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Everything You Need to Know About US Internment Camps (Video and PDF)

Detention Center At Guantanamo Bay Remains Despite Attempts At Closure

Remember once upon a time, before MSNBC was the US version of Iran’s PressTV, when Rachel Maddow spoke out honestly against the President’s disturbing justification for illegal imprisonment of US citizens without charges, in prison camps on US soil? For whatever reason, you simply will not hear that sort of basic, commonsense critical thinking on the same network since the second term began.

When Maddow spoke out against the president’s justification of such internment of US citizens, she was not talking about a “conspiracy theory” but something which we can now document.

Below, you will find the field manual in PDF format. You are urged to refer to it while you watch the video below, so that you can turn to specifically referenced pages to verify and substantiate what you are hearing.

FM 3-39.40 U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual by kingofswords

This documents that the prison camps are on US SOIL and the prisoners are US CITIZENS who must have their social security numbers recorded by prisoner intake officers.


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