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Family Hospitalized After Eating LSD-Laced Steaks From Walmart


A family in Florida were hospitalized last Thursday, March 6th, after they ate steaks loaded with LSD. The family says that they purchased the steaks at a local Walmart.

Ronnie Morales, 24, Jessica Rosado, 31, and their two daughters all ate the laced meat. Rosado, as well, was 9-months pregnant at the time. Her baby has since been delivered and is doing fine.

The four family members experienced hallucinations, dizziness, rapid heart rates, and difficulty breathing, after eating the Walmart steaks, according to Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor.

While they say that they did not add LSD to the steaks, police are saying that these LSD-laced steaks are an isolated incident.

Investigators promptly seized “food items that the family consumed prior to falling ill,” and determined that what they had “consumed bottom round steak contaminated with LSD.”

Chief Castor said there was “no indication” that the family had been involved in the meat tampering. As well, there was “No criminal history with this family.”

Walmart too has turned over “all meat of that type that was on their shelves at that time” for testing.

(Article by M.B. David)

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