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BREAKING NEWS! African American Postman Shot and Killed, Apparently Mistaken For ‘Prowler’


In breaking news, Landover police say 26-year-old Tyson Jerome Barnette, a postal worker, was shot while delivering mail 10 miles from the U.S. capital. Black America Web, Bossip and other sites are reporting that the shooting was motivated by a fear that the African American postman was a “prowler.”

The U.S. Postal Service spokesman Frank Schissler says that any other motive is unknown, as shootings of postal workers are extremely rare. The last time such a shooting happened was in 2010 in Houston, Texas. This seems to be what has led so many to conclude the shooting was borne out of racial fear and not simply someone deciding to shoot one, single, random person who happened to be an African American postman delivering mail.

Until the shooter is caught, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is offering a $100,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this crime.

(Article by Shante Wooten)

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21 Comments on "BREAKING NEWS! African American Postman Shot and Killed, Apparently Mistaken For ‘Prowler’"

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  1. Jesse Riley says:

    I think it is time for those who are constantly being targeted to have protection. Let the court decide who stand who ground.

  2. Enough Is Enough says:

    Not another one. Sweet Jesus. Not another. We are dying out here by the hands of scared paranoid certain individuals with guns. We are literally dying out here. Whether it’s walking home from the corner store, seeking help after an accident, and now doing our jobs. The war on our kind has already started. I’m afraid. I am literally afraid.

    • Cherrie says:

      My friend, yes I believe the time has come to stand against the enemy and evil for our days will only become worse. We as African Americans have sat idling & quite stagnant for quite sometime not making any real progress as those who hate us have been busy establishing rules, laws and ways to eradicate our rights to gain more control over us. it is time to wake up.

  3. Tony says:

    This was a hate crime, an act of domestic terror. People need to wake up and realize these are not isolated incidents anymore but deliberate attempts by domestic terrorist groups to undermine and destroy our way of life by murdering innocent people. There was no mistake, no mental illness or any other excuse they use to get terrorist off the hook especially when they murder people of color. Let’s just tell the truth, a political statement is being made by and the target this animal chose – an unarmed Black male postal carrier.

  4. Nelson Robison says:

    The ignorant know-nothing redneck who shot and killed this man should be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life. Nothing but nothing justifies the murder of a postal worker in the performance of his sworn duties.

    This shooting has all the hallmarks of a racially motivated murder and rises to the level of a hate crime.

    • Brad says:

      The article says nothing about the shooters color so you just automatically assume it’s a redneck. Talk about racial profiling.

    • Erica Dvorak says:

      How do you know hes a “redneck”? And you dont think thats racist? He could have been hispanic, or just a white person. This wasn’t a hate crime. Its funny how we get called racist. But everyonws racist especially if you can sit there and assume its a redneck. Notice one of the websites mentioned? It says black america web. But if there was a white America web, well that just wont do. Because we’d be a racist. Get over yourself.

    • Dan says:

      Arrrrr…. Nelson, where is your evidence, again?

  5. michael wright says:

    never mind that let’s do what they did to us before 1930’s find a hanging judge and find a good oak tree to hang this redneck from it after we try him for 3 minutes.

  6. Jilly says:

    I think killing a Postman is a Federal crime and since he was on duty; I’m sure this person has committed murder. I hope the Federal Government is more protective of their workers. Actually Postal Workers work for the People of the US.

  7. Geoffrey Jones says:

    What I find interesting is, even before someone is arrested the media is offering them an excuse. When I first started to read I thought someone tendered the claim, “I was afraid, I thought it was a prowler.” To find the USPS offering a reward . . .

    Blacks occupy most of the occupied prison cells. However, the most heinous crimes are carried out by other than Black people.

    I hope there’s a God above cause Blacks are sitting ducks, being picked off day in and day out. Yet, there’s no racism being perpetrated by Whites in America.

    I have to ask, “When President Obama finished his term in office, will it be due to racism or justice the he’s prosecuted for his crimes against humanity, here and abroad in light of President Chaney and Little Bush going scot-free for theirs?”

  8. d says:

    People need to educate themselves so they can stop being so fucking scared of every thing that looks dark (skin color) this is ridiculous and out of line !

    • AAdd says:

      Yes…true education is key. Science…human life began on the continent of Africa. Note to all Racists…before you decide to HATE people of color…get a DNA TEST!!!

  9. Ursula Ansbach says:

    It’s backlash to the Presidency of Barack Obama…it’s the hidden racism coming out of the woodwork in our country and although it’s terribly painful in a way it’s a healing process. My hope and prayer is that we will take another step forward in being able to accept each other when the smoke clears. Until then, it is absolutely horrifying and painful to watch. But take heart. God sees.

  10. Debora Miller says:

    I am a retired Mail lady, from Boston. I always protested carrying mail after sundown. When daylight savings changed we would be at peoples door delivering mail. They even let their dogs out at that time. I never felt safe!!!

  11. axel foley says:

    Ummmm the internet is white america web…duh…white america already has everything so why as black americans can’t we carve out a small peice and make it our own…smh…

  12. Mike Howard says:

    Here’s an idea…was it the person he was delivering to that shot him? That should be easy to find out. If it wasn’t, someone was looking to shoot someone of color. Put the person in jail. This is a federal crime. If you rob a postal worker, you get at least 10-15 years. How about if you murder one? Death, or at least life without parole.

  13. Ananda Adderly says:

    I agree…Sadly…we’ve been systematically trained to not care about each other.

    • Geoffrey Jones says:

      If were as simple as not caring about each other, either White people would represent a larger percentage of people meeting this fate. No, this is more insidious. White people perpetrate these deeds against Black people because they can with impunity. I’ve read where White cops have said shooting a white male suspect is difficult for them because it’s like shooting a son. I feel White people continue to have a superiorty complex and therefore maintain any non-white is less than and subject to them. In fact, it’s more of a God complex. That is why be it Black people here or abroad, Mexican people returning to the land stolen from their ancestors, men, women, and children in lands far away from this land White people have no problem shooting bullets, dropping bombs, releasing poisonous gas etc. because they feel, as God they will survive while no one else matters.

  14. prospero says:

    It’s all tougher down right stupid. A man who gets killed for doing his job is a social injustice.

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