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Black Friday 2013 Final Death and Injury Tolls


There have been a lot of Black Friday articles circulating on the Internet about injuries and even deaths that have occurred on the biggest shopping day of the year for Americans and some other nations.

But there have also been a lot of older articles that have been recirculating, as though they reported on events that unfolded yesterday. One major offender was the New York Daily News, which ran an article yesterday, republished from a 2008 story.

The following are some of the articles we have found on the deaths, shootings and other injuries that occurred this Black Friday. The latest we have come across is a story of a Shopper Pepper Sprayed, Arrested in Argument Over TV at New Jersey Walmart. Walmart seems to be the place for Black Friday danger, as Newport, Arkansas Walmart employee was injured during Black Friday sales, and Rialto Walmart brawl sent one police officer to hospital with injuries. No word on the number non-law enforcement injured.

Further Walmart violence erupted on Black Friday as a Virginia Man was stabbed in a Walmart parking lot over the last remaining parking space

Other injuries included Thanksgiving Day bargain shoppers sending 11 year-old to the hospital, and a man stabbed during Black Friday shopping at Carlsbad Mall. In Illinois, several shoppers were injured in a Black Friday-related shooting outside Kohl’s. Another shooting occurred near Las Vegas as a shopper carrying TV home from Target was shot.

Outside of the U.S. scenes of chaos erupted during chain store’s Black Friday sales in Ireland. And even those returning home were at risk due to lack of sleep, when a teen returning home from Black Friday shopping fell asleep at wheel, and was killed in wreck.

Was it worth it?

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