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Cops Tortured Man, Burned His Genitals For ‘Littering’


A Southern California man never thought that a dropped cigarette would result in him being brutally assaulted and tortured by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy. Daniel Johnson, 26, a graduate of University of California, Berkeley with no criminal history, screamed “stop, please!” and “I’m not resisting! I’m not resisting!” over and over as the deputy held him down, repeatedly electrocuting his genitals with a taser in front of his family and neighbors.

Johnson explains that after several discharges of the high voltage taser, he could literally smell the flesh “cooking” off of his genitals. He later discovered that he had in fact sustained multiple burns to the genital region, as a result of this literal torture. Now, Johnson has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Johnson was at his mother’s Altadena home, cooking dinner back in December 26, 2012. That’s when a man knocked on the door to inform Johnson that his father was being ticketed for putting out a cigarette on the ground

Johnson’s father was a 58-year-old disabled man. He may or may not have intended to drop the cigarette, but Johnson explains that the man walks with a cane and often drops things because of severe, medically documented nerve damage in his hands.

Los Angeles “Deputy Abdulfattah,” is named in the complaint as the officer giving a $1,000 ticket and community service for littering. But Johnson tried to explain to the officer that there was a medical condition with his father, and the littering was likely accidental.

Abdulfattah told Johnson, “I can write you a ticket too if you want,” the deputy said.

“I asked if it would be possible for me to just pick it up,” Johnson said. “We don’t have $1,000 to pay that ticket,” he said, trying to plead with the deputy.

As Johnson began to walk away to inform his mother of what was happening, another deputy, named in the complaint as “Deputy Russell,” grabbed Johnson from behind slamming him against the patrol car and into a concrete post. Johnson’s parents shouted: “leave him alone! He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Deputy Russell then put Johnson in a “full nelson hold” wrapping his arms under Johnson’s armpits with his hands behind Johnson’s head. That’s when deputy Abdulfattah began punching Johnson’s father in the face. Then Abdulfattah turned to the restrained Johnson, and used a Taser on his genitals over and over.

“He was right above me as he Tased me,” Johnson explained. “There’s no mistake that he was trying to Tase me in my genitalia.”

Johnson’s mother says that the deputy stared at her throughout the whole ordeal, like he was trying to show her that he was able to do anything he wanted to her son.

“He’s looking directly at me every time he pulls that trigger, and at one point my son says, ‘Mom, I’m OK,” Johnson’s mother, Rose Gonzales said. “So at that point, I realize this guy is doing this because I am reacting.”

After being tortured in front of his family by the officers, Johnson was arrested for battery on a police officer. Those charges were never filed.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department says that the officer in question is “the best deputy in the department.” Help get the word out. Contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at (626)798-1131, a number assigned specifically for complaints about the Department’s deputies. Email and demand that these deputies be fired and brought up on charges.

Sign the petition at the link below to fire the officers involved, and charge them criminally for this brazen act of torture.

PETITION to: Fire The Deputies Who Tortured Daniel Johnson For ‘Littering’  (Article by M.B. David; image screen capture via local NBC)

  • Kim Serrahn

    I have a feeling that this is black against white again.

    • steve

      The officer acting like an idiot was actually a Muslim..

      • http://none wrong

        no not muslim due to name he just has a muslim name plenty of christians have muslim names now if he turns out to be muslim then he will most likely be a shia or sufi

    • John Brown

      No, it’s not about race. Race is used to divide us. It is about the ruling class vs the ruled.
      The police don’t protect us from the bad guys…they ARE the bad guys!
      We need to protect ourselves from the police using equal force. They will KILL us if they want to, and it seems they all want to.

      • Joe Reilly

        oh please with the whole “the cops are trying to kill us” thing….Thats just as bad as saying “All black people are evil and we must fight them” because a few are violent. Justifying your crusade against a group you hate based on the actions of a few is just ignorant. The moment you or someone you love is in danger you will be calling the police to help….

        • Karen Thompson

          Why did you have to compare race with brutality to make your point? Poor example of comparison!!!

      • Daisiemae

        You sound very similar to your namesake. Are you planning to overthrow your local police department and set up your own government there? That didn’t go too well for the original JB.

        Don’t start hacking people with swords…although I admit these two “officers” definitely deserve some drastic punishment for their crimes.

  • Jean fils de Richard Plantagenet

    One must question the mentality of people, city executives and administrators, and police, who would determine that a one thousand dollar fine and physical brutality are suitable responses for littering by discarding a cigarette. I will not at this time pursue discourse regarding the rich getting rich by causing poverty, suffering and death. People do not want to believe that truly insane deadly dangerous people have taken over large segments of government and government agencies, and people have become so confused that they cannot understand that direct confrontation and pleas to such people are well defended against and that a more subtle simple classic historic basic precedent solution that addresses many, most or all of the grievances that distract individuals and groups, and waste their energies, is in order. – and do not let MY royal pretensions and dark humor distract you from the important issue.

  • George Edwards

    That police officer is “the best deputy in the department?” Shit… I should avoid LA.

  • http://Littering Deborah Kauffman

    I am sickened that the law acts as though there are no rules for them. If that s the best Sherriff you have I’m thinking its about time to close up shop because what he did is inexcusable. Both men, as I don’t have it in me to call them sheriffs, should be fired and thrown in jail with the general population. They’ll take care of the rest….I guess California’s Mayor is ok with this too? I pray to God I’m wrong.

  • Joe Reilly

    Am I the only one to read the headline and think “Good, that’s what happens when you litter”?

    • Jan Schreuder

      Indeed. Most likely you are the only one. You never know of course. There might be another idiot out there.

    • Laura


  • Tom

    Here is an easy way to prevent this. DON’T F’ING LITTER! You get what you get.

    • Marsha

      Oh, dear. Having your balls tasered for one cigarette butt? Not littering, so true, should not be done, but to have your genitals burned for this? Too strong a reaction.

      Are you a police officer, perhaps?

      • Don

        Marsha, I agree with your sentiment. But the term “balls”, is offensive and demeaning. It really undermines your comment.

        We’re conditioned to disrespect men and disregard their privacy, modesty and dignity from when we’re young. Disney thinks a kick in the crotch is hilarious and appropriate for family fun. The use of the colloquial term “balls” is so common as to be considered normal and family friendly also.

        If a woman was tasered in her genitals, would you say “Having your pussy tasered for one cigarette butt?”. I think not.

        • Chris

          Um… someone sounds insecure. If you think “balls” is offensive you must have some pretty small ones. And disney is a cartoon… as was Loony Toons where Daffy Duck got shot in the face with a shotgun. It’s a cartoon. Get over it.

          • Don Talenti

            Chris, you’re clearly a low intellect moron. Abstract reasoning doesn’t seem to be your strong suit. Your conversations should be limited to “Do you want fries with that?”.

          • Chris

            Lol nice insult. I like it.

            But I don’t hear you saying why I’m wrong.

            We are conditioned to disrespect men?
            Men have always been, and still are, taken more seriously than women in this society. Woman make 70¢ for every $1 a man makes. Everyday of my life I hear or see a woman spoken of with disrespect, in fact I’ve been guilty of it too. 1 in 5 women is raped in their lifetime. Biologically women (in general), are more physically vulnerable than men. How many single father’s are there to single mothers? How many male rape victims are there to female rape victims? How many men are victims of domestic abuse compared to women? How many male corporate and political leaders have there been/are there now to female corporate and political leaders?

            Therefore, your assertion that the term “balls” is offensive and demeaning is not only empty, it reflects your own personal insecurities. As does your example of cartoon violence to support a bold and false social statement.

            No, the term balls does not undermined Marsha’s statement.

            Is that intellectual enough for you? Have I now evolved from a “low intellect moron” into a “high intellect moron?”

            P.S. Suck my balls.

          • Ruth Galindo

            Wow. Schooled. In fact, I regged at this site just to say this.

          • Karen Thompson

            Say it again …lmao!!!

        • Karen Thompson

          Man up!!!

      • LizinMN

        You would definitely fit in at the LAPD. you sound as sick as these other two thugs, or are you one of their co-workers?

    • Rarface

      I’ve come to the conclusion all of you are morons who can type but not read. The man who got tased did not litter. Read the story you dumb waste of time.

    • Jan Schreuder

      I was wrong. There are more idiots out there. Had your brain tasered by any chance? As an aside, can you actually read? The man who was tasered didn’t in fact litter.

  • Jacki

    I agree with Tom, don’t litter!! Normal methods don’t work so they are moving on….

    • ashley

      However, the man had a disability as well. He may not have known. When you tase someone who isn’t even being violent you tase them in another place.. Not in their genitals. And they tased the son of the person who littered.

  • friday jones

    Tom, that might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Your brain should run away from home after the way you’ve apparently been starving it.

  • montanapeas

    This isn’t just a simple case of littering. Dropping a lit cigarette in a region so prone to wildfires is a huge deal. I think that’s why there was strong reaction to the “type” of littering. In every conflict there are usually three sides to the story. One side, the other side, and the truth. I’m reserving judgement on this case until I read more about it. If the account is accurate, then the deputies involved should absolutely be fired and criminally charged. I hope there will be an open, unbiased investigation in this matter.

    • moderationpreferred

      Part of that may be true but there is absolutely no valid excuse for using a taser in the manner that officer did and yes Mr. Johnson did end up at the hospital.

  • LizinMN

    I don’t think this was a racial thing, it’s time people wake up to the realization that there are sick individuals out there, even within the police agencies. They join thinking this gives them a license to do what they like, as this case in particular, demonstrates. These two officers should be stripped, hung, drawn and tazed in their genitals until there is nothing left but dripping flesh. They are there to aid and assist, as well as brutalize people. Black, white, latino or whatever, it doesn’t matter, no-one should be subject to such brutality. Please, make the LAPD and all police agencies, understand that this behavior can not, and will not, be tolerated under any circumstances. Brutality is brutality, whether or not the person is wearing a uniform, and if this is ‘the best officer’ they have, God help the people of LA!

  • Teresa

    If we take a step back and understand the role of police officers was to be a civil servant and to intercede when someone is shown to be breaking the law, either by observation, or discovery.

    They were NEVER meant to be “law enforcers”. A law enforcer watches to make sure people obey the laws.

    A police officer watches to make sure no one is “disobeying” the law.

    Do you see the difference?

    Our country has become militant and the only way to reverse it is to take political action.

    • ThomasThePaine

      Wake up: Only violence will restore the Republic!

      May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . The Tree of Liberty Needs Refreshing!
      Bring your own rope. . .

  • Brad Preston

    I bet the L.A. Police Department is AFRAID to prosecute this Deputy Abdulfattah because he’s muslim. Police Departments are constantly looking over their shoulders for the P.C. police. This Deputy should be tasered on HIS BALLS for his criminal brutality towards this innocent man!

    • beenwiser

      LAPD isn’t “afraid” to prosecute, they don’t WANT to prosecute. LAPD protects their own, no matter the officer’s color or ethnicity or whatever. The rest of us should really take a page out their book, and stand up for each other regardless of heritage/color/etc. Cops can escape a murder rap that way, maybe the rest of us could at least escape being tased in the nuts in front of our moms?

  • maryf

    Where did they get these deputies? Abu Ghraib? The Egyptian secret police?

    Then again, Messrs. Johnson are lucky they weren’t shot.

    Since 9/11, increasing numbers of police officers throughout the country are behaving as if they answer to no one. And this often turns out to be the case.

    Tasers were intended as non-lethal means given to police officers to control suspects, not as instruments of torture, and they have been overused at the best of times.

    We are long overdue for some sort of national mandate to create civilian boards to hear complaints of excessive force, rather than the same old system of officers “policing” themselves, which leads to nothing but whitewash and police impunity.

    • Marty Moilanen

      The police are way different then when i was a kid.I was fallowed home from Noyo harbor one night and i saw a fiew patrole cars on the road.Thinking nothing much about it i continued home turning off on Ocean drive.when i pulled into my driveway on pacific I noticed that there was a patrole car in the road with his lights on and behind him was another car with his lights out .I got out to walk towards the road to get a better look.What i didn’t see was this fatter cop running at me from the circle drive.He dove at me as a wild dog.At first as i was falling i thought that maybe the lady across the road’s boyfriend had a gun and that the officer was trying to cover me,Untill he jerked me up, Twisting me around slamming me against the truck bed frisking me.I asked what did i do ?Im a 100% disabled Vietnam vet. You know me . I check my boats in the harbor every night.He said thought maybe you had a gun.Didn’t you hear me say stay in your vehicle?I said no ,”My ears are ringing and i coulden’t hear you even with a bull horn.Now i think i would have been beaten up if it wern’t for the fact that my friend was on the porch with her brother so i had 2 witnesses .The cop said get inside to them and they continued to watch from inside.the tall skinny cop, who had his car lights on said ,:Wanna know why we stopped you:? I told him that first of all he haden’t stopped me but i was jumped in my own driveway.He made the comment Oh Your the turtle man:. I said yea , My friend had founded the National Reptile foundation, and we were shut down because we were in the coastal zone.And you think i’m going to shoot a cop in my own yard over a license plate light. ? I went on to ask them Who they were working for and they said Mendocino county sheriff I said I know im on the softening list,But they denied that.I live in a crooked county..

  • Miss Havershim

    Remember Rodney King, Kelly Thomas…very similar situations of police brutality. I agree that there is a percentage of people that become police so they have license to do whatever they want. Good cops, bad cops…..there is no in between. The bad police give the good ones a bad rap

  • BonelessSausage

    you just did, you for abuse?

  • disqus_VrjelWKkuE

    there are 2 sides to every story. It is likely that this side is over dramatized for the up and coming lawsuit. IF this happened they way it is described then the officer needs to be jailed. I have a feeling Daniel Johnson isn’t going to admit to any wrong doing on his part. regardless of what he did the cop should have issued the ticket then walked away., Even if Johnson was acting aggressive or not, this likely went too far..

    • Daisiemae

      How do you overdramatize burned genitals?

      • rookgaroo

        That’s the point. The guy claims these injuries but there’s no mention of a doctor confirming it or if he sought medical attention at all. I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened the way he described but this is clearly a one-sided account of whatever went down.

        I certainly wouldn’t even consider signing a petition to have the cops fired and charged with a crime without knowing all the facts. If it’s true, fine, make the punishment fit the crime. But there’s absolutely nothing in this story that comes close to being evidence, let alone proof.

        • Daisiemae

          This is a news story, not a court proceeding. A news story is not obligated to provide legal evidence.

          The story states “Johnson has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.” The plaintiff will present evidence to support his claims in that lawsuit. He is not obligated to present evidence to every journalist who decides to write a story. In fact, Mr. Johnson most probably has never spoken to the author of this piece.

          If you are so concerned about finding evidence, you could have done a search of the internet. You would have found the report from court house news dot com which reports that Mr. Johnson was taken to Huntington Hospital with the pins from the taser still in his clothing. You would also have found that Detective Abdulfattah has faced multiple complaints of excessive force while Mr. Johnson is a college graduate with no criminal history.

          • John F. Hendry

            Good work. Nice to see not all America’s are delusional and believe what makes them feel safe. This was an obvious act of torture by police that see getting away with crimes like this as part of their job.

        • ahsrascal

          In the picture that comes with the article, his torso is bare and it seems to be blurred at the bottom. I would think that’s probably him displaying the “evidence” to be photographed/documented.

        • John F. Hendry

          OK…. then sign a petition regarding what happened on June 9, 2009. Look it up, the facts are exceptionally well documented and connected to one of the greatest discoveries in the history of Man. Hard to hide what e{a}/t-hv means from a physicist that can tell you what it means. But you know what? You won’t do anything of the kind. You comment is a response made out of fear to make yourself feel safe. There are enough well documented videos that show far worse happening at the hands of the police in the US as it catches up with Mexico to disregard any “innocence” on behalf of law enforcement until this torture and corruption by US police is stopped.

      • John F. Hendry

        Well said. It is exactly this attitude disqus_VrjelWKkuE is expressing that allows this to grow because they think it won’t happen to them. It happened to me on June 9, 2009 when law enforcement assisted in felony theft to stop a lawsuit. It can happen to him, you, or even me again. When cops go bad they have gone bad and must be removed.

  • bmhay1

    I don’t think this is an extreme example for Los Angeles, at all! They constantly do things like this, backtrack and see the horrible crimes they’ve been in the news for and imagine the ones never reported. It does not matter how the young Johnson reacted to the deputy, the deputy should be able to curtail his anger and his POWER. Just the fact that a person “speaks” seems to set these cops off! They don’t have to say nasty things. Los Angeles has such a bad reputation. After each encounter, there is always a “Promise, we will do an internal investigation and get to the facts. Don’t believe what you read. Our guys are good police, bla, bla, bla.” I’ve never read the results of all the past ones, other than some police were separated from one another, just like children that get into trouble that hang together, some were demoted. Not acceptable for Police brutality! Fire all Los Angeles Police, bring in fresh new young blood of multi races, educated and trained, don’t let them bond, keep them moving around and reward them for a job well done. I know that their job is tough and that Los Angeles has some really bad and tough areas and that there was supposedly a 20 unit of really tough cops to take care of that area, get new people and clean up that area. It can be done!

  • McKimberly

    Thanks for sharing. I believe what is depicted here is true. Many policemen do think they are like a god once they have their badge. The police themselves should all be wearing cameras. I think this is happening in some places; but don’t you know, they will still misbehave because this power complex goes to their head. I saw a disturbing video where an officer with a camera on, shot a dog that was just lying on the ground wagging her tail. He claimed that she was aggressive, but the video proves otherwise. About 30 years ago, an African-American friend of mine was leaving a Los Angeles nightclub, and a white police officer pulled her over for no valid reason and ordered her to drive down a dark alley. He kept screaming at her to do it, but she refused. Finally, another officer showed up and let her go. I can only imagine what this crazed cop had in mind.

  • Jeff

    Stinking rotten dirty thug pigs!

  • RightNow9435

    Those cops need to have done to them what they did to this innocent man

  • moderationpreferred

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department
    says that the officer in question is “the best deputy in the department.”

    If he is their best then they need to fire the
    whole damned department because they are all lawbreaking scum.

  • Guest

    That’s it, “Deputy Abdulfattah,” was only trying to return Daniel Johnson to his owner…

  • reason1984


    That’s it, “Deputy Abdulfattah,” was only trying to return Daniel Johnson to his owner…

  • tetonmoon

    I have just read a complaint from the Johnson family. To be frank I am not shocked. You and your department have the unpleasant reputation as a bunch of murderous thugs. This said I demand the officers involved in this torture and abuse not only are fired but face the full extent of the law. You and your thugs are not immune and if anything should be held to a higher accountability. I know this will fall on deaf ears as for sociopaths and psychopaths have no feelings. But hear this and hear it well. We the people are your bosses. We the people are seeing first hand the jackboots abusing their positions and We the People are getting sick of it. So continue to cover this type of behavior up and I fear the outcome for all of you will be dire. It cannot continue at this pace. You again’st us. It will eventually come back to haunt you all.
    So do what is just. Fire and file assault charges just like you would for any other sociopath on the street that would torture and maim someone.

    • John F. Hendry

      The problem can be seen if you Google the date June 9, 2009 or “CERN data match”. It also reveals a solution if people react together to stop the growing police brutality in America. Either we stop History from repeating itself, or we watch all that we have disappear to human emotions not being controlled. War is coming as History shows and we must stop that from occurring again as E=mc2 will not stop it this time around: it will accelerate it corrected.

  • Paul Plyler

    WOW !!! gave the officers full names .It shoudnt be to hard to find there dads & sons & do the same thing ???

  • Paul Plyler

    wow they used the officers full names cant be too hard to find there dads & or sons & see how they like that??

  • MRAAlternate

    Death penalty for torturers – hang these officers high in the public square.

  • Curiousmind

    I hope that if these Deputies abused their powers like the story said, then they should be held to the fullest extent of the law. I see things from both points of view, and sometimes a Citizen or the Officers can get out of control. I will wait for the trail before I sign a petition.

  • Carla Virga

    “Deputy Abdulfattah” Enough said.

  • ThomasThePaine

    We need a civilian revenge squad equipped with 12X optics to right these ever increasing wrong. . . Only when these psychopaths are terrified to be out in the open, will Americans be safe again!

  • John F. Hendry

    Resent advances in the knowledge of our DNA show fear and hate are the two primary fundamental base feelings that create our emotions and how they are connected to time and chemistry. The DNA’s Gene Ensemble shows why fear and hate are connected to sexuality on the atomic level. When people are raped the rapist is often sexually gratified by exerting their power over others in front of their loved ones. And here we see reported as the police torture a man by electrocuting his genitalia:
    “Johnson’s mother says that the deputy stared at her throughout the whole ordeal, like he was trying to show her that he was able to do anything he wanted to her son.”

    This act of power driven by hate is a form of sexual assault. And we have seen this common event happen all throughout History but that was long before we had the technology to increase it as well as stop it. Corruption and the brutality that supports it will head in one direction or the other. The police responsible here must be brought to justice or it will only grow worse as hate builds up on both sides and we loose our freewill the fine structure constant equation (e{a}/t=hv) exposes that supports our freedom to a system of lawless dictators enjoying their sexuality in the most perverse ways imaginable. I can only say this so many time before I prove myself correct again. And I won’t need CERN or SLAC’s help this time around.