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Disabled Man’s ‘Selfie’ Picture Gets Made Fun Of On Instagram by Shaq, Waka Flocka, And Trey Burke!


There really isn’t much worse that making fun of the way someone looks, especially when that someone is disabled. But that’s exactly what happened online. A disabled man’s “selfie” picture was ruthlessly mocked on Instagram. Even the likes of Shaquille O’Neil, rapper Waka Flocka, and the Utah Jazz’s Trey Burke joined in the cyber bullying.

Watch the video below…

Jahmel Binion of Madison Heights, Michigan has a rare disorder called ectodermal dysplasia. The condition is characterized by a reduced ability to sweat, missing teeth and abnormal hair growth. While he has been taunted and bullied his entire life for this condition, he never expected he would get it from celebrities after posting a “selfie” on social media. He

Binion says all of this has inspired him to start an anti-bullying campaign called “Hug Don’t Judge.”

Pass this on if you think these celebrities shouldn’t get away with bullying disabled individuals without having to at least explain themselves, apologize or have their reputations tarnished.

3 Comments on "Disabled Man’s ‘Selfie’ Picture Gets Made Fun Of On Instagram by Shaq, Waka Flocka, And Trey Burke!"

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  1. Angel says:

    Clearly they thought the fella was mugging or trying to be funny on purpose. It is not immediately obvious that his facial features originate from a disability. So while they should have abstained from such immature behavior in the first place, I don’t think they would have done this had they known the man was disabled.

    Just IMHO.

  2. Mike Alan says:

    Oh lighten up. Nobody knew the kid was disabled.

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