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Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family EXPOSED As Multimillion Dollar WELFARE ‘KINGS’


Last December, we exposed the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty as complete frauds who adopted their image as part of a massively successful marketing campaign. Now it seems that their politics may be just for show as well.

Watch the video below where radio host, author, and former psychotherapist, Thom Hartmann discusses how the Robertson family has taken $4.5 million from the government, even while publicly speaking out against government funded welfare for the poor and needy…

Couple this with the photos we release exposing the Robertson family for growing beards and acting country for publicity, and it turns out this mega-rich family has pulled off a truly successful marketing scheme.

Not only do they come from cleanly-shaven, yuppie roots, but even their Right-Wing anti-welfare rhetoric is just for show, while they devour government aid themselves.

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  1. Angel says:

    Copy/paste to my facebook… yup! Not surprised!

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