

      • Yourdamnright says:

        With that kind of thinking you should just let big brother make all of your decisions. The fact of the matter is that my personal appearance is my choice and no one has the right to interfere with that regardless of the social consequences. Even if my appearance is visually displeasing to someone. I find a lot of people visually displeasing but just because that’s my personal opinion doesn’t mean they should be forced to have cosmetic surgery as a social correction. Having respect for others in this regard means being tolerant not judgmental which is exactly what this bill entitles, the government judging weather they find your body modifications acceptable by their standards. Also, your reasoning of the government being a parent is absolutely ridiculous. There is nothing special about anyone who works for them or has been elected by “us” that makes them anymore qualified to dictate any aspect of our lives then ourselves. Not to mention your logic around freedoms is just absurd,because we have EARNED certain freedoms doesn’t give anyone any right to take others away. You obviously have no idea what kind of struggle ensues for freedom, or the sacrifices made to achieve it. The gay rights movement started well before the 70’s and is just now receiving marital rights. This new bill is an infringement of the Constitution and the American people should be outraged for that mere fact alone. Otherwise we should all just stand around doing nothing while our country is slowly converting to a socialist party ran by Conglomerate corporations and slack jawed “government officials” who can still be paid even during a government shut down, whilst our soldiers who make real sacrifices for others freedoms can’t.

      • Pete says:

        e government is our parent and we are the children,

        The government is our parents? Utter nonsense. In the future please do try to speak only for yourself, slave.

      • Robobenito says:

        You don’t sound like a moderate, you sound like a fascist.

      • Tara Schoffer says:

        Whats moderate about telling somebody they cannot express themselves through art. I am an aspiring tattoo artist and I fully am disgusted by this. If you’re conservative and don’t agree with body modifications such as tattoos, subdermals, piercings and sacrificial scarring, you have a right to express your opinion, but not take away those who do not disagree’s right to get them and have them. It’s not only prejudice but hypocritical to do so. What gives you the even right to say no to them, when more than half of the worlds population is profoundly involved in the tattoo & piercing community.

        I believe that there should be no limit on ANY tattoo, piercing of body modification. People get thing’s done for a reason. they like it. You don’t Don’t acknowledge the person and make it your problem. It’s really not your place to say, ” that looks bad” or ” you shouldn’t have done that to your body”. As for a law being passed to limit modifications? Disgusting.

        This truly takes away the rights, and freedoms of america. Even as a Canadian myself, this is silly, to say the least. Its unethical. How long have tattoos, piercings and body modifications been incorporated into today’s society? 5000 years and you’re now deciding that they are a bother to society and are “offensive” ? I think that’s a load of bullshit .

        As for parents having a say in yes or no, to whether or not their children should be getting teens, I believe that comes to a certain point. There is actually and age to get tattoo’s and if your child is of age, I am all for it. As for underage tattoos, that’s completely up to the parent, yes. But that has nothing to do with a ban on “offensive” tattoos, to create a moderate art community? That’s an invalid point completely. The age limit is generically 18 years of age, and by that time, the child is essentially and adult already. if the parent is still having a say what he or she does to his or her own body, that’s not good. I don’t think anyways. They should have the freedom to get whatever modifications they wants to express their opinions, personality and lifestyle. And by that point, what about the people who pay for they’re own tattoos and piercings. What about those who get their modifications done solely on their own. It should have no effect on society. It’s not hurting anyone.

        This is completely prejudice to the body mod world. Is even having one tattoo considered wrong? How would you even know? Who’s to say whether your tattoo’s are “innapropriate” or ” banned”. That’s bullshit. I really do hope they cancel or diminish this ban, I don’t care where it is… It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Completely against this .

        End of rant.

      • Mac says:

        Wow. I cannot believe I just read that. Be thankful for what our elected representatives allow us to have and comparing them to our parents. THAT is exactly what our founding fathers would have loved.

      • Laura Petellat-Entwisle says:

        ok but the government is not here to tell me if I can deform my body or not.. that ius not their choice. Maybe i don’t want them getting STDs from hookers and getting liver disease from drinking all the liquor they do using MY tax money to pay for it all including the medical treatments to fix the damage they’ve done to THEMSELVES with my money in the first place.

      • CynicalKiddo says:

        I do not have the energy to respond to this comment with anything more than, “Derrrrr…what?”.

      • Christina says:

        I don’t see how you came to the conclusion that Jennifer was a liberal, because i think most would say she was just stating that the government has no right to dictate how we express ourselves. The government is not a parent figure read the fucking Constitution. If it did we would be similar dictatorship. I don’t care what your political views are, all i know is people who think like will bring our country to its fall. Freedoms where given to use and cannot be taken away by the government just because we have been “bad children” people like you bring shame to Americans.

      • Kane says:

        You’re not a ‘moderate’. You’re a disgusting human being. :\
        No freedom until we’re equal. Our government is NOT supposed to strip us and tell us ‘no’. Maybe YOU are the one who needs to… how did you put it… FUCK OFF!

      • troof brick says:

        you compare the rights of grown adults interacting with their government to how a child and parent interact.

        this makes you a moron, and your opinions are invalid.

        i sincerely hope you’re a baby boomer and will be dead soon.

      • Bob Mann says:

        The government is not my parent. Never will be. I am a center right conservative, but if you want to make modifications to your body that may interfere with your future opportunities, that is your call once you hit 18

      • David Fitzgerald says:

        I like how your thinking, however, I dislike what you are thinking, and how you got there.

        First, the government is not a parent. That’s not an appropriate role for the government to take on. I have done many many many things in my life, my parents wouldn’t and don’t approve of. I’ve done things they’ve flat out told me not to do. As an adult, that is my freedom. These decisions were right for me at the time, some of them are still right for me. Just because my parents don’t/didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. We are each responsible for living our own lives the way we know best.

        I am often bothered by the tendencies in modern legislature to ‘force conformity’. What is the goal of telling people “You can’t do X.” Even if X is as simple as choosing not to wear a seat belt. I do not understand why that isn’t a choice people are free to make. Is it stupid? yes, is it your choice? no.

        Being stupid, so far as I know, isn’t a crime. Taking away someones choice to be stupid or make mistakes, or go to extremes, should be, and is, illegal.

        As a friend of mine once put it, “Your freedom to swing your arms and legs around wildly ends at my face.”

      • ari says:

        Your comparison of conservatives to Iran is completely ungrounded. If you knew much about politival parties and viewpoints, conservatives are actually AGAINST a lot of government control. Their main goal is to conserve traditional AMERICAN values, so why would they desire to create a dictatorship?
        Also, you say that you are a “moderate,” but the type of thinking displayed by your comment is quite on the liberal side of things in that you sound like you want to give the government a lotttt of power and control over things that have nothing to do with them. The government is not our parent, and they never should be. They exist to serve the people, not the other way around. Would you actually be okay with the government taking away rights because you’ve been too “spoiled” by them? That’s liberal thinking if I ever heard it. The government can’t give you anything that it hasn’t first taken away.

      • Tony says:

        Mitchell you are so unbelievably wrong your comment was probably one the most unamerican things I have read. The government is not supposed to even be something close to our parents and “disrupting the peace” with body modifications being a LAW is soooo opposite of freedom if any of this is true its one of the most freedom compromising things I have read. And frankly I would never get tattoos or piercings or anything. I say again THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT OUR PARENT and should have no power like a parent. The point of America is basically to be able to complain all we want and if you dont understand that you should probably leave america or at least shut up because your point of view is staggeringly ignorant

      • Shawn says:

        You, my friend, are completely out of your mind! The Government is not a parent and they have absolutely no right whatsoever to tell an adult what they can or can not do to their own body! If a person misses out on a job opportunity because of their look, that is a risk they run. But it should always be their choice, not the governments! Also it is not complaining or whining to yell about your freedoms being removed! That is the ethos that our country was built on. If something is wrong, you take steps to change it. The first steps are to yell and make a fuss! “Disturbing the peace” ??? Are you insane? It’s called being an individual. I think some of those body mods are pretty damned dumb myself, but I would never take away an adults right to have them. The boundaries and freedoms you spoke of are something to be decided by the people, not the government. You call yourself a moderate….I call you a sheep!

      • Dylan Hodges says:

        “The government is our parent, and we are the children”

        No, we are not children, we are adults, we are people who have the right to do whatever the fuck we want with our bodies.

        Like you said, you have been turned down for jobs because of your single piercing, thats up to the employer.

        If you choose to get crazy piercings, scarification, branding, whatever, that is YOUR choice.

        You are making that choice knowing that some places will not hire you, and some people will have a preconceived notion about you because of it

        The government has no right to dictate weather or not I can modify my body, if that causes me to loose out on opportunities or be judged by people because of it so be it, I made that decision knowing that risk.

        You said yourself, we need to respect each other, well respect the people who choose to have wild body mods, just as they respect you.

      • Xylo says:

        to me it sounds like you don’t want freedom of speech, if “smacking your children” is how you would handle people “complaining” or what I consider voicing an opinion then please stay away from our rights. You’re right, we need checks and balances but calling people “spoiled” because you don’t agree with the rights guaranteed to us in our Bill of Rights is sickening. Don’t agree with our Bill of Rights? I hear Brazil is a fun place to live this time of year.

      • As much as I would like to agree.. says:


        Should someone remind you of constitutional rights? Maybe someone should remind you that the boundaries set forth have been about taking from someone. If the tattoos in which I wear openly offend someone, then that is too bad. To be completely honest I have seen some completely disgusting things. Completely Obese people for example wearing short shorts and a rag they call a shirt. I have been in the position to hear the police say “Get the fuck on the goddamn ground.” As much as that is offending to some people, there are no issues with this. I have even seen, and get ready for this, women (and men) in the sluttiest clothes, to the point their vagina/testicles are hanging out the bottom and it is completely FINE by the norm in which people like you deem to be “socially acceptable.”

        So, I will get to my point. Socially acceptable, Politically correct yaddahyaddahyaddah. Go fuck yourself. Eat shit and die. Why am I saying this? Because my constitutional rights, federal rights and state rights allow me too. All because of this awesome thing called Freedom of Speech. I am not threatening you. I am not threatening anyone. I am simply giving my opinion of your ideal behind this. Taking away one more thing because they take away something else. Giving into them taking away something, just means they move onto another.

      • Sue says:

        …i hardly notice pierced people anymore.
        they are over done and border on bad taste.
        politics has no room for this nonsense.
        it should be doing real work.

      • Ghost says:

        @MitchellNEw………you sound just like those that want to control the American citizens. There needs to be balance? Like the wealth distribution right? Personally I think the plugs in your ears is dumb. In the years to come it is going to look hideous. BUT that is all MY opinion, it doesn’t mean people can’t go and do it. It is your body go for it! To me it seems like there are too many laws that are based off of opinions. You seem to have too much trust any government. They broke my trust and they have not even tried to repair it. Therefore all government does not get my trust. We do need laws and regulations to keep balance. But when the government can’t even follow their own laws, they and everyone alike can kindly fuck off. Our freedoms are being ripped apart daily, so you should really think about how “free” we are. You must watch the corporate media and you are now brain washed. Your concept and ideas make sense but in reality that is not how this country works. The reality is that governments are the child and the corporations are the parents. WE are the fetus that was thrown to the wild pigs. So yeah anytime someone wants to come and take away something of ours we fight! That is what this country was known for. This country used to be the greatest. Now we must fight tooth and nail to take it back. Fuck the government! too bad punk is dead

      • carly says:

        YOU my friend, mitchellnew, might as well be up there with the close minded, straight laced, ignorant, one track thinkers who passed this disgusting bill. At least they’ve done something to get to where they are to make this awful decision but WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Saying that we’re “too spoiled.” Sorry, Dad! I didn’t know i was disobeying you. Oh, please. I can’t believe people as inconsiderate and uneducated as you exist. I know cussing sounds uneducated but please excuse me for a second; GO FUCK YOURSELF. I understand that you might think people that are trained to do this should be doing them, and I totally agree with that, but agreeing with this bill is just being another one of the governments’ sheep. /rant.

      • Ho Lee Sheet says:

        “the government is our parent and we are the children,”

        WE ARE THE PARENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT… those bitches work for us. Our constitution put that ideology in place and protected us from people with your very dangerous ideology. You’re a sheep. Enjoy sucking the dick of your big gov parents.

        Don’t speak for me. Fuck you.

      • carrie says:

        So, you’re willing to bend over and take it because other people are “whining”? No, this is unacceptable. You are being daft.

        There are boundaries in this country sure. But instead of making such strict boundaries that infringe on some people’s rights, why not instead focus on the regulation of the act? i.e. the piercer MUST use this type of metal, and follow particular procedures to ensure the tools are sterile…

        I have subdermal implants that healed perfectly and cause no harm to myself or others. I am holding a full time job and have giant tattoos over my body.

        So… it’s whining for someone successful like me, to be against such horribly structured and naive laws?

        “I would smack my child upside the head and say “get over it! No is no!” if they did that to me.”
        Shows what kind of asshole you are.

      • Doug Jonathon says:

        Dear Mitchel,
        you have some good points in response to Jennifer’s comments but I think you’ve got a frew things wrong as well. First off I want to inform you that you are not a “moderate” You are a democrat. I really don’t care how you’re registered or whatever because that’s irrelevant. According to your views and opinions of the liberals and the democrats and your response to this article, you are not mediating anything. Democrats believe their should be boundaries to our freedoms. Republicans/Libertarians believe that we should be free from government oppression under the guides of law. while you point out the pros and cons of this bill and ultimately agree with it, one must question the intent of such a bill and whether or not it will even fix a problem that’s already been created. In this case it’s a bill to appease those who are against body modification and that’s it. It’s not solving anything. It’s not bettering us as a nation. It is only restricting our freedoms in a non-benificial way. If a liberal had to state their views on abortion, they would probably say something to the effect of “a women has a right to her body and the right to make that choice herself”. how is this any different only on a much less significant way. It’s hypocritical and is only meant to appease a specific group of individuals who don’t like looking at those who’ve chosen to modify their bodies.

        To summarize the above, you, Mitchellenew, are biased as is every human. You are a liberal. And this law is a waste of time. The only people this bill affects are those who wish to modify their bodies and if that’s their wish, than who are politicians to say otherwise, yet alone even care in the first place.

      • giffomatic says:

        The bill prohibits scarification and dermal implants. The truth is people in Arkansas are actually ignorant enough to believe that people who modify their bodies in these ways are actually the vampires from “True Blood”.

        In this light it’s clear that the bill is in fact completely necessary. If this “threat” is not contained who knows what the people of Arkansas will do. Gods, the might even stop sleeping with their siblings, and then how would Arkansas procreate?

      • GZS says:

        Just because you got turned down employment for a piercing doesn’t mean we should ban body modifications in any way. In situations like that, you either take out the piercing or find a job that doesn’t mind it. That is a decision that needs to be left to the individual. My body, my choice. Body modification does not hurt anyone and I refuse to be told I can’t do something to my own being because someone else doesn’t like the way it looks.

      • joedrums says:

        Stopped reading after “the government is our parent and we are the children”. Government is intended to work for the people, and anyone that believes otherwise is frightening.

      • Jenifer says:

        Last time I checked, I am an adult. I do not need someone “parenting” me… Especially the government. I would describe myself as extremely conservative politically, and I know Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I am an educated public school teacher with a job… Did I mention that I have 5 large tattoos, and 5 piercings not in my ears? Mitchell, I don’t want to live in a country where I have to get permission or am banned from expressing myself in a way that does not do any harm to anyone. I am sorry that you are not a big boy yet, and need the government to parent you, however, I would like to make my own decisions.

    • Joey says:

      I agree that it interrupts our freedoms. But there does come a point when we should show responsibility with these freedoms. There are things that people are doing that would get them arrested and locked up as a danger to themselves at one time (I.E. I saw a video of a young man filleting his own penis). I’ve seen tattoos on people that forced me to move my son away because the “Art” was either perverted(not artistic just perverted) or foul (Lick my a**hole sticks out in my head, very artistic). Show your creativity and independence sure, but if I see a burning cross in someones yard, I expect to see the police soon after.

      • Jacob says:

        Whether you like something or not, people can put what they please on their body, they’re not forcing you to look at it, it’s your choice to do so. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you have the right to ban people from doing it.

      • Simon says:

        Why were you watching a video of a man fileting his own penis?

        Weird shit has happened behind closed doors since the beginning of mankind, you think cavemen didn’t do perverted shit? Or the Romans? Come on, deal with it and don’t participate if you have a problem.

      • Kenny says:

        Did you actually just try to compare tattoos and piercings to a fucking cross burning?

      • jo says:

        Dont look at it then. Man your just as bad as Mitch up there. WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS DO TO THEMSELVES AND MIND YOUR OWN THEN! Dont like it, leave it alone and walk away. Dont sit there and judge someone who sins differently then you. MAN some people need a good shake. Its their own body, dont like it, then F* off

      • vknqueen says:

        you know what is odd Joey…Germany has hate propaganda pamphlets printed in this country and sent there because it is illegal to print hate propaganda in Germany…if freedom of speech extends to hate literature, why would the government draw the line at tattoos and piercings, and body modifications? Sounds like some legislators kid got a tattoo and this is their way of dealing with it. Many people hate what they do not understand. It’s not the governments call…period!

      • FalconTypo says:

        Then let them make their own choices. We cannot fix stupid, but we should not tromp on others’ rights just because of them.

      • Colleen says:

        Burning cross? Really?

    • Mike Miguello says:

      We all are entitled to freedom of expression but why does anyone need these? Just get a normal tattoo or piercing. A bolt action one and one with a limited magazine.

      • Joshua K says:

        yeah but what you may find offensive other people may think is okay it all depends on how your raised the government should not dictate what we do with out bodies if I want to get a tattoo that says fuck the u.s its my choice you don’t have to agree nor am I forcing my opinion on you its my own and if I want to get it as a tattoo then I will someone can’t tell me weather I can or cant tattoos have been a form of expressing our ideas of what we like but lets say someone goes through something tragic and gets a tattoo of a devil reaching out. and a quote if one doesn’t understand the true meaning of maybe in his mind I have been to hell and back and made it through and that’s how he needs to remember it or represent it then it makes sense for him but people who get offended would say he is a devil worshiper. While if someone got a tattoo of a cross and said in god I trust no one would say a thing but others could say that offends them because they feel by the person getting that tattoo on them they are forcing their religious beliefs on them. we would think they are being rediculus but under the nature of this law then the person shouldn’t be able to have this perfectly normal tattoo that should be considered respectable

      • Danni says:

        Really? A “Normal” tattoo or piercing? Who the hell defines what a “normal” tattoo is? Are my tattoos any more or less normal than my neighbors? Or my piercings? I have several micro-dermals, what’s wrong with those? They’re much prettier than standard piercings, and I’ve found are more acceptable by employers as well! But you’re telling me I can get a gem implanted on my body if I want to? That’s ludicrous. When it comes to body mods like piercings and tattoos, there’s NO such thing as “normal.”

        If we let other people dictate what kinds of piercings/tattoos we can get and set the standard of “normal” then we are letting other people DEFINE who we are!

        And Mitchell, you are obviously NOT a “moderate” you’re plainly just an idiot. Just because someone is calling out about the unconstitutional bill they’ve passed, doesn’t mean they’re liberal. I was raised in a VERY right wing family and my parents are completely against piercings/tattoos but they would be thoroughly outraged by this bill as it infringes upon our freedom of DECISION! Just like ANY red-blooded American would be, democrat, republican, or independent. This is NOT about political parties, this is about our GOVERNMENT trying yet ANOTHER tactic to control us as people. It’s sickening.

      • Gob says:

        Mike Miguello, you put it perfectly in context. Well played, sir, well played.

        PS-Sorry your brilliance was missed on many.

      • Vidar says:

        So we’re all entiteled freedom of expression as long as we choose to express ourselves in ways you approve of?

      • James Wall says:

        What is YOUR definition of “Normal”?!

      • Macy says:

        Because they want it. End of story.

    • Areyou kiddingme says:

      This is so wrong your taking away the rights people have. If you dont like thier tattoos then turn your fuckin head idiot i dont like you but tat doesnt mean im gonna ban your ass

    • TQ says:

      The only good part about this bill is that it shows the stupidity of the Government in trying to dictate what people do with their own bodies. Like the abortion laws. Exact same thing. A government that is more like a dictatorship than a diplomacy

    • Todd Loomis says:

      Stupid law! The lawmakers there must REALLY be bored. Please take your stupid freedom erasing laws, and move to another country. Stop making laws about what an individual can/cannot do with their own body. Ridiculous!

    • Adam says:

      The Government is not the parent….WE ARE! That’s what democracy is. Elected officials working for us. You seem more like a conservative than a moderate if you support such ridiculous logic in laws!

    • Adam says:

      That’s the stupid government trying to control ppl’s lives again. When we all start fighting back they will stop. They are taking our rights away and I’m tired of it all. Either China needs to take over or we need to have a civil war.

    • WMP says:

      What decisions one can make about one’s own body are not actually covered under freedom of speech, or else there could be no argument for the pro-life crowd.

    • Russell Green says:

      Not freedom of speech, yet freedom of expression. Not the same thing. It seems so many people want to get ovezealous about this, yet do not want to own up that tattoos and piercings are a personal choice. Now I have eight tattoos, and one piercing, yet if an employer tells me they wish not to see them, no problem. My decision will not hinder the direction your business, or the fact that you should have the freedom to decide how it’s ran so long as you take all risk. People forget this, and one of the biggest groups of people who are unemployed, and racking up debt are heavily tattooed and pierced males and females, in places that can be observed.

    • sparky says:

      They are turning us into a nation of minors! Time to grow up and wake up and stop listening to mommy and daddy! Never stop Thinking for yourself.

    • Bob says:

      I totally agree, but please use our, not are, freedom of speech.

    • Randy Treibel says:

      “These such things show off our personalities and our creativity”. No, they don’t; they show off your ability to pay someone with a more creative mind than you to express themselves using you as a canvas. If i pay an interior designer to design my house, i’m not showing off my creativity or personality anymore than i am hanging and Eddie Colla print on my wall or wearing a 57-33 t-shirt. I’m merely consuming an item that i find relevant to my interests. It doesn’t show of my personality or creativity.

      Corporations have tricked people. People think that by consuming they are expressing themselves.

    • Kyle says:

      If you aren’t smart enough to use grammar and form sentences correctly then you probably aren’t smart enough to have an opinion that people respect. I would be on your side on this, but your writing is so terrible. I can’t take you seriously.

    • Lara says:

      I agree Jennifer 100%. This senate woman is a idiot. Our military fights for our freedoms everyday and all the government can do is complain about stupid stuff. There are more important things going on like starving children in America and they wanna take someones freedom of speech. I am so disappointed in this country at this point. Our government is supposed to be protecting us not taking all our rights away. Miss senate lady get a life and worry about the bigger picture because tattoos and body piercings have been going on for centuries.

    • Trish says:

      You just proved my theory. It’s all about “showing off”. If you want to show off your personalities and creativity, do something with your life! This “expresses yourself as a person”? Too bad you have to rely on this to do it for you. I don’t think the gov’t should have to make such “bans”. Unfortunately, it appears that there truly is a problem with this OR they wouldn’t have to do it in the first place.

    • Trish says:

      Exactly, Kyle. Sounds to me like Jennifer should have spent more time in the classroom and less time getting her tats and piercings.

    • Colleen D says:

      Next the Government will be telling us when we can and can’t have sex WTF?!?!?! This is getting out of hand with Federal and State Governments!

    • Vladimir says:

      if people can handle what we do to our body’s then they can kindly shove off its our body’s its ours to do as we please

    • lauren says:

      MictchellNEw, it causes “disturbances of the peace?” Are you serious? Banning certain tattoos and piercings etc is a direct violation of the First Amendment. What’s next, they’ll be telling women that their skirts can only be so short or that men can’t have long hair?

      This has nothing to do with balance. It has to do with some close-minded woman trying to put her views on what is right onto everyone else.

      I am pretty sure that you have no idea what the word arrogant means as you called Jennifer arrogant and nothing she said was arrogant at all. Then, you go into some rant about what liberals, moderates and conservatives are which is very amusing. The government are not our parents and does not have the right to tell us what to do to our bodies. As long as we are not hurting anyone else or ourselves in the process, we can choose to do what we want to our bodies. It’s a pretty simple concept.

      Also, why do you capitalize random words and, it’s you’re a liberal, not your a liberal….

    • rita simpson says:

      This absolutely must get struck down. This is a blatant and wrongful infringement on the right to self expression. Unlike abortion, which I ardently oppose because it destroys another person, this is trying to criminalize expression that harms no one. It has to be struck down. In fact, I ardently oppose even parental consent laws for tattoos because they lead to dangerous unsafe methods that I have too painfully am aware of two.

  2. Meli Anderson says:

    Yep, that will totally work out. It isn’t like teens everywhere have been caught piercing themselves with safety pins when denied permission for professional piercings.

    This concept is a waste of tax money and paid government official time. It is impossible to actually implement even if it didn’t happen to be a violation of freedom. What will they do to me if I decide not to take out my dermals? Lock me up where they have to feed, dress, and house me until I relent? Write me a scathing letter to inform me that my piercings bother them?

    Body modification can have religious meaning to some people, so is their religion wrong? Why is traditional okay but non-traditional is wrong? Who decides which traditions to uphold? What about non-traditional marriage? Women traditionally stay home and ask permission from their husbands to go shopping. Traditional relationships have one man and one woman. Any time any government uses the word “traditional” to support a law it means they are getting into something that just isn’t their business.

    • Megan says:

      Oh god, you’re being serious. They’re banning them from being done in the future. They don’t care if its from a previous session.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah- uh- how exactly are they supposed to know whether or not it’s been done afterward? Megan you’re not using logic in ANY rebuttal you’ve provided.

        • Ben says:

          Sarah- They will ban the procedure. They wont lock someone up for it already being on their body, but they will make illegal for establishments to perform the procedures that will be banned.

        • Corwen says:

          Who types “uh”?

          On another note, Megan’s logic isn’t flawed. Laws implemented are not and can not be retroactive. Because of this, there would be no way to tell when the piercing or modification was done, and therefore no way to prosecute someone just for having it. The law would affect those attempting to perform the procedure, much in the same way that Florida has outlawed glass pipes in an effort to curb marijuana use. The upshot of which similarity is this, people in Florida still smoke weed, and people are still going to mark themselves up. The law is a waste of time, effort, tax money, and would actually be funny if it weren’t so sad.

          • vknqueen says:

            I tend to believe they outlawed glass pipes to curb crack use…not marijuana. further more the governor of Florida is a scammer and a fool. Rick Scott was under indictment for multimillion dollar medicaid fraud…Floridians are stupid, and most of them are too old to know what’s really going on. They won’t vote in a penny tax for schools (because they don’t have kids) but they will vote for building multi-million dollar prison complexes…if you have one you don’t need the other. Worst schools in the country down here, bar none!

  3. Dragontech64 says:

    In all fairness, this IS from Arkansas, not exactly a hot-bed of intellectualism, sanity, or forward thinking. GOP land of “small government” out watching what we do with our minds and bodies.

    • Mr. KnifeGuy says:

      You are making false assumptions Dragontech64. Go look at the senate voting record. on the initial draft ALL 14 dems voted Yea. On the final passing draft all 4 Nay votes were Republican Senators.

    • Smarterthenyou says:

      Let’s not forget, Bill and Hillary Clinton….

      • kelly says:

        hahahahahahha “smarterthenyou” is even grammatically incorrect in their name. sigh. this world is fabulously funny!

        • Heidi Keith says:

          Lol, it reminds me of “No Ragrets” tattooed on the Guy in We’re The Millers!

        • mrgreengenes says:

          And you don’t even use punctuation in yours. Nobody cares.

        • Joe H says:

          Their name is spelled correctly…. seems like you folks who like to make fun of Arkansas need a grammar lesson yourselves….

          • Nope says:

            Their name isn’t spelled correctly. It should be “than”. Come on people.

          • CAT says:

            Shouldn’t that be “smarter THAN you”?

          • Icarus says:

            Seriously? ….
            *Seriously*? the name is *NOT* spelled correctly. It should read “Smarter THAN you”, not “then”.

            If you can’t even *tell* there’s something wrong – then there’s an even bigger issue!

          • Chuck says:

            I’m not sure where to start with this. The individual ‘smarterthenyou’ isn’t misspelling their name. Last time I checked, ‘smarterthenyou’ isn’t actually a word recognized by any dictionary I know of, but instead a ‘log-in handle’. If, however, he/she made a statement that he/she is ‘smarter then you’, then, yes, he/she is guilty of incorrect word choice, but not of misspelling, since ‘then’ IS spelled correctly. Furthermore, Kelly, your handle is grammatically wrong, in this case, spelling, since it is a proper noun, which we all know should be capitalized. Second, ‘hahahahaha’ isn’t a word, and should therefore be in closed quotes since it is clearly something you are saying aloud. Third ‘sigh.’ This is a sentence fragment containing no subject, nor is it capitalized. Fourthly, you failed to capitalize ‘this’ in the beginning of your final sentence. In a nutshell, Kelly, take the beam from your own eye, before pointing out the splinter in someone else’s.

          • Oline Wright says:

            Since they chose what their name is and thus chose to spell it that way then their name is spelt correctly. That would be like the teacher I had in High School who refused to pronounce my last name correctly because in her mind it looked like it should be pronounced the way she said it. Keep in mind that it is possible that they tried to make it the way you believe it should be spelt and someone Already had taken that name.

    • Sheri H says:

      I’m not from Arkansas, however I do take offense to your statement, Dragontech64. That is making a generalization of everyone in that state; that they are all back-woods hicks, but phrased a bit nicer. Isn’t that a little like making a generalization that all people with tats and piercing should be avoided for your own safety.
      While I find this proposed law absolutely preposterous, I’m sure the ones preposing, and supporting, it have their logic. I have not lived their lives so I would have no idea exactly what is their line of reasoning. An idea, or opinion, is never wrong, just different, and maybe less popular. Calling a blue car green is an error, therefor wrong; preferring a blue car over a green one is an opinion and therefor possibly different. That is why it is important for all who would be effected to voice their opinions as well, and to stick to neutral statements, refraining from attacking the person behind the idea.

  4. Chris says:

    This is absolutely ludicrous in every way! Our country was found on freedom from religious persecution. The right wing needs to have a serious wake-up call. You can’t tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. It’s completely unethical and you are not doing anything but signing your own resignation in advance. Have fun dealing with the media and backlash on this one people.

    FYI. I know that christian religion was not in the topic but it is what these evangelical people use as a platform for their decisions. They try to do something for the greater good but it ends up being bigoted and judgmental. Hence why religion needs to stay out of politics or be taxed.

    • Vae says:

      Lol, it was democrats who helped pass this. Not exactly what I’d call a right-wing movement.

      Besides, unless you’re planning on opening a body mod shop in the state of Arkansas, then this law will never effect you ever.

      • Mike says:

        Turns out Democrats can be in the “right wing” as well. Being conservative isn’t a republican or democratic trait necessarily.

        This law does effect those of us who live outside Arkansas because we are a nation.

      • Jacob says:

        It’s still a right wing policy, it falls in line with their agenda. Besides, just because some people claim to be democrat doesn’t mean they follow their party by any means, look at Indiana. This law very well can effect us even if we don’t live in Arkansas, many other states can start feeling that they can do the same.

    • says:

      Do some research on your own and see who voted yes or no on this matter. Don’t assume that “the right wing” voted yes on this. If you do your research you will find that democrats voted yes and the republicans voted no.

      • Marvin Fenderson says:

        I would define someone who voted for this as right wing. This is a very conservative position to take. Could it be that actually some democrats sometimes behave in a right wing way?

        • Tim G says:

          Actually it’s not a conservative position. A conservative position would be that the government has no right to control what we do with our bodies. What most people in this country come to think of as conservative is a lot closer to fascism.

    • Daisy says:

      I get so weary of the Christian bashing. This has NOTHING to do with Christianity or the Christian Church. I have been a Christian since i was 12 yrs. old and i have yet to be told, taught or preached to about the “sin of tattoos”. This is personal choice, a freedom i have recieved from the Lord. I have searched the bible and it’s not there. you are to Love your neighbor as yourself. This is obviously drawn up by and voted on by close minded people with an agenda. I see no reason to suggest it is religious but if it is, it is based on old laws and actually comes down to “judgement” which,as a Christian, by the way is not my job either. Blaming this on Christianity is just the flip side of the “judgements” being drawn by those who see tattoos/ tattooed people as pagans or devil worshippers. This woman and her many supporters are obviously mis-guided and blind, possibly bigoted but not necessarily Christian.

      • Arlo Barlow says:

        Your bible specifically bans tattoos. Leviticus 19:28 reads, “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord.

        Yeah, Leviticus, y’know. the one who you people always use to justify your homophobia.

        I know you people love to cherry-pick from the buffet-bible, but if you’re going to hate your inner gay ‘because the bible tells me to hate’, then tattoos, mixing fabrics, eating pork or shellfish are all off limits to you.,_But_You_Do_Anyway

        • Michele Shaw says:

          I have been a Christian my whole life, but have been a true Christ-follower for almost 11 years. The difference is (at least to me) as a Christian, I believe in the Trinity, Jesus is the son of God who came to die for our sins, and the only way to be truly forgiven is to seek God through Jesus and sincerely ask for His forgiveness. As a Christ-follower, I actually seek out a daily, honest relationship with God in every aspect of my life. I do not subscribe to the idea that as a Christ-follower I am somehow validated in passing judgment on others. Why? BECAUSE IT IS NOT MY PLACE AS A SINNER TO JUDGE OTHERS’ SINS! I get extremely irritated with those who group Christians under one umbrella that assumes we are all haters, because not all of us think we are better than everyone else simply because we can identify with a religious title. You are absolutely correct in your claim about “cherry-picking” from the “buffet-bible” – there are DEFINITELY too many “Christians” that do this. But please, PLEASE do not make such sweeping generalizations like “you people” because we are not all guilty of this. That being said, I appreciate that you at least took the time and effort to not only indicate a specific source where you got the information you are basing your statements on, but gave reference as well for those who want to look it up. I did find your terminology amusingly accurate, though – I gotta be honest!

        • Daisy says:

          here we go again … nowhere in my comment did you find any hate or gay bashing. it is not my job to judge or to hate. i am to love as Christ loved. that is all.
          you are correct to point out the scripture that you did but i would like to point out that that is “old law” / old testament. the new promise or “new law”/ new testament says nothing about tattoos.

          • vknqueen says:

            Jesus said he didn’t come to change the law but to fulfill it…He simply suggested that if you are not guilty of any sin (and we all are)cast the first stone!

        • Don says:

          lol old testament laws do not apply to Christians, only to Jews. Christians can most definitely get tattoos.

        • Blake says:

          My Bible does not ban tattoos. I am a Christian, and Leviticus is part of the Old Testament. Christ came around for the second book, the old testament is history, what Christ was here to fix.

        • iggy says:

          [I know you people love to cherry-pick from the buffet-bible, but if you’re going to hate your inner gay ‘because the bible tells me to hate’, then tattoos, mixing fabrics, eating pork or shellfish are all off limits to you.]

          Actually, in both Judaism AND Christianity, the laws of the Torah don’t apply to Gentiles. Gentiles are bound by the Noachide laws, which include none of the above.

  5. Tylin Yardas says:

    This isn’t really surprising at all. It is just the government trying to take away our god given rights. First our rights to bare arms and now our freedom of expression.

  6. Heather Davis says:

    I live in NYS, I have 7 piercings, & no tattoos, but I know people with piercings and tattoos, sense when does the “Government” have the right to tell us Free Citizens what we can & can not do with our bodies, there OUR bodies, if you don’t like the tattoos & Piercings you don’t have to look at them just look the other way, if this law is passed I can say this much the Government won’t get the votes they got at voting time last time, they sure won’t get a vote from me.

  7. Whatever you choose to do with your own body is YOUR choice… If someone wishes to have a tattoo done, it becomes a part of them, and if they have known ANYONE with a tattoo they could claim that they are following a tradition. I think this is absolutely absurd and that this even passed a senate vote is completely preposterous. It is an issue of -if you don’t like it, don’t get it done but it is MY life to live how I please- and it should not come under government scrutiny.

  8. Rick Wilson says:

    Its ok to kill an unborn child because “that’s a womans body” but now we are banning certain tattoo’s? This will just push it underground and cause more problems. with all the problems in this country THIS is what they decide to do? Everyone needs to write and call there representative now!!!

  9. Ann Droid says:

    These are the same politicians who probably brandy the term “freedom” when it serves their purposes. They need to understand that freedom also applies to the things that people do that you don’t personally approve of.

  10. Echo says:

    Dude. Seriously?? I mean its not really your choice…its a free country last time I checked. People should do what they want with their body’s. It doesn’t concern you what others do.

  11. Jenna says:

    So… if you have modifications done outside of Arkansas… and visit… can you be arrested? Are you not allowed to move there? Really?

    • Vae says:

      No, this is a restriction on body mod shops and what they can sell, not on what individuals already have.

      So, yeah, you can visit Arkansas without being burned at the stake or whatever.

      I agree that this law is silly, but everyone’s acting like this is some country-wide civil rights meltdown. It’s a stupid law in a single state that probably won’t even be reinforced or passed at all. In any case, it’s for Arkansas to deal with, not the rest of us.

      • Angie says:

        People are most likely acting as if it is a country-wide issue because once it starts in one state it usually makes its way around. Just because it is only in Arkansas now does not mean it won’t find its way to California, Pennsylvania, and so on.

  12. Analiza says:

    Everyone Has a RIGHT to do what they want to there body parts, god has put us on these earth for us CHOOSE what we want for our self’s & what we think is right for our body’s no-one can tell us what we can & cant do !! This is an issue to me & everyone else who has piercings & tattoo’s, what I make on my own chooses is what I want you don’t accept then that’s not our problems NOT all tattoo’s are meant for bad things its being CEATIVE !!!!!he law cant tell us that we cant have tattoo’s & piercings on our body’s but they can say we cant go to certain places. I am who I am , I WILL LIVE MY LIFE HOW I WANT IT TOO BE & it should not be by the government or by law !!

    • Sniggly McGigglebottoms says:

      I totally just read that in a Jamaican accent…sounded moving. Specifically, well think Calypso in PotC.

    • Vae says:

      Okay, are you trying to open a body mod shop in the state of Arkansas?


      Congratulations, this law doesn’t effect you at all! You can chill the fuck out now.

      • Colleen says:

        Actually, I’m pretty sure the passing of this law is valid and significant to anyone anywhere who has piercings, tattoos, or body mod of any kind. Opening or owning a shop has nothing to do with it. It’s a matter of recognizing that our rights are being violated. It’s perfectly legitimate for people to be concerned.


        I understand that there are people who don’t give two shits about the world of body mod, even in its simplest of forms, and I gather that you are one of those people. Fact of the matter is that whether or not you LIKE tattoos, piercings, scarification, or anything of the like quite frankly… YOU DON’T HAVE TO. It’s not for anyone else to decide what a person does with their body. It is literally none of your damn business what another human being wants unless they are a minor and you are their guardian. Guess much it matters if someone is offended by it?

        Oh, right… IT DOESN’T.

  13. Mike says:

    Is this a big problem in Arkansas? Will this go national? How on earth will this be enforced? Who exactly gets appointed body-art police? Will this require a titty-committee? I’m just laughing my ass off at the absurdity of such wasted time, money & the misuse/abuse of political office. THIS is what taxpayers are paying for? Some folks can’t afford food, medicine & basic life-sustaining needs, but those elected to serve us are worried about piercings & tattoos…..this country once had a promising future.

  14. bunches Mcguinty says:

    I kinda hope it passes. Because it won’t be long before someone takes it to high court for being unconstitutional and it will stop more of this stupidity.

  15. Morgan Barton says:

    As a person who expresses herself with tattoo’s and piercings I am going to say that telling a person what they can and can’t do with their body is pushing it to far. Piercings and Tattoo’s aren’t just a “fad” for me, it’s who I am and who I am going to be. I don’t care if this does get passed, I will be one of those that will continue to do what I want too with my body and I don’t care if they punish me or whatever. This is one time I can say I am ashamed to be an American. Taking the rights of people who express themselves in a unique form just shows your ignorance and how narrow minded you are. If this bill gets passed in all states I’m sure they would have an uproar with the tattoo, body piercings, body mods communities.

  16. Scott Jacksson says:

    Hmmm…….maybe next they’ll ban drooping pants and showing your underwear. Now THAT would be tragic!

  17. Mary Roon says:

    Too bad people will still do it and go to an under the table artist that doesn’t know what they are doing cause there is no open practice for it since it will be banned and then suddenly everyone will be in the ER with infections and probably dying cause of it. The law says we can’t do a lot of things and we do it anyways, this wont be any different and since this isn’t hurting anyone else and it’s their choice, why do we have to subject someone to intense harm just cause someone doesn’t like it. Well quite frankly I don’t like the way Mrs.Irvin dresses but do you see me making a goddamn law? No. I don’t like peppers but do you see me making a damn law? No. So pipe the fuck down your argument is invalid.

  18. Kaysa Biga says:

    Don’t get why these people care anyway. I’m sure they each have at least one family member in their family with some kind of body modification. This is ridiculous.

  19. Afi K. James says:

    Another reason why we are the new nazi germany, only even worse.

    • Taibelina says:

      Oh really? Have you read a history book recently? Can you please explain how we are worse than Nazi Germany?

      • caroline says:

        hahah Taibelna, love what you said. People complain about how terrible our society is wayyyy too often… but this is the most ridiculous comparison I’ve ever seen. It’s really not bad here compared to most places. But still – this body mod bill is ridiculous.

      • T6R says:

        They needed the SA to strong arm large parts of the populace before the Nazis could lock down total control. The US Government and Corporations are managing to do it with Duck Dynasty and other mindless entertainment. Pannem et circenses indeed.

  20. Darren says:

    The government has no right to tell them what they can and cannot do to their bodies, just like they should have no say as to wether or not a potential employer hires them based on their decision to adorn their body.

  21. Bonnie says:

    It’s fine… they can ban it all they want. Instead of making money and creating jobs, they will be closing shops and sending people to neighboring states to get the tattoos and piercings anyway. Massachusetts used to have a ban on tattoos and piercings too. All we did was go to NH and RI instead. MA finally got the picture: losing money is bad, mmmkay.
    (This is coming from a woman with 25% body ink coverage. You can’t stop me with a state ban. No state has walls.)

  22. Bonnie says:

    It’s fine… they can ban it all they want. Instead of making money and creating jobs, they will be closing shops and sending people to neighboring states to get the tattoos and piercings anyway. Massachusetts used to have a ban on tattoos and piercings too. All we did was go to NH and RI instead. MA finally got the picture: losing money is bad, mmmkay.
    (This is coming from a woman with 25% ink coverage. You can’t stop me with a state ban. No state has walls.)

  23. Christopher says:

    I disagree with tats, even though I have a few (I went througha rebellious stage as a teen) but even though I disagree with them its still no ones business but those individuals what ink or piercings they get.

    Do not pass this bill.

  24. brian barnett says:

    So, this Senator has NOTHING else more important to worry about, huh? That state is running at 100%, so she has time to make some stuff up to complain about…..must be nice.

  25. Rodger says:

    Don’t worry youre not allowed to tattoo your skin, but you’ll be allowed to abort a living creature out of it.

  26. serena says:

    This is completely effed up! How is this even moving through Senate? I’m curious on what grounds this motion was made. Why are the people not all complaining about the constitution, like in EVERY other case? This is a complete violation of rights. A person should be able to do what they like with their body. I am so offended by this. The government should have ZERO say in what a person should be able to do with their own body. If you don’t like it, don’t associate with it. It’s as easy as that. Why violate the rights of the masses and deem an entire industry unemployed in the process?

    Arkansas Senate, you’re doing it WRONG.

  27. Emma says:

    the fact that there is a bill to ban certain forms of body modification is making me cringe. i cannot believe that the majority of society isn’t trying to stop body modification shame in this country but trying to enforce it. i seriously cannot fucking believe that because of people’s own personal opinions and because of what they find attractive they are going to downgrade somebody else’s quality of life.

  28. Marcus Granados says:

    watch out of a different bill that we might not know about. i feel like this is a distraction to something bigger that the government wont tell us.

  29. Kat says:

    Have any of you actually READ the bill? It’s not denying any of us from getting them — it’s putting a restriction on who can GIVE them, and who can TEACH those who give our bodies their art. THE BILL DOES NOT OUTRIGHT SAY THAT THERE ARE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON THOSE WHO GET TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      It bans dermal implants unless performed by a doctor. This essentially outlaws said body modifications. As well, its vague, undefined language – even in the edited, House version – fails to define what cosmetic vs. non-cosmetic/traditional tattooing means.

      • Rockabillyboy says:

        Can you post a link to the bill that says “It bans dermal implants unless performed by a doctor.”
        If you follow the link in the story, there is nothing that even comes close to that language.

        • PBSpot Admin says:

          “20-27-1510. Prohibited practice. 9 An artist licensed by the Department of Health shall not perform or 10 attempt to perform the insertion of a subdermal implant.”

          • Rockabillyboy says:

            Right..gotcha PBSpot. Missed that the first time through.
            So you’re upset that someone other than a doctor can perform a surgical procedure?
            I sure as hell wouldn’t let my barber tattoo me, or my dentist fix my car.

          • PBSpot Admin says:

            Non-doctors perform circumcisions all the time. With dermal implants we are not talking about “surgery”. This would be akin to calling ear piercing “surgery.” The fact of the matter is that by saying only doctors can perform body modifications of this nature, you are effectively banning the practice.

  30. Zander says:

    Let’s put this nice and simple. IF IT IS PASSED, THE PEOPLE WILL STILL DO IT ANYWAYS!!!

  31. Jamie says:

    I don’t much care for many of the tattoos and piercings I see now a days but it IS THEIR BODIES not mine. it IS THEIR CHOICE no one else’s. This has got to stop! they keep taking our rights and soon we will be nothing more than slaves!

  32. Johnathan Smith says:

    the government can suck me. im gonna express myself however i feel, regardless of what they say.

  33. sidney pirata says:

    yeah, im still going to do whatever i want, just like i always have.
    my next tattoo will be the words “Fuck You Missy Irvin, you’re a stupid hick. you should have been aborted” tattooed on my ass. so she know just where her moronic views can stay.

  34. Shelby Lyn says:

    Honestly this is ridiculous!!! Everyone is entitled to do what they want with their bodies! If they take this form of art away I will leave this country! Even Hitler wasn’t this harsh! I personally will be the one to walk around with all the tattoos and piercings I want damn it! The US is officially loosing their minds! Tattooing and piercing is an art form!

  35. Anna says:

    Heh, I got my first tattoo when I was fourteen, that was four years ago.
    I don’t regret a thing about it. I did it at my neighbor’s house, not caring if it was safe, but I wanted it so I did it.
    Yeah, it was stupid.
    I was fourteen.
    I couldn’t get it done elsewhere at that age, so I got it done illegally and in a manner that was not safe. I know several people that have done this.
    While I don’t regret it and it turned out fine for me, I’m trying to make the point that if the ability to get these safely is taken away, you’ll see a surge of unsafe piercings and tattoos..
    BUT, I’m sure everyone here knows that… I’m sure the government that passed this knows that as well. They just don’t care.

  36. Dawn Fortier says:

    Why don’t they take away our right to breathe, marry, have sex, go to school, vote, or get our teeth fixed..seriously..this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. People in the government need a real good ass whooping!

  37. Patty Crance says:

    This is Bull shit. None of their business what we do to our bodies. This country is going to hell

  38. Chandler says:

    To be honest this does bother me, but then again I have no idea what exact modifications are being banned. There are some that personally speaking I could understand since some do seem to pose a serious risk to people. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of different modifications that certainly look hazardous at least. Those I can at least understand advising against, but outright banning is excessive. Let people do as they will, but let them do so with full information.

  39. Lisa says:

    The whole thing is ignorant.
    No wonder they are dead last in education, if this is where their politicians think they should be spending their tax dollars. Next thing you know they’ll have us all in jumpsuits because somewhere somebody finds something wrong with everything. If you live in Arkansas I am sorry for you. Might be a pretty state, but when are you going to wake up and find someone with half a brain to run your government?

  40. Last I checked, the, “tradition,” of body modification, is that one chooses how to express one’s self through the are that they apply to their body.

    If a bill is passed or implemented that would infringe upon the ability to express one’s self, with their own body, then it is a violation of human rights… period. End of discussion.

    If this passes, you can damn well bet I’m getting a middle fingered fist tattooed on my dick, just to take a picture of it and turn it into a MEME. Why not right? It’s self expression, and I would just.. fucking… LOVE… to present evidence in a court room on that charge. Lol.

  41. Jalaine says:

    I used to live in Arkansas , I am glad I no longer do.The officials there seem to think that what we put in , on or over our bodies is way more important than dog fighting , animal abuse , child abuse , or any other crime against animals or humans. Just goes to show the gene pool of the government officials is leaning more towards being an inbred problem. I hope everyone that has a tattoo on their body goes to the capitol and stage a protest against the officials to show what they are attempting to make law is wrong.Remind them they are “elected ” not gods of any sort.

  42. Brendan says:

    I don’t see anything in the linked bill that seems to restrict/ban these. Where asm I missing it?

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      The ban was implemented by banning body modifications aside from piercings of a normative nature and the like, unless performed by medical doctors. Obviously medical doctors are not going to start opening up body modification and piercing shops and if they did this would price the practices out of any affordable range. Thus, they effectively and successfully banned the practice, even in the final, edited, “compromise” House bill.

  43. Greg says:

    This is ridiculous, without a doubt. It’ll likely be the target of civil rights litigation in no time. That being said, it would help the argument against it if some of the folks commenting within this thread took a few grammar lessons. It would add some credibility.

  44. Daniel Christensen says:

    1. Fuck these pieces of shit.
    2. If they outlaw these procedures, then outlaws we will be.
    3. Many of these Nazis are going to be dead in a few decades. I don’t know about most of you folks, but no one I know personally is against these forms of Body Modification enough to even want there to be incarceration for performing the procedures.
    4. If our ancestors listened to their rulers, we’d still be British and not AMERICAN.
    5. These bastard politicians can pucker up and kiss my ass.

  45. Dave says:

    Freedom does not look like this. Why are Americans in such denial about an individuals thirst for freedom? There is only one group of people who even talk about legalizing freedom and that is philosophical libertarians.

  46. Lee says:

    I don’t get the appeal of tattoos and piercings. If an adult wants to get a tattoo, that is his choice. The same goes for piercings although I find some of them to be rather gross. I really don’t like to have someone with the gross ones to be a server when I am eating. The person has the right to have those piercings and I have the right to eat somewhere else. And I don’t do it out of protest, I do it so I can stomach my supper.

    What is the whole purpose of the gauge things in the ears?

    FYI-I didn’t comment on any of the other things mentioned because I don’t even know what they are.

  47. Samantha says:

    Why is our bodies any of the governments business ?
    Why is their religion our business ?

    Wake up people, and TAKE BACK YOUR FUCKIN COUNTRY !

    A person’s body , is their body and shouldn’t be told what they can and cannot do with it.

    If a person wants to chop off their own limbs for the hell of it, that should be their choice.

    Stand up and fight back.

  48. tommc80 says:

    the government has been telling you what you can and can’t do to your bodies ever since they got away with making drugs illegal.

  49. corinna says:

    how dare they.
    i am truly discusted at this, people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own bodies.
    i have 28 tattoos and facial piercings, i have a job, a house, pets, i am a responsible person and they dont harm or offend anyone so if anyone thinks i would remove these or stop getting more they will have another thing coming.
    they better prepare themselves for a war here cos if they think they are going to persue this, thats what theyl get

  50. EveryoneHereisMissingthePoint!! says:

    Really, people? Every one of you here is missing the whole point, if you want bills like this to fail, and for legislation that actually listens to the needs of the people to pull through. Your opinion here means diddly squat. Nothing. Not ONE politician is reading this article, much less your piddling comments.


    If any of you think that bellyaching here is doing one bit of good, besides failing horribly at showing off how intelligent you are (y’all folks need a little more of that fancy book learnin’, I reckon), then you’re crazy, and do not deserve to have your opinion heard.


    And no, having tattoos doesn’t count. Having piercings doesn’t count. Sneering at the conservatives doesn’t count. In fact, it’s counter-productive. Draft petitions. Raise awareness. Do outreach work (preferably in tank tops and such), that shows what kind of people acquire body art, these days. Working a 9 to 5 while tatted doesn’t cut it anymore, people.


    Again I say. If you are not actively propelling the art form forward into the mainstream, you do not deserve to be heard, and have no more right than anyone else to have that art grace your skin in the first place.


  51. Scott K says:

    You people didn’t bother to read up on the bank bailouts or see what you could do to stop them, but THIS gets you all up in arms?

    Apparently some of the people who run your country (and will continue to… it isn’t like any of you are smart enough to stop the ongoing scam) have a bet. “I’ll bet you we can put this out there and we’ll have more angry responses than the bank bailouts generated”. “I’ll be we don’t. They can’t be THAT stupid”.

    Guess who won.

    • Ross says:

      Wow Scott, I didn’t know you had such a detailed knowledge of my life that you just KNOW for DAMN SURE that this is the only thing I have ever voiced my opinion on.

  52. MIke T says:

    Interesting how all these comments are against this bill. Funny….I bet most of you voted for Romney. Also, if this was done by a Democratic senate, you’d have a fit, but it wasn’t. When are you brain dead rednecks going to wake up and see what’s really going on here. You think it’s always a liberal or Democratic problem simply because you can’t see beyond your racism. Sucks to be you. You get what you voted for. Suck it Arkansas. You deserve it all! LOSERS!!!

  53. rajack says:

    if they really want to get started on the whole traditional thing maybe we should just all start using porky pine needles in like berries for sthe ink that’s traditional I don’t see what the point of all this bullshit is being the fact that like others have said their bodies

  54. Lordivus says:

    Wow they just pissed of a lot of people, waiting to hear about the riots 😛

  55. Thors Hammer says:

    I don’t really care what people do to their bodies with Tattoos, Piercings, or modifications…but since you might be making yourself unemployable by all these procedures which are voluntary you should not ask or qualify for public assistance when you can’t find a job or feed your family.

  56. Ashley says:

    I think people are getting the wrong idea here. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it’s the practise itself that is being banned.

    Ultimately, the law is not going to be able to prosecute you for having such body art. If they did, how can they know where or when you got it? And how can they really punish you without violating your human rights?

    Like the article says, qualified doctors will be allowed to do it, meaning you can’t be punished for having it – only for practising the procedures (unless medically qualified).

    Still, despite the technicalities, it’s clearly an attempt to limit people’s rights. Why they would want to do this I really don’t know.

  57. J. A. R. says:

    Got my first tattoo a little over a year ago, had a bunch of piercings well before that (removed them), and got my second tattoo started a few months ago. Gotta say, I love having them (even if the second isn’t finished and the first needs reworked/covered).

    What this law proposes (with it’s limitation on who can perform body mods and it’s vague as fuck wording on types of tattoos) can only be described as criminal.

    For anyone that lives in the United States, I feel sorry for what our government is doing/proposing. But as someone mentioned earlier, this feels like an attempt to hide something scarier that is trying to be passed.

    No better way to pass a bill to take away/change/add something important (for everyone, not just a group) than to do something so blatantly eye catching that people can’t help but miss the “real” issue.


  58. mistertattoo 318 says:

    As a tattoo artist in louisiana I know about the ban there and here…its tragic but it is a protection against all the “certified at home artist and piercers….a messed up dermal or any piercing can paralyze you…..they look nice but at the cost of all the b.s. its not worth it.. (short form…I gotta go to work…have a good day).

  59. Tracy Powers says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it is really strange that the government is trying to control these body modifications while allowing any rabbi to perform a major PAINFUL alteration to a newborn infant’s penis – someone who is CLEARLY not old enough to consent for themselves. What’s worse is that they do it in front of all kinds of witnesses who are all partying and having a good time, with the mutilation of this poor innocent baby being the main attraction for their entertainment.

    • Juli says:

      No no. Don’t go there. The Rabbis who perform circumcisions have been trained. This is not something any Rabbi can do right out of seminary. This is not even close to being the same issue. Performing a circumcision is a very very important part of Jewish life. It’s like being Baptized. So please don’t use this article as a forum to spread hate and confusion about my religion. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  60. illuminaughty says:

    they should ban these idiotic politicians from breathing

  61. Danielle says:

    “Give them an inch, and they will take a mile.” To all you people saying that we don’t need to “pay attention” to these kinds of laws because we don’t happen to reside in that particular state. Wake Up. This could happen anywhere. To any of us. That is what is wrong with our country. We are all so divided, we don’t realize we are spitting in the air just to have it land on our own faces. Arguing amongst ourselves won’t solve any issues. We are so blinded by pointing the finger and playing the “im right” game that we don’t see our basic civil rights being stripped away one by one. So wake up. Stay informed. Let your minds be open and your hearts empathetic.

  62. Douglas says:

    I have a tattoo, I’m only 16, and it wasn’t illegally done either. My mom has two full sleeves, my dad has tattoos, my step dad has tattoos, and my grandmother has tattoos. Like what I’ve seen in the comments, “It’s basically taking away freedom of speech.” In a sense it is. Think of it this way, everything you do is based on an opinion of right and wrong, correct? Some people think tattoos are okay, some people not so much. It’s an opinion in which should NOT be affecting the gov at all. So you’re an old bitch who doesn’t like tattoos, oh well, that’s too damn bad lady. It’s OUR BODY, let us do what WE WANT with it.

    It’s practically unconstitutional what they’re doing here. We are turning into a communist or fascist country and no one even see’s this shit happening right in front of them. STOP OUR GOVERNMENT.

  63. Aly says:

    The amount of control the government is trying to maintain over people is unbelievable. The government is supposed to provide and protect. Not control and condemn.

  64. Petra says:

    Writing from Germany, where we used to look across the big pond and wish we had all of those freedoms… what happened? Why now are we the ones who live tolerance, who breathe freedom, who celebrate the diversity of all people, no matter their sex, language, hairstyle – or tattoo? It is the strangest sight, watching the country that used to inspire us and motivate us and made us want to be like them – and to pass them on the left, wondering what the hell happened…?

    • Ross says:

      I think it has a lot to do with Germany going through that stage, reflecting, then doing the right thing. Sadly, the way the American governing system acts, that moment of humility and “self-correction” is extremely unlikely to happen. There is a reason a large percentage of the world view America as arrogant. No smoke without fire…

  65. Margie Smith says:

    Just another Congress/Senate vote to take away our freedom, and I use that word lightly, to do what we want with OUR bodies! What next?? One freedom after another is being taken away from us.Come on people, wake up or this will not be a Democracy any more….remember def.=equal rights, opportunity,and treatment for ALL. Your representatives are NOT representing me….in more ways than one.

  66. Wes says:

    Hey guys, how about letting someone from Arkansas weigh in? I live in Little Rock, and if you were to actually live here you would be able to see what a shock this is to us. No, it’s not a shock because we can’t believe they’re finally telling those damn kids to take those bones out of their noses and go back to church (which is located down in th’ holler apparently). It’s a shock because Little Rock has become increasingly progressive over the past several years. We almost passed the legalization bill, (no small feat in itself for this area) last year. We were recently named in the top ten gayest cities in America. We have farmers markets, marches against Monsanto, gay and lesbian pride events, theaters with progressive plays and *gasp* libraries! Just like everyone else! I recently went to a “Meetup” for atheists at a local cafe and we weren’t chased with torches or anything!

    This has nothing to do with the “backwards thinking” that a lot of people think we “rednecks” all operate under (I’m not saying that there’s a great deal of this part of the country that doesn’t). Nor is it related to religion in any way. This is just a small cosm of national events unfolding at the local level, that are unfortunately about to be revealed everywhere. This is just a trial run. And guess what? It passed! Has there not been one piece of legislature passed before this that made you angry? They’re testing these things out at the local level, and that’s whats actually really scary about it: The fact that a pretty liberal city like Little Rock (believe it or not, yes it actually is) is letting something like this through. Pay attention because something like this will be affecting you soon. It may not be tattoos, piercings, or even abortion or guns. It may be something you REALLY care about.

  67. As someone who identifies themselves as part of the “alternative” community, I am FURIOUS at this decision. I, myself, have no tattoos, but MOST of my friends are more or less covered in them. I have many friends who are tattoo artists who take extreme pride in their work and are recognized as true professionals in their medium. It disgusts me that this art form is going to be compromised by a governmental ruling. There is so much MORE to the tattoo/piercing community than shock value and the grotesque. It is ART. What may make one person uncomfortable is a provocative piece to someone else. If you don’t like the fact that someone has a dermal anchor, DON’T GET ONE YOURSELF. Don’t complain about what another person chooses to do with their bodies. Until it becomes illegal for the morbidly obese to wear skimpy clothing in public, (HIGHLY nauseating!,) it should NOT be illegal for ANYONE to add ANY body modification!

  68. Jack Nash says:

    I think this is the most stupid thing I have ever heard, not being funny but I have both ears stretched to 32mm and my lip pierced, and I will soon be starting on getting inked, I want to be covered, its the lifestyle that I choose to have and no person in government is going to tell me that I cant have that, everybody should be able to do what ever they wish with their body’s, nothing within the body modification industry should be banned, its an art, a form of expression, so if you ban stuff like that, then you should ban people getting breast implants, nose jobs and bot-ox, to be they look more horrifying than someone having a dermal implant or some ink on their skin, the way i see it, my body is my temple so why not decorate the halls, for some people their natural look is just not totally who they are, they see their body as a blank canvas waiting to be decorated, take this freedom away from people then that makes them as bad as people who are racist or sexist etc, just saying…

  69. Kyle says:

    Yeah, let’s go ahead and take away the creativity of people.
    Let’s take away the jobs of the tattoo artists and people who do piercings.
    Yep, no flaw in that what-so-ever.
    Not like there’s anything else that’s REALLY important.
    Children going hungry? Pfft, that can wait. Kidnappings? Nah, certain tattoos and piercings are more important to control and get rid of.
    Did they REALLY think this through good enough?
    This is trying to dictate the people. It’ll start small with the tattoos, piercings, etc. Soon, they’ll try to control what we eat, what you watch, what you do.
    Hell, aren’t they kind of doing that now?
    If you ask me, it’s time for a Revolution.

  70. jessyvenom says:

    Wow why should the Senate care new day and age figured us having a black president would show that. Doctors are now able to have sleeves of tattoos and its still considered professional only some places make it non offensive do to the old ppl having freedom of speech. Soon as they die off the tattooed generation will be the ones running the country.

  71. Bill/k4flh says:

    Reading this I’m reminded of the following.
    “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me—
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    ― Martin Niemöller
    This was written as the Nazi’s were first taking over Germany and stripping certain groups of their rights and putting them in camps.

    • Carolyn Clark says:

      We need to remember that when ANYONE’scivil or human rights aare violated or curtailed, we are all oppressed. Who was ut who said, “As long as one man remains in chains, I am not free”? Actually, I think everyone is missing the real point here. This was primarily just another way for a Republican legislature too do nothing of substance for the people of the state.

  72. Nothing says:

    I don’t understand how things like this are even allowed! It’s not the government’s place to dictate what is on my body, nor is it their concern. This country is becoming an embarrassment at best, on the way to becoming a Draconian police state at worst.

    I guess if the terroridts hate us “for our freedom” then we’re showing them!
    Land of the free indeed.

  73. Eva says:

    I love tattoos and body piercings, but my only complaint now is that without crazy modifications these people will stop being disqualified from the jobs I want to take from them. We need people doing crazy things so the people who don’t do it have less competition. We’re so overpopulated as is.

  74. Mikayla (Louisiana) says:

    this is outrageous !!! the government should not tell us what we can and can’t show on our bodies ! it’s bad enough people can’t find jobs because of their simple piercings and tattoos! tattos and piercings are art and the body is a blank canvas! there are no “cosmetic” or “traditonal” tattoos/piercings! they are what they are, ART! no less ! they can eat my sh*t if this passes to Louisiana!

  75. David Lowmiller says:

    I live in Mountain View, Arkansas and I have a tattoo on my face. I’m fairly confident that this has something to do with me. She probably saw me at Walmart and decided it was time to take action. It’s nice to know that the state I live in disapproves of me in general. I think it’s time to move again.

  76. Kynthia Alice Rosgeal says:

    Dear Males:

    This is what it is like to be a woman and have laws passed that take away your birth control, take away your right to choose, take away your right to make a medical decision about your body.

    Looks like the war on women is shifting its sights a bit, eh ?

    Fight now or forever hold your peace.

    • Char Aznable says:

      Dear Females:

      Stop living in the fifties, times have changed. You have the right to do the following; work, make your own medical choices, drive, vote, divorce, enlist in the military and fight in conflicts. If where you’re living doesn’t allow this then move some place that does allow such things.

      Further more don’t complain about men staring at your breasts or ass when you’re wearing skin tight clothing and low cut tops or low rider jeans with your panties showing. If you dress for success without running about in a V neck top that shows a large amount of cleavage then expect people to stare at your overly exposed mammaries.

  77. MelHaunSr says:

    So much for small Government.
    I personally think some tatooes will cause problems for the indivifual in hiring, and possibly Health, but would draw the line at a Government mandated rule.

  78. chi says:

    Yet another dumbassed bill thats being passed instead of ANYTHING OF REAL IMPORTANCE. this crap is the same as ACTA/PIPA, and that bill that almost legalized rape.

  79. Ricky says:

    Every person involved in trying to pass this freedom robbing bill should be sent to prison for life for trying to pass such a unjust, opinionated, extremely unconstitutional bill. It’s almost like the Muslim brotherhood thought this shit up. I’m scared of what freedom they will try to take next.

  80. George Yesthal says:

    This is the height of arrogance. This Missy c__t ought to be b_tch-slapped from here to Sunday. The goddamned government is going to tell me what body art I can have now? NO FUCKING WAY. I’ll have whatever I want on my body and just let some bureaucratic cock sucker tell me I can’t. It’s high time to start shooting politicians when they stop representing us and replace that representation with acts of tyrannical treason. Fuck ’em and their stinking laws.

  81. Morowyn says:

    Don’t they have more pressing matters to attend to besides worry what people adorn their bodies with? Sheesh.

  82. Karimonster says:

    I’m a woman. The government has already been telling me what I can and can’t do with my body for some time now.

  83. Jacquie says:

    The government has absolutely NO right to decide what people do to their own bodies. Human beings should be in charge of their own bodies, not the government. Body modification, in any form, is art. Art is opinionated. Just because certain government officials do not understand or appreciate this type of art, does not mean individuals cannot have the modifications THEY want on THEIR bodies. This is an outrage!

  84. Kyle says:

    Well, if the government is going to start banning tattoo’s and shit because one lady had enough guts to go to the senate with it, then i best get started on my I hate god tattoo and my burning angel tattoos because tattoos that’ll “slaughter” religion will be banned. oh well. nothing they can do once it’s already on the body.

  85. Debbie says:

    The government’s been telling women what they can and can not do to their own body forever. Nothing new here…except men are now being told. This will interesting…

  86. kris says:

    I think its funny that some of the same people that are on here screaming its my body to do with what I want, are the ones that are anti abortion. FYI the government shouldn’t be able to regulate our bodies at ALL! Now that some of your rights are being taken though its not cool. Think of that the next time you vote to make impose your views on others lives.

  87. Amy king says:

    If you choose to be a sheep then you are part of the problem. Some of us are leaders and then we have sheep..

  88. Tee says:

    Another step to communism. When r u people going to wake up. My life, my choice, they need to concentrate on fixing this country that they are quickly destroying. Concentrate on the big picture…….GET RID OF THE GOVT. for good!!! No matter been praying every day for GOD to come, it’s time, enough is enough. Waiting for shit to hit the fan on not on our part. KARMA get the assholes!!!

  89. Ashley says:

    I dont have any tats or body mods mainly becasue Im a big chicken LOL But I will stand up AGAINST this…Its SOOO WRONG. They should NOT be able to tell you what you can or cant do with your own personal body! My god this country is getting worse and worse. If they arnt picking on the animals they are picking on the people GIVE IT A REST AMERICA!

  90. Alex says:

    There are things way worse than body modifications. Why do people judge eachother for a piece of metal on their body

  91. Kate says:

    I love how the topic goes from banning tattoos into being unemployed and living off tax payers money… Typical GREEDY american talk! If you want to stick spikes in your face, GO FOR IT. I have tattoos and non traditional piercings and I have NEVER been turned down from a job because of them, and same goes for my husband. Why are you all wasting so much energy on a stupid law that may pass? It doesn’t stop you from being in possession of cannabis or paraphernalia. The law doesn’t stop a criminal from purchasing a gun out of a drug dealers trunk, or how about that war on drugs that we’ve basically lost?? It just proves that regardless of the law, people will break them. People have and will always be rebellious… Besides, no ones going to make it out alive, so really people should stop caring how others look and start paying attention to their own. Like a bully in school, the cycle will repeat itself.

  92. Twinkie says:

    Well that’s dumb… Never going to Arkansas …. one of the dumbest actually, I mean… if You’re really worried it’s really the person’s fault they should know a good person with good skills as far as that goes. But this law is stupid, even if it’s not in my state I support tattoo and body modifications. It’s the person’s free-will to do whatever they want to THEIR body… no matter what. What ok so people got a problem with it. No matter what the law or subject people will be opposed to it…. does it affect them? Knowing people do that, why should they care?

  93. guslinton says:

    This is ridiculous legislation; however I believe that the proliferation of permanent tattoos and extreme body piercing is symptomatic of growing social despair and hopelessness.

    • Ross says:

      Oh Gus, you’re so right. Until now I viewed my growing tattoo coverage as a permanent collection of memories; an external display of my personality, temperament, beliefs and tastes; an extension of the person I have been, am, and will be.

      But I see now that it’s just because I’m a depressed loser. Thank you so much for showing me the light. Shall I go kill myself now? Would that make you feel better?

  94. Jeffrey Lebowski says:

    Another fine example of ignorant overpaid assholes trying to control the public. I guess the other more important issues of the day didn’t have a place on the schedule. What a waste of the taxpayers money. Of course, I shouldn’t expect any less coming from a state with pigfuckers and incest.

  95. Jessica says:

    scarification has been around longer than the senate… scarification is “traditional” its a spiritual journey. I place a high bet the senate doesn’t even know the history of scarification, and why people use to do it/ still do it! this is preposterous and inhumane that someone would band a historical belief in art… its just like saying we should band all Catholics or Christians cause their beliefs aren’t “tradition”…

  96. Bob says:

    You want to put a tattoo on your face, or pierce/scar up your body/face where others can see. that is most certainly a person’s business and the government should not dictate what you can and cannot do to your body in this manner.

    However, if a person does this, there should be ZERO expectation that the majority will accept it and hire/treat that person in the same manner as someone who has not. Face the facts, if you do something extreme like this be expected to be treated differently.

    I would never hire someone with extreme body piercings or scars or facial tattoo’s and send them out to talk with clients. That’s just stupid on my part thinking my clients would accept that.

  97. Ty says:

    This world keeps turning into more and more of a shit hole every day because of people trying to change something that there’s nothing wrong with.
    These are the people creating problems and ruining the “free” lifestyle of the United States.
    One day I hope my generation takes these idiots out of office and make things right again!

  98. Jordan says:

    Harmful body modifications, or dental implants, performed by someone other than a doctor could potentially be risky.

    They are citing this out of context, as if there are a number of cases of hospital visits due to improper attempts at performing these procedures, in Arkansas, then maybe it makes sense there.

    It reminds me of the abortion limits in Texas – whole different story.

    In general, stick to discussing freedom, the constitution, and stay away from diplomatic/political profiling of eachother while you discuss. That particular macroscopic approach is not appropriate for one-on-one conversations, and has a place in newspapers and publications where there is no direct conversation taking place: deeming it fit for not reading to begin with.

  99. Ross says:

    Just an observation: so-called “traditional” tattoos are, in fact, ultra-modern in comparison to the length of time tattooing is understood to have been around. And in 50-100 years, a lot of current artistic work will be considered traditional. The key is in the definition of traditional, which is totally undefined and undefinable, and for that reason alone, I sincerely hope that the very first prosecution brought to court collapses under the weight of it’s own inept ridiculousness.

  100. Will says:

    F(u)ck ’em! Let these neocon pricks try and watch what happens: NOTHING in their favor. It simply won’t work and no matter how you feel about it, this is something that is NEVER going away…much like abortion.

  101. Leiah says:

    As a moderately tattooed and pierced individual, I can say that some people just got a little too far. However, that’s my personal opinion about another’s aesthetic value – not a law.

    Our governments – both State and Federal levels – are crossing the line, have been crossing the line, of what is outlined in our constitution…..and we continuously LET them do so; mostly in the name of safety. It is up to each of us to raise of voice of protest and get involved.

    Arkansas – if you don’t like this shit, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  102. Nicholas says:

    I have a rather large feeling that this is unconstitutional and pointless. This is like the bill to limit Texan abortions all over again; the government has no right telling people what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. The whole ‘pursuit of happiness’ thing is for everyone, not just people who disagree with abortions or body modifications. Every day, I feel more inclined to move to Canada from crap like this.

  103. Winterfeuer91 says:

    There should be in any way, shape, or form the government or this bill should be passed by any means and if it does who is to say people are going to stay here for much longer. You get rid of peoples freedom in the so called free lands of America, who is to say that they are going to move to another country, or better yet, get the modifications in another country and come back.

  104. D.A. Fenner says:

    I am from Arkansas and was quite surprised to see this bill pass in our legislature. As a long time student of history & government, I cannot see this bill being signed into law, because (1) the wording is too vague to enforce (2) it is blatantly unconstitutional. Our Governor is very knowledgeable in constitutional law and will not sign it into law. In addition, it’s quite laughable to think about who or how many are going to be chosen to inspect bodies for tattoos & piercings, The police? the Health Dept.?

    It appears to be one of those bills that was perhaps written with good intentions but on an emotional basis because of the Senator’s personal dislike for tattoos & body piercings.

    Although I personally do not care for tattoos or piercings, but I think it is a “slippery slope” to tread or infringe on any person’s right of personal creativity or dress. You cannot legislate good taste or good manners!

  105. Josh says:

    It’s simple. The government begins to censor our lives, they will continue to censor our lives.

    My opinion: Don’t give them control over what you can and can’t do with your own body. Leave the strict social control to other countries like China. Here in America, we flourish on freedom and open expression. Why chuck it away?

    Argument: The non tattooed individuals are ignorant to people who have a passion for body art and modification. They have no idea what philosophy and importance this has for quite a few Americans. Yes, it is an art. They also aren’t targeted by the bill so whether it passes or not really won’t effect them at all.
    Tattooed individuals don’t realize that some of their modifications can be disturbing to the general public. Anything that catches a human off guard from normal will naturally cause discomfort. It’s in our NATURE. We tend to shy away from unique and run towards blending in. Just remember, the ones who stick out are the ones who have the balls to grab the bull by the horns and embrace a position of leadership later in life.

    With both sides identified, just don’t support our government cracking down on your freedom.

  106. RoRo says:

    Well, it’s Arkansas. They don’t won’t their state to be like the rest of the country. Next up, a bill to restrict men to be on top, women on bottom and a chastity belt in between.

  107. mary says:

    If people are going to be controlled as far as what they can do to their own bodies modification wise, then we should also ban hair dye (it’s not natural and can cause your hair to fall out and chemical burns if left in too long in addition to the chemicals that you inhale, and god forbid it gets in your eyes), make up (it modifies the way you look which then could result in allergic reactions or the painful experience of getting some in your eyes), fat people (we all know that being over weight is unhealthy, therefore, it should be illegal because we are harming ourselves by being over weight, it can be offensive to other people, raises the cost of health care, and the list goes on), tanning beds, etc. How do people not realize how ridiculous something like this is? I am modified and tattooed. My ears are stretched. I have dermals, hand tattoos, giant holes in my ears. That doesn’t make me any different from the church goers. I am intelligent, hard working, honest, slightly sarcastic, and most of all human. I have an extremely nice car, a home, a good paying job, a family, friends (modified and not). Why does it matter what I look like? That’s like telling an over-weight person that they aren’t allowed to leave the house because they look repulsive or smell. If a bill like that were to be passed, the whole country would be in an outrage. Soccer mom’s, McDonald’s “diet” cokes in hand, would like the streets of D.C. screaming of injustice, that it’s a medical condition, that it’s not fair. Everyone is different. It is that simple.

  108. Blake says:

    Who determines what is “traditional”? It seems that the more “traditional” forms of body art are the ones being banned. Scarification and body piercings were around before tattoos saying “Mother”.

  109. Gwen says:

    There is alot of talk about the constitution, did you know that at the time the constitution was written we had slaves in America, and women did not have rights to property or their own children. The men (no women) writing the constitution only wanted freedom for certain people, in fact just White Men. So lets get real about the constitution. Lets talk about Moderate, liberal, and conservative…moderate just means you are half way between liberal and conservative. Moderates are on the fence and usually sway on important topics. Moderates are the ones that the politicians gear their campaigns toward in elections, because you tend to pendulate on the topics and issues.

    As for the tattoos and dermal implants, do it at your own risk, but only if you can pay for your own medical coverage when you get infected. I’m an RN, and I see the infections, scars, and complications from these ‘choices’, along with the numerous patients that cannot pay for their care after their choice has harmed them. I don’t think you should have the right to harm your body in any way either tattoos or extreme sports if you can’t pay for the medical coverage if you get sick, infected, and hurt. Americans pick up the tab too often for those individuals that make bad choices but do not have the money to take care of themselves or their children. If you can’t get a job because of the body expressions, how dare you get welfare then tell us we need to live and be ok with your choices.

    Tattoos are risky, so don’t kid yourself into thinking that they are no big deal. Sometimes we need to be protected from ourselves (suicide, cutting, burning, scaring), and sometimes we need to protect the public from tattoo artists that are shady, unclean, and greedy. But if you have a job, money, and medical coverage that won’t be affected by numerous body transformations…then have at it, enjoy.

  110. Tara says:

    Arkansas can enact this bill all they want, fact of the matter is this a direct violation of one’s constitutional rights and will never hold up in the Supreme Court. And quite honestly I can not understand a state that would want to deplete a lucrative tax revenue, but I am sure the adjoining states will love the additional tax revenue that will come from the people of Arkansas crossing state lines to get the body modifications…Way to go Arkansas, ass backwards as usual!!!!

  111. Barley says:

    Absolutely sickening. One more reason to be ashamed of our country and it’s extremely deceitful, poor leadership. Revolution?? BRING IT ON. I’ll gladly fight the close-minded back-woods po-dunk idiots that believe they have a right to dictate what ANYONE else does with their OWN BODY. “Traditional” is a subjective word. It is defined based on culture, environment, and varies from place to place. As such, should not ever be a word used in law. The fact that this passed reveals just how apathetic the gvt in Arkansas is of modern culture and creativity. Go back to your porch and gripe about the McCoys…clearly those leaders are not living in the present. They want to block out anything they don’t like. Pretty sad and pathetic. It’s my body, my choices, my life. You don’t like it?! don’t look. Or maybe you do like it, and are ashamed of that?? Truly sad and disappointing.

  112. D man says:

    I have a great idea. Take the State of Texas and cut off a section the size of Connecticut and make it a State. We will then have 51 States. We can name the State whatever you want. In this State we will have all the Crazies that have all these “body Mods” and aggressive Tattoos reside. They can live however they wish. They can cut off half their face if they want to. They can smoke all the Pot that they can buy, and run nude in the streets. Same Sex Marriage will be their choice there as well. Just keep these crazies away from the rest of us. I mean really who wants to see you “express yourself” anyway. They all have issues that they can only control. Let them all live together in one State. Hell who knows they may even one day apply to become a country.Thats some peoples problem anyway. We live in the greatest country in the World and they always want to take it one step higher. C’mon man really. All you want to do is complain about the freedoms that you don’t have. Just be thankful for the ones you do. Let me guess, next thing you know some jack ass is going to fall in Love with his Dog. Well why in the World would this not be allowed. Its your right to do with your body what you want to right. So then your going to storm Capital Hill crying about how you should be able to marry whatever it is that you fall in Love with. Some people should need writen permission to leave your house. If you would just stick with normal rings, tatt’s and things we wouldnt have this problem.

    • C J says:

      You would do the same thing if the state government took your guns away. Just because the people who do these types of body modification can tend to be liberals (many are not, just look at your average motorcyclist) doesn’t mean that state governments have the authority to impede on an individual’s right to express oneself.
      If that were true, then there would be no limit on what a government can and cannot take away since the lines of freedom of speech/expression and based purely upon interpretation.

    • john says:

      that small section of texas you want portioned off would be for your close minded friends not tatted people

  113. Blake says:

    Wow, this conversation has spun completely off topic.

    Interesting to see all the prejudices expressed by people who consider themselves open minded.

  114. First Last says:

    Ban AR and AK tats, and I will get them done, garage style… just like all I already have.

  115. Dave says:

    Majority rule, MINORITY RIGHTS.

  116. pejnolan says:

    So body modification and implants will be illegal? What about breast augmentation or face-lifts? Lip filler?

    I personally don’t care for tattoos. When I see them on other people, they are interesting and some are really good, but it isn’t for me.

    Tattoos are routinely used for medical procedures

    There can’t be a double standard. Freedoms of speech. Freedom from the government. Freedom with responsibility. Freedom with REPRESENTATION for the people and by the people.

  117. Jaymz says:

    No, it isn’t freedom of speech. It’s not speech.

    It’s called FREEDOM

  118. The Redneck says:

    I say by all means let people get whatever they want tattooed, branded, pierced, microchipped, whatever….

    But don’t come crying to us when everybody who’s made any kind of success considers it a great big “Don’t hire me ‘cuz I’m stupid” sign.

    • TheSouthIsWorthless says:

      Funny, up here where we’re educated beyond church and flag waving classes, no one cares. I personally am heavily tattooed(beginning at 16)and have recently received my Pharm.D. Prior to my current hospital employment, I have been employed as a pharmacy technician, Audi dealer (don’t get too upset, I drive a 1991 Ford 347ci LX) and co owned a local speed shop.

      I be I would not have been hired for any of those if I went in as a preachy jackass.

      • James Wall says:

        Use Common Sense, People!!
        Don’t “Act” Stupid!!

        MOST Companies do NOT look under a person’s clothes, in order to determine if they are employable.-

        MOST Companies hire a person, based on their qualifications; NOT on what is Tattooed on their body.-

        If a person, with tattooed arms, wants to be hired based on strictly his (or her) qualifications, chances are, they will wear long sleeves to the interview.=

        I’ve yet to hear of a company hiring, Or NOT hiring, a person based on how many tattoos they have (If any!)…and where!

        This is NOT a case of “Freedom of Speech”.-
        This is a Case of “Freedom of Expression”!

  119. The Voice of Reason says:

    I’m with Pejnolen. How is it wrong to let people have their bodies tattooed and pierced where ever they want, but it’s perfectly legal to allow supermodels and regular people to get so much plastic surgery that they are utterly destroyed? No, I don’t approve of plastic surgery because in a lot of cases it’s not about repairing things that were destroyed in injuries, but more about changing something about themselves that society said wasn’t okay. So, now society is trying to dictate to me that my tattoos and piercings aren’t okay now? Fuck that! If people are allowed to get triple F boob implants, then I should be allowed to get dermal piercings if I so choose.

  120. Danielle says:

    This is a bunch of garbage! Plain and simple. Why is it that the government — local, state and federal choose to waste their time working on things like this when there are far more important issues to focus in on. Remember folks, these voted in employees are wasting our tax money on these things. It is simply ridiculous. #1 It is taking away “Freedom of Expression”. If it is a disturbance to someone then that person has far more issues than seeing someone w/ horns coming out of their head or arms, etc. They should get a life and get over their tight A$$es. They should be working on how to help the citizens that they in fact work for. Honestly, I do not see this lasting very long simply because it breaks a amendment that is widely known. Those with implants… if you live in the state of Arkansas be sure to wear your implants wherever you may go just to annoy these folks more. Enjoy your freedom of expression!

  121. astral says:

    Americans,wake up.Your government does Not have your best interest at heart.Soon your Freedom will be completely gone….Did any of you take note of Mr.Snowden?Hmmmmm.
    It doesn’t matter whether the left or right are in control,whomever the President,he is just a Puppet,For the sake of all you hold dear…Do Some Research,educate yourselves,join Awareness Act on Facebook,WAKE UP before it is too late….

  122. Never in Control says:

    This is another way the gov’t is taking away our freedoms. It starts w/small minuscule stuff then works its way up the chain. Just like our leaders want to put a microchip in our bodies…..

  123. Dizzi says:

    It seems as though several of you who have commented on this issue have completely lost sight of the big picture. All of you need to just put your own preferences and prejudices aside and really look at what’s going on. This bill is clearly violating our constitutional rights! It goes against our pursuit of happiness, our freedom of expression, and equality. This isn’t about tattoos, piercings, or any of that other stuff. This is about our freedoms and how many we are willing to sacrifice until we’ve had enough.

    This country was made for the people, by the people and we shouldn’t be dictated to by our government about our personal lives. Allowing such bills to pass, on any level, is wrong and dangerous. If the reason why it would be dangerous isn’t apparent, then I’ll spell it out for you. This current bill would only effect those who currently have such body modifications, those who wish to get them, and those who make a living from producing them. For those of you who are narrow minded and not directly impacted by the bill, this is a good thing.

    Well, that is where you would be wrong. Imagine what will happen to the unemployment rate after all of those jobs are gone. Imagine all of those people being on food stamps. Taxes would need to be raised to support those people and you would be the one paying them. So, in the end, the bill will effect you.

    Now, what if the bill was to ban something else. For an example, it’s decided to ban motorcycles. Their reasons are because they’re dangerous, loud, and banning them would eliminate biker gangs. Those of you who currently have a motorcycle would be forced to relinquish them. If you refused, you would be arrested. For those of you who would like to get one, you would be denied that desire. All the motorcycle dealers and producers would go out of business. This would only effect a select group of people, just like the bill in this article.

    Here’s the kicker though, these things that they could take away are trivial compared to what they could do if these kinds of legislations are allowed to continue. Image that one day in the future, a bill is passed to ban us from having children because we’re too over-populated. Video games are banned because they’re too violent and are contributing to obesity. Football is banned because playing it causes sever injuries and too many of them. The bill to ban guns is passed and we’re stripped of our right to bare arms (an issue we are currently facing).

    Do you see where this is all going? If we’re not careful, we may get to a point where we won’t be allowed to do much of anything and this bill could be one of the first steps to that future. It’s time for us to wake up and really look at what’s going on.

  124. Kim Owen says:

    You know this country is on the verge of nationwide acceptance of Gay Marriage and Arkansas needs to join the 21st Century instead of going into the Dark Ages over something like Tattoos and Body Piercings.

    • Ed Schriner says:

      The day I accept the homosexual lifestyle is the day where my heart stops beating because homosexuality, in my opinion, is an aberration to nature. I also do not believe that Nebraska would ever consciously do that unless our lawmakers decide to compromise their beliefs as Christians and buckle under from the stress from those who like to fudge pack! It even says in the Bible how God detests such an act, so if He does not accept it, why should I? My loyalties are to my faith and not some half-assed bandwagon that everybody is jumping on! If it were up to me, every homo would be sent to a deserted island where they can live that lifestyle to their hearts’ content!

      • Toni says:

        That’s fine and dandy that you feel that way, but need I remind you of the fact that this country is a melting pot and not everyone feels the same.
        What happened to religious freedom? Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, etc…. They all live here. They do NOT all share beliefs. Do you see why it’s preposterous to ban something like gay marriage?
        Reread your comment. Do you really not recognize the bigotry in your words? Having an opinion is one thing, but the hate is completely unnecessary and out of line.

  125. Mike says:

    This is simple she needs to be fired and removed from office she does not speak for the PEOPLE. I believe wholeheartedly that she is a fascist and is a PURE example of what is wrong with this country.

  126. Any body modification procedure is a deeply personal act between consenting adults and should be afforded the same protection as sex acts between consenting adults. Period. Subdermal implants (and transdermals) as performed by body modification practitioners were pioneered by Steve Haworth of HTC precision piercing and have been ruled as protected art in Arizona, Steve’s state of residence. Steve is an artist, human flesh is his medium. Steve is also an ordained minister in the Church of Body Modification, a recognized religion subject to the same protections as any other religion under the law. The state has no more business implicating itself into body modification practice here than is does in implicating itself into the circumcision practices of a traditional Mohel.

  127. Lunapix says:

    My own personal choices aside… Will the senate also be monitoring other forms of social body modification, such as dieting, exercising, costmetic surgery, etc? Will hair dyes be regulated? If the approach for regulating body modification is for safety, then these more accepted forms should honestly be thrown into the ring too… I know of many pre-teens subjected to prescription drugs and diets by their parents in order to permanently alter their body.

    Just putting it out there….

  128. Erin Gregory says:

    If you don’t like tattoos, don’t get one. It’s simple as that. This man is abusing his power by attempting to pass a bill to make tattoos and piercings illegal, simply because he doesn’t like them.
    And this is… okay? Why? Why do we allow people like him to pull stunts like this?
    I would seriously like to know.

  129. sara Volk says:

    Does this mean if I go to Arkansas the only tattoo I can get is a ship’s anchor and a heart surrounding the word “Mother?”

  130. Lorelei says:

    If someone really wants a procedure they will find a way to have it done legal or not. At least when they are legal people can get them done in places that have some kind of knowledge, cleanliness and care. It might not be perfect but it is probably better than Bobby’s Backyard Body Mods.

  131. PureNRG says:

    If they are going to do this then maybe they should ban the dress code. No more pants around the ankles showing off your under ware !! I thought this was a FREE country !!

  132. says:

    sad to say but our gov has taken our freedoms away, obama care now we have to buy insurance from the goverments chosen insurance companies, they will be able to tell you what you can and can not eat how much you must weigh and if you might be a little older than some like myself what medical proceedures you can or can not, this is just the beging of the government telling all of us what we want and what they think we need while excempting themselfs.. I don’t like some of the body peircing and some of the places they put tattoos,so be it that is your right to do so, its your liberty and you have a right to do what you want. Its time we stand up to these people, vote them out. I am an independent conservative who thinks the government has way to much power over us, its time to teach them that they work for us. Put consevatives and libertarians in office and throw out the liberals.

  133. deedee says:

    This MUST b a fucking joke!!! r govn really has nothing better to do than to even entertain the thought of banning certain piercings n tattoos??!!! Holy Fuck, have we gotten so sickening n outa control!!! Im speechless over this one..this is one for the fucking books! CLASSICAL!!!! GOOD JOB, GUYS, UR REALLY SAVING OUR COUNTRY WITH THIS ONE!!!! WAY TO BE!!!

  134. saphira says:

    This is discrimination against a culture. The human body is a canvas and the people should be able to paint and decorate however they wish. There is already an age restriction place for tattoos and piercings. There is no need to create this piece of trash bill.

  135. Ander says:

    What the hell is happening in America. How will that help anyone? Who even invented that bill, how fucking bored do you have to be for making BS like that up. Stop conjuring up bs and deal with the problems that actually matter.

  136. sys says:

    wow … really. There are real issues the government could and should be working on but they waste time and our money to chip more away from that good ole’ first amendment. Gay marriage (another waste of our money, energy, and time based on religious views as opposed to the constitution) now body art… wtf r we paying for? smh

  137. Ryehole says:

    what is she going to do about the people with tattoos living in arkansas? burn them? we should call her Missy Auschwitz…just saying…

    Fuck Missy Auschwitz.

  138. Tempast Wulf says:

    Every one need to Stop pretending they know the laws, ammendments and any legal anything. Stop and read the contract you signed with the government starting with your Birth Certificate, SSN, and or Drivers license. Read them and understand what they mean legally then try to figure out what rights you have as a government number. From the day you were born you didn’t OWN anything. America the Land of the FREEthinking slaves.

  139. icthetao says:

    Every elected official takes an oath of office. Part of that oath is, they swear to uphold and protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. We have no voice any more, we elect them and they take their personal agendas with them and we are left out. Did the people ok the big bank bail outs? NO. Did the people ask for this ban on tattoos? NO. Well maybe a few, but that is not the majority. The system has been broken for a long time for many reasons. By allowing special interest and corporations to buy our elected officials we have screwed ourselves. There is no honesty or integrity in those who run for office. Even if they start out with our interest at heart, as soon as they get there they are overwhelmed with offers of cash, perks of every kind and find out first hand, you either join their private club or you will not make it. They use to tell children they could be president one day. What they didn’t tell you is, only if you do as Wall Street and big Corporations tell you to do. Voting would be laughable if not for the fact that these people are not the people at all and they are taking away our freedoms daily. Which crook will you vote for next time? Wonder what they would do if no one went to the polls next time? Voting is an illusion. Democrats and republicans are illusion. On weekends they all sit around and laugh at our ignorance and plan the next scam to get all the money and power. They are coming for your Social Security and you better believe they will finds a way to get it.

  140. Erica says:

    Okay after reading this and SOME of the comments… I know I said some but there is WAY too many to read at one time… I have come to the fact that our government is going to try to control us to the point that we are going to give up on this country and become like other countries that don’t have any freedom. First we are being forced to eat smaller sizes thanks to our “first woman” because she thinks that everyone needs to be thin toothpicks… I mean yeah eating healthy is awesome but not everyone is going to be a toothpick cause of bone structure, or even muscle mass. Then we were told for the longest who we can and cannot fall in love for. I for one think that is bull because we as human beings cannot help who we fall in love with or even when we fall in love with them. But this whole banning certain tattoos and piercings is just taking it a tad too far. We were born and taught it’s not on the outside that makes a person but the inside and the government is taking what we learned as children and saying “your childhood morals are lies” that is like telling a child that the pen uses ink then turn around and say that they aren’t allowed to use the pen because it can cause them issues or something like that. I think it is so crazy that we cannot think for ourselves about how we eat, who we love, or even what we put on our bodies anymore because the fat cats in control of our country thinks it to be bad habits, un-moral, or even riot causing. I don’t have any piercings myself nor tattoos but my boyfriend, his mom, his dad, and his brother have tattoos and my boyfriend also has a piercing, and I will not lie I want to get a tattoo myself because of my children so I can have them with me even when they aren’t with me. But that will not stop me from having an opinion about this. It is out bodies not the U.S.A’s body so we should have the right to say what can be done with it. Leave our bodies alone and start taking care of the real issues that are out there like world hunger, terrorist, people who are homeless, etc. and stop trying to control what everyone does with their own bodies and time.

  141. Meghan Brown says:

    This is ridiculous! You can’t tell us what we can and can’t do with our bodies. Yes, you can tell us no to kill someone but what we do with our bodies is our right. This is no different than telling someone they’re not allowed to be gay. Besides, the kids are growing up and the law WILL end up being changed. Teens wants tattoos and piercings and gauges and all of this stuff, who says you can take our rights away?

  142. Justin says:

    I don’t plan to ever get a tattoo or a body piercing, but this Senate is comprised of real assholes.

    1. It’s none of your damn business what kinds of tattoos or piercings others get.

    2. “Traditional”, my ass. Tattoos and piercings have existed long before America existed – for THOUSANDS of years, and somehow I doubt that the body modification back then would count as “traditional” today. These idiots are probably the kinds of people who think that “traditional marriage” means the kind that existed as of a mere fifty years ago.

  143. Exboyracer says:

    This is what the small government the teapublicans keep bragging about and people keep voting for. Voting really does mean something.

  144. Steve D says:

    How long before we see someone propose a law banning discrimination against tattoos and body piercings? Because what you do to your body is your own business, but what someone does with their business isn’t their business, apparently.