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Cop Pulls Gun On Gas Station Clerk


A Tuscon Police Officer recently pulled a gun on a gas station clerk. The officer, Kyle James McCartin, was in a drunken rage when he walked into a Giant Gas Station wearing only a bullet proof vest for a shirt. Almost immediately, he began pointing his pistol at the gas station clerk.

Authorities say that they received calls about this incident and dispatched deputies to the Giant Gas Station. There, they learned that two men had entered the store wearing bullet proof vests. One had indeed pulled out a handgun, as they had been informed on the 911 call, and pointed it at the clerk twice.

But apart from what the deputies discovered, the entire incident was caught on the gas station’s surveillance camera, so there can be little white-washing of the drunken cops’ actions.

McCartin originally plead not guilty, in spite of the video evidence against him. His plea was based on his claim that he had no memory of the incident. But the video of the incident forced him to change his plea to guilty.

(Article by M.B David)

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