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Cop Shoots 70-Year-Old Unarmed Man, Department Defends Officer Because He ‘Felt Threatened’


The investigation is under way into a York County deputy who shot a 70-year-old man reaching for a cane during a traffic stop.

The departmental investigation is being conducted internally, and will likely conclude what deputies with the York County Sheriff’s Department have already said: that the officer acted correctly and was guilty of no wrong-doing.


Officers believe that the shooter was justified because he thought the elderly man was reaching for a gun. The officer claims that he thought the cane the man was grabbing was in fact rifle from the bed of his pickup truck. It wasn’t.

Now an innocent elderly man has been shot, and the shooter will likely face absolutely no legal repercussions for the shooting.

Deputy Terrence Knox has been placed on paid leave while the State Law Enforcement Division investigates the shooting. Knox has learned already, however, that he will almost certainly be retained by the York County Sheriff’s Office.

A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, Trent Faris said that Knox stopped 70-year-old Bobby Canipe of Lincolnton, N.C., for a simple expired license plate that Canipe simply forgot to get renewed.

Investigators say say Canipe, a disabled veteran, is expected to recover.

Faris defended the shooting as “appropriate” because Knox “felt an imminent threat to his life.”

That feeling of “an imminent threat” was simply a result of the elderly man getting out of his car and reaching for a can in the truck bed.

What do you think? Is that a justifiable reason to shoot someone, especially an elderly, hobbling man?

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