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Cop Rapes 8 Women

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw

Former Eastern Michigan University Football player and Oklahoma City cop, Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, provided additional ammunition for the old adage that “Power corrupts.” The 27-year-old Holtzclaw threatened his victims with arrest if they refused to have sex with him. He was charged on Friday on several criminal counts, including two counts of first degree rape, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, and four counts of sexual battery. The Detroit Free Press reports:

Holtzclaw reportedly forced women to expose themselves, fondled the women, forced four of them to perform oral sex on him and had intercourse with at least two of the women, court records show.

The women, between 34 and 58 years old, are all black.

In one case, the victim told police that Holtzclaw broke into her home in March, kicked out her boyfriend and then forced her to perform sexual acts.

As expected, the Oklahoma police force rapidly closed ranks to defend Holtzclaw. The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police, for example, released a statement fully supporting Holtzclaw.

Fox News Report of Cop Raping 8 Women

Supporters of Holtzclaw have set up a Facebook page. According to a post dated August 30, Holtzclaw has been informed of the charges and “vehemently denies” each and every one. While some supporters are selling T-shirts and soliciting cash donations, others have seen signs from God in Coke vending machines.

Bail has been set at $5 million, but Holtzclaw’s attorney has requested a bail reduction.

The District Attorney for Oklahoma County, David Prater, said he expects more women to come forward. In particular, police spokesman Dexter Nelson stated that “They’re retracing all of his contacts, as many as they can, especially traffic stops.”

The NAACP has requested that the Justice Department file hate crime charges because all of the victims are African-American.


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