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Court Marshal SEXUALLY ASSAULTS Woman – In Front Of Judge – Then ARRESTS Her


By Daniel Jordan Wilson and Micah Naziri

Still think the state is here to protect you? You might want to think again…

In the video below, a court marshal first sexually assaults a women, who begs to be assigned instead to a female officer. The plea is ignored by the judge sitting right there.

Instead, after the victim complains about the assault to the judge, for her troubles she is then arrested by court officers because she refuses to recant her sexual assault complaint.

Multiple employees and managers at the county family court are under investigation for covering up an assault by a court marshal. After a six-month internal investigation, court marshal Ron Fox was finally fired for the incident seen below. How many other untold instances of similar abuse are not captured on film and thus go unpunished?

48 Comments on "Court Marshal SEXUALLY ASSAULTS Woman – In Front Of Judge – Then ARRESTS Her"

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  1. D says:

    Sue sue sue sue. That gal should make a tonnnnnnnn of money from this.
    Govn’t sux.

    • Ryan Dostourian says:

      Except that’s the tax-payers money. It’d be better if we could actually stop these horrible things from happening in the first place.

    • SavageMind says:

      Sooo you think causing the tax payer to have to pay for a lawsuit against the state is the answer? If your so inclined to think they won’t, then you don’t understand how economics work. Even if their insurance pays who do you think pays the premiums? So hot to jump on the sue wagon instead of punishing the culprits involved and using that tax money to clean up the city’s justice branch. At least if she file charges and gets publicity and a few people fired it will help clean up the problem. It’s not always about the money. If you think it is your part of the problem in the US NOT the solution.

      • jILL says:


      • armyguy says:

        You can not be serious ! She should sue the living hell out of them,Just because they are public employees and the employer is in fact the government it does not give them the right to violate her rights.

      • Really You are kidding right says:

        She Should Sue and She should be given a huge settlement. as the highest officer of the court sat and said nothing…. The Judge.. could have stopped it but chose not to…. Why are people not picketting the courthouse in clarck co.??? Where is Civil rights leader Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson??? Ohh it’s not about race so they are nowhere to be found…
        Clean up the problem??? LOL you are ignorant of the police state you live in.. If there had not been cameras they would believe the cops… And you know that to be true. That is why in many states it is illegal to record the police… Why?? so they can do whatever they want and get away with it….

      • Paul says:

        So you think because it was a public employee that there were no damages? She was thrown in jail for not lifting her shirt.

        Maybe if a couple more people would stand up for being mistreated at the hands of our government and win HUGE judgments, the lemmings that keep electing the people that allow this behavior will wake up and start voting people out of office

      • Greg says:

        Another ignorant know nothing. Yes you sue the individuals but you also sue the county and state. The county state employed them and allowed them to work and abuse their authority. Not sufficiently trained or supervised and the list could go on for pages. I’m ex-police and i don’t know any officer that would not sue the other cops in this situation. A liberal state like Nevada or California produces ignorant individuals like yourself who want to control everyones life and who usually abuse the system and sue for no reason but when there is an obvious abuse of power by officers and even more by a judge you want to do nothing. You probably voted for Harry Reid.

    • Rick J. says:

      They should fire both of the officers and make sure that Judge? is Disbarred for life!!!!!!!

    • Randy says:

      That is the answer for everything isn’t it? Sue if you are offended sue if you are not allowed to do something sue if you are allowed to do something but injured while doing whatever action it was.

      I’m not saying that this was right but a lawsuit is not always the answer to such things. The officer was fired, the others are being investigated.

      Even if she was to sue and won. She more than likely wouldn’t see much of the settlement since the entire state of Nevada doesn’t have to money to pay for such things anyway. Yes I live in Nevada, I should know.

      • Really You are kidding right says:

        if they don’t have the money too bad. talk to harry reid about why your state is broke….

      • Greg says:

        I hate that people wrongfully sue so much but you are ignorant if you thin she shouldn’t sue. I don’t care how broke the state is or if the officers have no money. I am ex police and i would sue them and the state. I always wondered how the idiot Harry Reid kept getting elected, now I know, its because ignorant idiots like you live there and elect him. You are a joke

    • chantha says:

      its not about the money its about people doing whats right and that is far from it. they are there to help us not fuck with us.

    • Patric Kahla says:

      This judge should be removed from office, and do some jail time. The cop should be fired, and placed in jail, also the so called marshal.For filing false charges, he should get 2 years in jail, and all three should not ever be aloud to work as a law officer ever again.

  2. Dave Greth says:

    Both officers and the judge should be arrested, prosecuted and locked up!!!

  3. Srinivas says:

    The Judge being woman turns blind eye to whats happening. THis is unjust. There is a small kid in the court room and she does nothing. Shame on her. Will she take the same thing happening to her if it was her daughter or her sister

    • Shelley says:

      I so totally agree with you and I’ll bet I know the reason. The judge is having an affair with that marshall and doesn’t want to risk losing her hot (younger) lover….and no, I’m not joking.

  4. Village Ambassador says:

    Both officers need to be fired, disbarred and arrested as well as te Judge for literally turning her back on a innocent victim !!

  5. Al Gore says:

    EVERYONE in that courtroom at that time that was employed by the Government ESPECIALLY the fellow that says he has to arrest her needs to be FIRED, ALL benefits removed, and put in JAIL. They have broken the law in more ways than one. It’s amazing to me how often our own government officials ABUSE the power they have. ESPECIALLY Cops.

  6. jack hudson says:

    Proof that the authorities DO NOT respect American civil rights, and think that they can do whatever they want merely because they have a miniscule amount of authority.

  7. ER says:

    The judge should be disbarred as well. Talk about a party that should be impartial!

  8. George says:

    Arrested? The judge and two Marshall’s should be drawn, hanged, and quartered for this severe violation of this woman. And she should sue for every penny she can get for that very violation. You all would be singing a different tune if it was you, your wives, or your daughters.

    • Tina says:

      This is so horrible on sooo many levels. That Mom showed us just what being an American has come to! She actually knew her stuff and didn’t give in to threats- even when the 3 treasonous slime bag psycho’s were making it very clear that they intended to “steal” her precious little baby girl if the Mom did not comply…this is what we all face now…perhaps it is to late already…What was that Judge doing? She cannot be allowed to go free after she did what she did to this young mother.It made me sick to my stomach. The video said that “CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES” had that beautiful little baby locked up for 2 months!!!! EVERYONE IN THAT DEPARTMENT NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND JAILED ALSO! Are they not supposed to protect the childs’ interest? This little girl was taken from her Mother and thrown into the foster care system… can you imagine the fear and pain this caused to both the mother and child? HOW DARE THAT JUDGE ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE!! The judge was grossly negligent at the least!

      • obviously we do not see the “whole story,” if we were in a jury we might see other evidence — i don’t know. but honestly, from what we can see here — i totally agree with you.

        2 months?

        for this? for a mother being groped, feeling violated, and complaining about it?

        especially the judge – with her back to the situation – from what i see, in my opinion, she deserves jail time.

        the officer who performed the search — it’s another matter — we don’t know if he needed to do his job or if there was no female marshall available — etc. we don’t know that. we know the mother felt violated. it’s possible that the marshall performed his duties within the structure of the law — we simply don’t know.

        however — what SHOULD have happened here is that the judge should have explained to the mother how to press charges or file a complaint against the marshall, and then the mother should have gone home with her daughter. you don’t put a child in foster care for 2 months because the mother felt violated by a pretty intimate search (where the grounds of the search are totally questionable).

        you go to court and what? all of a sudden they can strip search you for drugs — and that has nothing to do with what you are in the courthouse for? umm: no. absolutely no — and on the level of human rights violations.

        again — that is from what i see here — and perspectives can change with more information.

        2 months.

        good good God.

        i pray that we begin to hold perpetrators accountable for their horrific actions — even if those perpetrators hold official positions and titles.

  9. mike says:

    The Judge had complete control of this situation. She should be the first to lose her job.

    • Tina says:

      100% RIGHT! That Judge had no intention of upholding the law. How in the world did it come to this in America? Every day it gets more and more amazingly-bad…Just like the whistle-blower cases…

      How can “We the People” sit back and let our Government get away with making it a crime to demand our rights? They (the gov) are breaking the law.

  10. J. G. says:

    I was assaulted by a court baliff in 1989 in the San Diego Federal Court House. The sheriff deputy saw me looking for the court room I needed to be in and offered to show me where it was. Instead he led me to a stairwell where he attempted to kiss me and touch me. I fought him off and ran back into the hallway where I told the first officer I saw. Just like this young woman no one believed me, instead they mocked me and said if I didn’t know his name they couldn’t do anything about it. Such a horrible thing to have happened…I’m still having nightmares.

    • Sara says:

      Wow I do not blame you one bit for having nightmares! What a scary situation to be in! You are very brave to tell your story and I am terribly sorry that had to happen to you. The police are meant to protect us, but instead are only abusing their power to prey on innocent victims. I am not talking about every police officer, there are many cops out there who are amazing at what they do, but sometimes we come across those who should not be allowed to wear a uniform. This video disgusted me. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to lawsuits BUT I think that all 3 of the people in this video need to be fired and arrested ASAP!

  11. patricia kiker says:

    the Judge was utterly without compasion or common sense! throw her in jail as well as the guilty cops! laws that are in place protect the guilty, not the innocent! things need to be changed!

  12. sassy3000 says:

    I wish she was a blackbelt so she could have beat the crap out of those pukes! And then put their butt in jail! Those pukes are lower then Dog Vomit!
    And that judge should be disbarred and then HORSEWHIPPED!
    But horsewhipping is too good for those pukes!

  13. Suzee671 says:

    I’ve worked in the law enforcement field and whenever females came into the facility for visitation or if a female was brought in for temporary hold, either I or another female officer had to do the searches. Male officers were not allowed to search women. I hope this woman sues the crap out of the county!

  14. Kenneth says:

    This should NOT be Investigated..there is NOTHING to Investigate..MAKE the arrest, Disbar the Judge, Serve Justice. Give the lady her Just Due!

  15. RUKidngMi says:

    Good job on blurring the face, CBS. I can ALMOST not see it.

  16. mike says:

    Sue the county’s ass off! Take everything they got.

  17. Orlando says:

    Wow! Good job, Your honor! Two people against a defenseless mother, in your Courtroom and you didnt do shit! Bravo! Shame on you.

  18. M. DiBlasi says:

    Where the hell is Al Sharpton?????

  19. ranger says:

    if that was my daughter or wife, there would be no suit or trial. there would be three funerals

  20. American Infidel says:

    What a useless “judge”. And the “judge” is a WOMAN (MAYBE). And that piece of camel dung ‘marshall’ should be beaten in public!


  21. Rick Sease says:

    This is a train wreck. The whole incident is definitely questionable. Marshal Fox should have never been alone with this female. There are some serious questions about his conduct and definitely Civil Right violations. Why was he even in family court in the first place. There was no justified reason for him to take her into a separate room by himself without a female officer with him. Just for that very reason of being accused of sexual assault. Once this alledged complaint was made to the judge she should have acted upon it by referring it to IAD. She would have been a witness. There are a lot of unanswered questions and they did the right thing. The marshal should have never been alone with her or placed himself in that position.

  22. Neil says:

    So he raped her, then arrested her for reporting it, traumatizing the child as well. The judge is negligent for allowing the officer to make a false arrest on nonexistent charges right in front of her, police are given way too much credibility in court, and not surprisingly they have none among the public these days.

  23. What planet are you living on says:

    What? Really? Shut your pie hole…your whole scenario on Treyvon and Zimmerman is total speculation. Get with the facts. Too bad Zim wasn’t on the school bus where 3 black teens doppleganged a younger kid because he turned them in for peddling drugs. Bet you voted for Obama didn’t you

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