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Florida Man BURNING A CROSS Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire

Ron Nielson, a 50-year-old man from Palm Bay, Florida is now suffering extensive second-degree burns after having accidentally lit himself on fire. How did this happen? The accident occurred while he was setting up a Halloween display with a wooden cross, candles, and gasoline, according to local Florida Today reports.

The police have dismissed any racial or hate element to the display, describing it as a “prank.”

“It started as some kind of prank apparently and involved a wooden cross. We don’t know if he was trying to light the cross or the candles but when he did, his clothes caught fire,” according to Yvonne Martinez, a spokesperson for the Palm Bay Police Department

Nielson was flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center’s burn unit for emergency medical treatment. Martinez elaborated that, “He was conscious and alert but he had second-degree burns over 40 to 50 percent of his body, including his chest, arms, upper torso.”

Police investigators told local Bay News 9 that Nielson was “putting up Halloween decorations on his front yard.” It was then that he decided it would be a funny “joke” if “he poured gasoline on a small wooden cross and lit it on fire.”

“I think it was accidental. I think he was doing a Halloween decoration, trying to set something up, and it went haywire,” Nielson’s neighbor said.

Apparently burning crosses ala the Ku Klux Klan acts of hate and intimidation didn’t turn out so funny for Nielson after gasoline vapors ignited the gas can. This, in turn, exploded and shot flames, igniting Nielson’s chest and back.

(Article by Shante Wooten; image of the scene via KLTV; KKK cross-burning via Wikipedia)

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    He got caught in the cross-fire..and exactly how could that possibly be funny, except for the aftermath…LOL

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