Cops Get Entire Town High on Marijuana

Cops burn seized marijuana.

Cops burn seized marijuana.

During several raids, police near the town of Tangerang, 15 miles south of Jakarta, Indonesia, confiscated about 3 tons of marijuana. They decided to destroy the marijuana by stacking it in a field and burning it. Some policemen wore masks when they set fire to the marijuana, but no one informed the residents in surrounding areas that the smoke might affect them, too. Consequently, the entire town of Tangerang got a contact high.

Smoke from the burning marijuana spread from the field to surrounding residential districts and drifted into homes located near the field. A number of residents reported being affected by the fumes. They said they suffered from headaches and dizziness after inhaling the tangy smoke coming from the field. Local residents witnessing the blaze and journalists covering the event who did not wear masks also reported being affected. They said they felt “buzzed, dizzy, and unusual” after inhaling the smoke. One journalist reported having to sit down and have a cup of tea to recover from the high.

A spokesperson form Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency insisted that inhaling the fumes “would not lead to any long-term health problems.”

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