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It Exists! Read Ferguson Police Incident Report (Written 10-Days After Fatal Shooting!)


It has now been two weeks since the Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson gunned down an unarmed African American teenager. In spite of constant protests in Ferguson, and St. Louis Missouri, as well as throughout the country and even the world, now the Ferguson Police Department is claiming that they don’t even have an incident report filled out for the shooting. What they didn’t bother to mention was that there was an incident report filed by the St. Louis Police Department, which was approved for release the very next morning.

Protestors had been asking why the Ferguson Police Department refused to release the incident report on the shooting, which they – like all departments – were required to have filled out. But the department simply said that the reason they didn’t release it is simply that they don’t have one…

Ferguson police told NBC News that they never filed an incident report because they turned the case over to St. Louis County police almost immediately. At the county prosecutor’s office, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch, said that such a report doesn’t exist.

But McCulloch has been accused of bias in favor of rogue cops in the past. He has been asked to recuse himself from this case, though he has refused to respond to this request.

While the St. Louis County police department did immediately file the required incident report, police and prosecutors said repeatedly that these documents will not be made public until the grand jury investigation concludes… That is, until they were just released when the department was threatened with a lawsuit if they didn’t release the document.

Read the entire incident report here. From it, you will learn absolutely nothing, besides the fact that Michael Brown died on August 9 after being shot.

The report does, however mention the following:

According to the document, the St. Louis County police entered the incident report on Aug. 19, 10 days after the shooting. It was approved for release the following morning.

That’s right, it was approved for release almost immediately, in spite of the police and prosecutors repeating over and over that it wasn’t.

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