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Doctor Snaps Pic of Newborn Baby Still in Amniotic Sac!

By Micah David Naziri

Most amniotic sacs break on their own during labor, or are broken by the doctor or midwives. In fact, this happened in the cases of all three of my oldest sons (i have one other, in case you were wondering). When the mother is ready to give birth, the pressure typically causes the sac to tear, leading to the typical “water breaking” signal that dilation is far along and delivery will shortly follow. It is extremely rare for a baby to be born with the sac still completely intact, but from time to time it does happen.

While the occurrence is rare, there is nothing dangerous about such deliveries. When our third son was born, my wife and i had been attended by a particularly “earthy” group of midwives (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We had midwives at each birth, but this particular group had a strange fascination with baby boys born in amniotic sacs, or who had to have them broken first.

“There is a long tradition of such babies being world-changing individuals,” they explained. Flattered, i proposed that this was likely a sign that the mother had consumed and transferred a good amount of protein to the child, and that his vigor throughout life was likely due to a good, healthy start in the womb. They were unimpressed by my demystified explanation, so i didn’t contend with them over it again.

The baby in the picture above, however, was delivered via Caesarian section by one Dr. Tsigris. He explains, in the original Greek article, that the baby was not even aware that he was born yet, leaving the physician utterly “breathless”.

It is, no doubt, a captivating image.

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