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Car Runs 1 Million Miles on 8 Grams of Thorium



In breaking news on the energy and technology front, Laser Power Systems, a U.S. company based out of  Connecticut is developing a method of automotive propulsion using the element thorium to produce electricity. The results far surpass anything currently powering automobiles. To put it in perspective, 8 grams of Thorium produce enough power for a car to drive 1 million miles.

Thorium is similar in structure to the element uranium. Because it is an incredibly dense material it has the potential to produce tremendous heat, and thus energy.

Charles Stevens, the CEO of Laser Power Systems CEO, explains that just one gram of thorium yields more energy than 28,000 liters of gasoline. Just eight grams of thorium, Stevens explains, would produce more energy than the vehicle could use in its entire life, without the need for refueling… ever.

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Stevens explained in an interview with Ward’s Auto, that small pieces of thorium have been used to generate heat, being positioned to create a thorium laser in the vehicle. The laser heats water which produces steam, which in turn powers a series of “mini-turbines.”

The entire engine weighs only about 500 lbs and is light and compact enough to fit under the hood of any conventional vehicle.


Stevens and his 40 employees are now trying to answer the question of: “How do you take the laser and put these things together efficiently?”

The question is not, however, “if” they can get it to work, but “when” they can get it efficiently produced. When they do, they will have a vehicle that “will wear out before the engine. There is no oil, no emissions – nothing.”

Far from conceptual, this has worked in the thorium-powered 2009, Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept, presented by Loren Kulesus. Aside from adjusting this innovative model’s 24 tyres every five years, Kulesus explained that nothing else would need to be added to the vehicle, including fuel for more than a century of use. cadillac-world-thorium-fuel-concept-2-625x390

What are your thoughts about this and other potentially thorium-powered vehicles?

  • Arelowo

    What happens when you get into a car crash. If it is similar to to uranium is it also radioactive?

    • Mike

      It’s about 10000 times less long lived than uranium :p. No problems here, on top of that it’s a relatively commonly found element worldwide. More common than gold.

      • Grif

        Plus, it exists all over the universe. Good luck finding oil outside of this planet. We could get plenty of thorium from asteroids, which we are getting closer and closer to being able to excavate.


    Sounds great!All for it! Wait until the “scaredy-emo” anti nuclear enviro-twits get a hold of it.It has “nuclear” in the title;It’ll never see the light of day.
    and what happens to the reactor during crash testing? Have to ask…

  • Carguy

    This sounds completely awesome! However, I’m sure the oil companies and car manufacturers will probably lobby or take more drastic methods to suppress this technology.

  • Mike Agular

    No word on whether the turbine is wet-cycle or dry-cycle? Hi or low pressure turbines?

    Bilbo, there is no reactor. Did you not read the story?

  • Omur

    Thats freakin awesome, but I guess we have to pay a dollar for every mile it can drive and I’m pretty sure with the usage of Thorium the insurance won’t be cheap.

  • nadav

    what do i think ?
    1 cancer .
    2 traffic jams .
    not fun

  • jo

    For more understanding of thorium and energy check Kirk Sorrensen and thorium technology on youtube.

  • Micah

    A Volvo has been tested to go more than 3 million miles with one owner.

  • Rick

    Do you honestly believe 1. the feds will let this happen?; 2. Exxon, Mobile, Shell, BP etc will let this happen? 3. The Saudis will let this happen? I remember as a teen the first turbine car that would run on lighter fluid or anything flammable. Built by Chrysler, turbine in the trunk. Came through town big fanfare. Then disappeared and never heard from again. Why? Well, they said it would get 50mpg and back then the 7 Sisters (American oil companies) would never let this car be made. Seen any on the road today? You will never see this one either.

    • UtahTwisted

      Conspiracy theorists, ya gotta love ‘em.

  • Melsia

    I have to read up on Thorium. It sounds great however the engineers would have to create a car that lasts as long as 1 million miles. Also this would probably raise the car price to 50,000 because it can last a lifetime. It this was made it could become a car that is passed down from generation to generation. Uranium is dangerous and I hope Thorium is not dangerous as well. I am wondering about steam, lasers, car crashes, extreme heat, and what happens then? I am sure that would be something they would need to test as well.

    • Mike

      Seems like you could also just use a smaller amount of thorium.

  • gazpefoc

    I don’t think that it is the fuel that makes a car lasts 1 million miles. With enough care you can run on gas or diesel more than a million miles.

    • Mike in São Paulo

      Reading comprehension is such a wonderful thing. The article clearly states that it only requires one fueling of the vehicle to run that far.

  • Nando

    The light at the tunnels’s end…get rid of the oil monopolies.

    • Jazz

      Which will NEVER happen… Ever.

  • SweetOlBob

    Wow ! So what the necessary metal to metal contacy points like bearings ? We suppossedly some(?) million mile or more parts like that available now, but lubrication is needed. Even if no contact bearings are invented there is still thse road. Great, but it sounds like a slice of sky pie.

  • Spirit

    Next they will produce flying cars fueled by Ununpentium (115).
    And yeah, how much is thorium, per gram?

    • RiverMikeRat

      Several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for that up front, which will put it out of the price range of most people. But, if you compare it to what the same # of miles on gasoline would cost……..much cheaper.

  • BeansNRice

    The us government needs oil revenues to pay for welfare and votes more than Exxon needs the money.