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Bizarre MSNBC “Open Letter” to Edward Snowden: Turn Yourself In, Obama Will Treat You Well in Prison

It seems more and more obvious that MSNBC will do and say whatever the White House tells them these days. The MSNBC of ten years is dead and buried. As if there were not already enough examples to confirm this, Melissa Harris-Perry recently made a bizarre plea to Edward Snowden: turn yourself in, prison isn’t so bad!

This is perhaps the most pathetic example of White House puppetry in the media to date. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Her criticisms drew the ire of Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who has been in contact with Snowden and reported several stories based on secret documents provided by the former NSA contractor.

He shot back at Harris-Perry in a series of tweets that criticized the logic behind her argument and dismissed MSNBC as being too cozy with the Obama administration.

10 Comments on "Bizarre MSNBC “Open Letter” to Edward Snowden: Turn Yourself In, Obama Will Treat You Well in Prison"

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  1. KDelphi says:

    this is just unbelievable….i mean, I know MSNBC is full of shit…but this was just bizarro

  2. Ardiva says:

    Melissa-Harris Perry is talking utter nonsense out of her mouth. MSNBC needs to get rid of her toott sweet.
    Ask yourself if Maddow would say those things.

    • kdelphi says:

      I dont think Maddow is any heroine…she supports all kinds of military (mis)adventures and simply does not call Obama out on much of anything (except in a “wink, wink” “I still love ya” manner) Yeah, Obama is “killing us softly”

      I guess I “liked” MHP…but all these folks are making multiple millions a yr to sugarcoat things for us and I dont think we should support them.(I think I remember that Rachel is making $4-5 million this year!) Not one cabal “news” channel supports actual working ppl or discusses the fate of poor and formerly working class…I am tired of it and dont watch any of them anymore…Dems vote to cut social spending and go to war almost as often as GOP anymore…they need another adversary like Dubya to get some backbone, I guess..

      No offense to you. Ardiva 😉

  3. Lucius says:

    Dear ‘Ed’,
    Come home, go to jail, be forgotten so we can move on.
    Sincerely, Melissa.

    I’ve never liked her, never will. The fact that she is on MSNBC and Keith Olbermann is not is why I don’t watch it any more.

  4. Valendale says:

    This is how the press dies.

  5. Cathy Norris says:

    Wow. Scary stupid. Read more Chris Hedges. He talks about Obama being a brand and he’s right. This is just one of the minions pimping his brand.

  6. Joshua LeTrole says:

    When Keith Obermann was eliminated, MSNBC was on its way out. Rachel Maddow is as muffled as anyone. But if it has MS in it you, you have to know it’s evil. Microsoft is the greatest evil in the U.S. and fourth greatest evil in the world. Obermann was allowed to speak truth as long as it was against the republicans, when he demanded morality from fascists in democratic party he had to go. The way has to be made clear for Hilary Clinton. That can’t happen if team democrat doesn’t have the fake media on its side.

    We so need a better party… like the Greens or Gun ‘n Dope Party.

  7. JB says:

    This MSNBC anchor’s ‘open letter’ are almost beyond belief and a new low. Is she on drugs or just applying for a future job, maybe press secretary for the North Korean govt. ?

  8. ChazH says:

    Damn, I hate it when hot chicks wax stupid.
    And I don’t know what I hate worse, the fact that MSNBC has become Fox Light, or that Melissa Harris-Perry has become Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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