Dillon Taylor, White, Killed by Police Officer, Black, in Salt Lake City

Dillon Taylor

Dillon Taylor, 20, was shot and killed by the police on the way home from a 7-11 in Salt Lake City,Utah

Reminiscent of the Michael Brown case, on August 11, 20-year old Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by police in Salt Lake City, Utah. The difference? This time the victim is white and the officer is rumored to be African American.

Dillon Taylor was leaving a 7-eleven store around 7 pm in the evening when police confronted him. The local police had received a call informing them of a man with a gun, who they believed to be Dillon. The police ordered him to get on the ground, but the headphones in his ears prevented him from hearing them.

“He had headphones in, and he couldn’t hear [anything], and then they finally surrounded him,” said Jerrail Taylor, Dillon’s brother. “They’re like, ‘Get on the ground,’ and [he] pulled up his pants and [they] shot him.”

Dillon was pronounced dead shortly after. “I was in shock, because he was wearing a white t-shirt and there was blood all over it,” witness Adam Thayne said. “They ran up and handcuffed him. He wasn’t moving.”


 Dillon’s friends have all been jolted by the incident. “It didn’t make sense to me when I first heard everything, and they tried to say he had a gun,” said Dillon’s friend Aaron Swanenberg, who came to the protest straight from Taylor’s funeral. “I knew Dillon. He never packed a gun.”

The anger in the community over the shooting resonates with that expressed by residents of Ferguson, Missouri. “They’re here to protect and serve. More like shoot and kill,” said Jerrail. “Anybody in this house or anybody on the streets, if we kill someone, we’re doing 25 years to life in prison. I’d like this cop to lose his job and do the same amount of time like a regular human being.”

Although Taylor had a criminal past, Marissa Martinez, whose sister used to date Dillon, said he had turned over a new leaf. “He was trying to do better for himself. And this is what happens to him?” Martinez said. “It was really heartbreaking.”

Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is that Dillon Taylor was a father-to-be.  His family laments, “His own baby will never meet him.”

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