Chinese Explorers Travelled America 70 Years BEFORE Columbus!


A 600-year-old Chinese map that was discovered in a second-hand book shop is the subject of a new book proving that the Chinese visited the Americas long before Christopher Columbus was fabled to have “discovered the New World.”

The document is said to be a copy of a 1418 map made by the well-known Chinese Admiral Zheng. Admiral Zheng was already well-know to have journeyed to both Europe and Africa with his massive fleet of ships. If true, the map demonstrates that Chinese navigator mapped the entire Western Hemisphere more than seventy years before Columbus.


Author Gavin Menzies makes this and other startling claims in his new book ‘Who Discovered America? The Untold History of the Peopling of the Americas’, published by William Morrow, which was released today, right before Columbus Day. Menzies claims “The traditional story of Columbus discovering the New World is absolute fantasy, it’s fairy tales,” and his book does not skimp on the documentation to prove it.


(Article by Micah Naziri)

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  1. Nat Turner says:

    Here’s a large copy of this map

    http://sco. lt/51vsDh

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