BREAKING NEWS: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson May Be Cleared

Darren Wilson

Leaked photo of Officer Darren Wilson receiving recognition from Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson

According to a connected media source, Officer Darren Wilson may be cleared in the shooting of Michael Brown as key witness Dorian Johnson admitted that the 18-year-old African American attacked Wilson and attempted to take his gun.

Upon being identified through security tapes last Friday, Wilson left the city. He is currently under custody and “fears for his life” according to ABC News. His fears may not be too farfetched, especially since hackers group Anonymous released the officer’s personal information, including his address and where his child went to school.

If the news is true and Wilson is cleared, the protestors gathering on the streets of Ferguson are bound to turn violent again. But, in addition to the mostly-white police force of the city, the protestors may also have to go against the newly formed “Support Officer Wilson” group, which believes that first responders are being “villainized”.

Also supporting Darren Wilson is a Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, which plans a fundraiser this weekend for “the cop who did his job against the Negro criminal,” according to the KKK’s New Empire Knights. There is no indication that Wilson is associated with KKK though or that he will accept the money.

If Officer Darren Wilson is cleared, expect a major backlash from the African American community in Ferguson who may respond with a return to the violent protests seen earlier this week.

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