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‘Christian American Patriots Militia’ Leader Threatens To Kill Obama

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The Southern Poverty Law Center says that the Secret Service is investigating an apparent threat to the life of president Barack Obama made by the leader of the Christian American Patriots Militia. While the Secret Service clarified that “That’s not something we openly discuss,” screen captures show some of the comments captured from Everest Wilhelmsen.


“We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him,” Wilhelmsen said on his Facebook page, explaining that this was due to Obama’s “willful violations and alienation of our Constitution, constant disregard for our peaceful protests and corruption of all the three branches of government, (i.e., rogue and illegitimate government), reveal the dictator that he is. Obama and his co-conspirators disrespect our Constitution (constitutional rule of law) and abuse the American people.”

“The authority to kill Obama comes from the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution: He is levying war on the United States and aiding and comforting our foreign enemies – the 2nd Amendment gives us the right and duty (authority) to engage an enemy of the United States that does so with the design to reduce us under absolute Despotism. I would be very surprised, if Obama does not leave Washington DC today (Nov. 19th) … never to return, if he is not dead within the month,” Wilhelmsen continued.

Wilhelmsen is listed as the group administrator of a Facebook group calling itself the Christian American Patriots Militia. Whether or not this group has an offline presence is unknown. But to Wilhelmsen, what is certain is that “God judges time morally and He will use whatever He sees fit to accomplish His ends.” Thus, he calls on members to “be prepared to wage war. And this is in fact why Obama has labelled Christians and other patriots as ‘terrorists,’ a lie to his army. Obama knows God may lead us to wage violent war in the defense of our Constitution.”

Wilhelmsen’s Twitter account, including anti-Muslim tirades and multiple links to a blog post which state all U.S. soldiers must remove Obama from office by force. There was no mention of whether their oaths obligated them to do the same when George W. Bush was in office, but apparently violating the Constitution is only a coup-worthy offense when the president is African-American (or Kenyan, according to Wilhelmsen).

If charged and convicted of the threat, Wilhelmsen could face up to five years in prison.

(Article by James Achisa; image via the Sovereign Citizens Movement; screen captures from Social News Daily)

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  1. Younastybw says:

    Nuts have been on the prowl every since Obama took office. Thay can’t stand that we have a President that looks different.

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