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City Legalizes Shooting Down Drones!

This past April Fool’s Day, a powerfully convincing joke spread like wildfire through Gun Culture. offered preorders for a new anti-drone tactical load for 12 gauge shotguns. Many hundreds of thousands quickly tried to add the ammunition to their shopping carts, only to find that it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

The dead giveaway was that the load purported to be made of depleted uranium. The description explained that once the drone was hit, whether or not it was hit in a vital area, it would have it’s circuits disrupted from the uranium. All in all, the joke was a moot point, as it takes very little to shoot down a drone. has even reported on the confirmed – yet surprising – downing of drones by swarms of bees, released by Anarchist beekeepers.

Fast forward a few months…

Deer Trail, a small Colorado town, is considering a measure that would allow its residents to hunt for federal drones and shoot them down. The FAA has warned them, however, that this would be completely illegal on a Federal level, regardless of whether or not they legalized the practice.

“Is it illegal? Of course it is. But it’s also illegal to spy on American citizens,” resident Phillip Steel told CNN in a phone interview. “If they fly in town, we will shoot them down.”


Steel said he wrote the ordinance after he learned the Federal Aviation Administration “loosened regulations that would allow the flight of drones in domestic airspace.”

The FAA recently announced plans to create six drone test sites around the country, none of which has been publicly listed. It plans to allow widespread use of domestic drones in 2015. “The overall purpose of this test site program is to develop a body of data and operational experiences to inform integration and the safe operation of these aircraft in the National Airspace System,” the agency said.


2 Comments on "City Legalizes Shooting Down Drones!"

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  1. truthseer says:

    Some one should make a Load to shoot this stuff down…

    I have a suggestion how about one of those potato guns shooting a nylon net over to tangle the thing would drop like a rock…

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