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Demand Suspension of the LAPD Cops Who Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted Kim Nguyen


Yesterday we reported on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) cops who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman named Kim Nguyen. Nguyen is suing the LAPD for negligence after she was thrown from a moving squad car last March. She said that she was ejected from the car due to the negligence of the officer who was assaulting her.

The Los Angeles officer began assaulting her after she was picked up for being intoxicated, along with her two male friends. The only problem was that they were “intoxicated” while waiting for a taxi cab, so as to avoid drinking and driving. The two men were told to leave, or they would be charged too. Nguyen, however, was detained and sexually assaulted.

Footage from a security camera caught Nguyen on tape after being thrown from the cruiser. The video and stills below shows 27-year-old Nguyen lying seriously hurt. She woke up after a six-day, medically induced coma. Her mouth was wired shut and all of her teeth were knocked out.


Officials with the LAPD have repeatedly refused to comment on the case, or the pending litigation. But the police report claims are contradicted by what has been captured on video.

Nguyen’s attorney Arnoldo Casillas said that a “Fire Department report showed that officers claimed she fell after the patrol car stopped at a light and began accelerating.” But the “security camera video apparently contradicts that account.”

“The video shows that the statement that the police officers gave the paramedics is an unabashed, unequivocal lie,” Casillas explained. “The light’s green. They do not stop.”

See the amended complaint against the LAPD officers, made by Nguyen and her attorney below.

Watch the video and contact the LAPD and DEMAND that they conduct a thorough investigation, and that – in the meantime – the accused officers be suspended!

100 West 1st Street Room
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(Voice and TDD/TTY)
For Non-Emergency Police Response

Send a message to the LAPD that we do not need rogue cops like these on the streets! SPREAD THE WORD! The more we remain silent about these abuses, the more people like these officers are able to abuse their positions of power.

(Article by Ari Simeon; images via CBS)

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4 Comments on "Demand Suspension of the LAPD Cops Who Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted Kim Nguyen"

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  1. Concerned father says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg. These guys – and their cronies – have been successful at this on many occasions previously, targeting with other Asian women. They just did not count on one putting up such a fight. The whole division is corrupted by the power they wield.

  2. WTF says:

    I like how, one article (I can’t seem to find it anymore) was brave enough to PUT the names of the two Korean LAPD officers that did this to her. But every mainstream news channel/media left their names out. Kim Nguyen should not have sued the LAPD, she should have found out the names of the officers that did this to her and sued them directly. That way they can not hide behind the LAPD for protection.

  3. post says:

    how come no one has posted pictures of what these asshole cops look like? I cant find a single picture.

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