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California Representative Calls for a $26 Minimum Wage


A California Representative is calling for a $26 minimum wage. Barbara Lee (D-CA), explained that she supports raising the state minimum wage to $26 an hour. While this might sound extremely high, those living in the state of California know that it represents the bare minimum that most families in the state need to survive.

Lee explained that she doesn’t think such a hike would hurt small business owners in California. Lee was interviews on CNN’s “Crossfire,” where she debated with Republican congressmen who were looking to keep minimum wage the same, even to be entirely abolished.

Representative Andy Harris, (R-MD), voiced his opinion that the national minimum wage “should be left where it is,” rather than raised. But appealing to a typically conservative “states rights” argument, he added that if “states want to increase it, or cities,” then they should have that opportunity. But that’s exactly what Lee is calling for.

Senator Tom Coburn, however, said that “I don’t believe there ought to be a national minimum wage. That’s my position.”

In a state where many business owners are already hiring undocumented workers for well below the minimum wage, this hardly seems a compelling proposal, as the market has not come even close to regulating itself in such cases.

“In California, more than likely, from what I remember, a living wage,” Lee explained, “where people could live and take care of their families, and move toward achieving the American Dream was about $25, $26 an hour.”

“Trust me, believe you me, you would have a more productive workforce. You would have people who could afford to live in areas now where they cannot afford to live. You could increase diversity in certain communities where you don’t have diversity, you would have economic parity.”

She also applauded Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s recent plans to raise the city’s minimum wage to a remarkable $15 an hour.

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  1. Angel says:

    Common now that’s just stupid. It hurts the cause of liberals when dummies come out saying stuff like this politico. She should be more in touch with the REAL world.

  2. Nat Turner says:

    Few people are aware that California is named after
    a Black Woman by the name of Califa.
    See Whyowhy777 at Twitter for further details.
    The attached picture is based on the word Kali / Kari and it’s natural linguistic changes
    It is apparent that this word and it’s meaning of Black was distributed across the world at a very early time in man’s history.

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