Denny’s Creates Special Breakfast For The 1% — Costs $300

Denny's $300 Breakfast

Denny’s Creates $300 Breakfast for the 1% which comes with a bottle of Dom Perignon

The Denny’s that opened Friday in New York City’s Financial District offers a $300 version of its well-known Grand Slam wakeup — complete with a bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon Premier Cru Champagne. Looks like Wall Street and the 1% have a new “power” breakfast.
The breakfast, fit for a king, is called the “Grand Cru Slam” — but besides the vino (and the price), it’s the standard morning eye-opener of eggs, pancakes, sausage and bacon.

“It’s not an astronomical price for Dom Perignon,” says Mike Capoferri, who was employed by Denny’s to create a “craft cocktail” menu at its first Manhattan location.

Yes, the Financial District variation of “America’s diner” will also have specialty cocktails that begin at $1 1.

Although it seems pricy, the bottle of Dom Perignon at Denny’s is a buy in comparison to top eateries in the region, which charge more than $400 for the bottle. For example, the upscale Midtown American Gastropub sells the exact same bottle for $399.

“It’s a little absurd, but it’s really not a bad deal,” said Zach Tirone, a wine expert. Even at a liquor store, this specific Perignon can price $240 — and that’s without your breakfast for 2.

The 60-year old chain has 1,680 locations across the country. But, its first foray into New York City demanded something a little more upscale. Besides the fancy cocktails, the interior of the Nassau St. Denny’s features a mural of the Brooklyn Bridge, exposed brick walls, tin ceilings and leather booths.

The groundfloor area once housed a Taco Bell, but has been empty since the 24-story building was transformed into multi-million-dollar condominiums in 2003.

Some neighbours aren’t excited about the new restaurant and won’t be buying any champagne.

“I wouldn’t pay for it,” gripes 27-year old Deana Welsch. “At the end of the day, the quality of the food is still the same as it is in Florida.”

But the others cannot wait to pair their bacon with bubbly.

“If I’m taking a lady out, sure I’d spend the money,” says area resident Joseph Johnson.

Occupants of the swanky building definitely did not want “America’s Diner” in their foyer. Fearing an invasion of drunken rowdies with the munchies, they filed a lawsuit calling Denny’s a “haven for violence, disorderly conduct, and alcohol-drenched patrons.”
A judge dismissed the case before it was even heard.

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