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Deputy Tortures Suspect: Strapped Down, Screaming For Help For Over An Hour


Day after day there are corrupt cops who abuse their positions of power. These officers sometimes use suspects or inmates as punching bags, or sometimes they simply unload their frustration in the form of bullets. Many Americans give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt, even when the facts seem pretty damning. But when an incident is caught on tape where a suspect or inmate is strapped down and assaulted, there can be no room for debate, and no further benefit of the doubt.

On December 9, 2013 criminal deputies restrained a suspect in custody who had been brought to the Rutherford County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office jail. According to the RCSO Incident Report #33690 (see bottom for details), the charges were “Resisting” and “Hold – Other Department.”

The suspect was strapped down in a restraint chair. There was absolutely no way that the deputies could have been injured or fought against at this point. That is precisely when they unloaded their pepper spray into the face, eyes and mouth of the suspect. All of this was captured on video surveillance.

Deputy James Vanderveer was one of the offending, criminal officers. He had been re-hired after being forced to resign due to a DUI arrest. But he is the nephew of Sheriff Robert Arnold, so apparently the rules do not apply to him.

He can be seen, in the video below, entering the holding cell and beginning to re-secure the strap. The suspect did not struggle after being strapped down. But that didn’t stop Deputy Vanderveer from pepper spraying through the spit shield, into the suspect’s mouth.

The suspect received no medical attention, even though they were convulsing, and screaming for help for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Deputy Vanderveer lied in his report, saying that the straps had come loose and the suspect was free. The video evidence proves that none of this is true, and that the pepper spraying was purely an act of torture.

Since he is the nephew of the Sheriff, he was told that “he better write a good report and” they “hoped he could justify spraying someone while they were restrained in a restraint chair.”

Deputy Vanderveer was later reprimanded for “Disproportionate Use of Force” but was neither fired nor arrested for his criminal acts of torture.

If you have had enough of this sort of disgusting abuse of power, contact the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and DEMAND all deputies involved be brought up on charges!

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office
940 New Salem Highway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 898-7770

Watch the video below, then SPREAD THE WORD and DEMAND CHANGE NOW!

(Article by M.B. David; image via YouTube; incident report: RCSO Complaint #13120964007, RCSO Booking #329368, Report of Action from Cpt. Derrell Cagle Re: James Vanderveer on 12/12/13)

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