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FBI Vague Press Release Calls the Oregon GMO Direct Action “Economic Sabotage”

In a breaking development, the FBI confirms that 1,500 GM Sugar Beet plants were destroyed this month in Oregon, in what they are calling an act of “Economic Sabotage.” We broke this story after we were contacted, shortly after the direct action, and informed that there were two methods used, both uprooting the plants, and arson as well, and that after the initial local reports, the media had more or less scrubbed the story, and kept mum about additional methods of scorching the fields, as well as the crops.

The FBI statement seems deliberately vague, speaking only of the destruction not only of the crops, but also “significant damage to two plots of land used to grow genetically engineered sugar beets.” Presumably this indicates some destruction beyond the crops themselves, but with Haitian farmers vowing to burn Monsanto seeds sent to them, and Hungary now having torched Monsanto crops, it would seem that there is a fear of copy-cat arsons. After all, pulling up 6,500 plants by hand is a lot harder than dumping some gasoline and lighting a match.

We, of course, are just reporting on this story. We are certainly not encouraging the commission of any criminal activity. Our job is to report, not to encourage or discourage people to follow the laws put in place to govern them.

The FBI said in a statement we obtained Wednesday that about 1,000 sugar beet plants were destroyed on June 8, and more than 5,000 plants were destroyed on a different plot three nights later.

The plants were owned by the Swiss-based biotech company Sygenta. FBI spokewoman, Beth Anne Steele, would not comment on the manner in which the crops were destroyed “…because we don’t want to encourage copycats.”

This only seems to confirm what our sources told us from the beginning. See the FBI Press Release below…


Perhaps the oddest part of the FBI Press Release is what seems like a sales pitch for GMO beets, at the end, as they relate to Oregon’s economy.


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  1. Jcomp says:

    Lol, eco sabotage… And wtf is Monsanto doing? Same thing. Just like NSA spying and gov trying to charge Snowden with spying. The best interest is the rich interest. People need to stand and not be manipulated by the veil of true evil money power. Cash is the source of all evil, lets burn that to.

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