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Chicago Police Use Taser On 8-Month Pregnant Woman Over Parking Ticket Comment

Tiffany Rent is eight-months pregnant, but that didn’t stop a Chicago police officer from using a taser on her. The assault and arrest occurred Wednesday morning outside of a drug store on Chicago’s South Side.

The Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy said that even though Rent was only a week or two away from giving birth, “you can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant.”

Tiffany, however, said it should have been obvious.

“I was standing at the squad car close enough for him to see that I was pregnant,” Rent explained to the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Police Department, however says that their officers did nothing wrong. Rent, they said, had “attempted to take off” after parking in a handicap space outside of a Walgreens drug store. Why was she parking in a handicap space? Because she was almost ready to give birth and it was severely uncomfortable – even painful – to walk far.

The officer was not moved by her plight. Poor and frustrated with the $350 ticket, Tiffany tore up the citation saying: I ain’t giving you sh#@,” according to the police report. In effect, she was tased, for nothing more than saying she wouldn’t pay a fine. 

Superintendent McCarthy said this is a matter of “upholding the law” and that Rent should have been tased for her comments:

“Well, first of all, you can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant. So, you want to use it where you are overcoming assault or preventing escape. That’s what it boils down to.”

To make matters worse, Tiffany was pulled out of her car in front of her two young children and her boyfriend, held down to the ground before being tased. Joseph Hobbs tried to stop the assault. Hobbs is the father of the child and said he was afraid the full-term baby would be injured in the assault. He suffered a dislocated elbow as a result.

Tiffany’s sister, Sharita Rent says that the officers also made racist “nasty, cruel comments” telling them that if they were upset about the abuse, they should “call Jesse Jackson.”

“How could you be that cruel to a human being? A pregnant human being?” Sharita asked.

Tiffany confirmed her sister’s observations, saying the same:

“They were laughing. They said … I know she’s pregnant. Then one of the other officers said I deserve it. Another officer said, ‘Go get Jesse Jackson,’” she said. “They were all laughing, like it was so funny.”

Hospital tests ran on Tiffany said that the baby appears to be in good health in spite of the attack by these rogue officers.

This sickening disregard of the Chicago Police for the safety and well-being of even the most vulnerable members of our society, has led to Sharita being award, just months ago, a settlement of $55,000.

What is the moral of the story? Police officials defended the actions of the officers involved until they couldn’t defend them any more. Once the video was released, the officer’s guilt was evident. When we hear police officials defending cruel and often racist actions of members of their force, we should realize that this is the default action of the any police department. As critical readers, we should automatically suspect the official police response to such crimes, as their response is always to support the rogue cops who carry them out, until the evidence of their guilt has turned the tide of public opinion against them.

(Article by M.B. David; image AFP Photo/Cengiz Yar Jr.)

32 Comments on "Chicago Police Use Taser On 8-Month Pregnant Woman Over Parking Ticket Comment"

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  1. Drew says:

    Well lets see how many errors we can find in this story…

    1. HCP violation in Chicago is 200.00 not 350.00

    2. Attempting to Flee the Scene is a Crime when the Police have you stopped for a legitimate Issue.

    3. Her comment and actions before being tazered qualify as “Disorderly Conduct” under City Ordinance…a Misdemeanor.

    5. Pregnant is not Handicapped.

    6. Poor? 2 kids plus pregnant With her Own Car. So she can afford 3 kids, gas, insurance. But can’t be bothered to park legally since Her Boyfriend was in the store while she was Parked? BS

    7. This issue took place over arround 5 months ago in Chicago…Not exactly breaking news.

    8. The Police Superintendent (a moron from New York with a drinking problem and well known for not being willing to support the rank and file) Said the Woman deserved to be Tasered for her behavior.

    9. If there were charges filed against the Police involved in this I would be on your side. But there were no charges, and currently the City has told the Family to Pound Sand regarding their threats of a Civil Lawsuit.

  2. Mind Games says:

    Right-wing radio is to blame for this and because they let that poison into their minds they are going to pay for it.

  3. Gabriel Alan King says:

    “The officers did nothing wrong…” lol

    Yep. I recall Himmler said the same thing about his Nazi SS…

    From now on, how bout a little honesty. Just change the slogan on the cruiser to: “To Protect and Serve the .01%”

  4. tasted wasted says:

    Superintendent McCarthy should also be tased for his comments.

  5. wiseoldsnail says:

    calling these thugs ‘rogue cops’ is missing the point : the really ‘rogue cops’ are those who do not blindly support the illegal and violent actions of their co-workers

  6. Icequeen says:

    An officer needs to be prejudice in his job in order to do it proficiently Once an officer crosses the line of being prejudice against the race of people he can no longer do his job properly. Where in this article does it state his suspension without pay, which he should have gotten while the case was going on.

  7. Lauren Taylor says:

    That pregnant moo parked in a handicap spot because she felt entitled. Last I checked being pregnant did not equate to being handicap. She should be ashamed of herself. She asked for the confrontation when she broke the law. Her boyfriend and another family member were with her, if the moo was in such agony why didn’t she stay in the car with the other illegitimate children she has and send her boyfriend or sister in the store? I’ll yell you why,the lazy moo felt ” entitled”. I am sick to death of women using pregnancy as an excuse for breaking the law and bad behavior. The monetary award should have gone to some handicap charity, not to the law breaker looking for a handout and special treatment. Also, officers are always suspended with pay pending any investigation. Innocent until proven guilty. In this case I’d side with the police. She is a despicable person already and a prime example of what bad parenting looks like.

    • Geth says:

      You’re an idiot and a bigot. Please don’t have any children, we don’t need any more of your kind.

    • Goldenbast says:

      You are a hateful and uncaring person. It is not against the law to tear up a ticket. The officer should have just shrugged and went on his way. She would have been held in contempt of court and her fine made bigger. What the officer did was flat out assault and abuse and he only did it because he got mad. They had it on tape, those officers were acting way above the scope of their duties, no matter how obstinate that woman got, she has FREE SPEECH and her actions did not call for getting tazed.

    • John says:

      Such ignorance in this world. That’s all I can really say about that.

    • Patricia Najafabadi says:

      Lauren Taylor: Critical Thinking not your thing? Please do society a favor and crack open a book every now & again. There are 2nd graders who sound more insightful & intelligent than you.

    • Your an idiot says:

      So violating a parking violation is warrant for being assaulted by an officer?

    • Alice says:

      Here in Canada we have special parking spaces for pregnant women. Some women go through harder pregnancies then others. It’s not for you to judge. Also I highly doubt she was “trying to escape” you’re a cop get her licence plate number then charge her. Ripping up a ticket and trying to waddle away does not constitute this despicable display of policing.

    • Luke Paul says:

      I could not agree more, I wish people wouldn’t jump on the “Blame the Police” bandwagon.

    • lilaclane says:

      As someone that holds a disabled permit it is infuriating to have people that don’t need them using the very limited number of spaces that are allocated to us..But should she have been tasered because of it NO, regardless if she was pregnant or not..Let have punishments that fit the crimes.. not heavy handed law enforcement officer who sometimes seem to get a power high from their position.

    • Reginald says:

      Does any of the crap you just stated give another human being the right to tase them? What if you just went 5 miles an hour over the speed limit, do YOU feel entitled to get some where faster than anyone else? So what if YOU got tased while being pulled over for speeding, would YOU deserve it? The reason I capitalize “YOU” is so maybe in this life time you will put yourself in someone elses’ shoes before you speak ignorance.

    • Angel says:

      You must have never been pregnant. If she’s a moo you’re and OINK. I hope you get tased over being stupid.

    • englishvinal says:

      Lauren – YOU are “the problem”…………
      Were born a psychopath, or did you become one through the propaganda?

      YOU ARE the problem.
      And you are a despicable U.S. citizen who cheered and waved your little Chinese made flag while over a million innocent women, children and men were getting butchered in Iraq…. after all, they were “just Rag Heads” to you……….
      You zombie straight out of the Walking Dead~!!!
      You vicious, biting, mentally rotted, contagious ZOMBIE, with no humanity left in your carcass~!!!!

  8. andrew says:

    this is why we need guns!!

  9. Displeased says:

    Rouge officers? This is the norm now. Its becoming increasingly apparent that “officers” are above the law and can and will do whatever they please to you without risk of any accountability. Avoid contact with the police at all costs. Your life may depend on it.

  10. laura says:

    This is not just an “incident”. This is a SIGN that there has been a major shift in police training, hiring, and discipline where this behavior is being produced. That’s a danger to us all. Reading the story… she had an attitude. But attitude is not a reason to tase her. She had the ticket… and so… why the tase? Why not just let matters go through the process? Why tase her for attitude? Even if she tears up the ticket… he has his copy… and it will go through the process. **If there is more to this story and she moved to attack the officer… that’s different. But if she merely tore up the ticket and cussed… that’s her right of protest. No need to tase her for that. I welcome further info… but, my call is, the police are trying to suppress free speech and the right of protest with tasers… and that’s a problem to us all. God bless.

  11. Joey Martinez says:

    “Less Lethal” Tasers are still “Lethal” by definition. If the officer is not being threatened by a person for who he would pull his firearm and shoot them, he should not have shot her with a ‘lethal’ device.

    Try to find the number of people killed each year by Tasers … it is a very closely guarded number.

    Should be two attempted murder charges for the cop.

  12. Carrie Anne says:

    This is another example of systemic racism and classism. A beautiful white pregnant woman would have never been treated in such a manner. While I concur this woman might have stretched the spirit of the handicapped sign, choosing to enforce this in such a violent manner is obscene. Police are supposed to be problem-solvers, not problem-creators. But that’s all they have become now. Superintendent McCarthy should be fired for his statement supporting the direction of his officers to use a taser when it was unnecessary (and I would argue it’s almost *always* unnecessary). I’m glad this woman lived and her child was unharmed, but we cannot know the long-term consequences for this family from this experience. I hope they all heal, emotionally, spiritually and physically from this.

  13. Verax says:

    So, more over the top antics by police that have to be erased via taxpayer dollars. I hope Chicago is okay with having to plunk out $55,000 to cover up the Nazi tactics of its police. Time for some of them to go back to Police Academy.

  14. Erin says:

    Is the video online to see?

  15. Liam says:

    Can we please stop referring to these people as “rogue officers”?

  16. N says:

    Taking into consideration that this event took place June 5th 2012, that the resulting lawsuit against the city of Chicago was settled for 55-thousand dollars in early April of 2013, and that looking up the name “Tiffany Rent” in a given internet search engine brings up mention of the victim, the assault, the lawsuit, and the settlement along with the date and year and such… may I ask why you waited until January of 2014 to publish this story? Meanwhile, the article implies that the event occurred on January 22nd 2014, which is inaccurate.

    The fact that this happened at all is horrifying, and I know from personal experience that publishing a quality news article takes time, energy, and a news editor who thinks the story is worthy of publication at that juncture… but what possible reason is there to delay for a year and a half before publishing the story? Why now, and why the implication that it happened this year?

  17. Bobby O'Dell says:

    “Superintendent McCarthy said this is a matter of “upholding the law” and that Rent should have been tased for her comments” WTF?? Really?

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