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DNA-Tested White Supremacist Leader Who Invaded North Dakota Town Finds Out He Is 14% Black


Years ago as an undergraduate student, I took a remarkable course from the legendary professor Paul Griffin. Professor Griffin’s “Ideas of Race” course opened with a three-part PBS documentary called Race: The Power of An Illusion. The documentary itself opened with a number of youths being asked what they thought their ethnic heritage was. This was followed by a DNA test that showed that almost without exception, they had notable markers from different, unexpected regions of the world.

As big of a surprise as this came to many of these students, none was as surprised as Craig Cobb, the Neo-Nazi white supremacist leader who has tried to orchestrate the take-over of the small town of Leith, North Dakota, right nearby Native American reservations. The Neo-Nazi, white supremacist enclave received a shock, however, when they were met with a large turn out of Native American and other anti-racist protestors, almost as soon as they moved in.

But now, Craig Cobb has received the shock of his life, after submitting to a DNA test as part of an ongoing Race in America series on the “Trisha Show,” hosted by Trisha Goddard.

Goddard delivered the surprising test results to the 62-year-old, for the filmed episode that will air this November 18th. Goddard, African descended herself, had to break the news to Cobb that a full 14% of his DNA turned out to be sub-Saharan African. This would be just barely higher than if one of his great-grandparents were sub-Saharan African (which thus may well be the case).

Cobb said this was merely “statistical noise.”

The daytime audience roaring in laughter at the racist as, Goddard said: “You have a little black in you.”

But Cobb insisted he knew better than science: “I’ll tell you this: Oil and water don’t mix.”

This comes as a devastating blow to someone who calls themselves the “border guard for the purebreds.” Watch the video of Cobb having the news broken to him.

(Article by Micah Naziri; image screen cap from the Trisha Show; video added after initial post)

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2 Comments on "DNA-Tested White Supremacist Leader Who Invaded North Dakota Town Finds Out He Is 14% Black"

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  1. Nabil Al-Murabit says:

    This story is funny as hell. What’s funny about it is that it happens to more people than you think. There were a lot of lighter skinned Blacks that were/are called Passe Blanc. Many of them branched out to other parts of the kountry and passed themselves off as being white. There a lot of stories about how those people had to explain to their kids that they were Black when they fell on hard times and had to retreat to the bosom of family members

  2. Kilpadikars says:

    Thank God , we are not racist .

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