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Demand Justice For 16-Year-Old Dione Payne, Raped and Murdered in Ohio – Sign and Circulate


Early Sunday morning, December 1st, 16-year-old Dione Payne was beaten, raped and murdered by Michael A. Geldrich, 36, and Michael J. Watson, 39. Both are currently being held in the Warren County Jail. So far, rape charges have been ignored, and the police have shrugged off hate crime charges in spite of the fact that both attackers are white, and Payne was African American.

The severity of their attacks on the youth make it clear that this was not simply a crime to steal drugs, but instead that there was a key element of hate involved. Still, Franklin Police Chief Russ Whitman, who said there is “no evidence” that there was a racial motive to the rape and murder of this 16-year-old African American. Citizens of Franklin, Ohio have weighed in on our article reporting these attacks, and said that this institutionalized racism does not surprise them in the least.

To add insult to injury, even though Miami Valley Hospital workers discovered that Payne had been sexually assaulted during the attack, and even though hospital personnel contacted Middletown police and stated the teen had been sexually assaulted, according to the police report, so far, no rape charges have been brought against the attackers.

Instead of highlighting this injustice, some local media reports have instead chosen to fixate on a checkered history of the juvenile: possessing narcotics, and even allegations that he had fired gun shots in the past. They talked about morbid comments made on his Facebook account before the day he was raped and beaten to death. They even called the 16-year-old out for getting arrested for littering. What they did not do was explain why the police have ruled out a racial motive to the attack, and why the Warren County Prosecutor has neither pursued hate crime charges, nor even charged the attackers with rape.

What can you do? Well for starters, contact the Warren County Prosecutor, who is now handling the case. Demand that all crimes committed against 16 year old Dione Payne be presented to the grand jury on Michael A. Geldrich and Michael J. Watson- for the hate crime of rape, robbery and murder! The prosecutor can be contacted at the number and email below:

David Fornshell

Then, sign the petition to charge Michael A. Geldrich and Michael J. Watson- for the hate crime of rape, robbery and murder here. Finally, SPREAD THE WORD! Tell everyone you know to do the same.

(Article by Micah Naziri; image via PBSpot)

38 Comments on "Demand Justice For 16-Year-Old Dione Payne, Raped and Murdered in Ohio – Sign and Circulate"

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  1. where is his parents, why aren’t they going to the leaders of this country about this horrible crime?

  2. Stephanie A. Watts says:

    So they gone try and say it’s his fault that two beast raped and killed him?

  3. Ambi says:

    Hi, the signature prompt is broken, whenever I try from last night to this morning it says “error try again later” many others cannot get their signatures in- politicalblindspot/ please fix this problem.

  4. Brenda Brooks says:

    They are guilty of deadly criminal acts, and should be punished and sentenced to a life of misery, for they as many other demons in this world. Attacked and murdered a child.

  5. beah says:

    dont let them out there nasty an will do it again

  6. Some one needs to contact the US Justice Department, it needs to be a local resident or family member as wel as the ACLU so they can get out front and be willing to start legal action for the violations of this youngs mans civil rights which in turn can make this a federal matter.

  7. yahhann says:

    Thus sicken me! Rip baby boy!

  8. J. J. Love says:

    What kind of country do we live in where these two criminals are known to have committed this crime, yet the appropriate charges have not been filed? It’s not even necessary to “play the race card,” but somehow I feel like if it had been a white boy, this discussion wouldn’t even have been needed. These two criminals should be charged with rape and murder, and perhaps they will get raped in jail, and then get a sentence of death; therefore proving that ultimately you get what you give.

    • Anita Sewer says:

      These 2 less than animals need t be underthe jail cell. What’s the nonsense about ignoring rape charges? Bad enough our lil brother was beaten; the sexual assault just dehumanizes the young child sure they look at him as nothing/ not human. Even in this day and time some things never change. To some degree our youngster still should not walk alone; we knew this during enslavement time modern times seem worst then when they own us. I have not seen it yet a white being punished for a crime against an African.

  9. Darnelle Thomas says:

    Just like in the Trayvon Martin case, they’re blaming the victim instead. We all know their motivation!

  10. Pat says:

    Just curious, were the past records of these “fine, upstanding citizens” brought to light, as were the victims??? Probably not! I guess you have to be of some other “persuasion” (not white) for stuff like that to be dredged up! That’s a damn shame!

    • BJS says:

      This child’s record is not the issue here, I don’t care if he was the worst kid in the world, two grown men committed rape, sodomy and murder. They should be put to death the same way.

  11. what we have here is a couple of monsters, I feel both of them should be put to death

  12. Ebonitia says:

    My God. Psychopaths….

  13. Erika says:

    This is so sad its makes me feel some type of way because i have kids. So what the child had past because he had a run in with the law in his past he deserve to be raped and beaten to death I don’t know why they did but no person deserve this black or white we seen this with Trayvon now another young man so now its okay for to kill young African American males if they have a past I don’t Think so people have rights and their are laws that need to be enforced because if they are not this will continue to happen. Where are the boys parents they need to be reaching out like Trayvon mother did making this national and all over the news so this can stop. This something that needs to end history shall not repeat it self or their will be a war of black against whites its coming if this does not stop no one should be mistreated because of the color of their skin because we all bleed RED.

  14. Nakashia Jones says:

    Life is too short to sit around quietly while these racists people take the lives of our young African American men/kids. We as a people have to stand for something or we will continue to fall for anything. My sincere condolences to this young man’s family.

  15. Terry Wright says:

    Wrong as murder and rape.

  16. Izzadine says:

    Let the justice take its course, but we will not forget and forgive!

  17. tedra says:

    This is very disturbing never mind the race issue, he was raped and killed. They deserve death

    • Tracy says:

      Raped and Murdered does not give you the death penalty. A hate crime while commiting the act Justifies the Death penalty! So sad the life of blacks are taken lightly

  18. frances carodine says:

    rape and liked and add hate crime i hope they will be put on death row. it seem Florida we don’t count

  19. S.A.Williams says:

    This is first degree murder of a minor. These men should receive the death penalty.

  20. latoyia says:

    This is definitely a hate crime, and justice must be served. It saddens me that so many of are African American males are being attacked, and no one seems to care. The sign of the time is near God speaks of this in the book of reverlations. Pray for this nation, and the mentally disturb individuals whom reside in this nation as well.

  21. joann france says:

    why isn’t there a cry out for this child? I live in Columbus, Oh. and have yet to hear anything about this

  22. Claire Walter says:

    Another abominable crime. Another outrage. Another act of sheer racism. Prosecute them. Imprison them. And mourn this young victim.

  23. Ryan says:

    This is a horrible unspeakable crime. They should definitely be punished for each and every crime. My only question though is what evidence does the author have that this is racially motivated? It seems like the aruguement is simply “two white guys do an speakable act(s) and the victim was black=hate crime. Can anyone comment on this?

  24. tiana says:

    This is so sad it makes me sick

  25. Ike says:

    Does it matter? They committed a horrible crime so whatever good they have done will be overlooked…. That is their own fault.

  26. m1 says:

    Compare how this black victim is being denigrated, to the much less denigration Ethan Couch received for driving drunk and killing 4 people. Plus Ethan received no prison.

  27. Myesha Glover says:

    All the crimes committed are to large to be ignored. If the general public can see a problem with it, the trained prosecutes have no excuse not to ensure that the legal justice is served for the family and community.

  28. Mae says:

    This is such a tragic and sad death to a child. What is it going to take for our children to stop being murdered? For a grown a** man to take advantage of a child sexually he has serious issues. And to eliminate those issues they both deserve to be locked away for the rest of their life. Period!!

  29. lisa says:

    Okay once medical report been exposed charge one , then murder ,charge two , another is yes another black child ignored let been verses it would have been followed by several community and bring attention to Ohio governed ……. I feel this racist crime is what USA want to lower populations afraid of generation from the start till we have build strength of ability to overlook the power you wants , shame we’ve been ignored n family fighting for right to claim charges that been committed to their child u and I both know if was a white child it’ll b months or year till it resolved n justice so consider the same justice.

    • KDelphi says:

      It’s so annoying, I have no account on (and want none) so I cannot sign the petition, even though I am an Ohio resident who has been following this terrible story. Anything else I can do (besides what’s mentioned in article)

      I dont want a change account because I end up getting on a bunch of Dem party email lists…

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