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Did Zimmerman Lie? Wife Left George the Night Before He Shot Trayvon


After George Zimmerman’s wife pled guilty this week, to lying about the financial donations for her husband’s case, she revealed a number of startling things that may impact a civil case against George Zimmerman.

Shellie Zimmerman told ABC News that she is unsure whether she will stay married to her husband. This is not just because he failed to show up at her hearing, while she stood by him through his tried. In fact, she explains that she had separated from George the night before . In an interview with reporter Christi O’Connor, she claims that she “had walked out on him after a particularly nasty argument on the night before” he shot the young Trayvon Martin.

“I was staying at my father’s house,” she said. “We had gotten into an argument the night before and I left.”

When O’Connor asked about the argument that caused her to walk out on him in 2012, and interesting question was raised.

“Does George have a temper? How volatile did it get the evening before?”

“Not going to answer that,” Zimmerman replied.

To most, that would sound like a “yes, he does.”

But all of this aside, George said repeatedly that he was not out “patrolling” when he saw Trayvon. Instead, he claimed all along that he was running to Target. He mentioned in his interview with Sean Hannity terms like “us” and “we” would go shopping on Sunday nights (after “mentoring” kids, of course). But he never explained why his wife was not with him this time if that were in fact the case. But now we find out that he wife was not even there at the time, and they were separated, and she was living with her father.

George explained that he went shopping Sunday evening because that is when he and his wife have the chance, after “mentoring.” But he did not explain why she was not there this time, or why he chose then to go since he was clearly not out “mentoring” anyone, but was leaving from home, without his estranged wife.

Does this mean that Zimmerman lied about why he was out and what he was doing when he followed the unarmed 17 year old. His wife’s statements might explain why he might have been taking out his frustration on someone who he thought deserved it. He certainly seemed like he wasn’t going to take no for an answer from the 911 operator. But now we may know why.

43 Comments on "Did Zimmerman Lie? Wife Left George the Night Before He Shot Trayvon"

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  1. Rod says:

    Its over….let it go. There will be no civil trial for many reasons. Mostly because Martin’s family doesn’t want the truth about Trayvon that was not allowed in the criminal trial to be exposed in the civil trial. This image they have given the world of Trayvon will be exposed as bullshit. All of their dirty little family secrets will be exposed…besides..I am sure Sabrina Fulton has already cashed in big time on her dead sons name….she already be Oprah rich. Secondly…this will never go to a civil trial because George will file a counter suit against the parents of the minor child that beat him and violated his civil rights by profiling the “creepy ass cracker. It is already been pretty much determined George will have $200,000 of legal expenses paid by the State if Florida.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      Many of us do not think that we should “just let go” of issues of justice and human rights.

      • Rod says:

        Justice was served when the jury rendered a verdict if not guilty. Now you want to trample the human rights of an innocent man to better serve your agenda. I am a teacher in the Miami-Dade County School District….and although I never had the “pleasure” of having Mr Martin as a student…I can assure you I had many just like him. Maybe his death will serve as a life lesson to the rest of the thug culture so prevalent down here. That violence isn’t the answer for every negative encounter in life. I doubt they will get the message because of the lies and distortions perpetuated by the Trayvon Martin supporters.

        • ccroft says:

          Problem with everything you write is that Zimmerman knew NOTHING about Martin, all he knew was that there was a black kid in a hoodie walking in HIS neighborhood. Martin was not doing anything illegal and gave Zimmerman no reason to call police, NONE.

          • Rod says:

            Zimmerman did nothing illegal by any of his actions. Trayvon was a suspicious person considering the history or robberies and break ins in Twin Lakes. Trayvon did however break the law when he decided to attack George.

          • Damian says:

            There are so many things wrong with this case. First the interpretation of the ridiculous stand your ground law. As it was interpreted for the trial would mean that anyone who sees Zimmerman walking toward them has the right to shoot him as they might feel their life was in imminent danger as the approaching man has already shot one unarmed person. Also Zimmerman was told repeatedly to stay inside his house that police where on the way. So he took himself knowingly out of a safe situation where he was in no danger, to peruse someone he thought to be dangerous.

          • Paul S. says:

            @Damian — Stand Your Ground didn’t actually wasn’t invoked in the trial b/c Zimmerman claimed he was restrained and couldn’t get away (and Stand Your Ground simply deals with whether or not you have a duty to retreat). So it wasn’t “interpreted” in the trial at all. Or relevant in any way to the case.

        • sexy@59 says:

          How can someones death become a lesson<

          • Rod says:

            Simple….you grab the bull ..sometimes you get the horns. These little thugs think they are so badass. Now they realize…put your hands on a person in Florida…that person may have a gun. We have over 1,000,000 cww permits….we are fighting back

        • Jake says:

          Justice wasn’t served but believe at the end of the day he will get his. U talking about creepy ass cracker what about the remark Zimmerman made that was edited out when he said fuckin coon? So we all know how he felt but like I said he will pay for murdering an innocent teen!

        • Tom says:

          So, no dog in the hunt, Rod?

        • RAB says:

          “many just like him”???? What would that mean? And how do you know? You’re stereotyping just as Zimmerman did. That’s not MY agenda, sir..and I would hope that it’s not your agenda when you walk into a classroom at the beginning of the year to teach the individual kids who are actually sitting there, not some amalgam of past failures.

        • Glenna Jones-Kachtik says:

          I feel really sorry for your students. You seem to view them as alien beings who deserve whatever they get…are the ones you hate most black, & poor?????
          I am sorry. The only life lessons those kids deserve is the life lesson YOU teach them by your actions toward them. You can be a force for good or bad & sometimes all it takes to turn someone around is a kind word & some encouragement….Believe me those “thugs” you teach KNOW how you feel about them. Maybe it is time to retire from teaching, ’cause no more hate is needed in a classroom.
          You don’t know Trayvon Martin, you don’t really even know George Aimmerman – the only person whose word we have for what happened is Zimmerman’s – pretty convenient since Martin is dead.

          • poochee says:

            You are so right. I am glad that Rod does not teach in SC, although I am sure there are teachers here who think the way that he does.

            No one deserves to die just b/c of the lifestyle that they live.

            And with him being a teacher, his job is to encourage students to make the right choices in life. You have to have a passion for helping ALL kids to be a good teacher.

            So many people want to judge without doing anything to help the problem. And when you have not walked a day in a person’s shoes & see how they live, you can’t judge.

        • Jeff T says:

          Rod, I too am a teacher low income minority children and suggest that if this the way you see your students, you should change careers. I can’t count how many of my kids are part of the “thug” culture. And I wish harm of none of them. Most students partake in it just for show and are completely harmless. If smoking pot as a teenager makes someone a thug, I guess I was a private school NHS thug. Shame on you for not being outraged and heart broken that a child that could have been your student was killed senselessly.

        • tre says:

          wait a min. are u saying it is good for sumone to get shot all because of the life he lived!?

        • libby says:

          because he was a young black male who didn’t live the “perfect” life he deserved to die? to be murdered? have YOU lived the perfect life? so do u deserve to be murdered? and you say you are a teacher? I feel bad for your students does the school know you posted this because I believe you not supposed to be speaking like this I think I will report this to the district

          • Really says:

            I wrote the same thing I really would not want him working with my kids what if he goes off and hurts someone?

      • Clara says:

        PBS Administrator: I know it’s all in a day’s work but I still want to tell you how much I appreciate the swift removal of Rod’s over the top offensive post. In retrospect, I should not have engaged but I continue to believe that reasonable people can agree to disagree in an intelligent and did respectful manner… Thank-you for being here to monitor those who can not…

    • ET says:

      You are soooooo very wrong. There will be a civil lawsuit, and Trayvon’s family WILL win. What family secrets are you talking about. You don’t have a rat’s ass worth of facts on your side. Sit in your little right-wing chair and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik says:

      The Trayvon Martin the world didn’t know???? HOW MUCH else could he have done. He had NO record. I know that you want him to be a “thug” but the truth is that even if HE WAS a bad dude, he was NOT doing anything that night. We don’t have (nor should we) a “kill it before it commits mayhem” rule of law in America….
      Zimmerman shot an unarmed kid (& nor matter HOW you say it he was still in school & hadn’t graduated),,,,
      George NEVER showed any remorse, never said he regretted taking the life of this unarmed kid – no instead he decided it was “part of God’s plan”…I am sorry, that doesn’t earn George any points with me or with lots of others either.

    • Paul says:

      Rod, you are a sick SOB for even thinking for one moment that Trayvon attacked GZ. I guess it just makes you feel better about the state of race relations in this country. The truth about that day is starting to come out. Then what will the devil worshipers like you have to say? You might want to take a look at your very own youths culture and fix it before you try fixing the so called Thug culture.

    • Herewego says:

      We will never let this chavisty go don’t you understand that!!! Zimmerman murdered that kid and one way or another he’ll pay,!!!

    • kate gallagher says:

      not by a long shot. he killed a kid in cold blood and is a sack of dung.

  2. Clara says:

    The only lies and distortions were perpetrated by the murderer. If you truly believe that “justice was served” when a grown azz Zimmerpunk got away with stereotyping, stalking, and murdering an unarmed child for simply walking home, then you are a sick, bigoted, pitiful excuse for a man (much like the lying, murderer). And based on your racist statement that you have ” had many just like him,” your teaching certificate, which was clearly GIVEN to you for reasons other than your intelligence, needs to be revoked. You are a serious menace to every child who has to suffer your ignorance. The funny thing is that you would be the first and loudest to say that this travesty had nothing to do with race!

    • Rod says:

      None of my statements we’re racist Miss Sharpton…stop playing the race card. If Trayvon was white I would feel the same way. South Florida thugs come in all colors.

      • Clara says:

        Very telling that your only denial is that you are a racist. If it makes you feel good, just keep playing the denial card, Mr. KKK…

        • Rod says:

          Yea…..Mr KKK….with my African American wife and three bi racial children….

          • Clara says:

            The worse among you are the ones who loudly and proudly proclaim that you have black spouses, friends, etc. The fact that you are able to separate your wife from the masses, so to speak, does not minimize or eliminate your racist attitude. Since you brought it up, some of my dearest friends are white and republican. We are friends because we understand, love, and accept each other as individuals and we don’t cross those lines over into each others’ differences, much like I would imagine you and your family do. For example, when I am out shopping with one friend I always realize I am being watched when I hear her say, “we’re together!” The embarrassed salesperson usually scurries away or then gets overly friendly with me. We both are honest enough to understand the reality of the world we live in so she does not find it necessary to insult me by accusing me of “playing the race card” simply because I point out that I see racism. On the other hand, I do not insult her by pointing out that she is using the privilege of her skin color to validate me! The fact that she does this without a thought is racist in and if itself, but because I know her and her heart, i know that part of her has nothing to do with me. So… Your statements and the vehement way in which you defend them show more of who you are than does who you are married to…

          • Justice says:

            OMGs Are you freaking kidding me! Well consider yourself still fired, no teacher should be public areas preaching nonsense about at risked kids period, your job is to help them, not demean them in no way shape or form. You are seriously sick about at risked children. Find another JOB!!!

          • Paul says:

            I very much agree with Clara. The white guy with the minority wife in most cases is the most racist of the bunch. I’m sure when you see her strong black brothers, etc you feel inferior.

      • James says:

        The biggest issue for people like you is that you are in denial of your true inner feelings. Sharpton takes a stand for those that do not have a voice in this cruel society that you helped create. We may not know the truth about you, but the living God knows and searches the heart. Just make sure that your heart is pure or eternal damnation shall you see!

  3. mrs. brooks says:

    Ok first off, zimmerman was not in his home when the police told him to not chase trayvon, he was in his vehicle in trayvon martins fathers neighborhood. Not even in his own neighborhood. He definitly murdered that innocent CHILD because he was african american and he so called looked suspicious. He was freaking walking home from the store. No weapons only a cell phone which he used to call his girlfriend because he felt that he was in danger and he was. That child died because of a grown mans stupity. Yes justice will be served. And george will get his treatment a million times, god will see to that.

  4. RoseS says:

    Clara told you (ROD)! Thank you and Clara my sentiments exactly. I can’t say anything to complete the thought. You said it ALL!!!

  5. Really says:

    @Rod tell your whole name so we can let the school system know how you feel honestly I would not want you teaching me kids with the kind of comments you are making. What you are saying is scary and taken that maybe you will do something HUH?

  6. Clara says:

    Your entire narrative is nothing more than a racist rant to distract from the subject at hand. But I see no need to continue this ? Whatever it is, because it does not rank in the category of a dialogue. Like I said at the beginning, you are a menace to ALL children, especially your own, whether they are mixed race or not. And sneaking in the “n word” under the guise of a quote from a comedian is not cool and the main reason I don’t date outside my race. I do not need you to instruct me on who I should or should not like, but for the record, I do not know any “niggers.” But good luck with yours! GOOD-BYE!

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