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Cop Arrests Father At School Board Meeting After First Amendment Reference


Exactly what law did this parent break? That might be a difficult question for even the most adept legal expert to answer. But in spite of the difficulty in nailing down an exact law that this Gilford New Hampshire parent broke at a school board meeting, and in spite of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, one parent was taken away in cuffs for questioning an anti-Semitic assignment.

The outrage at the school board meeting surrounded parents not being notified that their children would be reading the book “Nineteen Minutes”.

The controversy around the book involved content which detailed a violent sexual encounter between teenagers that many parents worried was inappropriate for school, and could trigger students who were victims of rape and molestation.

Whether or not you agree with the father or other parents who opposed the place of the book in school curriculum, it is clear that the man is entitled to his opinion.

Interestingly, the officer did not try to arrest him until the First Amendment was invoked. Even then, the officer claim that the man was being arrested for speaking longer than two minutes. But as ridiculous as this sounds, if you watch the minutes on the video, the man did not speak for longer than two minute… not even close.

As insane as all of this is, the cop who arrested this man – apparently for invoking the Bill of Rights – will get away with it if we all continue to remain silent about such abuses of power!

Watch the and decide for yourself whether or not the man violated any law…

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