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Eddie Huang Says TED Conferences Have Turned Into A “Scientology Cult” (Video)


TED talks are a great source of knowledge and offer fresh perspectives, so we all love to tune in to their brilliant speakers. But there is a big difference between the TED speakers and the TED conference and organizers themselves, according to banned speakers Eddie Huang and Graham Hancock. Eddie Huang, editor of Vice, compares the ‘TED fellowship’ with Scientology. He opens up about ridiculous rules TED imposes on its unpaid ‘fellows’, and how they kicked him out for simply going from Long Beach to Los Angeles for a quick podcast with Joe Rogan (see below).

One of the rules imposed on TED speakers is to be available for 7 days straight, 14 hours a day, for networking and cocktail events. They are not allowed to get their own hotel room, and must room with people assigned to them. Because Huang left the conference for an afternoon to talk with Joe Rogan for his podcast, TED dismissed his talk. Aside from this TED also banned Graham Hancock’s, Sarah Silverman’s, Rupert Sheldrake and Sergey Brin’s talk. Take a look Huang’s TED talk, then scroll down and see his response on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Watch the excerpt from the podcast or listen to the whole podcast cause this guy is hilarious, and watch the banned videos in this post.


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