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Cop Shoots, Kills College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully


As long as there are police officers like corporal Christopher Carter of the University of the Incarnate Word campus police, there will be cause for alarm that freedom and justice in the United States have seriously eroded.

The San Antonio campus cop was placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting of a clearly unarmed and non-combative student. What was the 23-year-old student’s crime? Robert Cameron Redus was shot dead by officer Carter at 2 a.m. for nothing more than making a sarcastic remark toward the officer who pulled him over for speeding..

According to the police report, local KSAT News explains that witnesses affirmed that the cop literally “emptied his gun” into the student without warning.

“I didn’t hear him say anything like, ‘Get down on your hands and knees,’ you know?” one witness explained, “I didn’t hear him say anything. He just started shooting. He emptied the gun on him… Boom, boom, boom.Six shots — five or six.”

Mohammad Haidarasl also witnessed the murder, saying that Redus’ last words were “Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?”

Redus couldn’t believe officer Carter would actually go that far, but Haidarasl added that the cop kept yelling “Stop resisting, stop resisting,” even though it was clear Redus was offering no physical residence, only sarcastic comments.

Haidarasl knew Redus, living right below him. He was “the nicest guy,” Haidarasl said. Other students described him as “kind, intelligent, compassionate and well-loved within the community.” In fact, no one had anything bad to say about him, except for the officer that murdered him in cold blood.

“He was not an aggressive person at all, so the story doesn’t make sense,” one student who wished to remain unnamed said.

Carter has claimed that shortly after he stopped Redus, “a struggle ensued” between himself and the student.

An official statement from the university seemed to support the killer cop, saying that Carter has “an extensive law-enforcement background,” working for “several years” at the school. But the San Antonio Express-News says that he’s only been working there for two-and-a-half years, a relatively short time for any police officer.

In fact, in a short period of time, Carter has come and gone from several law enforcement positions.

What can you do? SPREAD THE WORD! Let people know what kind of POLICE STATE American citizens are facing. Then contact the police department that officer Carter works for and let them know that you DEMAND that he be fired IMMEDIATELY and brought up on criminal charges. Administrative leave will simply not do!

Furthermore, contact the University itself, demand that Carter is fired! This insanity will continue as long as we passively accept it as “the way things are.”

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

(Image via the Associated Press, from Roseville, California)

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311 Comments on "Cop Shoots, Kills College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully"

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  1. “demand that Carter is fired!”

    Fired? Shouldn’t he be arrested?

    • donuts says:

      how about publically beaten to death?

    • JOSE CHAVEZ says:


      • Noah says:

        You want to give him a trial? That’s cute.

        • iris says:

          I agree with you Noah if this cop gets a trial he will obviously win because the justice system in this country sucks, actually you can’t even call it justice because its just a bunch of heartless people making a decision based on appearance, race and economic static instead of evidence and witnesses.

        • CONSTITUTION says:

          Um Yes. This is America last i checked. Its his right.

        • Elle says:

          How is that cute Noah?

          You’re truly disturbing.

        • jc says:

          Life in prison is not fair to the public to pay for his deeds were is that Texas capital punishment express lane lethal injection or something life in prison cost the public money an plus a person like that would get parole

          • Xiro says:

            Are you fucking kidding me?

            “He’s costing us money so let’s just kill him.”

            Do you fucking listen to yourselves? What he did makes me mad but this attitude makes you no better than him.

          • Brandon says:

            Actually, putting someone on death row does not save anyone money. Capital punishment is at least twice the cost of incarceration. He will many face trials and file several appeals in court that would obviously be paid for by the public. This could easily take ten years for him to finally be put down; during which the public again would be paying for his stay on death row. In fact, nine years is the average length of the review process for the death penalty. Don’t believe the common misconception that using the death penalty saves money.

          • charles simkovich says:

            Many will disagree but if justice was meted out like it is in Saudi Arabia there would be NO prolonged jail time nor endless appeals. A speedy trial (about 1 week) a verdict then the sentence (public beheading for murder) would be carried out the following day.

        • Jon Curtis says:

          You don’t? Now that’s cute… Carter deserves death nothing more!

        • Steve says:

          Of course he needs to be tried. Are you trying to assert that there is some level of guilt that is “so guilty” that guilt no longer needs to be established? Other accounts of this story differ from the one portrayed in this article. Some accounts claim the kid was resisting arrest and attacked the officer with his own baton (NY daily news, CBS news). Maybe the officers guilt isnt as obvious as this article makes it to seem.

      • Nick Donofrio says:

        This is Texas! This deserves the death penalty!

    • Ross says:

      and tried for murder, where’s the Bill of Rights?! Where is the uproar over this?!?!

      • Jacob says:

        No uproar because the young man was not of coloured skin.

        • harry says:

          Nice subtle racism there.

          • Jim says:

            That wasn’t racist…that was FACT. Pull your head out of the sand you moron. If that kid would have been black it would have been ALL OVER the news…Are you serious? Don’t be an idiot. What a clown…

          • Hui says:

            No Jim, you’re thinking of Trayvon Martin, not the 99% of cases that actually are never mentioned.

            Yet, because Trayvon Martin supports your “white victim” platform, you accept 1% of reality as 100%.

        • Terry Case says:

          The story doesn’t mention anyone’s ethnicity. That’s because it’s irrelevant. For all you know, both the victim and his murderer could have been Chinese.
          Your response is petty and racist. It is disrespectful to the victim and shows that you are only slightly less hateful than the murderer.
          Please keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

        • Emily Butler says:

          It’s shocking that you say this. First off, this is not a color issue. Second, African-Americans have been shot and killed by cops for decades, with no uproar. White American deaths are usually highlighted by the media. I’m guessing this comment is referring to the death of Trayvon Martin?

          • sfsdfsdf says:

            “Second, African-Americans have been shot and killed by cops for decades, with no uproar.”

            Uh yeah they have, I’d say most people have heard about Amadou Diallo. That guy however was very clearly killed unjustly, and is not typical of most african americans killed by the police.

        • Frank says:

          No uproar because you white people are used to killing,it was a mistake that the white boy was killed.Be rest assured that the cop will be put to jail for life because he killed a white boy,if it was a black boy he killed he will be given a gold medal for that.

          • Sandy says:

            Frank, Let me tell you that although your ignorant comments make no sense, I happen to be a student at the university Cameron attended and his color of skin or race has nothing to do with the lack of “uproar” for his case. Although nobody ever knows why certain things get more publicity than others, I can tell you that the university is a very well recognized university (locally) and its president is an international business man that has a lot of ‘friends’ and I am sure that the case hasn’t gotten out of hands because all the people directly linked to this case, the university, and its students are all civilized people that want justice and nothing more, especially not killings. Your racist comments make you seem like such a naive individual and it saddens me that people who don’t even know what’s really going on want more blood. I knew him personally and although what happened to him hurts and I know nothing will bring him back, I’m glad to see that the Alamo Heights PD and even the Texas Rangers are doing the most they can to get justice for Cameron, his family, and Friends.

            With that being said Mr. Frank, you should really catch up on your reading, not just this case, but others…. maybe your small racist mind will get some insight and education about whats really going on in the twentieth century.

          • Jon Curtis says:

            This is just as racist as Jacob’s comment… just because you may be colored doesn’t mean you have a right to hate on anyone else including ignorant white people… THIS ISN’T A RACE THING!!! It is the life of an innocent student that shouldn’t have ended because now his mother (Whether she is chinese, latino, white, black, ect.) has to sit through his funeral. That what this is about… justice.

          • James Foley says:

            Actually there’s no need to erroniously call Frank here racist simply because he makes an observation about what happens on a regular basis. Frank’s comments exemplify a bitterness over the double standard shown throughout history. Frank here was merely recognizing the absurdity of someone claiming that if Mr. Redus had been black that this would have gotten more attention. Such a comment is moronic on its face. Historically minorities have had their murder cases given far less attention, and are more often than not shoved under the rug and the investigations kicked down the road.

            And for the record, refering to a black person as colored shows an insensitivity and obliviousness born of ignorance. If there’s some racist person screaming racist things, then recognizing that and pointing that out is just that and does not make the vocal observer a racist for pointing out someone elses racist comments any more than some other person pointing out that a person who paints uses paint makes that person an art critic.

          • John'ene says:

            The saddest part of all this bickering and pointing of fingers and calling racist has gotten away from what matters, and what this story is all about… A unarmed student, no ethnicity needed, had a gun emptied on him by an officer now trying to cover it up and whether or not his bosses and a University are going to stand behind him and try to convince the masses that he was justified in his actions. Are we going to continue to allow our Children no matter their ethnicity to be gunned down? That’s the story quit with the rest just make this sad excuse for a human being pay for his actions! Give this Mother, Family and Friends some kind of closure, and let the police know they can’t get away with this anymore! Stand up for Our Children no matter their age, or the color of their skin, they deserve they justice! Wow really I have 2 sons that are smart asses, that doesn’t mean they should have a gun emptied on them! Good God folks stand up for Robert, stand up for Robert’s Family! PUT this cop behind bars, give him the gas chamber, lethal injection, whatever Texas does, but do it to send the message this won’t be tolerated anymore! But put this on the News everywhere make people aware of this, I live in California and if I hadn’t been perusing I’d never have even known about this, we need to get the word out so it doesn’t get swept under the rug! Post this everywhere you can FB, TWITTER, TUMBLR, I DID! I want to see justice done, not because of his race, but because I am the mother of two SMART ASSES, NOT WHITE OR BLACK OR ASIAN, OR LATINO… BUT TWO SONS THAT WOULD’VE MADE SIMILAR COMMENTS, but that doesn’t mean they deserve death for it!

        • Phil says:

          coloured? Wow you’re a racist prick.

        • nay white says:

          What does the color of one’s skin have to do with injustice? I don’t understand you racist people. You will use any situation to malign people of color. I am sure that once this guy is brought up on charges, he will serve time. This young Man did not deserve to die. The judicial system is what is wrong with this country. Not the death of an individual, any individual for unjust cause.

          • iris says:

            the color and race has everything to do with the way justice in this country do you know that more african american and hispanic people are charged with crimes in this country than white people and its not because they are more black and hispanic criminals than white criminals but its because the justice in this country isn’t fair and its a unjust system. its a system based on who you are in society and where you come from and the color of your skin and your race. People keep saying everyone is racist like if racism doesn’t exist in this world anymore but sadly it does its just hiding to the peoples eyes so that we can think its all good.

        • wes says:

          yes that is the only reason crimes like this are never brought to light, let alone if this had been a situation with an African American cop shooting down a white student no one would have even heard about this at all

          • iron patriot says:

            This is sad. This has completley turned into an argument about race in america. And now whites blacks and in betweens will argue pointlessly about race. This distraction will give big govt the oppourtunity it needs to enslave the ppl (of all races). Please folks let go of the tunnel vision! This article is about the bigger picture, yet now only one seed is being picked at. Smdh

          • koma says:

            So what are you all doing in America???

          • WakeUp says:

            What are you people arguing about. A young man was murdered. The race issue is such a easy distraction. Do you (black or white) want this dangerous and obviously sick cop to continue to have the authority to hold YOUR child’s life in his hand. Please people don’t loose sight of the real issue. If we (black and white) don’t want to find ourselves living in a police state, WE (black and white) have to unite and agree that it is not acceptable for anyone by anyone.

        • Jay says:

          Seems to me this posting is uproar. What do you consider uproar? Maybe Al Sharpton isn’t expressing any uproar but there are also lots of whites who don’t express uproar on crime against blacks. Unless your ancestors lived as slaves you probably cant relate to why so many blacks uproar against crimes that could potentially and likely be racially motivated. If anything (if the officer is white) you would think people like Al Sharpton would still have uproar despite the victim not being black, to have this cop prosecuted because of how so many cops profile black men. Regardless of the victims skin color, if everything in this article is true and there not much more to it than this, the cop should be prosecuted.

        • eman says:

          the fact that it was a white male! It wasn’t ok for the officer to do that! but let it be a color involved the officer so called “feared for his life” then it’s ok to murder a man.

        • martyrae says:

          Now thats just plan nonsense how ignorant u sound. It has to do with non justice idiot not color…..

        • josh says:

          Can everyone please just STFU about race, and can we all just agree for a minute that this cop is a POS?

        • CRed says:

          The race war is perpetuated by the media to keep Americans arguing with eachother so they are less apt to unite against real issues – like the push for authoritarianism as the constitution disappears right before our eyes. The reasoning for this is because the foreign banksters and world elite who control the media, medical and schooling systems as well are focused on pulling the rug out from under the freeworld in order to cause a domino effect to collapse the world ecomomy and bring all nations under one rule. If youd turn off the khardashians for 5 minutes and start researching what is happening in this world, this would be common knowledge. Divided we fall, remember that? This is about authoritarianism and the fact that police officers were designed to be public servants, not gods. More importantly this is about a wonderful young man’s life beinv taken for no good reason. Yes race can effect what is publucized and perpetuated because the media was designed to arouse controversyand chaos – not focus on important issues. Thats why not one of you morons has any idea whats happening in Syria, the Swiss economy, or even in your own nation. To even MENTION race makes you a part of the problem. Im Dutch, French, British, African, and Native American. But i consider myself an American. What the f* are you? White? Black? Does that even exist any more you f* zombies?

      • Dan says:

        no uproar, the kid was white.

        • Alex says:

          More like the cop killed him and the department is trying to cover it up.

        • Jason says:

          um, the shooter is white too.

        • fightpolicebruitality says:

          I’m black and I’m pretty pissed, so there you’re wrong Dan.

        • Monica says:

          And you should blame the media for that. Black or White the officer should be arrested and prosecuted. Point Blank. Period.

          • martyrae says:

            Monica u sound like a senseable person i totally agree withbur comment….thats it and thats all!!!!

        • steven says:

          these “no uproars because he was white” comments are ignorant as fuck. There is no uproar because i’m sure besides this article and a few others, this story was publicly limited to san antonio. Two, there was no uproar because there is no plan of action for whites that face injustice because whites don’t face injustice. For white america injustice would seem like a foreign concept that happened in history or happens in the movies. the justice you speak of is called “AFLUENZA” (16 year old wealthy white kid kills four people while drunk driving, given probation) So, it is true, if he was black, there would be a public out cry for justice because it is historical the evidence and history of injustice towards the children of the slaves in this country. They have a two-hundred year head start with needing to start organizations and coalitions that would rally the community and put things into motion. Even with that, do they still get justice? Where is Zimmerman right now?

          • Jay says:

            I agree and to the people who are complaining (who are likely racist) tell all the white people in upper management at these major TV networks to not publicize white on black crimes and to publicize more white on white crime .. or just what ever you want (black on white, brown on white, yellow on white, etc.) Ignorance in this world.

          • sfsdfsdf says:

            I’d also say black people are privileged over white people in that crimes committed by a white person against a black person are often seen as racial without question. When Trayvon-Zimmerman was drummed up in the media, people without fail fell for it being a white on black hate crime, and even when it came out George Zimmerman was a peruvian mestizo with partial black ancestry, bald face attempts were made to preserve the image of him as white, like calling him a “white hispanic”, lightening his photos etc. Countless people hold on as strongly as they did day 1 even though the white on black narrative was the biggest draw, and many people still see him as white. And countless people see him as a proxy for and indictment and reflection of evil white racist america. There’s no consideration of the hispanic community whatsoever, it’s all about white people and black people.

        • Sean says:

          Implying that the white community isn’t strong enough to organize itself, or rather anyone who cares? How about instead of making it about race, you idiots do something about it? If you’re white and mad at there not being uproar then its YOUR FAULT, you’re the ones who are supposed to be mad, right? Stupid people always chipping in with stupid, half-baked comments but never do anything. YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH AT FAULT FOR THE WAY THE WORLD IS AS THE COP. Punks.

        • Patrick says:

          No uproar because the cops going to go free even if he is put on trial. Their are reports of the kid grabbing the cops baton and beating him with it, and there’s no video evidence to disprove that. Too much reasonable doubt. AKA Our judicial system is flawed.

          • JESUS IS A DICK says:

            I know good cops and I am certain this guy is NOT one. He is a filthy pig who will probably never pay for his crimes. Sadly dirty cops tend to look out for other dirty cops.

      • Scott says:

        Hi. I’m from Utah. Welcome to uproar.

    • Agreed…He should be charged with murder. Just because you have a badge doesn’t mean you get to kill! This guy should hang in times square to make an example of him so other cops get the idea that they are subject to the same laws witch they enforce. PERIOD!

    • LadyStClaire says:


    • asdghkaslkj says:

      Yep, but instead he is paid for what he did. Of course, he’s a cop, why would he get in trouble for anything?

      • TruChains says:

        Paid leave doesn’t mean he’s going on vacation until this simmers down, it means they put him under basically house arrest until the investigation is finished, which will most likely end in criminal charges against this officer. This “paid leave” isn’t a vacation, you have to report to your commanding officer if you want to leave your house for any reason, even to go to the store, you have to go in at a moments notice, and if you do anything wrong (drink alcohol, for example) you will be immediately fired.The reason you don’t hear about these officers being prosecuted is because these websites never bother to follow up when the officer gets 25-life.

        • Just_Saying says:

          Actually, when your JOB puts you on “paid leave” it CAN mean vacation. AND you DON’T have to report to a “commanding officer”’s a situation in which the employee (the worker) is away from the workplace with permission from the employer (the boss) but continues to receive a salary or wages during the time of leave. Paid leave is not, in any way, probation. You’re getting the two very confused. Just Saying.

          • Xiro says:

            Actually it is a little different for police. I don’t know about house arrest but they aren’t allowed to do a lot without permission.

            He still shouldn’t be getting paid at all.

        • stupid says:

          youre an idiot truchains. where in the world did you here this info… house arrest??? report to a commander to go to the store.. wrong! your information is false. dont post information that you have no idea about. ive been on paid admin leave. its far from what you say lol. i went to hawaii when i was off. get educated.

      • Ben says:

        Careful with the sarcasm man, seems like it might get you shot these days

    • Christopher Columbus says:

      You obviously didn’t read the whole article. What do you think “brought up on charges” means?

      • Anon says:

        No no no, you obviously didn’t read the whole article, if you had then you’d realise that the part of the article which you quote is saying what we can do if we want to be heard.

        Verbatim “What can you do? SPREAD THE WORD! Let people know what kind of POLICE STATE American citizens are facing. Then contact the police department that officer Carter works for and let them know that you DEMAND that he be fired IMMEDIATELY and brought up on criminal charges. Administrative leave will simply not do!”

      • Sensible says:

        “Then contact the police department that officer Carter works for and let them know that you DEMAND that he be fired IMMEDIATELY and brought up on criminal charges.”

        There were no criminal charges. The author was trying to spur people to action by motivating them to demand he face criminal charges. It would behoove you not to skim.


      • Lady A says:

        YOU obviously didn’t read the whole article: “Then contact the police department that officer Carter works for and let them know that you DEMAND that he be fired IMMEDIATELY and brought up on criminal charges. Administrative leave will simply not do!”

        Nowhere does it say he was brought up on charges. He was put on administrative leave.

      • Patrick says:

        you obviously can’t read correctly. It does’t say anywhere that the cop was brought up on charges. The writer was urging people to call the university and local PD to make sure that he is brought up on charges.

    • Spartizi says:


      He should be put to death. Especially since he is in Texas.

    • GHT says:

      Cops are all trained so well to shout, “stop resisting” as they beat to death a handcuffed and unconscious victim. Or in this case, to shoot again and again a victim who is already dead from the first bullets. Then the cop goes before a judge and says the magic words, “I was in fear of my life”. The corrupt judge shouts, Not Guilty!

      The cop gets promoted with an awards banquet for his heroism and patriotism. The idiots in the community excuse it all because, “we need police”. How odd that the magic words don’t work when a “civilian” is truly in fear of his life and shoots a thug with a long criminal record. How many more innocent people must be murdered before cops are held accountable?

      How long oh Lord, how long?

    • Sarcastic says:

      There is no uproar because its texas… they had an uproar when there was a threat to gun control now look what happens… its texas… has nothing to do with that he was white

    • Leslie says:

      Thank you that was what I was just thinking.

    • Mad as Hell says:

      Every time a government thug kills someone they get “paid administrative leave”, also known as a “paid vacation”, and plenty “Atta boy” from his buddies at the station.

      Then they have the whole government structure defend them and put on a sham hearing to justify their murders, and relieve the government of any responsibility, liability, or accountability.

      Of course the murderer has to see a paid psychologist once a month or more to make sure he can emotionally deal with being a paid vacation murderer.

      We have had over 50 murders in Clark County by Metro killers for paid vacations, over the last 10 years; the murderers are never charged with a crime no matter how egregious and notorious the circumstances.

      Will get worse until the public, takes off the propaganda blinders, and demand accountability.

    • Jonny says:

      Should be put in jail for the rest of his life.

    • Andy says:

      Carter Needs to go to Prison, if the story is what it is. Kind of a 25 years to life thing.
      Always be respectful to the police, they have guns.

    • Jennifer says:

      This officer Christopher Carter come and gone from several different law enforcement, that statement should already say something about carter behavior. He doesn’t deserve a paid administrative leave. University shouldn’t back up officer, when it has witness to what had happened to college student. Carter should be held liable with murder charges with no parole and be discharge. This officer has gone to the extend to far. when they are uniform they shouldn’t be able do whatever officer wants to do. As us citizens we should feel protected not violated or harm under any circumstance They should be role models and leaders not like crazy cops

    • Warrior26 says:

      Just b/c that cop was a moron doesn’t mean all cops are like that. Subject must demonstate hostile intent and conducting a hostile act IOT use lethal force. I’m wondering what he thought gave him grounds to use lethal force and where the escalation of force was. Why does this cop not have non-lethal capabilites (baton, mace, taser, ect.)?

      • Tcswift says:

        Especially a campus police officer… I would not be ok with my school if it still employed a police officer who killed a student like this.

      • devil dolphine says:

        That’s fucking bullshit 99.9% of cops are corrupted .they Dont do anything by the rules because they think there about it.cops giving bs tickets out to make a quote speeding on the free wagstalking you with thereivhts off waiting for you to do something wrongso tthey can pull you over, pulling you over to find a reason to give you a ticket .so yeah I won’t put it past them to murder knowing they can get away from it

    • Ron Braet says:

      EXACTLY my thought! This is criminal, not punishable by mere firing. WTF?!?

    • yup says:

      You all need to chill. Ima just go down the list.

      Not a race issue.

      They can’t just arrest him off of an initial report, they will conduct an investigation and if these people are telling the truth then they will follow up with charges.

      This man’s actions do not represent police in general (although most are pricks). In reality, a snotty teen should get maced or a club to the face if he was actually resisting… Can’t think of a real reason to shoot anyone.

      You people who want him dead are complete idiots. It is called due process… These are not ancient times… we do not go by eye for an eye. Everyone deserves their day in court it doesn’t matter what they did.

    • Steve Johns says:

      Just so everyone is clear, paid administrative leave is probably worse than being fired at this point. You are put on paid administrative leave while Internal Affairs investigates the matter. You actually have LESS rights in the investigation than a civilian would.

    • Emily Francis says:

      the fact that this guy has PAID TIME OFF is sickening. He should be immediately stripped of his badge and tried like a citizen. He is sick and you who defend him are sick.

    • summer says:

      Let’s stay focused on the issue. A human being was killed, removed from his future and loved ones for no reason. And we must do something about it. Let’s come together and do what?

    • Tony Paskitti says:

      Arrested and tried for Murder. This is insane! What kind of animal shoots an unarmed person?

    • Alex says:

      First off sorry for spelling, im german.

      People want to be americans but dont like the laws, that doesnt make sense, its acontraddiction.

      What defines a country is the laws that are in place in that territory.all people that work to keep the laws in place in a territory make the country EXIST.keyword PEOPLE.

      In reality all that exists in the world is 7 billion people that do stuff on the earth.countryes/ territoryes are made up by people that wake up everyday and do stuff.

      SO, if you dont like the laws of a territory, why do you keep identifing with that territory?.you cannot say im american but i dont like the laws.the laws ARE america.

      There are people that go to work for the goverment to keep laws in place in a territory.if tomorrow they all decide to stay home there is no america.

      The point is you are giving goverment(PEOPLE THAT HOLD GOVERMENT JOBS) a reason to disrespect you if you identify yourself with THEM.THEM=america

      Stop seeing yourself as americans, or germans or french or whatever, and start seeing yourself as an indivual amongst 7 billion, and how all the other individuals should treat you,doesnt matter for who they work for.

  2. charlsdixi says:

    Fire that officer, we are ashamed to have this kind of police.It is not American/. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

    • Anon says:

      Fire him? He should be fucking executed for this!

    • DDG says:

      Fire him? Um…how about put him in prison for murder?

    • Free man says:

      Its the internet, a perfect distraction. They figure as long as were in here and they are there we are no real threat, and most young americans are fucking pussies who talk such heavy shit online but when it comes down to taking affirmative action they pee themselves and return to playing cod even though never actually have even fired a real weapon before. We NEED TO BE OUT THERE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE SPREADING INFORMATION AT RALLIES AND MAKING A STAND.

  3. MFernandez57MN says:

    Perhaps it’s time that the citizens started taking the law into their own hands and in cases where police officers are allowed to murder citizens without consequence perhaps they need to be taken down by the citizens

    • brandon says:

      Careful, that right there is considered sowing dissent, and is considered an act of terrorism in our new Amerika.

    • wayne thomas says:

      Wouldn’t hurt my feelings any. Cops have been given far too much authority. Occasionally they do go down for “bad shots” but most of the time the department and the judge backs them and they go back to sucking off our tax dollars. Years ago they rough you up if you smarted off. Now they can just unload their gun in you? Oh no. Fraid not. I’m so sick of hearing, “oh wah..we have such stressful jobs, heat of the moment, bla bla bla”. So many cops are not mentally suited to the job they’re nothing more than a ticking time bomb.

      [P]lenty of cops are just doing their jobs and that’s fine. THIS cop, I certainly wouldn’t shed a tear if I heard he got mowed down. Publicly! And they made it known it was because he got away with this.

      Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now. This kind of stuff infuraiates me. And to think I was just looking for something to do before going to bed. So much for that ideal

  4. William says:

    I wonder why people are asking for him to be fired, This guy shot the student more than once for no reason. He should be taken to court and locked away for a very very long time.

  5. Dennison Bertram says:

    Demand that the university fire the cop? How about demand that he stand trial?

  6. Colleen says:


  7. Former_College_Student says:

    This need to go as Viral as Viral can go. This story leaves a pit in my stomach. Did you ever get pulled over for speeding? Oh well you did huh? Then I guess you are lucky the officer did not shoot and kill you. Now the murdering PIG is on vacay, on your dime, apparently above the law after having taken the life of an innocent and by all accounts well behaved young man. Like you, or your son, or your brother, or best friend, or lover. This is madness. How is this tolerated in our society! How can murder be allowed to go unpunished? How can a police officer fail to control himself in such a vulgar manner, and then continue to be paid as if nothing was wrong, nothing happened? This boys life has no value? He was lippy and deserved a clip of hot sulfur and lead emptied into his warm body from a cold steel muzzle?

    • MomfromDCw/ASonInCollege says:

      This is sad. NO MOTHER or FATHER wants to get news that their child has been Killed, Black, White, Brown…any Color. We deal with “Non Action” getting over zealous “security guards”!here in DC too and all these idiots!! keep saying is how long they’ve been in the “force”…how about giving these sick bastards mental evaluations to see if their still STABLE!! to be on the force instead of some dumb ass!!! being like a b*&%tch getting in his feeling about a “kid” getting smart with him….smfh

    • Chris says:

      I just e-mailed them with this:
      “To whom this may concern,

      I have no personal/impersonal relations with the victim, however, the fact that you are allowing “officer” Carter to walk free after he MURDERED a college student absolutely DISGUSTS me. As a person who had previously hoped to attend UIW for the graduate program in Applied statistics, I am appalled by the fact that you simply let him go. That decision has now been rectified and I no longer wish to be a part of a campus that lets people get away with murder. You all have ought to be ashamed of yourself as officers of the law and as human beings. What of the Redus family? How do you explain to a mother that her son had been shot and killed for being “disrespectful” ? How will YOU PEOPLE live with yourselves KNOWINGLY letting this man get away with such a thing? Is this the first case that you’ve heard of that a young man mouthing off to a police officer? No. I will not stand for this injustice as a human being. I will start by slandering your whole force for the actions of that singular officer until this situation is remedied. I bet you’re thinking, “What could this one random person do?” I can spread the word, and like a domino effect, my voice will be heard. From this point on, you can bet your sorry selves that you will regret letting this occurrence take place. I am horrifically disturbed and disgusted by you people. I hope you take this E-mail seriously, or I hope that you are all charged as accomplices for you are letting letting this demon walk free.

      -From the disappointed would-be UIW student,
      Christopher Pham”

      We need this to go, as you said, “as Viral as Viral can go”
      RIP Robert
      My condolences and prayers go out to the Redus family.

      • chris perez says:

        i will help spread the word… after the 3rd time seeing police officer’s murder someone in cold blood to just “let off some steam” im furious.. this country needs change. other countries are laughing at how much we put up with. it ends NOW!

        • Sally says:

          You’re right.. we only get news articles in Australia about your unjust legal system via alternative media but it’s not funny though.. You guys need to be strong and stand up.. The movies come out of Hollywood glorifying the American average human and it’s easy for a blind person to believe America is utopia.. even most of you believe it.. while it’s going down the drain.. Hoping you all open your eyes and wake up to how utterly controlled you are. This case proves it. A dirty cop shooting a young man walking off Scott free… No ramification. I’m very worried for you. Good luck!!

      • Kaitlyn says:

        That is an excellent response. And this really does need to go viral! I will share this on my page and I hope more people will, too.
        This is disgusting.
        I’ve read so many stories about cops who will pull their guns or even shoot for such ridiculous and very unjustified reasons. But this one… like, the guy just made a sarcastic comment, and the cop shoots him?
        That is fucking insane.

      • Bouzy says:

        I was beat down and then arrested by cops in NYC because a cop called my sister a bitch and told his partner “I’m going to slap this bitch in the face if she doesn’t shut up” because she told him “He should do his job instead of hitting on drunk girls”. When I heard the cop say these words I told him that he was not going to slap anyone “that’s my fucking sister and you will not lay a hand on her”. The officer approached me in a thuggish manner replying “oh yeah ” I concurred “yeah” he came at me full speed, I had purposely held my hands to my sides as the officer stepped behind me and put me in a head lock telling me “put my hands behind my back”. When I asked “what I was being arrested for?” the officer shouted to his colleagues “He is resisting!” He then flipped me over and slammed me face down on the ground ( I am a 5’5″ 138 lbs Greek American born and raised in Brooklyn, New York ) as he and his fellow “officers” beat me with their night sticks and rubbed my face in the hard cold Manhattan sidewalk in February, shouting in my ear “you like resisting HUH!” When they picked me up and threw me in the patty wagon there was so much blood my sister shrieked “oh my god what did they do to you!” As they arrested her also. I still bare the scars of that incident today mentally and physically. It was quite the eye opener that things are defiantly afoul with our justice system and country in general. The arresting officer that initially attacked me was never disciplined for his actions.

        I would like to join you in sending a email to this university and police department entailing my disgust and deep sadness that this PIG is being sheltered by theses administrations. For if they defend him they are just as guilty and should all be brought to justice.

    • Michelle says:

      What happens when the people we rely on to keep us safe are the ones putting us in most danger? What kind of country will America turn into when it’s the government versus the citizens? Not only will war begin but this “war” won’t be a battle of two sides but rather will be a brutal massacre of weapon-less citizens by policemen with the most lethal armory in the palm of their hands. We, as citizens, have a right to our safety–not a privledge. And as such, we need to put an end to this before our worst nightmares come true.

      • WakeUp says:

        Thank you Michelle. This is not a black problem or a white problem. It is about all our civil liberties. And it can get worse. I lived through the 60’s. I marched and got involved. I don’t believe that violence works. They approach us with violence we must beat them with intelligence. But we must do something now.

  8. Josh says:

    Is there a picture of the officer?

  9. Sf Ramon says:

    This is absolutely atrocious!

  10. jerome taylor says:

    I am just wondering with all of the police brutality out here, do cops get mental evaluations periodically! IF they don’t, why don’t they?! Some of these cops are completely out of control! It is gonna be so that the general public will be walking with their weapons to protect themselves from the police! It’s gonna happen!!! People can take only so much!! Stay tuned!!

    • Carrier says:

      That’s why I’m getting a carrying license. I’m not dying to the hands of my own enforcement who can’t stop themselves from being such cruel monsters. The number of civilian casualties is kept on the down low due to fear mongering.

  11. annonymous andy says:

    The only good cop now adays seems to be a dead 1 or unarmed…. societys really gone downhill cops that dont bother ppl nd do good nd dont put unnecessary shit nd ppl in the system… but get fired because govt or cheif brainwashes nd tell them to conform or get out
    … police state is a reality… there are a few decent cops around but thats 1 in 15 who seem solid…

    • Mackin' Matt says:

      This is a reason why cops have gotten less and less respect. More and more cops nowadays abuse their power for no apparent reason. And for what? Dominance. Might as well just go into anarchy anyway. And it’s not even a racial thing anymore. It’s just cops being complete douchebags to everyone. I’m not surprised with his actions, but I am surprised with his punishment.

    • Not right here says:

      Your typing, spelling, grammar, and critical thinking skills have “really gone downhill”

      • Alexyz Carrillo says:

        Who cares about their spelling or grammar. This is the cyber world. Abbreviations and shortcut on spelling certain words is just easier for people to put out on text. So your response to this is totally irrelevant to this matter. Anyways this pig cop should be in blues sharing a cell with another criminal like himself

  12. kyle dupuis of arnprior on canada says:

    If this happened in my community I would not only demand dismissal and trial ; I would demand results…if or when those results failed to come…I personally would kidnap and proceed to torture this man beginning what could hopefully be a long and agonising struggle from which he will pray for death before I finish. Of course this would do nothing if I didn’t hang his body to the public eye so maybe his family can feel the tearing sensation in their chest when they finally get that knock in the door.

    • summer says:

      This is a global community. All actions affect everyone. As such we everyone responding wants to do something. Let’s decide now.
      Can I suggest the following based on the suggestions in the feed and a few of my own:
      1.information-support venue like this that post, in all forms for this information to be made known
      2. Find out how to financially support these champions of truth
      3.create area citizens support groups within each police district. That follow-up on suspicious activities.
      4. Review hire citizens are chosen to be cops
      5.Review and change how cops sustain their jobs
      6. Review and change how cops are promoted
      7.Review and change How they are supported.
      8.Review and change who and how often they are psychologically evaluated
      9. Create positive mandatory down time.
      10. let’s all write to all officials involved in each case
      11. The list can and should be continued and this is not the venue to expand on the list that I created based off of the preceding comments (so don’t pick, for those who like to take action by putting others down)
      This list is a summary to get positive activity started.
      We must have police. And being a police is hard sole wrenching work.they see the ugly in people that no one should have to see. They are under paid, and over worked, disrespected, and poked fun of..hell a lot of people hate them. But they are human beings with family& friends, who at one time or even now want to do their job. They need our support to wed out the ugly within who make all police look threatening. maintain the ugly in people is a hard job especially when none of us are perfect. Lets find solutions before the police go postal, let’s find solutions before the bad cops kill and hurt another innocent human being.

  13. Who does this cop think he is? To shoot a college student that is not paying resect for him. This is still America, or at least I thought it was? Since when can I not speak my peace anymore? To whom it does not matter, then to be shot 5 or 6 times in cold blooded murder. This so called cop need to be put on trial for 1st degree murder, and face a jury of his pears for what he has done. Cops act like they are above the law, and I have news for them they are not. Put this bastard on trial, no plea agreement just a jury trial for plain murder, and see how it goes for him. He murdered this student in cold blood. Plain and simple now he is on vacation with pay? Wish I could do that, kill someone then get a paid vacation for doing it. What has happen to justice in America?

  14. jefftellsthetruth says:

    It’s about time the cops starting shooting unarmed, innocent white kids.

  15. Donna Penton says:


  16. Patrick Wray says:

    Let me guess what state this was in.

  17. Jeff says:

    Why are people calling him a police office. He’s a campus cop. Entirely different from a city or state police officer.

    • nate says:

      actually campus police are not security guards. They are real police that can take you to real jail and write real tickets. A lot of campuses are also their own city and have their own legislature, police, post ffice/zip code etc.

    • Koirky says:

      Yeah, it’s cool, because you may have not seen or been exposed to the type of campus cops that you are thinking about.

      But, campus police are indeed the same as real police. For me, they are especially. I go to Temple University, which statistically has the 2nd largest campus police (1st is UPenn — Go Philly!) in the country, haha.

      Campus police are just as, if not more, legitimate then some police officers. Philadelphia literally “chooses” Philly cops to be University police. Our campus police bike around or drive these high-tech, cool-looking golf carts. I’m also pretty sure they have heavy weaponry that’s locked up in the trunks of these carts.

  18. alex says:

    Cops deserve the death penalty when they pull bullshit like this. Protect and serve my shaft while you gargle my sack. What a bunch of overpaid, under-worked douchebags. Disrespect isn’t a crime you fucking tools.

  19. Paul Pauls, Jr. says:

    Many cops–like this one–are insane dolt mofos!

  20. Chris garza says:

    Fuck that cop lock that fucker up for life he’s just as guilty as all of those other murderes…. He is a MURDERER

  21. Gergrapes says:

    Yes, he should be FIRED!

  22. Alexander says:

    Unfortunately, what the school is doing is an appeal to authority. A cop, heck, a world leader, could just snap at any time and kill innocents because he can’t control his shit. He could be the fuckin’ leader of the free world for all I care. If you can’t do your job, have some humility, and protect the innocent (by being stronger than them, both physically and EMOTIONALLY, something many politicians and cops forget today, shamefully), then you aren’t fit to protect us.

    Put his sorry ass in jail. Make him read “The Alternative Hypothesis”, by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt. That book speaks volumes about such things.

  23. Kristin White says:

    It was not several different police jobs in the last few years, But 9 jobs in 7 years. If he has been a campus cop for 2 1/2 that means he had to be employed by 6 different police departments in 4.5 years. Thats 2 different jobs a year for 4.5 years. Something has to be wrong with a cop that has to move around that much! You can not tell me this college did not know why he had such an unstable work history. They knew who they were hiring and that makes them just as liable as the officer himself. Plus trying to protect him should be considered being an accomplish after the fact.

  24. MoBetter2 says:

    Gutless City Managers cut deals with the unions to allow misfits like this to retain their law enforcement credentials when they are clearly unfit to be law enforcement officers.

    Officer Christopher Carter appears to be a gypsy cop, one who is found to be unfit in one department after another and is allowed to quit and move on to the next police department, either by a chief who lacks the gumption to do the right thing, or a self-absorbed city manager looking to tamp down the union noise to benefit the city manager’s own career. These political whores allow dangerous officers to commit these heinous acts upon an unsuspecting public all across the country.

  25. adrian says:

    ive been stopped before an both officers were high with red eyes and smelt like mary j and alcohol , they kept asking stupid questions with slurred voices one was even looked to drunk had to lean on the squad car – i got tired and walked away , the really drunk one yelled….cco coomm ccome baba bacck ! – i only told this story to agree that action need to be taken on the cops ( NOT ALL COPS ) – that abuse thier positions because the public will pay in situations lke above – no more cover ups ….please .

  26. oxi says:

    This is getting to much now, the office should get life in prison, you cant just take someone’s life just because you are police, 99% of officers are truly kind hearted and they serve the people and their country , there is corruption in every field, corruption should be dealt with extensively and made example of…. condolences to the family & friends of the victim

  27. Anna says:

    That cop should be put in jail!! pulling someone over with a loaded gun ….WTH!!!! and then pulling the trigger on someone sitting in a car and who is only bad mouthing him…he doesn’t deserve to be a cop at all!!!

  28. shalld says:

    This is a great article and it gives us options for how we can fight for justice here through activity.

  29. Carl Pierce says:

    I think we can all agree that the presence of Guns made this incident far safer and politer than it might have been…..without Guns it could have got completely out of hand. If only we had armed cops in the UK. /sarcasm.

    • garknows says:

      I think it’s the states low budgets forcing the hiring young inexperienced, ignorant police officers to do the jobs of experienced veterans who are pushed out into early retirement….not guns. none of what I said is fact based, but I believe it to be accurate having graduated with a group of friends from WIU who are now Chicago police officers. Also the bar I tended during college, I worked with a campus police officer…long story short he ended up lying to the department, lost his job and now runs that bar. So no, it isn’t the guns jackass, it’s the people who decide who has authority to use the guns, which isn’t you nor me.

    • garknows says:

      but yes…if that cop was given a anything else other than a gun, I bet he still would have made the news.

  30. Natalie says:

    There was so much I wanted to say but I’ll just say this. As he is a member of law enforcement, real justice will never be served.

    So, all I can do is hope this ruins the cops life. I hope his family abandons him and he is outcast from society. I want him to feel the loneliness and pain that comes from having nobody love you so that he has to sit there and think about the MURDER he committed alone for the rest of this life.

  31. Chris says:

    “paid administrative leave”

    Paid vacation seems like such a harsh punishment for murdering an unarmed person. Maybe they should also pay for the cop’s air fare and a 5 star hotel while he is on paid vacation.

  32. Frank Lusi says:

    this is the most horrendous thing i have read in a long time. If the University defends him they are going to look just as bad. This is a serious problem in America these days. cops get away with doing illegal things because they think they are higher in power. I have witnessed cops taze a man while playing the guitar on his front porch and charged with a felony because people next door were having a crazy party and he was outside with no drugs or alcohol in his system. simply just observing. this doesn’t make sense. whats even worse is the pig cop got away with it. DONT LET THIS MAN GET AWAY WITH IT

  33. Lou Whow says:

    The Federal government should get involved in this as an abridgment of this fellow natural Right to Life as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Then put this cop in with Bubba in Leavenworth

    • garknows says:

      Really? Isn’t it the modern federal government that promotes this kind of power driven authority? i.e. the cops mentality on proper use of force. The only thing the federal government would do in the situation is stir up politics through various news programs for about one month. In conclusion, nothing will get accomplished.

  34. Carlette says:

    This story is so outrageous, I keep expecting the punchline to come. Surely this is a job right? I mean this type of vigilantism canNOT exist in America, can it? I just don’t/can’t/am not capable of believing this.

  35. Jeremy S says:

    Easy for all of you to say what we should do… But thats all you do, is make a comment and move on… You won’t do anything about… You won’t storm the officers home and kill him, you won’t protest in front of the police station… You won’t arm yourself and take care of the problem…

    Something happens… Blog about it… Forget… Move on… Until it happens to you and you wonder why nobody does anything….

    • steven says:

      you’re on fire-lol-I think they call it slacktevism now. nice right jab-haha

    • Lauren says:

      Jeremy, I actually disagree. While I don’t believe stringing him up downtown is the answer, and I don’t really believe in our justice system for government…. I do believe in petitioning for change. I’ve signed thousands of petitions, and gotten thousands of replies back that it helped change a law, or put someone away, or investigated something politically “touchy”. One signature can’t do much, but 100,000 can make an undeniable difference. Immediately after reading the story and then subsequently scrolling through the race card crap… I made a petition and looked up the police department, Human Resources for UIW to attach to the signatures; and wrote a separate email to both. Making a comment and moving on is what most will do, you’re right. But I encourage anyone here to sign the petition and share it with anyone you know. I can’t protest in front of the Police Dept. because I live a thousand miles away, but you better be damn sure I would if it was local. The most important thing here is the innocent life that was taken from his loved ones. Black, white, purple, green, his mother still has a broken heart. She still outlived her son and buried him way before she should have had to. Abuse of authority and power is too rampant especially in police. Killing started this, killing again won’t end it.

  36. evryone needs to share this … dont just comment on it share it and tell all of your friends to do the same then maybe the news peeps will get involved and this guy will pay for his deed

  37. Brian says:

    WTF is wrong with our police an eye for an eye that cop should be jailed fucking mother fucking cops what cha gonna do bitch ass cops fuck u, you shoot a student for bad language well here’s my mother fucking bad language faggot pig
    You won’t fucking shoot me don’t worry faggot cop what comes around goes around Carter will pay and if this cop is not jailed then fuck the system of police it’s protect and serve not protect and kill once again faggot cops Carter fuck you

  38. p1 says:

    Article comes to the wrong conclusion. A rent-a-cop working for a private school does not a “police state” make. A police state would require a national police force working under direct orders of the executive directly repressing public resistance; our government can’t find its ass with both hands let alone establish and maintain a police state.

  39. samy junior says:

    Cop must be going through some personal problems but still taking life without any imminent threat wasn’t right. Especially person who got killed was considered a very nice guy. I think he should be arrested and charged with murder cz it seem obvious, he is guilty of killing a unarmed student.

  40. Jayson says:

    Why tie one cop murdering someone with fascism? If he walks then yeah, fascism. But he’ll definitely stand trial for this, if it’s real, and with witness testimony he will get life or the death penalty. If he doesn’t, then yeah call it fascism.

  41. Madison Lee says:

    Lucky for the cop it wasn’t my family member…

  42. Cindy says:

    I swear police think they can get away with anything, he should be put in prison, none of this placed on paid administrative leave. That badge the cops are wearing don’t mean you can speed, run redlights, kill unarmed people, it means to protect us, obey the rules like we have to, only kill if your shot at. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WORLD COMEING TO? PUT HIS ASS IN JAIL AND THROW AWAY THE KEY….

  43. hp says:

    How much longer before the tens of millions of armed citizens, when seeing the cops coming just start shooting and consider it self defense?

    How much longer before the fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins of people murdered and maimed by the cops start showing up and dealing with these criminals as an example for us all?

  44. Josh Nguyen says:

    This is not okay with me. As a member of this society i’m sure I speak for more than just myself when i say that this is not okay. He takes leave when we’ve only had a news story cover this? What the hell happened? These police unions want us to believe everything is okay?

    UIW’s reputation is surely to be questioned for the employment of this guy. Could there be more than just what we see here? A cover up?

  45. cameron says:

    fucking disgusting pigs. this happens every day. get ready america, they day is coming. shits gonna get real heavy, real fast…

  46. Alexander Davis says:

    Jesus Christ this is absolutely disgusting, the American people MUST do something about this rampant corruption and plain evilness that is being purpotrated by both the governments, and it’s bodies mainly the police forces. Human beings need to relealise that just because someones “job” is a police officer, does not mean they have any real right or power above the everyday citizen, we are all brought into this world the same way, noone of these guys have the right to act like they are the overlords and we are the slaves.


  47. Marco says:

    This is bullshit. There is no reason this cop shouldn’t be charged with murder and spend the rest of his life rotting away in a prison. Pull someone over is without a doubt one of the scariest things a cop can do. But when you unload six rounds into an unarmed civilian, that’s murder. I can’t believe he’s not in jail right now. I’m completely losing faith in our legal system.

    • alan says:

      It may not actually be murder to shoot an unarmed man. Now before everyone gets angry at me just have a little patience and read. Even a police officer can be over powered by an unarmed individual, should a cop defend themselves in that situation? Im not saying that happened here but without proof of anything otherwise (ie video proof or lacking that multiple witness statements that say the same thing) should we not at least give a pause to the whole idea of brutally torturing another human being? If proof shows that tho officer shot the student without there being a threat of death or great bodily injury then yes throw him in jail. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and look for facts not opinions.

  48. Cortez says:

    Ok, so if he does it he gets to keep his job, and get’s a paid vacation, But if me or someone who isn’t with the police force does this we get life in prison, or death? Time to reflect.

  49. Wake UP! says:

    And….my son is going to school there next year. So sorry for this boy and his family. The boy was off the road and not hurting anyone after being stopped. If the officer waited 30 minutes, one hour, or even two hours, the boy would be alive. the officer could have called for back-up and they could have taken him physically if the boy was ‘so unruly’. Police are on training steroids and have no place to put it into practice and are waiting for something to arise. They over do it!!!!!

  50. Craig Hebert says:

    That picture above perfectly captures a key growing problem in this country – clear abuse of authority and power by police forces.

    Who in the hell does that guy think he is to point a loaded rifle in the face of the driver of that car above. He should be fired immediately as should all those crazy frazzled Boston Policeman abusing Boston citizens in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

    We are most certainly becoming a police state where shoot first and answer questions later has become par for the course. Now another incompetent policemen who can’t hold down a job overreacts and does this. If there is any silver lining it is that at the cost of this young man’s life, a complete putz of a law enforcement officer will be taken off the streets forever.

    Good luck finding your 9th job in 8 years moron.

  51. Eddie Bond says:

    Go directly to jail do not pass any monopoly icon in the slammer.

  52. Dylan says:

    Typical of most pigs. I was just recently charged with battery on a Police Officer when all that happened was he kicked me in the thigh to bring me to the ground when I wasn’t resisting. This happened because I was going to fast on my skateboard down my University campus.

  53. Larry says:

    This young man was valedictorian of his high school class in Houston. I have been stopped by cops that lie and call me names just to get me mad. I guess for that they have a reason to shoot me or something. I say that 8 or 9 cops out of 10 are bullies. Most are bullies in school that become cops so the can bully people legally. They are some that respect you. But not too many. I say there should be a law where they are not allowed to shot an unarmed person. If they fear someone, maybe the need to work in pairs. I live here in San Antonio, where this happened. The cop said that he was struggling with him and the man went for his baton, grabbed it an started using it of him ( cop ). If that happened, he should of used his stun gun instead. I also can’t believe that one of the shots was in the eye.

  54. Kyle says:

    Aren’t police officers supposed to enforce the law and protect the safety and freedom of the country’s people? This officer is mentally incapable of living his own life let alone protecting others.

  55. John says:

    You gotta wonder what happened to that guy…

  56. SteveLaudig says:

    Someone once said “If I owned Hell and Texas, I rent out Texas and live in Hell.”

  57. Daphne says:

    the supposed officer locked himself away in jail

    im stuck on this: this kid’s last words were “Oh you’re going to shoot me?”

    how sassy was this kid?

    the policecar camera is a slighlty critical piece of evidence to use in COURT

  58. Ryan Coleman says:

    If I had witnessed this, I would have returned fire on that son of a b****. He doesn’t deserve the air he breaths and the American Penal System should take it from him by means of firing squad. Or electric chair.

  59. sherry says:

    this is so sick…..

  60. amy says:

    This is so sick he needs to be arrested even if the guy was resisting arrest that don’t mean kill him something needs done about these so called police officers they think they are above law and us my heart gose out to his family … Im very sad that things like this are happening more and more i mean whats going this is america land of free freedom of speech ect…this kind of stuff shouldnt be happening

  61. garknows says:

    All I know is everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a police officer isn’t any different from you or me. How many of you have been in a fight? or a potentially life altering (not threatening, because I believe the cop’s life wasn’t in danger) situation? Many people don’t know how they would react when faced with that scenario. I bet 60% of you have never thrown a punch or have been in any type of fight. Enjoy your battle from the computer. One day you may know exactly what type of man/ woman you are. but really though F**k this cop for killing this student. I’m just playing devils advocate.

  62. lets allow everyone with a badge to shoot the criminal at the scene. clear the world of those that stand for ANYTHING the moment it’s seen. god i hope i’m next so i won’t have to see and deal with this shit.

    Take me out already, i’m clearly the enemy…

    Those who stand against those who had their hands up in peace all along, are so afraid because they dont know what to do… Sorry for low IQ being your survival technique.

    Keep up the good work, you do mankind proud.

  63. Anonymous says:

    ok one, you guys need to calm down
    secondly, law enforcement is still law enforcement and if it is wrong will still have to go through the system to be set right…grief can blind you vengeance is always wrong and if you calling out and commenting on an article like this is all you are going to do then don’t comment at all do something about it…within the system so that you are without a doubt in the right…there is a fine line between vengeance and justice and those who can’t distinguish have no right dealing in it…
    and thirdly yes this is outrageous that this has happened but what will going outside the law prove except that we are no better than one who broke it in the first place…and for the record law enforcement carries arms because with or without the law people will still find a way to carry…that does not mean i condone what has been done here
    just reading what has been written in both the article and comments disgust me and i realize that i lost what little grammar i had at the beginning i am not at my best right now and all this has me a little agitated

    • tony bradshaw says:

      yes, you are right,, get all the fact’s, be for making a remark,, (1) this is a campus police, what we call a rent-a-cop, I all ways though they were there to protect students, (2) Stop for speeding,, why the hell pull a gun, for that ,I have seen a lot of this shit lately, cop running around pull there gun’s for nothing,,(3) Witnesses say the student had no gun, (4) It is all so reported, this officer, had problems on other law-informant job’s,,( 4) and from what i am reading, we have here is another killing like we had in florida, and the SOB, will get off,,

  64. Jason says:

    White House Petition it if this is true.

  65. bricks says:

    he’s a murderer, simple as that.

  66. pat stewart says:

    This is insane!..why would the school take up for this scum cop?…and get paid while he’s not working…he needs to be fired and arrested for 1st degree murder and burn in hell…curious as to why nothing is mentioned about the students family.

  67. Joseph Moore says:

    This is not trolling so save that comment, but some of you people are out if your minds. Does this psycho need to be arrested, jailed, tried and either executed for cold blooded murder or in jail for life? You bet he does.

    But if you idiots want to run around claiming this is the norm in this country and it is the fault of the police department, part of some accepted policy for law enforcement to execute citizens on a whim, then you’re f’n cracked. If you think this is a sign that we are headed towards some fascist police state, I have a favor to ask: put the bong down, sober up and get a life. This is no more a sign of some new policy in any law enforcement department than it is that McDonalds is healthy food now because they sell salad. This is a sign that the system needs to be more stringent… But despite the testing that is out there, we do still have some crazy assholes that get ahold of guns.

  68. Ivania says:

    So, nobody is going to defend the innocent and the uni will side with the oppressor? And you call the US the land of the free? More like the land of fascism. What’s going on with you people! You are crazy! Wake up and do a protest in the university for this innocent life that was lost. I understand that your society has pushed you to the limits of individualism, but when are you going to start taking action? When one of your family members becomes the victim of your “law abiding” policemen?
    If this had happened in a European country or in a South American country, do you think the people would have kept quiet and done nothing about it? You guys are sleeping very profoundly. Keep going! Great job! But later, don’t complain when you slowly realize that you are being stripped from your human rights. Your country will no longer be called “the land of the free”, more like “the land of the oppressed”.
    Shame on you for letting this happen and act like everything is ok.

    P.D.: this is not the first time I hear something like this happening in The state of California. Other policemen have previously violated human rights and have killed innocent people without ever being punished. This goes on and on. If you don’t put a stop to those policemen, you will see more and more cases like this. Which is only natural, the more power you give to someone, the more they know they can get away with it, the further they will push their limits of impunity. Is human nature. See this experiment done by scientists:

  69. Don says:

    I think the officer was within his rights & the shooting was justified… What we need to now!! is turn in all of our guns, knives, & various weapons– to law enforcement officers. We must OBEY Obama and service him and hand over any & all weapons.. I mean seriously what does a rifle or a handgun do??? They kill– that’s what they do. We should be on our hands and knees kissing licking each and every police officer & people in power. We need to be their slaves and do as we are told to do.. when a strange man breaks in attacks & rapes you and your child (even if the child is only 6 months old to 21 years of age).. what we need to do is ask the rapist would you like some coffee and cake? <— that's what's needs to be done.. If the rapist beats you senseless say to them please harder and smile during the beating.. what is wrong with you people?? I think you people are crazy just crazy

  70. victor says:

    this is positively revolting, I hope that mindless pig finds his way into a slaughter pen. It’s really hard to have a heart for cops when the vast majority abuse their authority on a daily basis and no one bats an eye. The government could care less UNLESS the people make a big deal of it. We shouldn’t have to post all over the internet the atrocities these supposed “protectors of peace” commit to get the word out, they should be just as guilty and receive the same punishment for these abuses of power as any other human being. In fact, i would say they be held to a higher standard considering they are supposed to be the hands of the system upholding the law. However time and again they prove they can hardly police themselves. If they’re here to serve and protect, who will protect us from them when they get out of line?

  71. Castle Brusa says:

    It’s obvious this officer is young, insecure, secretly has a hatred towards other young males, especially ones who are college students who are outgoing or maybe Carter would label as, “nonconformist.” Every single person knows the difference between a person who is viral and out of control physcopath with a badge that stretches and leaps to a state of extremely false higher entitlement of power who is really seriously threatening and a sarcastic remark to the arrogant evil incorrectly title of “protector of the peace/people” just snapped because someone bent his position of superiority with a sarcastic remark. Which I remind you in the 60’s when citizens would raise flowers and attempt to hand them to officers to raise peace and tease the officers even more then a arrogant remark for being pulled over by the campus dickhead cop.. Both parties had finally reached the point of being fed up with the bullshit.. But apparently we realize the one who is willing to kill to preserve a false sense of being above the law. But the tables obviously flipped on the orignal turner point blank for thinking he’d get away with an amendment such as freedom of speech and protest with no more than few words;(probably sitting in a vehicle I might add), to a dickhead asshole lunatic “protector of law and his own ego” and unrightly gets away with his false rights of superiority and unequal standard to a common citizen in which he swore to protect and not brutally afflict gun fire upon.

    • kill the police says:

      So the fact that he was young and inexperienced makes it ok to murder people?

      He’s a worthless pig who hopefully will lose his job or get shot on the job. Either one would make everyone happy I’m sure.

  72. Kellen Lehman says:

    Criminal charges should be filed against the police officer, witnesses have come forth with testimony. what allows him to be outside the law?

  73. Rick says:

    This is why I think they should pass a law saying if you’re the victim of police brutality/excessive force you should have the legal right to defend yourself with deadly force… because the way its structured now, You run into a cop on a bad day, You have a 50.50 chance your going to live from it and if you do, you’re going to jail

  74. Charlotte says:


  75. chris caci says:

    Try him for murder, of course. Why are you giving him a paid vacation?

  76. Jon Joyce says:

    Law enforcement has disgusted me for as long as I could seek my own opinions. I have NEVER respected any law enforcement because I do not trust them. They’re scared of us each time they approach an individual because they don’t know what to expect from that individual. Well the same thing has always ran through my mind. I don’t know what to expect every time I’m stopped by law enforcement. Are they corrupt or are they actually doing their job? I consider myself a very wrathful person but I try to refrain from unleashing any of it because I believe my God is much more wrathful than I am. Which is scary because my imagination is pretty surreal. I pray that God deals with all of the corrupt police on this Earth in any way He seems fit. It bothers me to no end that I will NEVER respect any law enforcement upon first meeting them solely because the corrupt have been allowed to enter law enforcement and when they present their evil they are slapped on the wrist and given another chance… ARE YOU KIDDING ME???… I feel that if we pay for them to serve us then they should serve us in a way that is respectful and when found not to be respectful, or caught in their evil acts, they should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law! It sucks that this is how it has to be when I know there are officers that dedicate their lives to serving us but.. it is what it is.

  77. RadicalNonConformist says:

    What is this bullshit? honestly, just ban all firearms…

  78. cyyoung9 says:

    I can not see a reason as to why what this cop did was just. The kid was unarmed, and even if a struggle occurred, there was no reason to empty a full clip into the student. I do not see any scenario where this cop did the right thing and do not understand why anyone would.

  79. George says:

    I think this is just….. WRONG,

    The kid didn’t do anything more than maybe a traffic violation, he probably decided to humor the cop not thinking the cop was going to take him seriously.

    This cop should not only be terminated, but stand trial, found guilty AND sent to 100 years in a Federal “Pound-him-in-the-ass” prison.

  80. Angry says:

    As long they keep giving total idiots guns, the killings won’t stop. Why did he even point his gun at him, wtf? that piece of shot should go to jail.

  81. Ron says:

    Shooting an unarmed student, who wasn’t even a threat – just because he wanted to say what he want is So UNJUST!

    That cop is a criminal, He should be Fired. I’m gonna share this on FB right now

  82. 0blacknova says:

    How can we feel safe when the ones that are post to protect us are the same ones killing us wheres the justices.

  83. sulita says:

    he got paid leave and he is sitting at home. the officer should be in jail for murder charges. he shot an unarmed student 6 times! that is a license to kill with the intentions to murder.

  84. disappointed says:

    Wow… now we have to worry about the people that are supposed to be protecting us killing us in cold blood. Way to go officer, you’ve gotten away with MURDER. “What are you gonna do, shoot me?” Is NOT resisting anything. You’re nuts, officer, bat shit fuckin crazy, and need to be fired and banned from all police forces. THEN TRIED FOR MURDER.

  85. Ian Hynes says:

    this is what i have been saying for all most a year now we live in a police state were the cops get a free ride and people are unwilling to protest and to stand up to them

  86. Ian Hynes says:

    lets all here on this webpage do something about it

  87. Christina says:

    Send his ass to Huntsville to be executed. There is NO reason for this and I am sick to death of cops thinking they can do whatever they please.

  88. TRUTH says:

    That was what I like to call an insecure cop who took it out on a student. Oh and don’t believe anything the University say because FYI its a business, they want to protect it. If they have cops who murder students no one would want to go there and it would surly close down.

  89. Brett says:

    Why are campus police officers even allowed to carry deadly firearms? At most they should have a stun gun and firearms LOCKED AWAY that only people oh high administrative authority can access. Disgusting to say the least.

  90. Fera says:

    Paid leave. Yep, that’ll teach him.

  91. Adil says:

    Wait did the cop have a fever?.. He probably had affluenza.. that’s why it doesn’t matter that he killed someone..

  92. Andrew says:

    This makes me sad. I hope justice is served but im sure it wont be. Its never served.

  93. Chen says:

    school paid these cops to protect the students not Killing the students!!! He should be charged with murder and the school is supporting this cop? smfh

  94. Bre Foley says:

    Wait a minute — I can greatly appreciate the call for action but, we only want this man fired?! How about tried for the crime by a jury of his peers?! Justice is not served by making this man lose his job (which he definitely deserves) but, it can be served by forcing him BY LAW to lose years of his own life sitting in prison and being disarmed and disallowed to serve as a police officer in the future!

  95. Martin says:

    I need to know more .

  96. anonymouse says:

    you know his name. he’s a corporal. where is Anonymous when you need them. You guys know what to do !

  97. 9gagger says:

    Just another cop doing his job. I wouldve dived shouting "Officer down!" and called for SWAT If he tried being a smartass with me. Hes lucky he didn't have the ATF or US Army on his ass.

    Good job copper! Serving murica proud!

  98. Noah LaRosa says:

    This is enough… This is not going to be another zimmerman… Someone needs to do something about this. The University is trying to save its own ass.. Its just not fair that this exists…

  99. Robert says:

    There is no excuse for this at all. This police officer should be given a death sentence, this is unjustified and should not be tolerated. I feel so angry when I hear things like this. too make a long story short Mr. policeman you are a scumbag murderer and you be punished to the fullest scope of the law

  100. jack says:

    well white ppl uproar do yal uproar when a black person is shoot to death by a cop? nope

  101. steven says:

    I thought campus police was supposed to protect the students and uphold campus security, not empty clips into students at 2 in the morning. This injustice cannot be tolerated in a society built upon the principles of “liberty and justice for all.”

  102. Archdruid says:

    This jelly doughnut of a cop deserves more than being fired. He belongs in jail for this outrageously uncalled murder.

  103. Andrew says:

    He is the definition of a PIG. In size and in mind. That animal deserves to die and any other government employee who uses his/her badge for this kind of dis-justice.

  104. lee says:

    I like how someone wrongly killed has turned into a race issue. How about just feeling sorry for the family and hoping that the police officer gets what he deserves. Not everything that happens in this country has to do with the color of someones skin.

    • Chris says:

      It never takes long– look about 15 to 20 comments down the page and everyone has lost sight of what the article was about. That’s pretty sad too.

      To think that such things like this happen daily is not a shock to me anymore; rather, it further dampens the already dimly-lit flame called humanity. You can read that this cop was just waiting for an excuse to pull the trigger. You can’t mouth off to people like that, when they’re just LOOKING for a fight.

  105. Tony says:

    The officer should be fired IMMEDIATELY and be charged with murder of Cameron. The officer should not be on Administrative leave. Its an idiotic! He shot the college student for no damn reason! Just his only sarcastic comments. The polices are trying take away our freedom and our rights. Where is the damn JUSTICE??!

  106. Joe says:

    This would be a media sensation right now if the college kid he killed was black.

  107. Sally says:

    Just because you have a gun and an uncontrolable ego trip doesn’t mean you shoot people because they give you lip. Ego tripping men shouldn’t be given guns and shame on the legal system for not coming down hard on this loser. Use your batton and if they took your batton use your tazer!!!! Don’t murder a guy because he doesn’t “Repect your authority!” GO to jail. DO not pass GO! He should be tried for murder. That can’t even be classed as self defense because it was excessive. I’m very sorry that family had to lose a good son, brother and the school a good student.

  108. Brother Knowledge says:

    It seems that everyone is extremely quick to believe that the cop was wrong and the kid was totally and completely innocent.

    The kid ho got killed must have been a white boy, then…

    • Deenohh says:

      This kid was white. There are a few recent shootings of young black males that stink and I have no problem saying so. All people should be up disturbed. Now admittedly Mike Brown isnt one of them. Tamir Rice and John Crawford, those shootings are alarming.

  109. Brother Knowledge says:

    Just checked.
    Yep. Just as I deduced…
    The young man that was killed by the officer was a white kid.
    No WONDER there is such an uproar about this.


  110. lily says:

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves for taking advantage of such a horrific event such as this and turning it into a chance to debate political racism; an entirely irrelevant matter. If you’re upset about there not being an uproar then cause an uproar. Don’t just sit around complaining about why things are and aren’t being more dramatized by others when your voice is just as powerful as anyone else’s. This is not an issue of racism, but of an unjust system in which our law enforcement chooses when and where we are allowed to utilize our rights. Please just do yourselves a favor and quit making this devastating event into a pity party for yourselves. “Defending” your race on the commercialization of this poor man’s death will not cancel out the actions that have occurred. We should all be focusing on paying our respects to the victim and his family by making it clear that we stand beside them in dealing with their incredible loss that was brought unto them by a disgusting man who should not have the right to possess a badge let alone a right to walk the streets freely.

  111. STEPHAN says:

    man, this is B.s, I’m black and proud,and I’ve seen black people died, murdered in cold blood, and I’ve seen our nation condone it, closed its eyes as if being black was a curse in America! This time, it is not about race, but I still feel like starting a riot! It’s about humanity or the lack of it! It’s about abuse of power! It’s about giving back to a nation of brave men and women _ a nation that was built on a wall of hope for freedom and justice _ its dignity! It’s about a college student as young as I am, “thasthashitthatmakesmepuke” and believe in death penalty.They say ghetto boys hate the police? go ask a passerby why! well because some policemen don’t even deserve that title! Never felt so ashamed of being American… StephLo

  112. bp says:

    more often than not cops are in the wrong to shoot at someone simply because they feel that they themselves are not being respected which is not what people are suppost to do cops are here to protect and serve thats it not to be put above everyone else and when someone chooses to call them out get shot like wtf. there needs to be more tests done to choose proper police officers half them are fucked in the head and basicallly just a bully with a badge protecting him from the law

  113. bud says:

    As much as this does anger me the best thing to do is keep an open mind, innocent until proven guilty. I’m guessing that not many of the comments are being made by people with no back round in law enforcement so they really cannot understand what was happening during the confrontation. Furthermore, witnesses are unreliable at best. Don’t just take the word of eyewitnesses without looking into other evidence. I would guess that the stories provided by the witnesses will be different. I am in no way advocating thee shooting of an unarmed civilian, if thee officer did indeed make a fatal error proper disciplinary measures should be taken. From what this short and limited article gives us, I, as an american citizen, can not justify condemning the officer with out a fair trial.

  114. GuvGang says:

    And more and more innocent will keep on dieing as us as human race are too blind to notice what free world we live in today.

  115. Kevin Bearden says:

    This cop needs to be put away for the rest of his life…and the school needs to face punishment for trying to cover this animal’s ass.. what has happened to our society?

  116. Aleta says:

    Another thing that I’ve tried to instill in my children is that the only thing more dangerous than cops are the “cop wannabes”. Campus police, security guards and off duty all fall under that under trained, under paid, overly armed qualification.

  117. Wil McMillan says:

    Aw, was Carter having a bad day on the job? Compensating for not being a real police officer by acting like a hardass cause he’s got a weapon and the driver is unarmed? You’re nothing but a heartless jackass, and don’t deserve to live another day. A simple traffic stop does not justify brandishing and rapid firing a weapon on someone, who did what any driver might do, crack a harmless joke about their lead foot.

    Yet another story in the news that infuriates me. There’s a name for it: abuse of authority. Redus’ family deserves some action taken to make this right. End Carter’s employment immediately and sentence him for murder. As with every case of incidents identical to this one (and there will be more if something isn’t done now), it won’t bring their son back, but it’s still the ethical path to take.

  118. Ron says:

    The USA needs to change its love affair with the gun.
    The constitution is out of date, and hanging on to the right to bear arms, serves no purpose in a modern democratic society.
    The quicker a national gun amnesty is organised the more lives will be saved.
    Americans are living in a society drenched in fear – Fear of violent crime and unjust and illegal treatment by their police forces.
    To reduce deaths by gunshot, then you’ve got to remove the weapons from citizens homes, take them off the street, and eventually also reduce the amount of armed police officers.
    As it stands, the statistics on gun related crime in the US is a disgrace to a supposedly civil society.
    Americans need to grow a pair, stand up for their rights and not let their politicians be bribed and corrupted by the gun lobbyists and especially the NRA.

    • Sarge D says:

      It’s funny that you talk about our democratic society and then pick one group of lobbyists to chastise and illustrate your point to push your own cowardly agenda.

      What democracy? Our politicians represent their investors and there is the problem. If they don’t keep their word to the voters… what happens? NOTHING. If they don’t keep their word to their lobbyists… there goes millions of dollars of funding and their ability to buy elections.



    • Mark says:

      If everyone had a gun I’m sure there would be less crime, promise.

    • Timothy says:

      Um, negative good Sir. All that would do is unarm the law abiding citizens. Because as we all know, criminals obviously dont play by the law and will find ways to get guns. Also, even if guns were removed, people would still murder eachother. A guy killed his wife with a hammer in the next town over from mine. What do you suggest? We go through and remove all hammers from the US? Your logic is flawed and poorly thought through my friend.

  119. joe johey says:

    This is murder pure and simple. Cop needs to go away to prison for a long time, maybe him and Drew Peterson can be cell mates.

  120. michael says:

    Right on man. Everyone should call and let the school know. Thanks for posting the number.

  121. Deb says:

    Some of the people commenting on here are disgusting. If you want to torture, beat, or murder this cop you’re no better than he is. Not one bit.

    He should be taken into custody because he’s clearly a danger to himself and others. Then he should have his brain scanned. For all we know he might be literally insane. And hey, when we scan his brain we can learn more about what makes some people snap and start shooting, because this is happening all over the US and it’s not just cops who have itchy trigger fingers these days. We need to solve this problem the way we solve any other problem – get the facts, and make a clear-headed decision that will make things better. Going mad with revenge is for idiots and primitives, not citizens of a 21st century democracy.

  122. Isaac says:

    This joker is a killer, the article states that “he has come and gone from several law enforcement agencies. That by itself should have told the university that there was problem. As a retired police officer, I am ashamed to see officer’s like this Charge him with CAPITAL MURDER.

  123. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Anybody want some 1776?

  124. DJ says:

    I’m not going to sit here and argue about race color

  125. DJ says:

    Maybe I will be able to finish this paragraph. In mt opinion it wouldn’t matter to me what color the skin of the victim, or the cop for that matter.
    What’s happened here is wrong ethically, morally wrong. Skin color doesn’t change the color of blood. Its red regardless.
    This cop needs to be charged for the crime he has commited.
    The victims mother and family left behind is who will suffer the most from this. He can not be brought back, but this officer shouldn’t be allowed to work in this field ifvhe is that trigger happy.
    I don’t believevin killing to prove a point or make an example of someone because then I Am No Better than the officer was.
    I would like to think that I am better than that. He deserves to be punished for what he did.
    The biggest punishment he will get is when Karma comes back and bites him in the ass.
    My condolences to the victims friends and family.
    I just hope justice will bevthe karma that bites this officer in the ass.

  126. DUDE says:

    OK! like wow holy S***. i just want to say that this article is about a man that is to uphold the law, just raged quit a poor fellow out of life. and i only read a few comments but like instantly this became a thread about race. like F*** you. a life is a life, the racial aspect can sometimes determine the outcome of the publicity and the medias course of action. that being said i believe this officer of the law should be dealt with very very severely. had this been my country i would defiantly go for a crucifixion, (we should be thankful its not my country). life for a life and all.

    now i wanna rage a little… what the actual F***… its people like this that give law enforcement the bad rep. my condolences are too the victims’ family and friends, the pain caused by one that represents the united states of america in the highest respects should never be endured by anyone and its g** d*** disgusting. I love my country, but when you serve this nation if you do something like that its traitorous…

  127. I am from the UK. Whilst being sarcastic to an armed officer was likely a pretty stupid thing to so, it does not warrant the officers behaviour who really out to have been arrested and charged like anyone else shooting with absolutely no due cause.

    Even if he had resisted it still would warrant being shot.

    Unless the officer found sarcasm to be life threatening … the officer clearly had some dis-respect and control isses here and really are cops not psyche evaluated before they are allowed to work ?

    I am a bit ignorant when it come to the workings of the police state – plus I live in the UK.

    Lets pray this gets resolved quickly and he faces the consequences fully for his actions and behaviour.

    • Deenohh says:

      The problem is the officer is lying now. He is saying there was a “struggle” that justified the shooting. In 99.5 % of shootings by police where there is no video, thats all that a police officer has to say and the shooting is found justified. We have had a case of police shooting a person in the back while laying prone on the ground and the officer stating that he fired because he thought that the victim MIGHT have a gun and he wasnt willing to take the chance. That officer was cleared.

  128. urgh just noticed my spelling – for some reason a bunch of letters are missing out . . .

    so should be *do
    out should be *ought
    and would was meant to be *wouldn’t

    Other wise it reads like I think he was right to shoot him – sorry for the typos people!!!

  129. Mary says:

    The bottom line a mother, father, sister, brother, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends just lost one of their own. From what I have read it is for no justifiable reason. So my thought and prayers go out to this young man’s family and friends. My God it is almost Christmas people, where is the compassion. Please I hope you all can find it your hearts to show this family kindness and compassion. I don’t care what color or nationality they are. This is just so sad with the conversation that are going on here. Disheartening

  130. Amanda says:

    Why the fuck isn’t this man in jail?!

  131. James says:

    Let that be a lesson to everyone… don’t be disrespectful to someone who has a gun on their belt. I know it wasn’t right for the cop to do that, but if that guy who was being disrespectful in the first place hadn’t made that sarcastic remark, then he wouldn’t be dead, now would he? Just because someone has a badge, doesn’t mean they are right in the head. You should never do something that might set someone who is holding a firearm off.

    • Xiro says:

      Mentally unstable people shouldn’t be on the police force anyways. The police are there to protect the peace not threaten civilians. If you can get shot just for saying a few words then there is a serious problem. You shouldn’t have to respect someone who doesn’t respect you.

  132. Courtney says:

    How horrible! This man needs charged with murder not fired! also, he’s on paid leave? are you kidding me he kills a kid and gets a vacation with pay ummm ok? This poor boys family also has to know that their family’s murderer is out and free and is still getting paid!! This is insane what has our country come too?! I dont care what past he has nobody deserves to be shot and killed for having a sarcastic comment to a cop if that was the case majority of us would be dead!

  133. Jay says:

    Something smells here…
    this happened on a college campus and no one shot a video of it? College kids shoot video of EVERYTHING. Yet they didn’t film this?

  134. gwennara says:

    Hello, All I am Gwen I am from Australia and id just like to say.. when did Americans forsake them self’s. One of the grates of the world has fallen so hard . Americans used Stand up for what was right and fight to help the poor fight for freedom of speech and die for your beloved way of life . But now you don’t fight no more you let the wicked walk all over you. A police country a shoot first policy gun violence is ramped mass school shootings that the government dose nothing to fix. So many of you are crying out for help. Its your country too you have a right to fight for it and fight for justice. America was the place of hero’s but you have live long enough to see the people you trusted to protect you become the villains.

  135. Brian says:

    Why is he excluded from getting a life sentence?
    Like what if anyone else BESIDES a cop did this shit?

  136. rob says:

    Another, not only an embarrassing incident for the justice system but a very tragic one. None of us should think twice on the actions that happen on this day.

    This cop is a murderer, man slaughter at the least!

  137. Aaron says:

    I didn’t agree with the death penalty until I read this. A young man being killed in his prime and never being able to live the rest of his life is unjustifiable. That cop deserves a fate worse than death.

  138. Weird Mike says:

    When will this “freedom” end?

  139. freddy says:

    Cops drink death Kool-Aid….fortified by the Blue Line to cover up all their complicit murders

  140. Dider says:

    In Vermont this cop would be placed on paid administrative leave while the police investigated, found him innocent and justified and then he would be reinstated and given an award. They’ve done this several times. Vermont cops keep shooting unarmed, cooperating citizens and getting away with it. There is no accountability because it is the police investigating their own people. These cops need to be put up before a jury of citizens. There should not be a separate special ‘justice’ system for them. People in Vermont are pretty pissed about this after the seventh case in just three four years. We have more police brutality of citizens than we have citizen-on-citizen murder cases.

  141. Samuel ibrahim says:

    In the rest of world, the police is there to secure the people, but in U.S, the police is there to shoot the people…. is it so easy to become a cop in U.S ? these people are psychopats with weapons.

  142. MH says:

    This is pure murder, dont call the campus and ask to have him fired! that would be an insult, call the police and tell them he should be arrested for murder! this is insane

  143. Lauren says:

    For the justice of Robert Cameron Redus, and his family and friends. Unarmed and killed in cold blood by an armed campus police officer (Christopher Carter) for “being disrespectful”. This isn’t acceptable by any means. There needs to be a reputable place to amass people to express intolerance and outrage for this senseless murder. Something needs to be done to show that the fact his employment status is unchanging; and absolutely no charges have been brought is wrong and unjust. Too many police violence incidents get swept under the rug. If disrespecting a police officer was a crime, more people would be dead. It’s the job of those who protect and serve to make sure they can handle the mental and emotional strain put on them, while wearing that badge. Too many are mentally unstable; there’s no excuse for shooting an unarmed child multiple times for being sarcastic. Nothing will bring this man back, but maybe seeing the officer who killed their loved one put behind bars will at least bring closure. The officer is currently on paid leave. This petition will be sent both to the University of the Incarnate Word, and the Police Department there. Forget being fired, that should go without saying. He needs to stand trial for what he did.

    Commenting on this, and then going about your lives won’t do anything. Killing a killer only perpetuates more killing. I made a petition for Cameron and his family, to have Carter brought up on murder charges. He doesn’t need to be allowed to get away with this just because he’s law enforcement. Share and sign the petition. I’ve signed thousands and know that 1 signature can’t make a difference. But one in 100,000 can make an undeniable change. The real tragedy is that his mother still had to bury her son well before his time.

    • John'ene says:

      Lauren if there is a petition going around PLEASE make it available as I like so many others would like to sign it and make our voices heard for Robert and his Family and Friends, they need to know even though we can’t be there with them to fight this injustice, we are there in spirit and will make are thoughts and feelings about this heard! Yet Again… The Mother of two SMART ADS SON … Johnene Brown

  144. Roma says:

    “PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE”?? oh hell no!! The authority abusing ignorant cop needs to be arrested for murder. Premeditated murder!! the cop yelling “stop resisting”, tells me he was preparing his defense. Especially when there is nothing to say he was resisting.

  145. IndyRon says:

    The cop has rights just like every one else.
    He has the right to be arrested.
    He has the right to be summarily tried.
    He has the right to be hung.

    The Constitution demands that he be given a quick and speedy trial.

    He should be hung as soon as humanly possible.

    • Dc says:

      Yes but this is America police rarely ever get tried in court and when they do what should be 1st degree murder gets dropped to manslaughter and they get less than a year in jail. It’s going to keep happening until the people start caring more and stop talking about it

      • Deenohh says:

        The employing agency has no choice but to support the cop in whatever story can be fabricated to support murder by police officers. The do not care about lives, they care about liability money. The fact of the matter is that police officer have a practical license to murder at will in the USA. They can get away with the cold blooded murder of unarmed citizens for ANY reason. The victim is dead and far too many people are foolishly willing to take a police officers word at face value even with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Even when video evidence clear shows outright murder the usual bunch of late middle age & elderly white people that tend to get on grand juries believe whatever they are told. But cops are now murdering anybody of any age that rubs them the wrong way. White, children, old folks – no one is immune. Over the past year officers have shot children as young as 10 years old, elderly white grandmothers, pregnant women..they simply do not care.

        They have been found justified for shooting unarmed and non-resisting subjects for reasons as flimsy as a “look”. A montana police officer just murdered his second unarmed victim. He stated that “I thought he MIGHT pull a gun on me.” He shot the man 3 times in the head…AND then demanded the victim put his hands up!! Prosecutors do not usually even bother presenting to a grand jury. If they are forced to they ensure grand juries do not charge. Judges take care of the fraction that get passed a grand jury with charges.

        Bottom line is this will only stop when police officer are held FULLY accountable OR when citizens start defending themselves. It is tragic that it may have to come to that but I do not see why anybody has to allow themselves to be murdered by a cop

    • Danny Wade says:

      If he was hung, he might be less likely to draw his sidearm over a perceived insult.

  146. DUFONSE ALFREDO says:



  147. JR Magennis says:

    Fucking pigs need a curb stomping

  148. Stacy Cofield says:

    sounds like cold-blooded murder

  149. jason bladzinski says:

    What a job being a cop is! You can kill someone in cold blood, and then get some time off. Paid vacation for murder!!! What is wrong with these nuts! Give me this cops address, while he is enjoying his paid leave I’ll visit him and shoot him in the face after he makes a snide comment about the crazy hat I’ll wear when I knock on his door. After that I’ll go on paid vacation at Disney World!

  150. jason bladzinski says:

    To the moderators who decide if they will post these comments or not: you better post my statements! I have a right to be heard! Its part of the constitution for #@%&’s sake!

  151. js1917 says:

    the signs of an authoritarian state…

  152. NuthaDog says:

    Why tell people to call the University, or the police station? and not bother giving phone numbers? I mean, if you supposedly care enough to post this (and as far as I know this may be 10 yrs old) then don’t YOU care enough to have called those same people you want everybody else to call? and enough to share the very phone numbers YOU used to do it? This is twice in one day I’ve seen this handling of what appears to be a very tragic and serious matter. I simply think these kind of posts, while I definitely believe they’re a public service, would be so much more effective if you simply posted contact information. ps- it seems very odd to me to begin with when a cop is using a rifle, or a combat style rifle. I thought they generally used their pistols or 12-gauge shotguns?

  153. jimv1983 says:

    Someone gets shot and killed for being “disrespectful” and people wonder why I don’t trust people with guns.

  154. Scott Andrew Hutchins says:

    Cop killers are heroes!!!

  155. YetiFight says:

    Administrative leave? That’s not how I like humans cooked! I demand a fair trial–you must fight bullet proof Yeti now!

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