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BREAKING: NYPD Releasing Gas in Subway Terror Drill


As we speak, the NYPD is releasing harmless gases into the subway system during the morning rush. These drills are beginning Tuesday, the 9th of July, to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air, but will continue at intervals known only to the police at this time.

The project was announced in April, but it nevertheless took many by surprise this morning when Police, working with Long Island’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, were spotted today placing air-sampling devices in specific areas on the street and within the subway system across the five boroughs. Several researchers spent Tuesday morning outfitting the Columbus Circle subway station with the devices.

Researchers will track the movement of harmless tracer gases called perfluorocarbons. The gases mimic how a chemical or biological weapon may react if released. They’ll be dispersed in low concentrations for 30 minutes only during the morning, city officials said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says results from the airflow study will help the NYPD learn how airborne toxins travel underground within the subway systems and above ground near the entrances and exits. The aim of the study is to better safeguard the city against a potential chemical attack, Kelly said.

This, along with other recent moves in law enforcement anti-terror training, and DHS massive purchases of billions of rounds of ammunition  has some concerned that the government knows much more about imminent threats than they are telling us. Do you agree?

2 Comments on "BREAKING: NYPD Releasing Gas in Subway Terror Drill"

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  1. Jill says:

    Are they letting the public travel these subways and on these streets at the same time? If so this is crazy!!!

  2. gaian says:

    yep, it’s harmless, just like hydrofracking, nuclear energy, and gmo frankencrops. so glad i’m on the other side of the continent…

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