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Though the controlled corporate media apparatus is suppressing the story, 40 tons of GMO crops were torched, prompting an FBI investigation. There has been a COMPLETE MEDIA BLACKOUT, outside of local circles has dared to mention it, perhaps because government fears that if the public learns that other people are getting fighting mad (literally), they might join in, and become an actual revolution. It was only reported locally live on KXL Radio and echoed by the Oregonian, where the ONLY web mention exists, hard to find because the headline wording is carefully avoids the most likely keywords for a search.

Here’s what happened — 40 Tons of GMO Sugar Beets were set ablaze in Oregon, yesterday. FORTY TONS — the entire acreage of two full fields of crops IN THE GROUND were set ablaze over a THREE NIGHT PERIOD OF TIME. That means ARSON.

Since the initial reports, the news said instead that 6,500 plants were destroyed BY HAND, ONE PLANT AT A TIME. That would indicate that A LOT OF PEOPLE were involved. If the reports of the uprooting of this many plants are true, then WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A MOVEMENT, a kind of ORGANIZED REVOLT — and this is exactly the kind of retribution that many have warned was coming; when lawmakers and corporations refuse to honor the Constitution and instead engage in ‘legalized’ criminal acts such as enabled by the ‘Monsanto Protection Act.’ If, however, the initial reports of uprooting along with arson are true, then this certainly makes more sense, both in terms of the nature of the direct action, and the logic behind how it could be pulled off on a practical level. This would also explain why the FBI is involved, as uprooting plants would not likely interest the Bureau as much as this case is.

More than decade ago, environmental saboteurs vandalized experimental crops across the country in a revolt against high-tech agriculture. Foes of genetic engineering also struck in 2000, when members of the Earth Liberation Front, with roots in Oregon, set fire to agriculture offices at Michigan State University. ELF’s position was that genetic engineering was “one of the many threats to the natural world as we know it.”

But ELF cells normally come forward immediately to claim responsibility, because to them, its all about publicity to educate the public. Since there has been no statement about the recent arson this may have simply been Oregon Farmers who have said, ‘Enough!’ Another clue that may be the case is that this comes on the heels (two weeks) of Japan’s rejection of the entire Oregon Wheat crop for the year (a tremendous financial blow because over 80% of Oregon Wheat is exported) because ONE report said ONE field was contaminated with at least ONE GMO plant.

The rightful fear is, because of pollination processes, once you introduce a GMO crop of a given variety ANYWHERE, the wind and insects will spread its genetic contamination to non GMO fields, and thereby ruin the ENTIRE INDUSTRY for a region. In fact, Oregon farmers have tendered a multi-billion dollar class action law suite against Monsanto, joining a long list of states doing so. Monsanto has experimented with GMO crops before they were approved in 16 states. They were supposedly all destroyed, but state after state is finding out the hard way, that Pandora’s box has been deliberately left open.

But while other governments in Europe and elsewhere are passing laws to ban GMO crops, and burning entire crops themselves, in America, our government is passing laws protecting Monsanto from legal repercussions, and therefore, it seems, farmers are forced to burn the crops, themselves. This means that where in other countries, citizens are being protected from corporate crimes, in America, citizens are forced to become ‘terrorists’ to survive. That’s how blatantly corrupt our corporate police state has become, I’m afraid.

Can GMO spark an armed revolution? Recall our report on the Putin’s comments about how the protection of Monsanto (through things like the “Monsanto Protection Act”) could lead to armed revolt and war. This story was reported on by Political Blind Spot after verifying the claims we had seen circulating, and omitting those which we had heard but could not verify. Still, Monsanto public relations employees were literally paid to track down articles such as ours and try to argue that they should be taken down (we may publish these exchanges with them from official Monsanto email addresses).

In this case, both fields belonged to the same Corporate Agricultural giant known for embracing GMO, though trying to do so quietly, another reason perhaps big media has kept the story from reaching the Internet. We are talking about Syngenta. Nowhere on their US web site will you find mention of GMO, but that is exactly what the company is about. They have even lied publicly in writing on this issue with a public declaration. Yet their very corporate name shouts GMO.

But the FBI, and local media knows better (and now, you)… because apparently someone from the Syngenta operated farms mentioned the fact as a possible motive for the arson. This is a serious matter in many respects. It throws down the gauntlet and says, WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND ARE NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS BULLSHIT ANYMORE! But it also raises the stakes and put lives and property at risk, and if it goes wrong, could indeed end up sparking an armed revolution, just as Putin indicated to President Obama.


61 Comments on "ECO-REVOLUTION: GMO Crops TORCHED in America"

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  1. John W Covey says:

    we have to do what we have to do

  2. Conspiracy2Riot says:

    okay, the fields were set ablaze, but the crops were pulled by hand.

    confusion here. did they burn the beets after hand removing them?

  3. Virginia says:

    Now if we can only get the same action on the Keystone XL pipeline that’s been laid….

  4. Chris Anderson says:

    Settings GMO fields on fire is a good start, but the next thing to burn should be Monsanto’s corporate offices in every country.

  5. Jessica M says:

    This is important news to be shared, and I appreciate this sites initiative to disseminate the information. However this article isn’t very well written and seems to have contradicting evidence. Arson? Or were the plants pulled from the ground one by one? If you are trying to spread the truths that are ignored by mainstream media, please get your story straight (or at least clarify it) to encourage the legitimacy of alternative news sources.

    • MBD says:

      The story on Political Blind Spot is the correct story. The confusion comes in when one takes the only online article by a local news source, which only mentions the uprooting. As the story relays here, there were plants pulled up, but the field was then torched. The local media reported on this at first, and this can be verified by speaking the locals, but after that it was not mentioned. The FBI, of course, would not be involved in plants being uprooted. The Political Blind Spot article is correct and complete. It was both uprooting and (then) arson.

      • amerikagulag says:

        I don’t have any firm information. But on another blog someone mentioned that it had something to do with ‘leasing’ the fields and that the lease would not have been renewed with GM crops. (something to that effect) Thus the need to uproot and burn the field.
        Again, I don’t know, I read it elsewhere and don’t have any facts. Just saw it in passing. But it would make sense. Worth looking into who owned the field.
        Possible this may not be a case of revolt.

        • MBD says:

          Check the article on this site about the FBI press release. They are treating it as “economic sabotage,” i.e. “direct action”, meaning “revolt.”

  6. Thank you, it is hopefylly the start of a globel NO to GMO!

  7. me not you says:

    Great news.
    as they are subverting the Law.

  8. lon hope says:

    Down with monsanto and gmo’s

  9. Keith R says:

    I’m a little new here, but why is it we are so upset about GMO’s? Urban sprawl is constantly pushing growers to produce more crop on less ground, as well as each individual grower having to cover more ground (fewer growers, same or larger amount of crops required to satisfy demand). I guess we could all go back to the days of eating out of the family garden and butchering a side of beef or pork every six months; I just can’t imagine this being a valid option for 95% of Americans.

    • Padre says:

      Ok, let’s try the KISS principle: GMO plants have been modified to be resistant to Roundup. Roundup has been found to be poisonous in parts per trillion and it is found in excess of that amount in all Roundup treated plants. Actual research shows no benefits over non-GMO plants being grown conventionally. Take a look at what Monsanto’s products have done to Indian farmers for example, or their “terminator” genes transferring to non-modified plants. It won’t take you much to find out what all the commotion is about…., if you’re really looking for it.

      • Keith R says:

        I don’t think it’s the idea of “if you’re really looking for it”, it’s more of how you see what you are looking at. If someone thinks we are going to eliminate toxicity in parts per trillion, just look at your local drinking water report; it may not be manganese deficiency, but even in ppm there are many issues. Either way, I see it as more of a management issue. Even if there were no GMO plants, misapplied chemistry breeds resistance, resistant weeds produce pollen, cross pollination happens, resistant genes get transferred. Manage chemistry and cultivation correctly, slow the chances of gene transfer. Thanks for allowing me to speak. This will be my last post.

      • Virginia Cusick says:

        Indian farmers have been committing suicide at the rate of 17,500 a MONTH!!!
        The only bad part about the loss of these sugar beets is that the taxpayers have paid 60% of all their crop insurance premiums & is now giving this FOREIGN company {syngenta} a 100% payoff! It is time for the taxpayerss to start DEMANDING {by marching in the streets & working under the table whenever possible} that our tax money be spent more wisely.

        Schools are falling apart due to the privatization and all that $ from every state is going to 1 guy in Maryland, {the reason you pay property tax is to support your local school & gov’t, not for helping out another town, etc.}, school lunch programs have been privatized and those co’s have literally taken a child’s plate of food and dumped it in the trash in front of all the kids and forced the kids to sit and watch the other kids eat & go hungry for as little as 5 cents short on their lunch payment, they don’t call the parents to tell them the kid is going w/o food that day and they don’t even provide the kid with the federally mandated free lunch in these cases, privatized prisons have Americans working for all the big computer companies for $1.20 an hr & ALEC runs the shows for them, {most communities don’t know that THEY have to pay for water, sewer, police & maintenance for these prisons}, big oil is getting tons of money at the taxpayers expense, foreign companies are ruining our water and stealing citizen’s land using eminent domain, privatized detention centers are keeping illegal’s in their jails for years {costing taxpayers 100’s of thousands PER INMATE} instead of processing the folks and sending them right home to Mexico within a week….all this is deliberate to rape taxpayers.

        Maybe all businesses should start demanding the same deals that Walmart, HP, Microsoft, etc. get when they want to save money—demand money and tax breaks from the local gov’ts, would be great if someone with $ could just sue over this issue if the local gov’t refuses. Currently the city of Lebanon is going broke cuz they can’t pay back HP with something like a 14% interest rate for assessing their property too high….IF the city hadn’t given away the farm to begin with the citizens wouldn’t be facing higher taxes due to this $hit! Portland has been after peep to save water for years, early this year on the news came this crap. because citizens have been saving so much on their water the rates have been raised cuz the water dep’t is losing money!! Time for a revolution!!! Who OWNS our natural resources???

      • L. Dougherty says:

        GMO plants cannot reproduce, are nutritionally deficient, and can sterilize a plant if the GMO pollinates it. Besides, Monsanto is buying up all the ‘small’ farms and, thanks to our Wonderful legislature, making the farmers buy their seeds from Monsanto instead of being able to save their own seeds from the crop, even taking it as far as to prosecute farmers that keep some of their own seeds. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Greed (Corporate America) is running this country. You haven’t really elected anyone; Big Business has bought the government. It’s all out there – RESEARCH!!!!!

    • Conspiracy2Riot says:


      we live on a finite amount of space, with a finite amount of resources, with an ever increasing population. given that one american actually represents 70 people in a 3rd world country, you might say this is not a country of 310 million, but of 21 billion, in terms of consumption.

      india, china and brazil are on the rise with their standard of living. how long do you really think this system we have going right now can sustain itself?

      we BETTER return to the family garden and scale this mother down because math does not care if you like the equations answer or not.

      many people, MANY people are going to die as a result of the way we’ve treated the planet, this artificial construct we call ‘our way of life’.

      and GE crops are NOT increasing the food supply. they are doing more damage with their pesticides, herbicides and chemical reliance in this monocrop culture.

    • Virginia Cusick says:

      Another part of this problem you failed to mention that is very important—a lot of the crops and animals raised for food in America is for EXPORT. It seems that many folks don’t understand this part of the worldwide problem. It isn’t all going to poor countries as part of food aid, it is strictly to keep inflated prices, control, plain & simple. America EXPORTS TONS OF OIL! We IMPORT TONS of OIL, every day. BLM, the PEOPLE’S land, is being exploited for foreign interests, NOT American interests. The Keystone Pipeline is all about Canadian and Asian markets, NOT American. Keystone will NOT pay into the clean up fund, YOUR TAX $ will cover that, the bs about jobs is all that, BS! They have finally admitted it will create maybe 35 permanent jobs. The damage in Michigan is incredible, Kalamazoo river is PERMANENTLY ruined and due to the toxic chemicals the peep there can’t even hunt cuz the deer etc. drink from that toxic water…no fish for 40 miles in any direction, peep can’t swim in it, the company responsible had over 800 leaks in 2 years and has already maxed out their financial responsiblity…it CAN’T BE CLEANED. Tarsands oil is heavy and sinks to the bottom of the water, it’s there forever and no one cares about the sick peep from being in the area. They can’t afford to move, have lost all property value so they are stuck and our gov’t doesn’t care.

    • Jules says:

      The E. Coli in people’s intestines are taking up the Roundup-producing genes from GM foods and producing that pesticide in people. It’s making a lot of people very sick and has probably killed many already. Monsanto has, quite literally, killed off anybody who’s been unfortunate enough to eat their crap over the last decade or two, and ruined any natural crops their pollen has contaminated downwind. In other words, they’ve undertaken a global genocide/depopulation program in favor of short-term profits (for the next few years that it will take to make us all sick). Then when 80% of us are gone, they’ll just bring their heirloom seeds out of the seed vaults. Their so-called “scientists” hid the data on mammalian (rats, mice) trials that showed increased tumors and many other health issues, like deformed babies from mothers fed the GM grains. Farmers and ranchers have shown that if given a choice, their animals will refuse GM feed, eating only the non-GM feed if it’s available. They’ll go for a day or so without eating when they run out of non-GM feed and only reluctantly eat GM feed.

      Animals seem to be much wiser than humans.

    • amerikagulag says:

      it’s the glyophosphate!

    • MR says:

      Hi Keith, from what I’ve gathered in previous reading, is that these seeds are designed to NOT reproduce. This in itself places an instant monopoly on the seed trade of course. The other important factor being, if they don’t repro and the cross pollenation processes due to wind/rain/animal ingestion which has to evac somewhere. What we’re looking at is a total collapse of our veg/flora/fauna structure. We will ALL be enslaved to perpetuate the upkeep of this global corporation… let me correct myself here, OUR Nation, as all of the others have begun to eradicate these deviled seeds of satans greedy spawns< add dramatic climax here : (

    • Grandma says:

      Keith R, it’s this simple: GMOs spell the end of the human race. After the third generation, ALL animals are rendered completely sterile. GMOs have been designed for the seeds to be sterile, thereby forcing farmers to return every year to buy seeds from Monsanto. This deliberate sterility transfers to the animals which eat the GMO crops. Several studies have been done which individually and independently verify that eating GMOs, even just a small percent of one’s diet, causes fertility issues which escalate with each succedent generation, and ending at the third generation because the fourth generation CANNOT procreate. So, literally, GMOs spell the end of mankind. Reason enough to rise up against it.

    • I care says:

      Just do a google search on gmo. for example, the dna of insecticides are added to the plant (like a vegetable). Then we eat it. We are then eating insecticides, just for one example. Do some research.

  10. The Particle and the wave says:

    thank you a million times for this article. Keep em coming!!! We’re listening.

  11. Me says:

    Monsanto will fall. There will be a revolution and the politicians who have their hands in the pockets of Monsanto will fall the hardest. This has to happen before all of the chemicals destroy the honeybees. Let us burn all of the Monsanto crops in the fight of our lives. There are too, too many of us that can start a revolution and stay a free man and woman. They don’t have enough prisons. I am not a terrorist, but a concerned citizen of The United States of America. The terrorist are in the District of Columbia…..

    • L. Dougherty says:

      Check out the FEMA camps that aren’t SUPPOSED to exist, but have been written into the budget (Homeland Security). As long as they can control the masses, there will BE no revolution.

      • Dog says:

        FEMA camps need to be eradicated to that next on the agenda.

      • Lynnea Sedrel-Donai says:

        If the knowledge and threat of FEMA camps alone are enough to stop a revolution, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!! That is why they exist-to strike fear in our hearts-RISE ABOVE THAT FEAR!! The people are the 99%-surely we can turn the tides through revolution and either destroy the FEMA camps, use them to “round-up” (pun intended) the corporate criminals, or, even better, take down the fences & barbed wire & provide housing to the homeless & needy-of which there are growing numbers….what ever solution you like, don’t let the fear tactics of our corporate government cause you to back down!!!

  12. Syngenta declaration seems to be for EAME – European-African-Middle Eastern
    Syngenta US is a major player in the GMO crop travesty, and in promoting neonic pesticides that kill bees.

  13. God, it’s good to know there are still Americans capable of acting like intelligent, caring adults. But the battle won’t be finished until GMO is completely terminated.

    In the meantime, the people who torched these crops deserve an award, similar to the award I gave the ELF warriors who destroyed a facility at the University of Washington, as described @

  14. One more thing…PLEASE, never write about GMO without mentioning its chief spokesman and financial backer, Bill Gates. That cosmic asshole needs all the publicity we can give him.

    So torch some GMO crops, throw your PC out the window and get a Mac. 😉

    • Virginia Cusick says:

      THANK YOU!! So many peep think Gates is Mr. Wonderful. He is personally responsible for TESTING VACCINES on 3rd WORLD CHILDREN & convincing gov’ts in 3rd world countries to let him take control of their seeds & agriculture, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Whoever controls the food controls the people.
      Thank Gates’ other club, ALEC.
      A lot of peep don’t know that most of the rice of the world also contain HUMAN SALIVA & HUMAN BREAST MILK, thanks to Monsanto and they have now bred a cow that gives HUMAN BREAST MILK!
      They also have rice and corn {that has escaped into the general population} that have some drugs in them—they will not divulge what the drugs are even to Obama!

  15. Starlight777 says:

    Just to point out one thing and clarify any potential confusion:

    The reason SUGAR BEETS in particular were targeted, and not the wheat which, by its rejection, will hit the Oregon economy hard, is that the wheat is not known to be all contaminated. Sugar beets, on the other hand, are now REQUIRED to be GMO in order to be accepted for use by the sugar industry, and 95% of the sugar beet crop (accounting for 50% of US domestic sugar production) is in fact already glyphosate-tolerant due to Monsanto’s influence.

    • Conspiracy2Riot says:

      well, to be fair, the farmers weren’t ‘ordered’ to plant GMO sugar beets. they had no other option after the conventional beet seed market was hijacked and burned to the ground to eliminate all competition.

      from your first link:
      “The environmental review puts a high priority on the absence of alternative seeds and the potential disruption to sugar supplies — an absence that has been shaped by consolidation in the seed industry”

      and they overtook this industry quickly and quietly, before anybody really realized it was happening.

  16. Puzzih Galore says:

    If the US government ruins the livelihoods of those growing the *natural* coca plant, we should be able to torch the unnatural GMO plants.

  17. D. Baakwinuh says:

    I watched two videos about GMOs several times this past March and the information was so intriguing and compelling that I decided to go on a non-GMO diet. In less than two weeks, the “Parkinson’s Disease symptoms” I’d been laboring under for 19 years either disappeared (the shaking when I tried to write, weld or use a match to light a cigarette) or began reversing (long- and short-term memory failure and critical thinking skills).
    This past Tuesday, June 25th, I gave two presentations about my experiences and the fruits of my research at “My Health Food Store” in Kamiah, Idaho (and I just got off the phone with the owner, who okayed my identifying his store). The response to my presentations was encouraging. Articles such as I read here today are even more-so. Thanks so much to everyone who has either contributed to the articles or simply read them. Exposure of the GMO travesty is sorely needed. Long Life and Health to everyone.

    • Virginia Cusick says:

      D. Baakwinuh, Can I have your permission to repost your post? It might be helpful to some other folks with Parkinson’s.

      • D. Baakwinuh says:

        Ms. Cusick: yes indeedy. The thing is, I obviously didn’t have Parkinson’s, merely similar symptoms if eliminating GMOs from my diet solved the problem. I think the main culprit was glyphosate, key ingredient in in RoundUp, which itself comprised about half of Agent Orange. See the lead story about a “Darth Vader chemical” and click on the link to the online-only (so far) video interview with a biochemist(?) who was part of the team who recently established a link between glyphosate and (by my count) 38 major “diseases” or problems beseting humans these days. Well, animals too. I’m new to online postings like this so I don’t know how to communicate privately with you — and don’t want to put my email address “out there” for everyone to see. Anyway, I’m wide open to freely sharing. *he grins* -David

        • D. Baakwinuh says:

          Oops, a correction. The MIT biochemists’ research established THE mechanism linking glyphosate to those 38 problems. -D. B.

          • Virginia Cusick says:

            Doesn’t it make you wonder about all the other “Parkinson’s” patients? Maybe it is a further experiment for the drugs they use to treat Parkinson’s? Just a thought.

            I was “given” Alzheimer’s by the medical community via the anesthetic MIDAZOLAM, commonly administered or called “VERSED” for versatile sedation. I had complete aphasia {the loss of language, couldn’t read or write, letters looked like Russian or something} ongoing amnesia, crying jags, rage, etc., when I confronted the surgeon about this he patted me on the top of my head and said, “It’s not true Alzheimer’s cuz it was chemically caused!” and walked out of the room.

            Million’s of patients are given this drug every month, from preemie babies to folks 100 years old…according to the drug co’s own websites this drug WILL STOP THE HEART & BREATHING, yet every day peep die from getting this crap in dentists offices, etc that are not equipped to revive a patient. Midazolam causes amnesia BUT the patient WILL OBEY any command given, WILL ANSWER ANY QUESTION WE ARE ASKED, some folks have awakened during surgery and heard themselves answering ?’s about their sex lives, some patients wake up & ask for something for the pain they are in & told they don’t need it cuz they won’t remember the pain! Go to and look this crap up or any other drug your doctor prescribes & hear what the patients have to say about it.

            Now all the hospitals have added PCP, Angel Dust {Ketamine} to the versed….the dust gives peep violent nightmares and the versed is supposed to make us forget the nightmares. I have contacted the Alzheimer’s Ass’n. been involved in their Town Hall meetings and they will not address this issue even tho there are thousands of us online communicating about this problem.

            I had my surgery Nov. 2010 and I still have not regained my full vocabulary or memories of my only child that is now deseased….I hate these bastards and try to warn peep about this drug, I even got a large tatoo on the inside of my elbow where they might start an IV w/o my permission, it says: NO {in red} VERSED, I just hope it will be honored if I ever end up in a hospital again….currently I do not trust any doctor or hospital for anything, I get absolutely no vaccinations, flu shots, none of the crap that I can’t identify, they will NOT put anything else inside my body ever….I am even contemplating joining a church or religion that doesn’t allow embalming.

  18. Virginia Cusick says:

    Thank you for your testamonial D. Baakwinuh!
    Here is another website about all this crap:

  19. Donald 63 says:

    Please entertain this notion. This event was perpetrated by agents of Monsanto, with their full knowledge and on their behalf. Why? Because it will garner sympathy from legislators, law enforcement and the courts and allow them to have their paid congressmen to introduce more laws making it even more difficult to do anything against this monstrosity of a company.
    Look at the circumstances of the event. Look at the fact that NO ONE came forward to claim responsibility. Look at the fact that for that many beets to be pulled by hand it either took a LOT of labor or a long time, perhaps both. And yet, no one noticed this happening?

    It seems all way too convenient. Something fishy in in the stew…and it’s not a’s corn chowder.

  20. Perry Way says:

    This is wonderful news to read! I hope nobody winds up talking to the FBI. I hope they never find who did this wonderful deed!

  21. gmo2ashes says:

    GMOs together with chemtrails, vaccines, glyphosate, mercury, food additives, prescription drugs, fluoride, mineral & nutritionally deficient cropland, irradiation of food – and government policies designed to limit the public’s protection and avoidance of the chemical warfare being waged against us, I think it’s obvious what must be done.

    The time for dialogue, debate and protest has long passed. We are witnessing the accelerated slow-kill of the human race. We are under attack on all sides from an enemy within. We exist in a war zone where each day is spent navigating a minefield of booby traps.

    Either we stand up and fight these invaders who intend to kill us all, or we will die on our knees crying, begging for our lives. The question is: do Americans have the mind, the guts and the means to defend themselves against an overwhelming enemy that’s cloaked in the flag and has gained so much momentum? Unless this revolution happens and quickly, we as a species are doomed.

  22. Virginia Cusick says:

    Everyone needs to read this book!! Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges & Joe Sacco…it is available at the public libraries & if it doesn’t open your eyes then there is really no hope for us as a species let alone as a country.

  23. Virginia Cusick says:

    Monsanto PATENTS broccoli seed and even broccoli heads you buy at the supermarket!! Fight or perish!

  24. ap set 2013 says:

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    great written and include almost all important infos.

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  25. Rach says:

    It’s remarkable to go to see this website and reading the views of all friends concerning this piece of writing.

  26. IVDS says:


    I am normally not for crime or destruction, but we have already been betrayed by the Govornment that was supposed to protect and serve us, the people, and THAT Is the greatest crime here.

    Monsanto has created a situation where they can crush people, and not be sued, and in the future, not be sued by those who are suffering from cancer, and other effects of their POISON that has already been banned in other countries.

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