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Saturday Night Live’s ‘Black Jeopardy’ Skit That Everyone Is Talking About


The legendary series of Saturday Night Live sketches starring Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek would have been a tough act for anyone to follow. But last night, SNL revisited the Jeopardy! sketch, this time framing it as “Black Jeopardy.”

The one anomaly in the line up was the evening’s host, Louis C.K. The edgy comedian explained, in character, that as a white African Studies Professor from Brigham Young University, he thought he should try out the show.

Some of the categories he found himself faced with were, amongst others, “White People” and “Rap Terms that Start with ‘N’”.

Watch the clip below from SNL:

(Article by M.B. David; image screencapped via SNL)

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  1. CEDUPZ says:

    Howard STERN did Black Jeopardy a long long long time ago…

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